Overnight RITUAL In Haunted Warehouse

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
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    Sam and Colby's haunted docu series "The Origin" comes to the finale as two stay overnight in their hometown Kansas and try to find the source of all their paranormal encounters while exploring a haunted abandoned warehouse with Jake Webber and Corey Scherer..
    Nate: @SolHardyMusic
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  • Sam and Colby
    Sam and Colby  Month ago +12607

    Hope you enjoyed this series! Let us know where we should go next ;)

    PART 1: tvclip.biz/video/Ght8YRd1vJA/video.html
    PART 2: tvclip.biz/video/8ovYvOdH7zM/video.html
    PART 3: tvclip.biz/video/s0VaAiqU3iE/video.html
    PART 4: tvclip.biz/video/7PWa97xjSYs/video.html
    Finale: tvclip.biz/video/d0XRA4YUjIY/video.html

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    • walrusspifey
      walrusspifey 7 days ago


    • Calexico Wentz
      Calexico Wentz 20 days ago +2

      Do some research on what satanism actually is before you make any more fear mongering claims. This is a continuous problem on your channel. Please don't contribute to another satanic panic. This _will_ result in hate and fear against a religious minority-and subsequently people's rights will be taken away.

    • Mikeyy Cap
      Mikeyy Cap Month ago

      Sam and Colby do a Philadelphia series there’s a lot of creepy things around in philly also cape May New Jersey people say it’s one of the most haunted places in the USA think about it

    • Sue O Farrell
      Sue O Farrell Month ago


    • Ricardo Retamar
      Ricardo Retamar Month ago

      Epic!!! Mind blowing. You Guys deserve your own TV show, WTF is wrong with Hollywood and Netflix. What are they waiting for, International hell yeah !!! Get some Ghost Hunting Equipment Gear , Ghostbusters all the way . The underground city in London, a Hunted Castle in England. EPIC !!! AMAZING JOB GUYS 💙😁👏👏👏👏

  • Josie Doerr
    Josie Doerr 13 minutes ago

    Being completely honest, I kind of miss Midnight Man.

  • Sky nice-try
    Sky nice-try 21 minute ago

    Hey guys I know you probably won't see this but on your video where you posted the spirits talking to you on the Queen Mary you guys said when it gets to 300,00 likes you guys will go visit a more haunted location than Queen Mary and its at 347,00... Please visit a place thats more haunted

  • Michelle Cohee
    Michelle Cohee 21 minute ago


  • Griffin :D
    Griffin :D 29 minutes ago

    Peed in my hand... 😑

  • Anna Unger
    Anna Unger 40 minutes ago +1

    Hey i have a haunted video idea. In Indiana there's a place called little Egypt cementary and a girl was found dead in the trees and near that is Troll bridge people say that there's a man 7 to 9 feet tall and he's supposed to throw stuff at you car and run after you if you get out. At the cemetery my brother and his fiance then a friend they went there and his fiance is pregnant and she felt weird so the got the heck out of there. Also theres a farmer ghost and they think that the those as attached it's self to their car cause when they were leaving the car would only go 25 when he was stepping on it. So I'd say they'd be good video ideas.

    • Anna Unger
      Anna Unger 39 minutes ago

      Hope you guys think about it!

  • Life of Turk
    Life of Turk Hour ago

    This was so good :D

  • Sara Heckenlively

    Probably one of the girls that was murdered who owned the box.or just the items and the murderer just put it in a box and put tha simbol

  • its loochie
    its loochie Hour ago +2

    It's been a month and you still never post

  • Oof It Bella
    Oof It Bella 2 hours ago +1

    They havent posted any videos on here for a month

  • Echo The Abandoned
    Echo The Abandoned 2 hours ago +1

    Going full screen ✌

  • Gerda V. R
    Gerda V. R 2 hours ago

    Can you guys go check out the Palmyra Historical Museum in New York next?

  • Drac Lubke
    Drac Lubke 3 hours ago

    i bought your guys xplr app

  • Colton&Gage Fishing&exploring

    3:02 what is that

  • Olivia Jubala
    Olivia Jubala 4 hours ago

    I keep pausing every minute cuz I’m scared 😂 goosebumps for dayssss

  • David Richard
    David Richard 4 hours ago

    Dose this mean it is the end of TVclip for you guys?

  • Lamar Habib
    Lamar Habib 5 hours ago

    In the video before this one someone said they made a promise to the spirits id recomend to look at that

  • Kar Lung Cheng
    Kar Lung Cheng 5 hours ago

    The Sallie House 😱😱😱😱😱👻👻👻👻

  • Toto R6S
    Toto R6S 6 hours ago

    Last upload 1 month ago? Sad to see this channel dying...

  • Leslie Gonzalez
    Leslie Gonzalez 6 hours ago


    ROVER- YT 6 hours ago +1

    Who else is here waiting for the them to upload

  • Mayra Hernandez
    Mayra Hernandez 9 hours ago

    I love you so much Sam and Colby

  • It is Muffin time
    It is Muffin time 10 hours ago


  • Emely A
    Emely A 14 hours ago

    Cool video, d.a I love his videos !! 😁😁

  • - amahle
    - amahle 14 hours ago +1

    I wish I could explain to them that rituals don't just randomly work because you hold hands and burn things. Belief, intention and energy focus is so important. You have no idea what crazy things your thoughts and frequencies alone can do. Stones, oils, plants or anything else is only sole matter untill you bring meaning to it.

