Trump Tweet-Confesses Obstruction Of Justice

  • Published on Dec 5, 2017
  • Donald Trump's lawyer is taking the blame for a tweet in which the President essentially admitted to obstruction of justice.
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Comments • 3 686

  • Sherrion Jenkins
    Sherrion Jenkins 9 days ago

    Hey from Flint Michigan we love you 😘

  • J Nizzo
    J Nizzo 10 days ago

    2 years later, nothing happened, only got worse... SAD!

  • Qi Huna
    Qi Huna 2 months ago



  • zeitGGeist
    zeitGGeist 2 months ago

    Yang is the only way forward right now.

  • Nate Davies
    Nate Davies 4 months ago

    Galino and Farnes, you catchy motherfuckers!

  • Valient Six
    Valient Six 5 months ago

    Obstruction is not telling someone to go lenient. The decisions by prosecutors are to choose the amount of punishment. They can choose 1 year or 5 years door the same crime. Obstruction would be telling him that there is nothing wrong.

  • Terry Stolte
    Terry Stolte 5 months ago

    TRUMP, makes dims look like children playing in a sandbox, all they do is scream, yell and throw sand, whose that feckless dimwit spewing all that lying venom. Is he supposed to be important? Looks pretty dumb, like someone dims would follow around, like they are chasing a female dog in heat.

    • Terry Stolte
      Terry Stolte 5 months ago

      @Daniel Benitez also just what does he stand for?

    • Terry Stolte
      Terry Stolte 5 months ago

      @Daniel Benitez prove I'm not using facts. Isn't that what you arses spew, prove I'm wrong? Well......... YOU PROVE I'M WRONG? Freeking hypocrite!

    • Daniel Benitez
      Daniel Benitez 5 months ago

      Refute him then. But use facts instead of ad hominems

  • 刘宇龙
    刘宇龙 5 months ago


  • Thomas Fletcher
    Thomas Fletcher 5 months ago +2

    When are we going to make these late night propagandists accountable for their words ? Its out of control . We have to boycott the companies that sponsor their garbage !

  • Sma 556
    Sma 556 6 months ago

    Colbert is part of the Communist News Network. Just confirmed.

  • Peter Foster
    Peter Foster 6 months ago

    Colbert doesn't have to love Trump, but he should at least try to be funny.

  • Colt Henderson
    Colt Henderson 6 months ago +1

    Too bad nothing actually came of it.

  • #doyoumindifiplaythrough

    HE GON CRY IN DA CAR....🎵🎵🎵ta ra ra BOON di ay. ta ra ra BOON di ay

  • RedJacket Guy
    RedJacket Guy 6 months ago

    I keep rewatching this and feeling for the guy in the backdrop:
    " would be an admission to obstruction of justice."

  • Beer-Bong Monarch
    Beer-Bong Monarch 7 months ago

    I hate u for knowing how to tie a tie lmfao

  • Desolate Hound
    Desolate Hound 8 months ago

    Don't forget to click Subscribe.
    It's almost as satisfying as clicking Skip Ad.

    Damn it he got me. Sub.

  • Grace Wakefield
    Grace Wakefield 8 months ago

    I love this show but I absolutely can't stand that loud dude blathering in the background, he is so irritating. He's got a super obnoxious laugh and sometimes just loudly repeats something Stephen said. Turn his mic off for the love of christ.

  • Bonnie Thurber
    Bonnie Thurber 9 months ago

    If it did not happen, does that make tRump fake president? Fake president! tRump is Fake Fake Fake!!! Let's get moving.

  • Fabulous Jiji
    Fabulous Jiji 9 months ago

    Hail to the king

  • Fabulous Jiji
    Fabulous Jiji 9 months ago

    I hope this is not going to be another Iran-Contra Affair because I remember that I went to draw where I didn't get anything out of that

  • Jeff Okriya
    Jeff Okriya 10 months ago

    is drumpf having a white sup christmas . . in jail?

  • Rose Smith
    Rose Smith Year ago

    Worried about being recorded! If he only knew then about Omarosa😂

  • G. Moeller
    G. Moeller Year ago +1

    "...back then it was Obama, now it's Vladimir Putin"

  • Erica Serrano
    Erica Serrano Year ago +1

    Adolfito and Elizabeth *;* ^;^ ♡¿♡ as he has caused dis---figurement of a man, so shall it be done to him. *;* ^;^ ♡¿♡ And whoever kills an animal shall restore it--but whoever kills a man shall be put to death. *;* ^;^ ♡¿♡ You shall have the same law for the stranger ^;^ and *;*for ♡¿♡ one from your own country; *;* ^;^ ♡¿♡ for I am (Leviticus 24:22) the LORD your God *;* ^;^ ♡¿♡ Then Moses spoke to the chil-----dren

  • communistjesus
    communistjesus Year ago

    Am I the only one who misses Colbert laying down the truth on a nightly basis ?... Enough wlth the relaxing. get back into the GROOVE @ De Colbert team. Just joking, hope that you GUYS and gals enjoy your well deserved time off in the company of your families and friends. I, like a lot of THE Colbert NATION out there, miss the nightly hijinks of Mr. Esteban Tyrone Colbert O Chavez...

