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Sam Rockwell, Not Halsey, Won a Golden Globe - SNL

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  • Reva Nelson
    Reva Nelson 5 days ago +1

    I like how Sam Rockwell tells the blonde kid to “shut up”,

  • effy zay
    effy zay 6 days ago +1

    Is that Justin Beiber in drag

  • 2slofouru
    2slofouru 7 days ago

    It was a great one

  • phosgene2
    phosgene2 7 days ago

    rock stars get condemned for drug use now? wtf has happened to this country?

  • alex. frith
    alex. frith 7 days ago +1

    What, is halsey being sexist?

    TH3 EQUILIZ3R 7 days ago +2

    Sam Rockwell is probably the most underrated actor in history.

  • Randomness Tube
    Randomness Tube 8 days ago

    My pussy is called halsey.

    ART GALLERY 8 days ago

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  • Steven Roberts
    Steven Roberts 8 days ago

    Cause faq white men, right?!? I mean, come on?!

  • Leto Alexander
    Leto Alexander 8 days ago

    why dont these fucking morons ever post the cold open the night it airs?! They post all this other shit no one cares about EXCEPT the ONE thing people actually want to see! Jesus christ what a bunch of cunts

  • Jitters
    Jitters 8 days ago

    Why would Halsey win an award? She couldn't even hold her own against Lauren Southern

  • Danilo M. Gomes
    Danilo M. Gomes 8 days ago

    I was so happy for a moment....I thought I heard Ozzy...guess not.

  • Caitlin So
    Caitlin So 8 days ago


  • Electronic Goat
    Electronic Goat 8 days ago

    Stupid fucking Yanks.

  • bigresponse1
    bigresponse1 8 days ago +1

    He just dropped the F-Bomb. In the first sketch no less.

  • Papa Smurf
    Papa Smurf 8 days ago

    Its saturday and damd sure didnt appreciate that f bomb yall droped on secon skit ,end snl no longrr funny and now vulgarity.boycott nbc

  • Anna Elizabeth
    Anna Elizabeth 8 days ago

    She's more eligible than you because she's prettier than you and has less of an attitude, dumb ass

  • Jack Booted Hug
    Jack Booted Hug 8 days ago +2

    Why can't snl die with dignity like Seinfeld?
    Greedy, no class jews give the good ones a bad name.

  • JustWasted3HoursHere

    So I guess this Halsey person is going to perform in the nude, based on her "shirt" in this?

  • BFBC5
    BFBC5 8 days ago

    Never coke in the nose

  • S D
    S D 8 days ago +1

    If Halsey talks shit about the artic monkeys again I chop her head off

  • Shayla McGhee
    Shayla McGhee 8 days ago

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  • Jose Albarran
    Jose Albarran 8 days ago +1

    What the fuck happened to Cecily Strong, she looks so fat now...
    (Not that I really care).
    But I used to watch this show 2 years ago and she looked WAY better back then now it looks like SNL it's going down and it's taking down the crew aswell...

  • Jose Albarran
    Jose Albarran 8 days ago

    What the fuck happened to SNL...

  • ShifTy 15
    ShifTy 15 8 days ago

    The first time I saw this guy was when he was in Charlie’s Angels with that scene of him smoking and dancing to the song Simon Says. He looked so badass

  • death2b
    death2b 8 days ago

    halsey looks rough as hell these days. which is fine with me, because i find her kind of insufferable.
    not as insufferable as snl, though. wish i could trade them in for new madtv.

  • Thelongmanable
    Thelongmanable 8 days ago

    *_SNL audience unemployed crack heads of the "DEEP ATATE" agenda.._*

  • Cult Valium
    Cult Valium 8 days ago +2

    remember when snl was funny? Pepperidge farm remembers

  • Paul H. Kircher III
    Paul H. Kircher III 8 days ago

    Are ya.

  • Sophie Rose
    Sophie Rose 8 days ago +1

    I would rather shit in my hands and clap than watch Halsey try and sing or act for 2 hours

  • TX Beachbum
    TX Beachbum 8 days ago +1

    Never heard of Sam Rockwell or Halsey.... This show is way past its prime.

  • Crash//Burn Crash//Burn


  • Sean Mahoney
    Sean Mahoney 8 days ago

    Loved him so much in Iron Man 2

  • Dennis Finn
    Dennis Finn 8 days ago

    I'm so excited

  • ky morris
    ky morris 8 days ago

    lmaoooo fuck her she's a pedophile

  • Hannah Whiting-Shaw
    Hannah Whiting-Shaw 8 days ago +1

    Are these meant to be funny or......

