I Dare You: GOING BALD!?

  • Published on Nov 12, 2017
  • I know it's been a while since we did this show, but we're back with what might be the best episode yet!
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  • Runtime: 12:13
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  • Mega Voltage
    Mega Voltage 3 seconds ago

    Dear Ryan can you react to bahubali 2

  • Jr Andrick
    Jr Andrick 39 seconds ago

    Dear Ryan do phone catching

  • Clifford Talha
    Clifford Talha 43 seconds ago

    Dear ryan can you throw a giveaway contest and make me the winner 😭😂

  • Narendra Babu
    Narendra Babu 53 seconds ago

    I dare you to fall of the stairs sitting.1-5 points

  • Elite Soccerlife
    Elite Soccerlife 3 minutes ago

    I dare yout to eat a Bannana and drink Sprite at the same time while jumping up and down

  • Elite Soccerlife
    Elite Soccerlife 4 minutes ago

    I dare you to cut every piece of hair in your body

  • SirTunderDragon Rider
    SirTunderDragon Rider 15 minutes ago

    i dare u to make a milkshake made of hosin sauce sarcaha and wassabi and drink a cup of it

  • Jay2804 Mayszz
    Jay2804 Mayszz 16 minutes ago

    Dear Ryan, can you do one of your best pranks on one of your friends

  • Vlopez 98
    Vlopez 98 16 minutes ago

    dear ryan, can you bring back pakourse?

  • Chase Cook
    Chase Cook 16 minutes ago

    Dear Ryan, can you make a video about what it would be like to be a ant

  • DFæx
    DFæx 17 minutes ago

    I dare you to punch every one and u could he 5 point

  • Ponda Baba
    Ponda Baba 23 minutes ago +1

    Oi! BTS is coming to America. You guys better be going to their concert

    WAVYHARDCORE /T.W 25 minutes ago +1

    i dare you to show your browser history................

  • wayne lee
    wayne lee 27 minutes ago

    I dare you to go to a stranger and kiss them

  • PikaLegend
    PikaLegend 34 minutes ago

    He ate throw up off the ground for 1 point

  • kalpraj shejwal
    kalpraj shejwal 44 minutes ago

    Dear Ryan can you wear suit and take bath

  • Angelica Thea Gargaceran
    Angelica Thea Gargaceran 49 minutes ago

    Dear Ryan please do a film about wrestling and anything related to martial arts

  • Ann The Majestic Waffle
    Ann The Majestic Waffle 50 minutes ago

    I dare you to belly flop in a chicken suit

  • Joe Longo
    Joe Longo 51 minute ago +1

    I dare you to ask out a famous person

  • Joe Longo
    Joe Longo 54 minutes ago +1

    I dare you to shave the middle of your hair and keep the sides 5 points

  • Liliana Chavero
    Liliana Chavero 54 minutes ago

    you are not supposed to refrigerate hot sauce wtffff😂

  • matthew ovanin
    matthew ovanin 58 minutes ago

    i dare Ryan to drench himself with mayo

  • Lyndan Armytage, Founder Of Lynfan Productions

    I dare you to call your girlfriend and tell her you cheated on her with her friend, but if you're single call your ex and ask her to come back to you.

  • matthew ovanin
    matthew ovanin Hour ago

    i dare Shaun to kiss Ryan

  • MindlessGamingKid
    MindlessGamingKid Hour ago +2

    Please make a How to Sing Like your Favorite Artist pt.3!!

  • Jav_ 197
    Jav_ 197 Hour ago


  • Prince Beckett
    Prince Beckett Hour ago

    I dare you to have everyone dump any food or drink from the trash onto your head.

  • assassin of boo
    assassin of boo Hour ago

    I dare you to drink a big mac Smoothie with fries and a fanta

  • Bacon Sauce
    Bacon Sauce Hour ago

    Dear Ryan, why do all grannies want their grandkids to eat so much?

  • minty 2010
    minty 2010 Hour ago

    Can you do I dare you ft Logan and Jake Paul
    And also dude perfect or trickshots with them

  • Ella Smith
    Ella Smith Hour ago

    I dear you to die half of your hair purple

  • Ella Smith
    Ella Smith Hour ago

    I dare you to let other players to pick 1 thing each for you to drink ( as gross as you want )

  • Ella Smith
    Ella Smith Hour ago

    I dear you to eat a hole flower

  • qimin Ou
    qimin Ou Hour ago

    i dare you to do a marble run that requiers a bunch of marble to hit your balls or just let a bunch fall on you.

