The Story THEY Don't Want You To Hear...

  • Published on Dec 3, 2019
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  • jarmyvicious
    jarmyvicious 13 days ago

    Hello, I looked up that IWC watch company. Carl Gustav Jung, the famous psychologist, helped run the family's factory especially after the founder's death. He was married to a daughter of the company's original founder. The conglomerate company that they have become has snared many top luxury companies. That was the most remarkable thing I can find in association with the watch besides the time and date on display will be in play. Cheers!

  • art mckay
    art mckay Month ago

    You're doing an amazing job! You're among a minority that actually loves pop and that shows. You're doing His work, kudos for that!
    May pop bless and keep you. :)

  • Diane Lalonde
    Diane Lalonde Month ago

    The house and Demon-rats actors MUST BE CHARGED WITH TREASON AND EXECUTED AND NOW.

  • Johnny Gee Jr
    Johnny Gee Jr Month ago

    Let us get killery arrested for all her crimes and TREASON ! she is a greedy hag criminal !

  • Don Sears
    Don Sears Month ago

  • Larry Sherrill
    Larry Sherrill Month ago

    The IG report is another white wash, are you sure Hover is dead...We have been hoovered...The finding of no political bias is a joke on his reputation... Why didn't he concern himself about why the lawyer did what he did. Because it is obviously political...
    When the IG said people expressed both being against and for Donald Trump... He is disingenuous and deliberately evasive... Why did the conversation come up. Because those against Trump tried to enlist the agents in the FBI to join in their illegal activity. The conversation should be analyzed as to who originated the against and for... I would guess that those against started the tirade and those For Donald Trump were really for not using the FBI as a weapon against a presidential candidate... He colored pretty creatively. Picasso would be envious of his coloring... I would bet that later you will find that those agents that were for not using the FBI as a tool against the presidential candidate were excluded from the effort that went forward. Hence packing your investigation team from a list of Democratic Political donors. Its easy to find each other on that list...
    IG Horowitz and his report deliberately evasive... They think you are stupid... Don't vote stupid...

  • Lynette Dunn
    Lynette Dunn Month ago

    Great Time spent tonight! Thanks, 🇺🇸⚖️❤️

  • Lynette Dunn
    Lynette Dunn Month ago

    You are so right, this is a big battle, don’t forget to praise God, he will back us all! ⚖️🇺🇸⚖️🇺🇸

  • Goldie Boud
    Goldie Boud Month ago

    I hope a Trump knows Wray is bad

  • Goldie Boud
    Goldie Boud Month ago

    Chris Wray helped Schiff? I just saw a video called that. Have you heard that? Because Barr interview Barr said he trusts Wray. Which makes me uneasy to trust Barr. I think they are going to Fuck all of us citizens and Trumps four more years will end and he will leave and no one will have gone to jail. Idk I don’t trust it

  • Goldie Boud
    Goldie Boud Month ago

    I have been tweeting Trump for years now, that we are not going to accept a few years for these people. I get must get life or death. That’s why Trump brought back the death penalty. Obama! Clintons! Bushes! Watters, Schumer, Pelosi. I think Q us letting us know they are going to get them for Treason and Sedition. Isn’t the death penalty in Treason sentence?

  • Goldie Boud
    Goldie Boud Month ago

    I had thousands of followers.

  • Goldie Boud
    Goldie Boud Month ago +1

    They already silenced me on Twitter. They DELETED my account I’ve had since 2012. I made another very luckily

  • Mao Tengmomsourne
    Mao Tengmomsourne Month ago

    I don't call them DS "Elite." They don't deserve it. They are douce bags and pile of shit.

  • Tom Lawson
    Tom Lawson Month ago

    Fat chance of any of them being ever convicted by a D.C. or lib land jury,
    The ONLY away is military tribunals and they are even doubtful.

  • Ritakus 98
    Ritakus 98 Month ago +2

    When do you think we will see major people, like Obama, be arrested?

  • James Williams
    James Williams Month ago

    Any rational thinking American knows SEDITION was orchestrated from within the DC bureaucracy...and is ongoing.

  • annie chan
    annie chan Month ago

    Thank you so much for sharing this 👍👍

  • Richard Tear
    Richard Tear Month ago


  • lets get this party started

    When the Dems are brought before the Senate for impeachment, they will do what they have always done. I can't remember, I refuse to answe,take the 5th, that's classified,...

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense Month ago

    I wanted to let you know that I did come across your channel up on my feed so at least you have that for now. I subscribed. I appreciate your info.

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense Month ago

    This is scary. I pray and hope they don’t take you and others off You Tube.

  • James Fehr
    James Fehr Month ago

    Craig, getting angry is stupid, let me explain, there is only one station on the internet, one channel, its called youtube, back when i was a child in 1964 there were 3 channels if you dont count the fuzzy one which was all white with loud static....ABC , NBC and CBS....but like i said now we only have one....isnt it so?......., Hello?

  • Kim Reese
    Kim Reese Month ago

    Sick demo demons GOD will take you down calm before the storm....

  • Theodore Rylander Nyman

    Slick Willey got off with grammar, depends on what def. of is, is... all are pirates, fair warning.

  • funny news
    funny news Month ago

    This is what the Democrats had said from the beginning, that they would oppose Trump for his entire 4 years. They have done it so far. But the IG report, Duram's report and Huber's report will foil them for sure. Many of them will end up right where they belong In jail!

