Mean Comments About A Blind YouTuber

  • Tommy Edison, who has been blind since birth, responds to mean comments.
    Directed/Edited by Ben Churchill
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    Who is Tommy Edison? (Respond To Comments #1)
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    “Chill The Fuck Out” by Chris Morrow 4
    “Hard Aggressive Drive” by T-S-U Musik
    “Bad-Mon” by BLCK-RSSN
    Used under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

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  • The Tommy Edison Experience

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  • Savanna Iris
    Savanna Iris Month ago

    “Fake. If he’s blind how can he learn how to talk” ROFLMAO

  • Off Road Kingdom
    Off Road Kingdom Month ago

    "If hes blind how can he learn to talk" 😂😂😂😂😂 fucking dumb shit

  • Matt K
    Matt K Month ago

    These comments from haters are so ridicules lol. typical hater comments

  • Sav
    Sav 2 months ago

    "if you're blind how do you learn how to talk" LMFAOO

  • Jake Winsor
    Jake Winsor 2 months ago

    I love how tommy can turn any negative situation into a positive one

  • Kyle Ziggy
    Kyle Ziggy 2 months ago

    These people are stupid xD
    You're awesome Tommy

  • michelle g
    michelle g 4 months ago

    Why would anyone say something mean to someone this happy and jolly. We all should learn something from him

  • Gavin Fair
    Gavin Fair 4 months ago

    *Someone leaves a mean comment*
    You are truly the lowest scum in history

  • Soldier 4 Christ
    Soldier 4 Christ 5 months ago

    Jesus is the only way to heaven ✝️

  • Dwide Schrude
    Dwide Schrude 5 months ago

    Tommy. You have an amazing smile.

  • Richard Joyce
    Richard Joyce 6 months ago

    I've heard of the blind leading the blind but the blind owning the dumb is much funnier.

  • ali, a happy kirb
    ali, a happy kirb 6 months ago +2

    "Dad, Stop commenting on my own videos!"
    this guy is the best

  • purple ldv
    purple ldv 6 months ago

    So a blind guy comes into a store.. all of a sudden he starts spinning his dog over his head by the leesh, like cowboys do with a piece of rope. Naturally, the people from security stop him and ask him, what are you doing? To which he answers: "i was just having a look around".

  • Elliot N
    Elliot N 6 months ago

    When non people close there eyes its just black do blind people see anything or is there nothing like nothing kinda shit question :(

  • Heilige
    Heilige 7 months ago

    every TVclipr has mean comments. It's unfortunate but you just ignore them :)

  • Sad tabs boi
    Sad tabs boi 7 months ago

    2:26 his iQ is 0

  • Fur & Bruce
    Fur & Bruce 7 months ago

    I’m just in love with you...

  • Joachim
    Joachim 7 months ago

    Cä.n ü ré-a.d thï.s? (Can the computer read that?)

  • Firefly miesumae shimmamura

    Wtf, how did he learn to talk? What does that comment even mean?

  • The Life of Valley
    The Life of Valley 7 months ago

    The blind and talking part really got me. 😂😩

  • Space Aids
    Space Aids 7 months ago

    Are you a virgin

  • Jared Hoeft
    Jared Hoeft 7 months ago

    Tommy is the most genuinely cheerful person on TVclip. I seriously don't get the comment about being sad all the time

  • Wh0tch
    Wh0tch 7 months ago

    Not mean just ironic or stupid ;)

  • Paul Watson
    Paul Watson 7 months ago

    Tommy , can i ask if you can sense air currents and almost predict an obstacles before you get to it. I am not suggesting weird super powers but a sensitivity that you have honend in and fine tuned . So i would imagine ou can feel sunlight , and you know by experience that either a window or door is near by. can you guess with high probability the direction the sun is coming from ? Can you feel the different wavelengths that colors give off. Do you use texture and sound to navigate an area . Do you like to mentally map new room say for instance if you are staying for dinner. Do certain colors or what names you have been give those colors have a texture or a sound hat you relate and interpret for yourself . Thank you Tommy , appreciate your time and wisdom

  • AbhturG770
    AbhturG770 7 months ago

    "If he blinds then how he knows how to talk" WTH

  • Raspberry Juice Entertainment

    The irish joke 💀

  • Prague 541
    Prague 541 7 months ago

    I recently discovered your channel and over the last few days I have just binged on dozens and dozens of your videos. Your incredible personality and wonderful demeanor makes every video feel like I am watching a good friend explain things I've always wanted to know. I literally cannot imagine someone being cross or cruel to you. I'd love to meet one of those ignorant people when they're not hiding behind internet anonymity...a huge, retired solder like me would smash that fucker into the ground, then hand him to you and say "hey Tommy, feel's a meatwaffle." LMFAO.