    • YouthInEyesAsian
      YouthInEyesAsian 5 months ago

      "Truth" from a late night talk show host...
      This is how you know that the left has gone completely off the rails. "Of course I know what's going on, I watch the television!"

  • Zeta Kastor
    Zeta Kastor Year ago +1

    Thanks Stephen for making my day! I love to laugh at ur stupid president!

  • Josephine Anne Weigers

    Jon Batiste is so freaking funny. Lol he’s freaking adorable 💕💕💕💕

  • the rooster
    the rooster Year ago

    I hear this Joel Davis from the hillary campaign has the dirt?

  • judy rich
    judy rich Year ago


  • Joe Jug
    Joe Jug Year ago

    fuckin loled. On other news, nothing happened

  • Caroline Sunshine
    Caroline Sunshine Year ago +1

    Stephen is the BEST!!

  • Lorna Nunez
    Lorna Nunez Year ago +3

    so why trump is still president? tell me again why?

    • YouthInEyesAsian
      YouthInEyesAsian 5 months ago

      Uh.. Because there was no collusion... Thank you....

  • Lord Humongus
    Lord Humongus Year ago +1

    Without a crime there can be no obstruction of justice. Trump and associates supposedly are subject to a counter intelligence investigation, not criminal, unless someone is lying.

  • Norway Minnesota
    Norway Minnesota Year ago

    Stephen, you made laugh so hard it felt like I had done 100 crunches! Thanks!

  • Jussi Raitoniemi
    Jussi Raitoniemi Year ago

    1:22 He acrually said "frederal" lol

  • Mahatma Cote
    Mahatma Cote Year ago

    Comedians are bringing and illustrating the real news to the public. Not fake, not lost in translation!

  • I Created An Account For This

    Four more yours!

  • ChiNiNo
    ChiNiNo Year ago

    Stephen Colbert is my happy place. Never xhange.

  • xamzax
    xamzax Year ago

    Norse god of sadness? That is brilliant Stephen (or Stephen's writing staff). Laughed so hard thank you!

  • Tee S
    Tee S Year ago

    I'm a veteran and I am so disgusted and ashamed on what's being demonstrated by this administration. There's no one stepping up to end this cover up.. I can imagine how other countries are laughing at us. My God help us.

  • John Fradono
    John Fradono Year ago

    If he gets an orange jump suit..will trump blend into the jumpsuit or vice versa?

  • John Doe
    John Doe Year ago

    Presidents go from ✌✌ to ehhhh👌👌. lmfao

  • kb csDJvno \]][,.

    Today is Friday 16 February 2018.
    How is Mueller looking to you now?

  • Senada Pasic
    Senada Pasic Year ago

    Are you the judge ? If you can say things like that shouldn't Trump be able to say whatever he wants?
    Why so sensitive on every little thing he says? Mental illness?

  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers Year ago

    4:42 loved that joke but when I saw that picture I thought of that cartoon dog from Tom and Jerry I think his name was Droopy

  • Nicolo' Paganini
    Nicolo' Paganini Year ago +1

    colbert, a clueless propaganda spewing moron, TRUMP 2020

  • Aras B
    Aras B Year ago

    Minute 4:00, OOJ, YEAH!

  • OSanoBR
    OSanoBR Year ago

    God, shut the fuck up, Jon! .I.

  • Keelin Wood
    Keelin Wood Year ago

    Check me out 😎

  • Keelin Wood
    Keelin Wood Year ago

    Next three posts are all from me

  • Keelin Wood
    Keelin Wood Year ago


  • Keelin Wood
    Keelin Wood Year ago


  • Keelin Wood
    Keelin Wood Year ago


  • Curious Mitch
    Curious Mitch Year ago

    Norse God of Sadness! ROFLMAO!!

  • Anna Jensen
    Anna Jensen Year ago

    We laugh that Putin is our President but it might actually be true. Still funny?

  • The Zohan
    The Zohan Year ago

    Sloppy/Unfortunate Lmao!!

  • Redlight Records
    Redlight Records Year ago


  • Alun Churcher
    Alun Churcher Year ago

    Flynn looks a lot like sam the eagle from the muppets

  • lee west
    lee west Year ago

    Trump could kill all you sorry bastards and we would still elect him !!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH # MAGA !

  • Tyrant Neptune
    Tyrant Neptune Year ago

    Norse God of Sadness xD