  • Tommy Tisdale
    Tommy Tisdale Month ago

    Oh it looks like wikilynz would be real handy right now...At least s true whistleblower could get the message out

  • LastStitch
    LastStitch Month ago

    Operation Northwoods


    Everyone needs to watch & Listen Carefully,to Glen Beck's Democrat Hydra. New groups named Nice names like Civil Sociaties, are very Bad groups. & Anti Corruption groups, are Just that Corrupt groups. Glen Beck breaks it all down. A long Video, But very revealing , talking about DemoRats , DState controlling & making New World Order. God Be with US.

  • laura sequeira
    laura sequeira Month ago

    must read...

  • World News Report Today

    Durham will b another nothing burger. I demand the USMC controled by our GREAT President. Arrest trials and hung until dead.

  • Curtis Vandenabeele

    U get brainwashed.

  • Mister Revealator
    Mister Revealator Month ago +1

    It truly is a sad time when you can get more truth from a tabloid news than from a so called "reputable" news agency

  • Teresa Dunavant
    Teresa Dunavant Month ago

    Old news..

  • Lisa Weddington
    Lisa Weddington Month ago

    Thank you very much, for all you do. Loved the Bible message.
    God Bless WWG1WGA

  • John Halek
    John Halek Month ago

    We all know Lisa has been on her knees a lot , but now it’s time for her to get on her knees and pray that she doesn’t go down for treason

  • Mary Wolfe
    Mary Wolfe Month ago

    Isan't coup agenst the law ! Why haven't they been arrested ?? No wonder they run rogue ! Nobody is held accountable !!

  • Nona Nona
    Nona Nona Month ago

    !!! Wow you think TRonald Dump is against CORPORATE media? You think he dislikes their attention? You really think you're failing because of Googtube, not because your fact -free channel sucks?? Loflmao

  • Charles Goldman
    Charles Goldman Month ago +2

    When God is with you, who can come against you. Praise Jehovah and our king and redeemer...Jesus

  • Apple of God's eye
    Apple of God's eye Month ago

    Your intro comments are far too long. I understand your being stifled but really...5 mins... it's a bit much.

  • Debra Connor
    Debra Connor Month ago

    WWG1WGA 🇺🇸🙏👍❤️

  • Peta Grieve
    Peta Grieve Month ago

    IG Report will be a white wash. The Govt has been taken. Individuals including the President can do little against such organised evil.

  • Peta Grieve
    Peta Grieve Month ago

    The evil is bigger than all the patriots put together. While our institutions are corrupt we will lose. We know the truth but Dems lies are more powerful.

  • 555katwoman666
    555katwoman666 Month ago +1

    I see problems with the wording of the statute being overthrowing the "government" not political opponent or office.

  • kody becker
    kody becker Month ago

    woah I just got the brave browser and I love it so much wow it looks amazing x,D

  • Mendy Marie
    Mendy Marie Month ago

    My sources told me the deep state was given a fake report. This way they can find the leaker

  • Allisha Headley-Wood

    Congratulations on your 700 video, thank you for all you do for the Great Awakening🇺🇸📅🙏

  • Joseph NA
    Joseph NA Month ago

    If you don't think so ...whip out Smartphone... uninstall your 24 hour Porn service ...and check out history. The democrats were in bed with the English during the 1st Civil War... Fact, The democrats were in bed with the Germans before World War II... Fact, and they jumped immediately into bed with the Russians (Not Trump) after WW2...Fact.
    Now, they are too sucking the ChiComs, Any Islamic, and Drug/Human Traffickers ...Fact.
    Democrats have been in bed with Every Enemy America has ever had.
    PS, They were the Original Party of Slavery and the Cherokee's Genocide...Fact, and they have the Nerve to call U.S. Racist
    But, don't trust me the way you lick up MSM I said look it up, or be forever Stupid.

  • Joseph NA
    Joseph NA Month ago

    Are you aware that the United Nations acts as a front on behalf of the European Union, and the Chinese in conjunction with various other hostile parties such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the Cartels to back the Democrats Play?
    They WANT U.S. to act up so they can bring in the U.N. to establish Protectorates on our Borders and over certain States such as California.
    That's why Democrats ARE ALL in.

  • V T
    V T Month ago

    PresidentTrump2020 🙏🏻🇺🇸❤️🙏🏻🇺🇸❤️🙏🏻🇺🇸❤️

  • ExPat- Riot
    ExPat- Riot Month ago

    Melania is a watch designer.
    After being a model, she became a designer of watches.
    Mel is on the team.
    Shake those coins they stole.

  • Ray Miles
    Ray Miles Month ago

    Get a leg up & stick together , it's simple.

  • Ray Miles
    Ray Miles Month ago

    All said & done these are only two legged , like Sampson The tested Just Beats their evil out.

  • Ray Miles
    Ray Miles Month ago

    These people are eliminating the U.S. for the conqueset of the world.

  • Ray Miles
    Ray Miles Month ago


  • K C
    K C Month ago

    Hey man... Just to let you know it's Dec 6th and I'm just now being notified about this video.
    Love your stuff.... Thank you Patriot!!

    Q WWG1WGA Month ago

    Aussies for Trump 2Q2Q

  • les goss
    les goss Month ago do you think Andrew Jackson would have handled a similar coup attempt when he was President?

  • Carol Harris
    Carol Harris Month ago

    Monday we should all boycott goolag products and sign on to Brave, and other Social Media, delete what you don't have any use for anymore. Clean out your email or Gmail accounts, go on apps, just stay off Google social media products.

  • Carol Harris
    Carol Harris Month ago

    The guys who started Google stepped down. I have to read the article with my 🐂💩 filter on. This video showed up in my list of spooky videos because of the way it's titled.