  • tiffsaver
    tiffsaver 8 months ago +1

    I'd LOVE to get my hands around these troll's skinny throats... I'm not blind.

  • Alec Roosa
    Alec Roosa 8 months ago

    Crazy to see you died of murder five years ago today. R.I.P a great man :(

  • Aisha Oduntan
    Aisha Oduntan 8 months ago

    Tommy, I am blind and this cracked me up. I am crying I am laughing so hard.

  • Fairy Hale
    Fairy Hale 10 months ago

    People are so fucking stupid.

  • Sad Kermit
    Sad Kermit 11 months ago

    Does this nigga still make videos? Does he “see” a future in this

  • Emily K
    Emily K 11 months ago

    Ha I'm not wearing socks

  • Rosetta K
    Rosetta K 11 months ago

    You are so positive, i wish i had your strength to face such mean spirited comments.

  • Anna Barr
    Anna Barr 11 months ago

    Everyone loves him so much the mean comments are just dumb

  • Jessy Shiny Vaporeon Carroll

    You know I like that Tommy has a good attitude with this. But seriously if I could meet him and be in one of his videos I would literally say pick on me instead. I’m not blind but I am hard of hearing.

  • Bettkante
    Bettkante 11 months ago

    Whats the song in the beginning? 0:03

  • jonathan miller
    jonathan miller 11 months ago

    Laughed so hard at "fuck you, you blind bitch"

  • Shaun Gordon
    Shaun Gordon Year ago

    What sorta losers would write shit like this

  • Red Overdrive, the unstoppable confused daltonic!!

    if i'd be blind i'll go into crowds yelling "where's my stick?? where's my stick?? " touching every girl's ass... only after i'll leave they realize i touched the butts of only the females (that's kinda old)

  • Heilige
    Heilige Year ago

    you are great :)

  • Baby Goose
    Baby Goose Year ago

    So much hate in these people’s hearts that it’s pathetic. Also, so much ignorance from people who don’t understand how blindness works. Get off the Internet you fucking morons. This man is a legend 👌

  • Rob M
    Rob M Year ago

    Hey Tommy if you ever see this, there are lady dicks... just take it man

  • James Boone
    James Boone Year ago

    Remeber these are the people who will get beaten the shit out of by his blind gang.

    • James Boone
      James Boone Year ago

      @Håkon T. Absolutly.

    • Håkon T.
      Håkon T. Year ago

      Nah, they'd just sarcastically thank them and give them a sarcastic diploma and then do the classic slow clap.

  • JNCL Bulgogi
    JNCL Bulgogi Year ago

    Everytime Tommy opens his eyes, I feel like he’s about to unleash destruction

  • Heber A. Carrillo

    The guy that said that he can't draw his face i bet he can't draw his face either.

  • Suyana Garcia
    Suyana Garcia Year ago


  • Ryan Vaughn
    Ryan Vaughn Year ago +1

    Your eyes look cool.

  • Parthian Capitalist
    Parthian Capitalist Year ago +1

    2:42 better than liberal logic

  • Parthian Capitalist
    Parthian Capitalist Year ago +1

    TVclip should have a Braille option

    • Yaseen sheik
      Yaseen sheik 7 months ago

      How the fuck is that gnna work, do you know what braille means

  • Broken Wave
    Broken Wave Year ago +1

    At least 2 of those were jokes...

  • Mia’s World
    Mia’s World Year ago

    From one visually impaired person to another, my advice is if they come at you, you come back 10000 times harder. Words are weapons
    Feist is fire
    Ignorance versus arrogance
    Like water to a flame
    Ascend with the sun
    And you will win the pathetic game

    IM.THE.REAL. JIN Year ago

    "dad,i told u to stop commenting on my videos!"😂😂😂

    IM.THE.REAL. JIN Year ago +1

    i love how tommys so chilled i would have absolutely lost my shit

  • Lauren E
    Lauren E Year ago

    I'm stealing that joke it's hilarious!