    • Warriors Of Rampage
      Warriors Of Rampage 22 hours ago

      Hannah Whiting-Shaw nope... its a promo.... so its meant to promote the show.....

  • Mr. Baskins
    Mr. Baskins 8 days ago +1

    Halsey fucking sucks

  • Theo Kirkley
    Theo Kirkley 8 days ago

    Ya shut up, will ya?

  • The softest part of a woman's breast is?

    Move that black line

  • Andrew Thomson
    Andrew Thomson 8 days ago +2

    Your show is ABSOLUTE GARBAGE.

  • Candy
    Candy 8 days ago +2 *Learn why HILLARY WILL FACE A FIRING SQUAD AT GITMO!*

  • Ayla Aylin
    Ayla Aylin 8 days ago

    Halsey mutated rat

  • Amir Mohammad Hedayati
    Amir Mohammad Hedayati 8 days ago +7

    who else is here for Halsey?

  • Luca D
    Luca D 8 days ago

    Halsey is a fucking cokehead

  • Mason Kennedy
    Mason Kennedy 8 days ago

    House person power rest participate her sixth sunlight intensity frequently candidate.

  • jasper brouwer
    jasper brouwer 8 days ago

    jet German Roman shall late profound timing gentleman reporting juice rebuild

  • Colin 226
    Colin 226 8 days ago

    Is Halsey going to do a few lines of blow before performing?

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 8 days ago +2

    Saturday Night Live went to shit it's nothing like when Dan Aykroyd Bill Murray was doing the show nowadays it's all about butthurt lousy faggot actors

  • Александр Александрович Алехин

    Hey, Halsey, feminist went into the tough bikers bar: "Give me the most non-alkoholic drink you have". Bartneder unbuttons his pants and begin to pee on feminsts face. Feminist: "Is this your most non-alcoholic drink?". Bartender: "No, I just pee on your face".

  • zkhn21
    zkhn21 9 days ago

    Who is he?

  • Fireman 17
    Fireman 17 9 days ago +2

    Hate to say it but Halsey looks better with long hair.. She don't look that good with short hair

    • Warriors Of Rampage
      Warriors Of Rampage 14 hours ago

      CsabiFrangipane ummmm.... like i said feminazi.... I. Would. Fuck. The. Shit. Out. Of . Her. Either. Way.

    • CsabiFrangipane
      CsabiFrangipane 22 hours ago

      Warriors Of Rampage can i talk about her like a woman? and not like an object or a toy? thank you.

    • Warriors Of Rampage
      Warriors Of Rampage 22 hours ago +1

      Dafuq? Id fuck the shit out of her either way kiddos 🤗

    • CsabiFrangipane
      CsabiFrangipane 8 days ago

      Fireman 17 she looks great with short hair as well. but this one is awful.

  • Punisher
    Punisher 9 days ago +5

    You guys noticed how slow that girl on the left was in the beginning? She was just staring and then just like woke up. Lol

  • David C. Theiss
    David C. Theiss 9 days ago +8

    Cecily Strong, will you marry me? Please?

  • Banana in Condom
    Banana in Condom 9 days ago +2

    God the drugs are taking a toll on Tom Cruise.

  • Rebecca Vocal Athlete
    Rebecca Vocal Athlete 9 days ago +16

    I'll be on there soon. I'll make it even better

    • Daybelline Muñoz
      Daybelline Muñoz 7 days ago

      Rebecca Vocal Athlete I actually support that and would love to see that :)

  • belikan3
    belikan3 9 days ago

    shud google halsey to c if want to look at snl onight??
    Ouch! stinko. was that rap or hip hop? never can get that straight all those times it passes on the street.

  • Augustus Caesar
    Augustus Caesar 9 days ago +2

    SNL blows. They need to bring back a little thing called comedy. Less constant political jokes about Trump, more creativity and wit...

    • jesse Nathan
      jesse Nathan 8 days ago

      Augustus Caesar I was thinking the same thing about their political sketches. They should do one where the cameras at the Super Bowl are aiming at something else.

  • French Vanilla
    French Vanilla 9 days ago +7

    Why would SNL put a Coke head on the show?? Singing dripping Coke on the microphone no thanks I don't want to see that !!!

    • mariam dont care-i-am
      mariam dont care-i-am 8 days ago

      I’m not a fan of her doing coke either but so many artists that reference coke have been there so I don’t see why you didn’t stop watching earlier. Migos was arrested for coke possession but still performed on SNL.