  • I Changed my channel

    Wheres Sean ?

  • Jid Gornez
    Jid Gornez Hour ago

    Dear ryan can u be Eleven from Stranger things and Sean be Mike and both of u kiss? no homo tho

  • Jacob Boulanger
    Jacob Boulanger Hour ago

    I dare you to wax your arpit not shave but wax

  • Dina GaminG
    Dina GaminG 2 hours ago +1

    Dear Ryan, Can you reenact a scene from Titanic?

  • Doris woo
    Doris woo 2 hours ago +1

    Dear Ryan, can you draw a picture of Greg? Please please please! #youdabest!

  • Timara Gourdine
    Timara Gourdine 2 hours ago

    Dear Ryan,can you turn pun up side down

  • Francis Adaza
    Francis Adaza 2 hours ago

    Dear Ryan can you do the Sam yang challenge or super spicy noodle challenge

  • Tri Trieu
    Tri Trieu 2 hours ago

    dear ryan !Can you show us how to sing like micheal jackson which is part of your sing like your favorite artist video

  • Kaushik Sankar
    Kaushik Sankar 2 hours ago

    I dare you to eat a combination of all the Warheads Extreme flavors with a glass of sriracha and the juice of 10 lemons

  • Deadpool Is Here
    Deadpool Is Here 2 hours ago

    I dare you to punch Logan Paul

  • Elliott Spangler
    Elliott Spangler 2 hours ago

    6:29 lol

  • Theextreme1012
    Theextreme1012 2 hours ago

    The lego one should have given infinite points

  • Purpleness
    Purpleness 2 hours ago

    Hey Ryan you should make a Things That Ruin Thanksgiving on thanksgiving

  • LilyFire81
    LilyFire81 2 hours ago

    3:51 OMG!

    He's wearing SOCKS WITH SANDALS!!! O_o

  • Vili Taufatofua
    Vili Taufatofua 2 hours ago

    I mean parkhorse

  • Vili Taufatofua
    Vili Taufatofua 2 hours ago

    Do a workhorse video

  • saqib the awesome maths flash ninja

    Can you do a clash royale song plz

  • CalebRants
    CalebRants 3 hours ago

    I dare you to chew on gum then drink a cold beverage

  • Kaushik Sankar
    Kaushik Sankar 3 hours ago

    Dear Ryan
    Can you drink a mixture of coke with mentos and sprite with bananas

  • Kind of Punny
    Kind of Punny 3 hours ago

    Socks and sandals

  • Effa And Aleeha
    Effa And Aleeha 3 hours ago

    Dare Ryan make slime!

  • 804.Chrris
    804.Chrris 3 hours ago

    I dare you to like something off on someone’s nipple.

  • Cale Morgan
    Cale Morgan 3 hours ago

    You should start doing parkorse again

  • Priscilla Tornel
    Priscilla Tornel 3 hours ago

    Dear Ryan
    Can y y y you s st st Stu stutter p p p p p p plea plea please .

  • Jacob Federici
    Jacob Federici 3 hours ago

    Dare you to put a ton of ice in your sweatpants and underwear, then take an extremely hot bath ( or vice versa which ever u think will hurt more😂😂😂)

  • Christian's reviews,Gameplays,and more!

    I dare you to go to the park and go on the slide with mayonnaise with it.

  • funjun advice
    funjun advice 3 hours ago +1

    Mind blowing &
    Super bro

  • Sister Daniel
    Sister Daniel 3 hours ago

    I dare you to kiss Ryan, the player council can decide for how long, and if you ARE Ryan, I dare you to kiss Sean.

  • colin le
    colin le 3 hours ago

    i dare you to eat something off the trash can

  • Eric Darby
    Eric Darby 3 hours ago

    You've got guts to do that

  • Rachel Williams
    Rachel Williams 3 hours ago


  • Gamer 2069
    Gamer 2069 3 hours ago

    Dear ryan can i make another anime episode

  • Jennifer Ho
    Jennifer Ho 3 hours ago +2

    I missed these vids

  • Lanya Hopwood
    Lanya Hopwood 3 hours ago

    You guys should not drink Aquafina water it is very acidic, which means very bad for you

  • Kind Of Kaylee
    Kind Of Kaylee 3 hours ago

    Dear Ryan, can you do an ASMR parody?

