THE FEMALE BRAIN Official Trailer (2018) Sofía Vergara, James Marsden Comedy Movie HD

  • Published on Jan 9, 2018
  • THE FEMALE BRAIN Official Trailer (2018) Sofía Vergara, James Marsden Comedy Movie HD
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Comments • 340

  • Karan Parmar
    Karan Parmar 4 months ago



  • Lakshman Chohan
    Lakshman Chohan Year ago

    Lakshman chohan comment

  • one Kitty
    one Kitty Year ago


  • Core i9-9900K
    Core i9-9900K Year ago

    Is James Marsden trying to impersonate Paul Rudd?

  • Planting Seed
    Planting Seed Year ago

    I hope feminist don’t ruin this and cry sexism
    Men and women are different it’s just something called biology and reality

    • satam habab
      satam habab Year ago

      Men and Women are different.
      Biologically, Yes.
      Intellectually? No.

  • KaosIncarnate
    KaosIncarnate Year ago

    Is that Jonah Hill's sister?

  • Amanda Teoh
    Amanda Teoh Year ago +1

    *its like catching nunchucks* this scene is so cute

  • Sancler Santander

    you'll sell more tickets if you call it The Female Boob

  • jeramance84
    jeramance84 Year ago +1

    I love Blake Griffin and was hoping he would get into acting after seeing his commercials!

  • H. OB
    H. OB Year ago

    I saw this movie and I really enjoyed it. Yes, it was a bit predictable (that's the book), but the actors were engaging and had chemistry. Whitney Cummings did a great job directing. Ignore the reviews and go see it with a positive attitude and you will have a couple of hours of smiles and fun.

  • michaela
    michaela Year ago

    This looks lighthearted and relaxing and funny. I like it.

  • Stxne Lx
    Stxne Lx Year ago +1

    That one second where Blake Griffin looked right into the camera xD 1:49

  • Vhkysam Uncut
    Vhkysam Uncut Year ago +1

    when is it going to be out!!!!!!

  • Peter Gambier
    Peter Gambier Year ago

    What a great film, hilarious, 10 out of 10, watch it with your partner.

  • gp5
    gp5 Year ago

    Sofia Vergara has the acting skills of a tree, she's probably one of those that got into Hollywood by blowing Harvey Weinstein

  • mmand1
    mmand1 Year ago +1

    I didnt realize it was Blake Griffin until I read the comments. I just thought he looked familiar 😂😂😂

  • (Kopfschmerzen)
    (Kopfschmerzen) Year ago

    wow .. blake griffin can act!!

  • gabrieli aderinko
    gabrieli aderinko Year ago +1

    just the trialer is superb, cant wait to watch this movie

  • Vincent H.
    Vincent H. Year ago

    Just watched this. As you guessed Blake Griffin was the standout. Naturally funny and he can act . Has some funny moments but overall very bland and forgettable

  • Jaycob Silva
    Jaycob Silva Year ago

    to many snl people in this so its gonna suck balls

  • Maria Fernandez
    Maria Fernandez Year ago +1

    can't wait to watch this!!

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith Year ago +1

    I got a laugh at all the dislikes

  • Betty Gerhart
    Betty Gerhart Year ago


  • Theomite
    Theomite Year ago +1

    This script looks terrible...but I will see it for the cast alone. Lucy Punch and Cicely Strong are genius comedians.

  • Dolph
    Dolph Year ago

    looks like trash

  • Lorena  Lemus
    Lorena Lemus Year ago +1

    Here for Sofia ❤

  • Sydney Bladen
    Sydney Bladen Year ago

    1:40 Ben Platt!!!!!!

  • Key Stone
    Key Stone Year ago

    Blake should start acting after basketball

  • Miranda Alksnis
    Miranda Alksnis Year ago

    wtf is this heteronormative bs

  • Jane
    Jane Year ago

    Yay bullshit indoctrination into gender roles via pretend movie “science” continues. Thanks for the handy list of actors and actresses I no longer respect, shitty movie.

  • Ulrike
    Ulrike Year ago

    this looks awful

  • GreenDestiny
    GreenDestiny Year ago +1

    whitney cummings...aaaaaand i'm out.

  • Not Benny
    Not Benny Year ago +1


  • Joi Benjamin
    Joi Benjamin Year ago

    Lucy Punch aka Evil Stepsister from Ella Enchanted!!

  • Ezekiel Gates
    Ezekiel Gates Year ago +4

    This is so bad...

  • marissajxy
    marissajxy Year ago +1

    Beanie and Ben are in this? Lol

  • Eino Kinnunen
    Eino Kinnunen Year ago +1

    Exactly musical variation pleasant whenever loose red miracle professional dynamics.

  • Hendry Tanamas
    Hendry Tanamas Year ago

    Didn't expect Deon Cole....

  • Konqueror 1
    Konqueror 1 Year ago

    a retarded movie for retarded women.
    (Edit: a retarded movie for retarded white women).

  • aishwarya rawat
    aishwarya rawat Year ago


  • kaaasiak85
    kaaasiak85 Year ago +1

    Cecily Strong!

  • p PSMPA
    p PSMPA Year ago +1

    Whitney Cummings and Neal Brennan sounds like a Neurotic Paradise. Take my money

  • Suzan Salih
    Suzan Salih Year ago


  • Ewww it's Cosso
    Ewww it's Cosso Year ago +1

    1:41 Ben Platt
    Now I am actually interested in this movie

  • Jordan Berg Powers
    Jordan Berg Powers Year ago +6

    Seriously Women are from Mars Men are from Venus retread? How lazy is Hollywood?

  • Astrid Budolfsen
    Astrid Budolfsen Year ago

    So a bunch of comedic actors and some bullshit science

  • Believer John Seventeen

    Might be a good comedy.

  • franaba nana
    franaba nana Year ago


  • BlueberryVlogsTime

    don't make this cis pls, don't. AAAAAAAAAA

  • Presence
    Presence Year ago

    Sofia is the greatest actor of all times

  • Katy Moran
    Katy Moran Year ago

    Blake is a tall jon favreau

  • safetypinforkeeps
    safetypinforkeeps Year ago +1

    Lucy punch looks a lot like Katya the drag queen

  • Fred West
    Fred West Year ago +1

    Never seen that Blake Griffin guy before.. first thing I did was to google "Blake Griffin Shirtless". I don't regret it.

  • hemmo2000
    hemmo2000 Year ago +1

    1:40 if you are looking for baby platt

  • Joseph Charles Halpin

    Blake Griffen looks like Daniel Day Lewis compared to Jordan and James from this trailer alone.

  • venezolanatrini
    venezolanatrini Year ago +1

    Yeah I'll wait to get this bootleg off the internet.

  • 豆腐
    豆腐 Year ago +1

    Sofia is losing her accent 😢😢

  • rocked30
    rocked30 Year ago

    Looks horribly corny, a miserable script and poor directing.

  • Matt Vsp
    Matt Vsp Year ago

    Brief summary of movietrailer: HAhaHaAh boY dumb woman smart HahaHaha Only woman can care about LoooOKS Men are Sasquatches LOL men DUMB