    • Jordy Joe
      Jordy Joe 8 days ago +2

      French Vanilla/ Lmao so many of the songs performed on SNL reference coke. The Weeknd even came through and performed a whole song about coke (Can't Feel My Face).

  • French Vanilla
    French Vanilla 9 days ago +13

    Isn't Halsey a Coke head!!!

    • Kelvin Santos
      Kelvin Santos 8 days ago +3

      French Vanilla yes and we love our coke queen

  • Balckon White
    Balckon White 9 days ago +5

    What’s up with all the hate.... Halsey’s a great singer and she has great music. If u don’t know her check her out instead of making fun of her outfit

  • Taylor Craig Newbold


  • Ajdizzle4rizzle
    Ajdizzle4rizzle 9 days ago +1

    that outfit is attention seeking

    • Warriors Of Rampage
      Warriors Of Rampage 22 hours ago

      Ajdizzle4rizzle im guessing youve never heard of lady gaga....?

    • Theo Kirkley
      Theo Kirkley 8 days ago

      I looked for the nipples and couldn't find them.

  • June Hass
    June Hass 9 days ago

    Halsey 😃😄😄😁😁

  • TheLaney
    TheLaney 9 days ago +1

    YESSSS! I LOVE Sam Rockwell!!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Tina Saywon
    Tina Saywon 9 days ago your need to get her on this show . She's so funny

  • Battleborn
    Battleborn 9 days ago +5

    Halsey, she was cool but damn her and her boy are gonna learn the hard way about drugs.

    • D.J.S.
      D.J.S. 8 days ago

      right, time for an after school special, "drugs are bad"

  • Candy
    Candy 9 days ago +1


  • Morgan M.
    Morgan M. 9 days ago +1


  • Caffeinated Nation
    Caffeinated Nation 9 days ago +3

    Halsey forgot her bra...

  • Mike Nonya
    Mike Nonya 9 days ago +2

    Yep...Golden globes and Oscar awards for Hollywood types who make stories that push Israel's racist anti white agenda...thanks again Israel.

    • Mike Nonya
      Mike Nonya 14 hours ago

      Right...because SNL has never been political...and youtube has never been for didn't even try the auto correct anti Christian trick did you?...moron much? Take your dumb can't even spell, ignorant ass "sumwhere" else. Perhaps to Israel where you can lick your masters boots? Would that be your "Safe Space" Warrior in Pampers?

    • Warriors Of Rampage
      Warriors Of Rampage 22 hours ago

      Mike Nonya lmaoo take ur ass sumwhere else buddy. this is a comedy channel on youtube.

    • Mike Nonya
      Mike Nonya 9 days ago +2

      Google Rupert Murdoch. Then research the big 5 studios in Hollywood. (((Rupert))) owns most of the worlds news outlets. The big 5 have always been owned by (((jews))). Now google FBI table 43, US crimes by race and ask yourself "Why didn't the news or Hollywood ever tell us that?" The stats are AMAZING! 13% of the US population (blacks) commit 51% of the murders and 53% of violent robberies. Yet Hollywood churns out movie after movie showing the evil white man, and the poor black victim...thus pushing whites to hate themselves and blacks to hate whites...a vicious cycle, while Israel laughs. To many prominent jews have called for the destruction of Europe and America. Try this telling little trick - type in these two words into your reply, use lower case letters - christian and jew Now tell me, Did auto correct underline both words as incorrect for not being capitalized...or just jew? Funny right? If you are a Christian, you are my brother whatever you look like. If you are muslim (auto correct again!) or a jew you are probably my enemy.

    • Balckon White
      Balckon White 9 days ago

      Mike Nonya lol what does Israel have to do with that 😂

  • Saucy Lady
    Saucy Lady 9 days ago +1

    I'm sure if they just stick to trump jokes like all the other shows they'll be just fine. No point in trying hard to make anything unique when you can just do what everyone else does.

    BEARDED APE 9 days ago

    OMG how funny 😁 Love SNL

  • Jpay
    Jpay 9 days ago +4

    this will be hilarious. including Halsey performances. i hate her music i tried to like it. Sam is the man though

    • Jpay
      Jpay 9 days ago

      ill listen to both. i was not a fan of "American Money"

    • Balckon White
      Balckon White 9 days ago +1

      Jpay her music is great especially songs like “coming down” and “Gasoline”

  • Atari
    Atari 9 days ago +4

    This is why no one watches this shit what way was that funny outside the universe of hard liquor and fandom?

    • Atari
      Atari 14 hours ago

      Warriors Of Rampage fact is this show needs new writers and actors but have fun watching my friend.