  • Crys
    Crys 3 hours ago

    I dare you to kiss the person to your right

  • Kawaii Marshmallow
    Kawaii Marshmallow 4 hours ago

    Derek you better keepur hat on

  • Mikayla Chao
    Mikayla Chao 4 hours ago

    I dare uou to put you r hand in a cooler with ice in eat

    • Mikayla Chao
      Mikayla Chao 4 hours ago

      I meant put your hand in a cooler with ice for 1 min

  • Louis Stelzer
    Louis Stelzer 4 hours ago

    i dare you to get tablespoon of mayonnaise and pour it in your pants for the whole game!

  • Queen_Of_Ramdom
    Queen_Of_Ramdom 4 hours ago

    They look like old grannies now

  • Josh1431 TheProGamer
    Josh1431 TheProGamer 4 hours ago

    Dear Ryan can you rap while drinking water?

  • FirerySouls 678
    FirerySouls 678 4 hours ago

    I dare you to shave Greg’s mustache

  • Woohoohoo
    Woohoohoo 4 hours ago

    Dear Ryan, how do you handle hate comments? I’m a starting YouTuber and I’m getting a lot of hate...

  • Davira Chanvuth
    Davira Chanvuth 4 hours ago

    dear ryan how asian are you

  • KrazyGaming 20
    KrazyGaming 20 4 hours ago

    I dare you to throw 10 eggs at somebody's house

  • Roy and Jessica
    Roy and Jessica 4 hours ago +1

    Dear ryan i dare you to do a backflip wean everyone is ticking you

  • Aaron Tu
    Aaron Tu 4 hours ago

    I dare you to do a dare from the loser dare

  • ALG 2006
    ALG 2006 4 hours ago

    Ryan can you do tennis ball trickshots

  • Crossbar King
    Crossbar King 4 hours ago

    Dear Shawn (not Ryan) scream at Ryan that the house is on fire

  • Bruno Teixeira
    Bruno Teixeira 4 hours ago

    i dare to do you re own wrestling show

  • Nevyn Gould
    Nevyn Gould 4 hours ago +1

    You guys should do one with helga ( Liza) 💙💜👌🤩

  • Alain Z.
    Alain Z. 4 hours ago

    Derrick day is my b-day

  • Julie Kuang
    Julie Kuang 4 hours ago

    Dear Ryan, can you recreate Hamilton the musical?

  • The Stormtrooper
    The Stormtrooper 5 hours ago

    Dear Ryan, can you please do a gangnam style parody?

  • Croiky_Mate
    Croiky_Mate 5 hours ago

    i dare you to mix ghost pepper extract with ghost pepper powder and then use an actual carolina reaper pepper and use the mix as dip

  • Sigton
    Sigton 5 hours ago

    I dare you to sing like Miley Cyrus

  • IlianaBlue
    IlianaBlue 5 hours ago +1

    Dear Ryan, show us proof that the world is actually ending

  • Penguin The Chef
    Penguin The Chef 5 hours ago

    Any person IN the gang gets to chose a dare

  • KlantinghySquad
    KlantinghySquad 5 hours ago

    Derek has some big ass hands

  • Kahlan
    Kahlan 5 hours ago

    Dear Ryan, what happened to Marly???

  • Emma Zheng
    Emma Zheng 5 hours ago

    Dear Ryan can u remake stranger things

  • Maxwell Chen
    Maxwell Chen 5 hours ago

    Dear ryan,
    Can you please make more videos? I am running out of stuff to watch

  • TheGamingRobloxMaster
    TheGamingRobloxMaster 5 hours ago

    I dare you to do the 3 dares after this one for them.

  • Kainat Hossain
    Kainat Hossain 5 hours ago

    Dear ryan, please can you do the cringiest video ever

  • Mylee Fuerte
    Mylee Fuerte 5 hours ago

    I dare you to automatically pick from the loser cup

  • Leocs_620
    Leocs_620 5 hours ago