13 Year Old Singing Like a Lion Earns Howie's Golden Buzzer America's Got Talent

  • Published on Jun 13, 2018
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    ^^^^^ International Talent Spotlight ^^^^^
    Howie Mandel presses ‘America’s Got Talent’ Golden Buzzer for 13-year-old singer Courtney Hadwin
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Comments • 43 753

  • Catherine Hermansen
    Catherine Hermansen Year ago +63279

    She's not that shy. She's making the contest circuit.

    • Mel
      Mel 17 days ago

      Catherine Hermansen That was so demonic. Normal people don’t switch character like that

    • Mel
      Mel 17 days ago

      Junaid Zahoor 😂😂😂😂. We’ve sunken so low, that people are jealous of a buzzer . That’s real stupid

    • LAssoc38
      LAssoc38 18 days ago

      pleaz what is the original song?

    • Jedidiah-Samuel Biebele-Patrick
      Jedidiah-Samuel Biebele-Patrick 26 days ago

      ahj jion idiot

    • Alex KC
      Alex KC Month ago +2


  • Shivam Singh Rajpoot
    Shivam Singh Rajpoot 18 minutes ago


    PRIYANKA SHARMA 42 minutes ago

    Which song is dis?

  • jayanto ghosh
    jayanto ghosh 54 minutes ago


  • Angjelina Ina
    Angjelina Ina Hour ago +1

    She is awful she’s not good

  • morizou morimori
    morizou morimori 2 hours ago


  • Melissa Lewis
    Melissa Lewis 2 hours ago

    Madison sims

  • aliyu saidu
    aliyu saidu 2 hours ago

    anybody noticed tyra banks expression ? truly epic

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer 2 hours ago

    I want to see her do Janice Joplin

  • あいすくりーむ
    あいすくりーむ 3 hours ago +1


  • Alberto Cifuentes
    Alberto Cifuentes 3 hours ago

    La chica canta fenomenal.....pero por lo visto ya estuvo en el programa de la voz.....eso de ke estoy nerviosa.....si actuo ke parecia ke llevaba cantando toda la vida. Yo creo ke es para darle mas audiencia al programa en si. Que vas a esperar, es television.....de la tele no me creo nads

  • 이그
    이그 3 hours ago

    미쳤다. 우리나라는 없다. 스타일도 본능에서 나오는 저 원색적인 소리도

  • 浦見魔太郎
    浦見魔太郎 4 hours ago


  • Delphine Lenoir
    Delphine Lenoir 6 hours ago +1

    Oh por dios, !!!! 😍😍😍😱😁😁

  • 함진이
    함진이 8 hours ago

    타고난거다 ...와 완전 뭐 시대를 지나와서 천재의 환생같애 .. 어유소름

  • 陈兮鹤e
    陈兮鹤e 10 hours ago


  • DRX 7
    DRX 7 11 hours ago


    VĶØØĶ_ ĶØØV 11 hours ago

    Ya saben chicxs, no juzguen por apariencias xd

  • Karen
    Karen 14 hours ago

    Dancing lessons please

  • Rody Muñoz
    Rody Muñoz 14 hours ago

    Valen vrg

  • Karina Keith
    Karina Keith 15 hours ago

    Jajjajja...si dicen que las calladitas son las peores!!!...waaaaaauu!!!jajjajjaj

  • M3G4 KILLER :O
    M3G4 KILLER :O 15 hours ago +1

    N sabia que leão cantava✓

  • angel suggests-
    angel suggests- 15 hours ago +1

    I loved the way Simon’s face was when she started.

  • DickkciD TF2
    DickkciD TF2 17 hours ago

    This is how I sing when someone says sing amazing t series will ode against

  • Yamila Gutierrez
    Yamila Gutierrez 18 hours ago

    Me encanta como canta tiene tatelto

  • Erica Alves
    Erica Alves 19 hours ago

    I even cried to see how happy she was, I love to see people happy

  • Erica Alves
    Erica Alves 19 hours ago +5

    The most cutest part is when she hugs her father🥺

  • Erica Alves
    Erica Alves 19 hours ago


  • Diamon Kirkpatrick
    Diamon Kirkpatrick 19 hours ago

    I’m not a fan of Janice Joplin but this girl killed it!!! Awesome

  • Austin Pavese
    Austin Pavese 19 hours ago

    This girl cant sing change my mind 951 389 8722

    • Jürgen Böhm
      Jürgen Böhm 7 hours ago

      Not sure if there is something you can seriously call "mind" ...

