Dropping iPhone X Into Glory Hole - What Will Happen?

  • Published on Feb 20, 2018
  • Using a drone, I dropped an iPhone X into a dark and deep glory hole to see if it can survive the crazy high drop test!
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  • TechRax
    TechRax  Year ago +11652

    I fell in some dirty dam water with my wallet, phone, and keys for this video.

    • G Popescu
      G Popescu 2 months ago



      If your watching in 2019 the iPhone 11 has been made

    • Windows XP
      Windows XP 4 months ago +1

      TechRax this is going to beone of the last reply’s on this comment

    • [GD] Vulcan
      [GD] Vulcan 4 months ago +1

      TechRax oof I feel bad

    • Ramsey Schaefer
      Ramsey Schaefer 6 months ago +1

      TechRax I think you mean some damn dirty water 😂

  • Alakhras Mohamad

    Hey there
    I subscribed to your channel
    Please guys subscribed the channel🙏🙏

  • marc bullingham
    marc bullingham 2 days ago

    That’s a rather moist and wide glory hole lol

  • Taiandyr Cavalcante
    Taiandyr Cavalcante 3 days ago

    Se fosse no Brasil já tinham é levado ele.

  • nigga dawg
    nigga dawg 3 days ago

    wont it just fall?

  • DD Bears36
    DD Bears36 3 days ago

    This was the most boring video. You made it seem all like intense and sketchy LOL dude get some pussy... to much time on your hands.

  • DD Bears36
    DD Bears36 3 days ago


  • gooni goo goo
    gooni goo goo 4 days ago

    what a click bait false advertisement. when you state glory hole im thinking something else.

  • loon31387
    loon31387 5 days ago

    Had a full battery 🤔

  • Cory B
    Cory B 5 days ago

    bro look at his phone the iphone x looks better and newer

  • MrNerf
    MrNerf 6 days ago

    the end is crazy

  • War Reaper43
    War Reaper43 6 days ago

    Surprised it's not clickbait 👌

  • Sisterkat Mirata
    Sisterkat Mirata 6 days ago

    U gotta admit, that was a pretty cool hole

  • Baby sofie & friends

    I was waiting for a mermaid to come up and give a bj

  • EPIC Games
    EPIC Games 8 days ago +1

    *Oh,sorry I didn’t press record*

  • Kam Val
    Kam Val 9 days ago

    Dam! That must’ve been scary.... heh get it?

  • Sickly _qween
    Sickly _qween 9 days ago +2

    :him with an iPhone X
    :me with an iPhone 5s

  • TheMinecraftSquid - Minecraft, ROBLOX Y Mas

    Demons screaming be like 2:29

  • Peter Voss
    Peter Voss 10 days ago

    Try something round next time, like a ball.

  • ItsJudson
    ItsJudson 10 days ago

    *its a spillway dud*

  • V-V J
    V-V J 11 days ago

    Part 2 "handing iphone through glory hole"...
    What will happen :0

  • St ives Black ninja
    St ives Black ninja 11 days ago

    I have the same drone as you

  • Ayan Gurung
    Ayan Gurung 12 days ago

    I want the link for the case 😂😂

    CHERRY COLA 12 days ago

    I'm sorry but do u know what the name "glory hole" is used for?

  • Gabi Benavente
    Gabi Benavente 13 days ago

    Dude I’m hungover 😪 all the spinning in this vid is not the move lol

  • Lynette Patt
    Lynette Patt 13 days ago

    Me: What’s for breakfast 🥞

    Mom: What do you want?

    Me: Pancakes 🥞

    Mom: We don’t have pancakes 🥞

    Me: 2:30

  • Jasmin Suarez
    Jasmin Suarez 13 days ago

    0:04 silver

  • Princess Merrick
    Princess Merrick 14 days ago

    Isn’t that a crack right there on the screen my guy?

  • noasted
    noasted 14 days ago

    The FBI agent watching through that phone was probably like “wtf just happened”

  • Greg Pavlakis
    Greg Pavlakis 14 days ago

    dont google lemon party

  • Greg Pavlakis
    Greg Pavlakis 14 days ago

    dont google bear

  • Greg Pavlakis
    Greg Pavlakis 14 days ago

    dont google glory hole

  • jEsSE :D
    jEsSE :D 15 days ago

    Me dropping my phone from 1meter and my phone cracked you dropped from 1000 meters and dont crack wtf?

  • Suhas ts
    Suhas ts 16 days ago

    In the thumbnail it looked like an asshole

  • Extreme Topic
    Extreme Topic 17 days ago

    Why exactly an iphone x its going to be the same outcome.

  • Kandela Brown
    Kandela Brown 18 days ago


  • JoesDogsa WebSlinger
    JoesDogsa WebSlinger 19 days ago

    "It's raining right now."
    Nah fuck that thanks tho

    GNRPRO 19 days ago

    show your face ppplllllzzzzzz

  • JSSRocket
    JSSRocket 21 day ago

    A gloryhole

  • Iordanis Stefanidis
    Iordanis Stefanidis 23 days ago

    Clone iPhone x

  • SSF27
    SSF27 24 days ago +1

    2:29 I can hear demons lurking in that tunnel....

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 24 days ago

    I was looking for this video and searched up glory hole.... yikes 😬

    • AwesomeCatKid96
      AwesomeCatKid96 20 days ago

      First Name Last Name yea same..... so disgusting

  • Miguel Peraza
    Miguel Peraza 24 days ago

    Just fly drone thru hole it's easier cheaper and safer unless u wanta break an I phone .

  • Miguel Peraza
    Miguel Peraza 24 days ago

    Go ahead go into tunnel , I will tell them not to open gates .

  • storm boy
    storm boy 25 days ago

    drop a iphone x from space

  • Landon Ramirez
    Landon Ramirez 27 days ago

    He did the same song on the video called can an iPhone 7 survive a space drop test when it got to space. 1:18

  • KCB kotastrophie
    KCB kotastrophie 28 days ago

    Lake Berryessa and the 304 foot Monticello Dam.

  • Šøphīå Fīgüęrøâ
    Šøphīå Fīgüęrøâ 28 days ago +1

    The iPhones that he uses NEVER have BATTERY

  • ragerider 13
    ragerider 13 28 days ago

    R/dont put your peepee in it

  • GrizzlyKrizzy :3
    GrizzlyKrizzy :3 29 days ago

    My mom have the iPhone 10 and I done

  • TBI Firefighter
    TBI Firefighter 29 days ago

    Los Rio de putas and her Gloryhole eh?

  • Shahida Usman
    Shahida Usman 29 days ago


  • Tom Iannucci
    Tom Iannucci Month ago

    What's that hole for anyway

  • Dina Rahman
    Dina Rahman Month ago

    Ok glory

    • Dina Rahman
      Dina Rahman Month ago

      Cool I’m glad you did not drop it straight a drone was holding the I phone

  • Freya Erskine
    Freya Erskine Month ago

    also how did you not projectile vomit?

  • Freya Erskine
    Freya Erskine Month ago

    how can you not notice its cracked so much?

  • ChRis1 AlaBa
    ChRis1 AlaBa Month ago

    tis is tab war

  • cherry bomb
    cherry bomb Month ago

    Glory hole huh

  • gorgiev_14
    gorgiev_14 Month ago +2

    you will lose your phone🤨

  • Gauchiste Mental
    Gauchiste Mental Month ago