Rappers That Have Passed | After They Were Gone | Face App

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • Rappers That Have Passed | After They Were Gone | Face App
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    Today we decided to try something a little different. For those of you that don’t know, the face app has once again taken over the internet, with everyone from Cardi B to Ludacris and Tyrese to Lil Nas X and even Drake jumping in on the action to see what they’ll potentially look like as they grow old.
    Now this video is comprised of rappers, hip hop and r and b artists that have passed away as far back as the 90’s, all the way until quite recently.
    #faceapp #faceappold #rappers
    We strive for accuracy and fairness. If you see something that doesn't look right, or you just want to check out my social media pages:
    Producer / Editor: Tamara Comas
    Writer/Host: Jarred Bronstein

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  • Before They Were Famous

    What do you guys think about this type of video? Should we make more? Thanks for the support!

    • Vicki Hankins
      Vicki Hankins 28 days ago

      Yeah cool

    • Kiike 21
      Kiike 21 Month ago

      omfg awesome!!

    • Sir Uppercrust III
      Sir Uppercrust III Month ago +1

      Also Aaliyah wasn’t a rapper she was an r&b singer

    • Sir Uppercrust III
      Sir Uppercrust III Month ago +1

      You didn’t include Chinx. Do better research next time!

    • Kanye Yeast
      Kanye Yeast Month ago +2

      Before They Were Famous how could u not put X when your “before they were gone” video about him was one of your biggest videos EVER

  • Yusra Dabre
    Yusra Dabre 3 days ago

    No hate to the other rappers

  • Yusra Dabre
    Yusra Dabre 3 days ago +1

    R.I.P Greatest rapper of all time Tupac Shakur

  • og bekfestboy
    og bekfestboy 8 days ago

    Where’s x and lil peep

  • Josh Watson
    Josh Watson 9 days ago

    No Lil Peep or XXX?

  • Ali Jr.
    Ali Jr. 11 days ago

    u forgot xxxtentacion

  • Betty Jones
    Betty Jones 12 days ago

    This app is not for black people. We don't age like this.

  • AJ Green
    AJ Green 12 days ago

    Tupac is the raq god and a Legend

  • Efren Cortez
    Efren Cortez 13 days ago

    Buddy holly

  • Street Fighter Kidd
    Street Fighter Kidd 18 days ago

    They died in there 20s now they would be in there 40s, they wouldn’t look that old.

  • Ren Guinn
    Ren Guinn 18 days ago

    You are soooo handsome.
    That's all I wanted to say lol,
    Great content btw

  • clash Royale topic
    clash Royale topic 19 days ago +1

    You forgot to do lil peep.

  • Delvin McCutchen
    Delvin McCutchen 19 days ago

    What about xxxtentacion

  • Kevin Jean
    Kevin Jean 19 days ago


  • Kevin Jean
    Kevin Jean 19 days ago

    Where is xx

  • sherry williams
    sherry williams 21 day ago

    Now we know if aaliyah was still with us she would've not looked like that! BLACK WOMEN AGE FLAWLESSLY. I miss aaliyah I wasn't born when she died but I love her music my favorite songs are "Rock the boat" & "One in a million", its so sad she had to die so young but god felt like she full filled her purpose and she completed her destiny, She was talented, extremely beautiful and amazing style. R.I.P AALIYAH, R.I.P TUPAC ANF BIGGIE!! They were all amazing artist!

  • Lildre Miller 10
    Lildre Miller 10 22 days ago

    They forgot x

  • Karries
    Karries 23 days ago

    I like this video ♥️

  • Adam Ramirez
    Adam Ramirez 24 days ago +1

    Rest In Peace to Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls, sure X and them were good, but Tupac and Biggie were good and ahead of their time. Tupac and Biggie touched on topics that not anybody would even talk about, they were true innovators, something we lack in today’s music and society in general.

  • Cruz Ibarra
    Cruz Ibarra 24 days ago +1

    You guys picked really good people man I'm impressed

  • Ntando Mathonsi
    Ntando Mathonsi 24 days ago

    Where's lil peep and X?

  • Perry Tomczyk
    Perry Tomczyk 25 days ago +1

    You should do another one of these videos plus GG Allin before they were gone & Rowan Atkinson before they were famous.

  • AqUa_SnIpeZ
    AqUa_SnIpeZ 25 days ago


  • ATL Ruthless
    ATL Ruthless 26 days ago

    were is xxx

  • Febzer !
    Febzer ! 26 days ago +1

    Disappointed to see that Lil Peep wasn’t on here.

  • Alice Abrahamsson
    Alice Abrahamsson 27 days ago

    Tupac 10:23

  • Jovany Zues
    Jovany Zues 27 days ago

    You forgot xxxtentacion

  • Shonnie2x
    Shonnie2x 27 days ago


  • goat_sanchezz8
    goat_sanchezz8 27 days ago


  • Connor Randall
    Connor Randall 27 days ago

    New host wow this yt channel is breaking down

  • U GK
    U GK 27 days ago

    Do Octopizzo

  • Glizy_ 4k
    Glizy_ 4k 28 days ago +1

    For all of y’all that are saying we’re is x this video is for LEGENDS x is not legend but to the people on this list rip you will never be forgotten 🙏

  • Harley Krueger
    Harley Krueger 28 days ago

    Wheres xxxtentacion? ??