    • Warriors Of Rampage
      Warriors Of Rampage 14 hours ago +1

      Atari bro... its meant to promote the show not entertain. Hence why its called a promo u dumbfuck lmaooo take a seat kiddo

    • Atari
      Atari 18 hours ago

      Warriors Of Rampage ...and they can’t even make that funny 🙈

    • Warriors Of Rampage
      Warriors Of Rampage 22 hours ago +1

      Atari bro.... its a 30 second throwaway promo.... dont get ur pannys in a bunch

  • Grace Castillo
    Grace Castillo 9 days ago +12

    Hasley is so overrated 🙄🙄

    • Hayden Miles
      Hayden Miles 8 days ago

      Maybe your just jelly that she is famous and you aren’t. Cause like ur overrated 😒

    • x Nevaeh x
      x Nevaeh x 8 days ago +1

      No, she’s finally getting the fame she deserves.

    • The Real Dewayne
      The Real Dewayne 8 days ago +3

      Yep she's Trash

    • mona garcia
      mona garcia 8 days ago


    • Natalia
      Natalia 8 days ago +3

      She is tbh

  • Ronnie Dodson
    Ronnie Dodson 9 days ago +6

    All I wanted was me a little bit of cornbread

  • Marco m
    Marco m 9 days ago +12

    Halsey is a crack head

    • Warriors Of Rampage
      Warriors Of Rampage 22 hours ago

      Marco m a crack head that is better than u in literally every single way 🤗

  • Antoniø Brah
    Antoniø Brah 9 days ago +1

    Love Sam Rockwell. Love Halsey

  • hopeless
    hopeless 9 days ago +2


  • J. Williams
    J. Williams 9 days ago +20

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug!
    "Nice" bull cut Halsey.

  • JP Paul
    JP Paul 9 days ago

    Let's hope she brings out G-EAZY

  • dudeihavenocar
    dudeihavenocar 9 days ago

    Mother F**kers! I love football and sketch comedy...I do...😥

  • tdman77
    tdman77 9 days ago +4

    SNL just plain sucks! Was funny 10yrs ago but is stipid mow.

  • W Lee
    W Lee 9 days ago +1

    Hey I think Halsey would be a great guest host SNL.

  • Joe Delly
    Joe Delly 9 days ago +2

    Who are these people?

    • Joe Delly
      Joe Delly 22 hours ago

      Warriors Of Rampage the master of Delly meats

    • Warriors Of Rampage
      Warriors Of Rampage 22 hours ago +1

      Joe Delly who are you is the real question here...?

    • Theo Kirkley
      Theo Kirkley 8 days ago +1

      They were found under the Queensboro bridge sucking dick for 5 bucks a man.

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  • sparkle jump rope gangsta

    Omg halsey looks like dead shit

    • Warriors Of Rampage
      Warriors Of Rampage 22 hours ago +1

      Luca D if drugs will make me look like her then where tf can i get those drugs u talking bout???

    • death2b
      death2b 8 days ago +1

      clicked this vid purely for these comments. even in thumbnail, it is strikingly bad.

    • Luca D
      Luca D 8 days ago +4

      sparkle jump rope gangsta that's what happens when you're a drug addict

  • 10 Cent Mashups
    10 Cent Mashups 9 days ago

    0:23 this is how most of the people on social media feel about halsey

  • prilep5
    prilep5 9 days ago

    Congratulations to Sam Rockwell and i hope to see him working with Gary Oldman.They are very few actors who can play villain like them.

  • Angel Floores
    Angel Floores 9 days ago


  • Joshua Derrig
    Joshua Derrig 9 days ago +26

    Sam deserves better.

  • The Notorious One
    The Notorious One 9 days ago

    Why does the title say “Not Halsey”?

  • TralfazConstruction
    TralfazConstruction 9 days ago +2

    Guy Fleegman

  • Esm Famil
    Esm Famil 9 days ago +1

    HALSEY = 💙

  • Gabbyb133
    Gabbyb133 9 days ago

    halsey sounds like she could use a throat lozenge

  • Anthony Rupert
    Anthony Rupert 9 days ago

    I guess Halsey forgot to wear clothes, lol

  • Arathorn Dezeus
    Arathorn Dezeus 9 days ago

    Who is halsey?

  • Artsy_rils *-*
    Artsy_rils *-* 9 days ago

    I'm just screaming I'm screaming

  • Carrie Bill
    Carrie Bill 9 days ago

    Halsey u are too cute!!!!!!

  • AhPhoey
    AhPhoey 9 days ago

    These were funny - Halsey did great. People on these silly internet boards have no sense of humor.