  • Suely Pavan
    Suely Pavan 21 hour ago


  • Josue Merlo
    Josue Merlo 22 hours ago

    What song is it?

  • Ďäřķ łęįřý
    Ďäřķ łęįřý 23 hours ago

    Kkkkkkkk amei vey

  • Ďäřķ łęįřý
    Ďäřķ łęįřý 23 hours ago


  • Dogwood
    Dogwood Day ago +1

    She deserves whatever success comes her way.

  • One slimey boi On a mission

    INHALES b-

  • John Coeleman
    John Coeleman Day ago +1

    WoW zei is ni normaal goed zei verdient wel 1000000 duimen !!!!!!!! 😳😳😳❤️❤️

  • Maria del Carmen Vallet Perez

    Es una barbaridad, de gesticulación y expresividad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bestialmente buena.

  • Paulina Rutecka
    Paulina Rutecka Day ago


  • Юлия Королева


  • Gifts Plus Plus
    Gifts Plus Plus Day ago

    Pssst, anyone here a Klingon-American? (what was she saying?)

  • bosco mmm
    bosco mmm Day ago

    If she goes to hollywierd, keep a very close eye on her dad!!!!!

  • Арсен Кузьменко

    Напевно зараз мене ніхто не зрозуміє
    Це круто!!!!

  • オダ
    オダ Day ago


  • Bhavin Barbhaya
    Bhavin Barbhaya Day ago

    As Stephen king said " talent is cheaper than table salt" well today I saw it she is talented but I hope they she would find her way other than what this contests can offer she gotaa realise this is fake like a illusion like a though tht u are the best I hope she can pass through this walls of illusion so called "goldenbuzzer " if people hate me I'm fine by tht too !! Have a good day to all the haters

    • Jürgen Böhm
      Jürgen Böhm 7 hours ago

      To be honest I have no idea what you are trying to say. Anyway, Courtney's first album will be out soon. She is on her way.

  • Appen Zeller
    Appen Zeller Day ago

    Either really good actress or has aspergers. Maybe like my kids when I leave the house ??

  • ちょこみんと
    ちょこみんと Day ago +1


  • Ricardo Oliveira


  • J O K E R
    J O K E R Day ago

    Samara the ring

  • فهد الحربي

    Woooooow did the afternoon work

  • Sigh Phi Guy
    Sigh Phi Guy Day ago

    was Elaine her dance move teacher?

    • Jürgen Böhm
      Jürgen Böhm 7 hours ago

      No idea who Elaine is. Courtney's dance moves are inspired by James Brown, Mick Jagger, ...

  • れい
    れい Day ago


  • Dari Dee
    Dari Dee Day ago

    Wow! Amazingly Amazing! God Bless!

  • MarcellinoAnanda Santoso

    @tante ismi

  • Money Dark
    Money Dark Day ago

    Nunca canso de assistir a audição dela, maravilhosa ♥🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷♥

  • Khadesh Singh
    Khadesh Singh Day ago

    The day your white AF fam buys soul food

  • i love you
    i love you Day ago

    ew what the fuck is this

    • Jürgen Böhm
      Jürgen Böhm 7 hours ago

      It is an amazing performance by an extraordinary young artist.

  • Kurtis Lemon
    Kurtis Lemon Day ago

    Is singing like a lion supposed to be a compliment because it's not. Oh wait nevermind she is meowing and hissing uncomfortably you got it right.

  • Ariana Osmani
    Ariana Osmani Day ago

    73m wives 2019 am still locking

  • 하품
    하품 Day ago +1

    아끼는 빤스버린 한국인 손번쩍!