  • Kyzhiere Smith
    Kyzhiere Smith 28 days ago +1

    Damn how he forgot about XXXTENTACION though

    • Glizy_ 4k
      Glizy_ 4k 28 days ago

      Kyzhiere Smith cuz x isn’t a legend

  • clemmons clemmons
    clemmons clemmons 28 days ago +3

    who else finds it weird that both tupac and biggie was shot 4 times

  • Vicki Hankins
    Vicki Hankins 28 days ago

    Shout out to Jarred Bronstein😊

  • Eaen Ragle
    Eaen Ragle 28 days ago

    Ok Tupac would not look that old he would only be 47 or 48 if he were alive today

    THE GAB 29 days ago

    Where is xxxtentacion at come on bruh

  • Double Flex
    Double Flex 29 days ago


  • User 1298
    User 1298 29 days ago

    How they gonna do Mac miller he’d look the exact same today

  • Oliver Bruckner
    Oliver Bruckner 29 days ago

    Mac miller...WTF

  • bigjayking24
    bigjayking24 Month ago +2

    How you gonna name artist that love and are inspired by Aaliyah, and Not mention Drake. Dude Literally got her face tattooed on his body. TF??

  • bigjayking24
    bigjayking24 Month ago +2

    How you gonna say the month and day Biggie died, but not the year. TF?? SMH!

    • bigjayking24
      bigjayking24 28 days ago

      @Multiversal Pizza. If you getting worked up or in your feelings over my little comment, then you're the 1 that Needs to Calm Down bruh.

    • Multiversal Pizza.
      Multiversal Pizza. 28 days ago

      Calm down

  • Symir Walton
    Symir Walton Month ago

    Did anybody notice that most people died in March

  • Lil octopus topic
    Lil octopus topic Month ago +1

    you missed one xxxtetation

  • Jocelyn Pettis
    Jocelyn Pettis Month ago +3

    I cried like a baby when Pac and Nipsy was mention.. 💓💓💙💙.. Nobody like them

  • Jocelyn Pettis
    Jocelyn Pettis Month ago +1

    213 Nate Dogg.. When he sing you knew it was real

  • Jocelyn Pettis
    Jocelyn Pettis Month ago

    RIP Pac his soul lives on 💓💓

  • Miyaina Childs
    Miyaina Childs Month ago

    Rest in heaven Jahseh Aka Xxxtentacion

  • -Rage-
    -Rage- Month ago

    This is something real different but definitely something good

  • Mar263i06
    Mar263i06 Month ago

    We’re x

  • Grayson Douglass
    Grayson Douglass Month ago

    What about x but RIP to those legends

  • Ay0 Dee
    Ay0 Dee Month ago

    It's crazy how accurate this app. Is

  • lltbh
    lltbh Month ago

    BIG died on the day i was born r.i.p

  • jay dizzle2
    jay dizzle2 Month ago

    We love you Tupac

  • OMGFaymous
    OMGFaymous Month ago +1

    *NO SHADE*
    Biggie was killed in Cali (west side) biggie is from New York (east side)

  • reborn leo
    reborn leo Month ago +1

    Kurt Cobain

  • HD Keemii
    HD Keemii Month ago +1

    *face app exists*
    Before They Were Famous : it's free real estate

  • Trinity got game
    Trinity got game Month ago +1

    Aliyah Was so beautiful omg

  • nigga's in my butthole

    Alright this god damn channel is going threw a mental breakdown

  • Trinity Gilreath
    Trinity Gilreath Month ago

    Aaliyah would be like 38 I think

  • MT Motors
    MT Motors Month ago

    You clowns forgot X

  • MT Motors
    MT Motors Month ago

    You forgot xxxtentacion

  • Lefika T.R
    Lefika T.R Month ago

    Would've liked to see an old Xxxtentacian

  • kimi barber
    kimi barber Month ago

    aaliyah still look good r.i.p

  • Myquan Williams
    Myquan Williams Month ago +1

    Do one xxxtenatction plz mean so much to me everyone else fr💯

  • Young Zen
    Young Zen Month ago

    bro can u believe running out of content and using this lmao

  • Buckshot Chief
    Buckshot Chief Month ago

    Aaliyah 😍😍😍😍😍💙

  • Alex Williams
    Alex Williams Month ago

    I would like to see xxxtentacion in the next one.

  • GM Girl
    GM Girl Month ago +3

    Don't do anymore faceapp of celebrities because Mac Miller, 2Pac and Nipsey wouldn't look like that in there 40's or 50"s.

  • Juana Villasenor
    Juana Villasenor Month ago

    He forgot x

  • King ANT
    King ANT Month ago +5

    rip to some not mention:
    big L
    Big Pun
    Capital steez

  • Fatman Scoop
    Fatman Scoop Month ago

    The CIA is coming

  • Crazy Speaker pro 95
    Crazy Speaker pro 95 Month ago +1

    What about xxx

  • Luis Borrero
    Luis Borrero Month ago

    He was an a GMC suburban? That car doesn't exist