• Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • Our friends from Funhaus stopped by for an epic round of try not to laugh! Do they have what it takes to survive the yellow stool of laughs?! Let’s find out!
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Comments • 3 164

  • DJ Costes
    DJ Costes 9 hours ago


  • kewl bean
    kewl bean 17 hours ago

    Elyse looks vaguely like Emily Blunt.

  • Lydia Lorenz
    Lydia Lorenz 18 hours ago

    i have never heard someone laugh at his own jokes as much as shayne

  • jasmine mae
    jasmine mae 19 hours ago

    I love these videos so much I want a whole channel of them

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Day ago +1


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Day ago +1

    LOL FUNHAUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BluePlant
    BluePlant Day ago


  • euphoricgrayson
    euphoricgrayson 2 days ago +1

    Home Alone 4 SENTTTT ME😂😂

  • Ivette Moreno
    Ivette Moreno 3 days ago

    I feel like Courtney’s not even trying to keep the water in her mouth anymore she just laughs at anything to not make anybody feel bad idk probably just me

  • Eloise E
    Eloise E 3 days ago +1

    Home alone 4 “lets go around” lifts up a guitar to hit Ian NO COPYWRITED MUSIC!!! lol

  • dr. strangelove
    dr. strangelove 4 days ago

    If I had ten million dollars I'd gladly give it all away to see the two blondes go at it.

  • Nick Henrich
    Nick Henrich 4 days ago +1

    Like Gus Johnson before her, Elyse plays to win

  • Nick Henrich
    Nick Henrich 4 days ago +2

    As soon as Elyse said "how do you feel about orphans" I knew we were in good hands

  • Bonnalina Fuzbunny
    Bonnalina Fuzbunny 5 days ago +3

    Shayne: I knew I had to go dark humor with you
    Elyse: *noted* hi, I'm Big Bird, and this is an alternate universe where I was in the challenger disaster

  • caitlin lepore
    caitlin lepore 6 days ago

    0:54 ian’s got moves

  • glee bee
    glee bee 7 days ago

    Are the Funhaus sociopaths?

  • D35TR0YM4N
    D35TR0YM4N 7 days ago

    this was kinda hard to watch, but I love Funhaus

    FAT_MUM 7 days ago

    15:27 best part no doubt

  • Daniel Omana
    Daniel Omana 8 days ago +1

    U guys literally make me happy even when I’m sad or mad

  • Austin Rose
    Austin Rose 8 days ago

    Best yet. Now you gotta get Mr. Sark on the show. He will be king

  • Mark Lenton
    Mark Lenton 9 days ago


  • Cheff Boyardee
    Cheff Boyardee 9 days ago

    Why is Courtney Jennifer Aniston here

  • Stanley Maskell
    Stanley Maskell 9 days ago

    14:17 seems like what actually happens at the Smosh Office

  • Waffle Maker
    Waffle Maker 10 days ago +1

    Bruce heard the words ocean master and was immediately done

  • Waffle Maker
    Waffle Maker 10 days ago +3

    God Elyse is perfect

  • Thundersub
    Thundersub 10 days ago

    Every woman in this is incredibly beautiful.

  • Bad Fluenza
    Bad Fluenza 11 days ago +1

    Courtney : Orphans? I killed a few of them in Skyrim.

  • X P
    X P 11 days ago

    I still don't get the Challenger Disaster joke

  • Ashley Matteson
    Ashley Matteson 11 days ago +2

    You should do a try not to laugh with just Courtney and her siblings.

  • PB
    PB 11 days ago

    Bruce used Ska kwondo

  • Kira Smalls
    Kira Smalls 11 days ago +1

    I watch Funhaus gameplay videos so much that I forget they have lower halves of their bodies, or how TALL they are

  • Max Hyde
    Max Hyde 12 days ago +3

    Prop comedy is such a weakness for Elyse.

  • iceland
    iceland 12 days ago

    I just immediately thought of stewie

  • essidro vital
    essidro vital 12 days ago

    Shaynes too good, knowing its his turn is intimidating enough to make you laugh

    • Star Rae
      Star Rae 12 days ago

      I feel like Shayne’s tactic isn’t usually intimidation but I think it works well because I laughed a lot 😂

  • antoine hafsaoui
    antoine hafsaoui 12 days ago

    what's the challenger disaster?

    • Star Rae
      Star Rae 12 days ago +1

      That what I was thinking

  • Emily Jackson
    Emily Jackson 13 days ago

    Ian might be the least funny person on the Smosh cast tbh

  • Aquiles
    Aquiles 13 days ago +1

    I really dont want smosh anywhere near my funhaus

  • Time Loop Guy
    Time Loop Guy 13 days ago

    I don’t get that challenger disaster joke

    • Star Rae
      Star Rae 12 days ago

      73 seconds after take off, a space ship exploded, killing all seven crew members. Honestly the joke isn’t funny

  • BENTLEY 1971
    BENTLEY 1971 13 days ago

    I have that send memes shirt

  • BlueWolf 236
    BlueWolf 236 14 days ago

    Next on achievement hunter

  • KrustyBarnacle
    KrustyBarnacle 14 days ago

    olivia looks like riffraff from rhps

  • GalaxyDark MoonWolfie
    GalaxyDark MoonWolfie 14 days ago +1

    My name is Elyse

  • Samantha Borden
    Samantha Borden 14 days ago


  • Luka Homburg
    Luka Homburg 14 days ago

    Why is lawrence not there

  • Max Bernickus
    Max Bernickus 15 days ago +1

    17:21 is one of my favorite moments of YT

  • pinguin boiii
    pinguin boiii 15 days ago

    its at 6.66 mil

  • アニメ
    アニメ 15 days ago +1

    3:05 That spit

  • Arielle Maliwat
    Arielle Maliwat 15 days ago

    6.66 M subs 😮😮😮

  • Maryann
    Maryann 16 days ago +1

    shaynes dark humor was just true, Elyses dark humor was actually dark

  • Lennart Niehof
    Lennart Niehof 16 days ago

    Chris Evans in an orgy:
    *AVENGERS... come together*

  • ML Recover
    ML Recover 17 days ago +1

    Are you ready?
    Cause im comming

    *courntey chokes*


  • felix bermudez
    felix bermudez 17 days ago

    It kills me not knowing what copyrighted songs people sing. If only some kind saint with that knowledge would post it in the comments 😁

  • Da One
    Da One 17 days ago

    Get Brandon Rogers on this

  • Flip Fonsi
    Flip Fonsi 17 days ago

    Best try not to laugh yet

  • James Salazar
    James Salazar 18 days ago

    B for Bruce B for oh god dammit Bruce we miss you

  • Ruben .R
    Ruben .R 18 days ago

    I didn't drink it I swear!

  • Kay Doubble U
    Kay Doubble U 18 days ago

    Funhaus vs. Full House

  • Thing Nasty
    Thing Nasty 18 days ago +1

    seriously. go watch funhaus. they need more exposure!!!!!!!!

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief 18 days ago

    Ian's home alone part almost made me lose it in the middle of class

  • Hesham Amilani
    Hesham Amilani 19 days ago

    You should do "Try not to laugh Smosh vs. Funhaus" where each member of Smosh has to make a member of Funhaus laugh and vice versa. And the group with the most laughs gained from the other group wins😁