  • Susan Herald
    Susan Herald Year ago

    I can’t even draw my own face and I can see

  • Phoebe Rong Un Liou

    Tommy you don't have the for cornea lens

  • Honest Lies
    Honest Lies Year ago

    I really hope you have someone to read your comments, unless you have a text to speech....anyway, You're a fucking super duper badass and I want you to know that. You make the world better just because. Keep your awesome spirit up and keep making the world a better place. I love you and I only just subbed today, but I have seen your videos for years. You saying "I've never not dated a 10 in my life" changed my life for real. You're amazing. Keep it up!

  • Paul Lavoie
    Paul Lavoie Year ago

    Not every body can be smart.

  • isaiah flores
    isaiah flores Year ago

    these aren't even mean comments these are just jokes I'm guessing

  • LivingLidless
    LivingLidless Year ago +1

    Found your channel yesterday... I have been watching you for hours! Best humor I have ever heard!

  • Crested Saguaro
    Crested Saguaro Year ago

    The comment at 1:44 was actually a Family Guy reference. It was still really mean to say to Tommy though.

  • Allie Mae
    Allie Mae Year ago

    You said you were going to tell us how blind people talk, but you never did! You are a complete scam. Unsubbed

  • katie thompson
    katie thompson Year ago

    stupid people should not comment rude things about people

  • Nightlife 9
    Nightlife 9 Year ago

    "Guys do you know or have any tips on how to talk to blind people?? Is there a tongue click I can do to simulate Braille Verbally??"

    "nvm you can just talk to them"

    ~Actual Yahoo Answers submission

  • DarthShadow25
    DarthShadow25 Year ago

    How could you dislike this man? Even if he wasn't disabled he is just so positive and so nice and just a great guy all around.

  • Yasin Omidi
    Yasin Omidi Year ago

    Do blind people know how to read? I mean like the english alphabet but with 3D text

  • Fuck You2
    Fuck You2 Year ago

    “Dad stop I told you to stop commenting on my videos” I love this man. I’ve only been watching for two day i I think he is probably one of the most fascinating people I’ve ever seen.

  • Brooklyn Benik
    Brooklyn Benik Year ago

    Instead of hate comments this should have been titled “Dumb Comments” because the majority wasn’t hate lol

  • Tom Rhodes
    Tom Rhodes Year ago

    I can honestly say I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my life....I literally laughed until I cried! Ol' Thomas Edison can obviously see better than most people. And it's a delightful synchronicity that he shares his name with the fellow who threw a lot of light on things so long ago with his incandescent light bulb.


    You are a inspiration to me and many other people and I love your amazing videos you cheer me up

  • NotSpiz3y
    NotSpiz3y Year ago

    Why are people mean

  • okay...
    okay... Year ago

    tommy is so precious and i’m so glad he doesn’t let’s idiots get to him

  • TheSnapback
    TheSnapback Year ago +6

    If you're really blind then how do you hear

    • Truly Animal Lover
      Truly Animal Lover 4 months ago

      Bruh that's dumb. We all can hear once we're born unless someone loses their hearing idiot

  • Nimue
    Nimue Year ago

    Sad? You kidding me? This dudes smile is contagious. I hate everything and i still smile when he laughs. Wish i had someone like him to chill with everyday.

  • Daya Nicole
    Daya Nicole Year ago

    Bruh I’m weak the way the computer says it😂

  • Nylle Graham
    Nylle Graham 2 years ago

    Daaaad stop commenting on my videos

  • Samantha Bragg
    Samantha Bragg 2 years ago

    Haha! Tommy your hilarious!😂

  • Diego Crusius
    Diego Crusius 2 years ago

    Woman: "Ted, my God, you tell the best stories! And this homemade sorbet is to die for!"
    Man #1: "Well, thanks, I-"
    Man #2: "Hey! You know what's better than both of those? Not being blind!"
    Caption: The great thing about being handicapped is the ability to create five minutes of awkward silence any time you like.
    smbc comics are the best