  • Berlyn Bupp
    Berlyn Bupp 15 hours ago

    Remember u guys played jujga

  • Johanna Woop
    Johanna Woop 15 hours ago

    where are you guys!?

  • jackson richerd
    jackson richerd 17 hours ago

    I’m confused on why they ran away for the train

  • Enjolie
    Enjolie 18 hours ago

    Behind them in the murder room it says “I lived so you shou” it cuts off at shou-ld that’s funny

  • ッReVeRs
    ッReVeRs 19 hours ago

    Shit Ima fucking get high after this shit

  • Kristen Royder
    Kristen Royder 19 hours ago

    Y'all are the best TVclip in the world😁😁😁👍👍👍

  • ッReVeRs
    ッReVeRs 19 hours ago

    I got a weird feeling when they started saying the shit 3 times

  • ッReVeRs
    ッReVeRs 19 hours ago

    If I recorded this I wouldn't fucking edit it

  • ッReVeRs
    ッReVeRs 19 hours ago

    RIP Watermelon

  • Werdoo Wolf
    Werdoo Wolf 19 hours ago

    You poor souls

  • Rosemarie Menjivar
    Rosemarie Menjivar 20 hours ago +1

    It’s like a scary movie They get haunted cause he bring box back first place at the end they come back to that day and it’s becomes sad a long journey and that’s all when it ends

  • R3V3RS3TURBO _
    R3V3RS3TURBO _ 20 hours ago

    Why are you not uploading

  • Rosemarie Menjivar
    Rosemarie Menjivar 21 hour ago +1

    Is this really the end?

  • Caden Blakeman
    Caden Blakeman 21 hour ago +1


  • Caden Blakeman
    Caden Blakeman 21 hour ago +1

    Bullet she’ll

  • Millie Kriz
    Millie Kriz 22 hours ago

    why does sam have a wedding ring on????

  • Anxiety Kills
    Anxiety Kills 22 hours ago

    Bruh just explore an abandoned place stop trying to die ;-;

  • Adam films
    Adam films 22 hours ago +1

    Go to sloss furnace in Birmingham Alabama
    hundreds of reports of paranormal activity more than 50 people died
    P.S bring Cory

  • Dianne Perez
    Dianne Perez 23 hours ago +1

    We Are Ready For More!!! 💪🏽 . But with NATE as well...

  • xXBrokenAlphaXx
    xXBrokenAlphaXx Day ago

    i always fucking shit myself when they put the pop up pictures of demons and shit

  • Slim Pickens
    Slim Pickens Day ago

    That is a bullet casing bros it's where the gunpowder goes in. Also I half expected super old Colby and Sam's voices to come in and say "we never went back to that warehouse"

  • karen collins
    karen collins Day ago +1

    why must this be so FREAKING CREEPY IM CRYING

  • karen collins
    karen collins Day ago

    of course just to make it creepier the train had to come at that specific time

  • karen collins
    karen collins Day ago +2

    am i the only one who always looks through the comments when im scared

  • karen collins
    karen collins Day ago

    What if the people dissapeared after the train thing because they were ghosts and they thought their mission was over;-; or realisticly they got scared about the train and left

  • Savee Vangora
    Savee Vangora Day ago

    Omg these guys are going to be epic...they are gonna be THE Paranormal Investigators...imagine them visiting most haunted places in the while world....India, The UK, Egypt

  • Kevin Lopez
    Kevin Lopez Day ago +1

    Yo when new series or full movie of the origin come out it’s been 5 weeks

  • Savee Vangora
    Savee Vangora Day ago +1

    The box they just opened could just be a makeshift Dybbuk box.

  • Izzy Smirk
    Izzy Smirk Day ago

    Sam and Colby
    Hello. I'm rly hoping your read this. This video is over a month ago. So what's going on? I may not be a significant figure in the world but still. I just want to know why you are posing on your other channels and not on your duo. Like seriously, i always get excited when it's Sunday, 9:14 pm in England,. I use you videos as a happiness booster. At least tell us why you haven't been posting on here. No places in America? That you can use? There are always places in other countries. Like when Colby said he wanted to come to England. There is a "haunted", knocked down house near a lake about 1 hour away by walk. I know the way off by heart. Literally, anyways I'm getting off track. Tell us whats going on. And what's going to happen next. I love you all and god bless you 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤☮️☮️✝️

  • Shazayb Raja
    Shazayb Raja Day ago +4

    1 month later and no Video

  • Aaron Grenfell
    Aaron Grenfell Day ago

    You should make a xplr med kit with like mask and bandages and stuff for poeple how just start this stuff and if you guy ever get hurt

  • Riverdale fan2.0

    That sound had to be either a bird is somebody whistling

  • Zodiac Consumer
    Zodiac Consumer Day ago

    Bannerman Castle, Pollepel Island, New York


    Why haven't talk posted in a while?

  • Riverdale fan2.0

    I've seen a satanic symbol in pencil at my school I've had bad luck since but o wear holy water. My friend had sat on it and she told me she's been getting dragged off of her bed every night I have her the rest of my holy water bye before that she put a little on her hand and it has burned her hand