Sparkle Talks Scenes Left Out of "Surviving R. Kelly", The Infamous Tape + More

  • Published on Jan 21, 2019
  • Sprakle stopped by The Breakfast Club to speak on how she first linked up with R.Kelly and whether anything happened between them. The singer also explained how her niece was introduced to R. Kelly.
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    • Mochasweet
      Mochasweet Month ago

      Mamadou Aziza I remember back she also said that he refused to allow to gain ANY control over her career! He wouldn’t allow her to work with any other artists besides HIMSELF! She was hard headed and he wanted to BREAK Her to show her! That’s why he took her niece and he took advantage of her stupid sister and brother in law! Robert Kelly is a disgusting illiterate pedo!🤢

    • Mochasweet
      Mochasweet Month ago

      Boss Paasta oh that’s an easy one 🙄 R. Kelly tongue game was 💣! Plus he came with a check!🤑

    • Jermaine Nelson
      Jermaine Nelson Month ago

      how did the lawyer know it was a 14yr old child on the tape if sparkle said she didnt know who the lawyer was at this time ? and how did the lawyer get the tape and why he call sparkle, why she couldnt watch the tape with the family. this whole story makes know sense.

    • Sally Dunn
      Sally Dunn Month ago

      Original Chocolate I’d lovebzmlxb next year uu

  • Charla Amen
    Charla Amen 5 hours ago

    Sparkle should not have introduced her niece to R Kelly.
    Forget about him being a sexual predator
    She was TOO YOUNG to be involved in any industry
    Children should be children!

  • MrsJ 972
    MrsJ 972 10 hours ago


  • Juanita Martin
    Juanita Martin 19 hours ago

    I really thought she looked better than that!!!!!! Sparkle, you are something else!!!!!!

  • goodguynow
    goodguynow 2 days ago

    You know what I mean?

  • Audrey Gray
    Audrey Gray 2 days ago

    Wait this 2019 and she just revealing this. They not talking to you because you a lier. If you knew the dude was a snake you introduce her to them. Even if you had good intentions you knew he was a snake. When I heard he was fucking young girls.

  • quintilian
    quintilian 2 days ago

    These girls stories just don't make sense. Not even hers

  • Tea Sis
    Tea Sis 2 days ago

    If there are left out scenes how does the documentary have any credibility???

  • Natashia Wright
    Natashia Wright 3 days ago

    Yeah like the fact that she left out the fact that she was screwing Kellz and the fact that she left her husband for Robert! ...She's full of shit!

  • Tamara Lovett
    Tamara Lovett 4 days ago

    Sparkle went to R Kelly's house to ask him about his wife and child she didn't know about she was messing with him his Shelf heard them in a room arguing with one another Sparkle was messing with R.Kelly she's not telling these people that

  • sierrabreann
    sierrabreann 7 days ago

    It was nice with out Char there but Angela is STILL annoying af. Idk if it’s her voice and the sentences she strings together probably both 🙄

  • Nikita Belarmino
    Nikita Belarmino 8 days ago

    R Kelly is a sociopath!

  • QBee240
    QBee240 9 days ago

    Great morals Sparkle...shame the patents of her niece didn’t have the same trait.

  • Rose Love
    Rose Love 10 days ago

    I just don't trust people with the unicorn ponytails....something in this story may be true but twisted and have some other motives.

  • D D
    D D 13 days ago

    Can you tell us sparkle why you dont tell the truth that earl from public anouncement was your husband and the reason why yall divorced was because you slept with r kelly if i am not mistaken i have not heard her mention her marriage i wonder why? Take a look on you tube at an interview members from public announcement did. There is even a so call documentary that public announcement is doing. Sparkle needs to have several seats. Drea referred to sparkle neice as god daughter and was at r kelly house on a regular. Literally everyone who has worked for r kelly has said this. Therefore, why is sparkle only saying she got upset when she found out that her neice was in the studio alone with r kelly. So you got mad at her being in the studio alone with r kelly, but as far as your neice being in r kelly home you never questioned. So sparkle you did not know that your neice was in r kelly home on a regular? Did your family keep this from you? Also, i think its ironic that now sparkle wants to come out with a album 21 yrs later. I would not want this type of publicity around my album. Everything sparkle speak of r kelly was aquitted of about 21yrs ago and if you are so called pass it why bring it up now. This mean you are still tramautized right/ geesh for about 21yrs? So it looks like you need some psychological help to. So sparkle says she has spoke up from the beginning well heck when and where? I just remember the b careful video/song she did with r kelly. Thats the last time i have heard sparkle speak anything. There wasnt a documentary or tv show or even any social media posts that i recall. Mayb sparkle mean she spoke up in the court room or to her family im not really sure on this one.

  • LaLa Desire
    LaLa Desire 15 days ago

    I think the reason why folks have not really sympathize with sparkle is because she introduced her niece to Rkelly after the whole Aaliyah situation. Despite the contradiction in this 1. Because in the docuseries she says Robert wasn't supposed to be around him without her.. Now she says she did do Now anything until the tapes..

  • Imjusfine
    Imjusfine 16 days ago

    Sparkle had "No idea" before the tape came out "before" she "knew anything" but she called CPS regarding her niece before the tape came out! Alright, I'm tired now, I can't, I need a nap.

  • Imjusfine
    Imjusfine 16 days ago

    Sparkle had "No idea" before the tape came out "before" she "knew anything" but she called CPS regarding her niece before the tape came out! Alright, I'm tired now, I can't, I need a nap.

  • Imjusfine
    Imjusfine 16 days ago

    Hold up, wait a minute, I'm lost on the timeline of what happened. Can someone please enlighten. So was CPS contacted before Sparkle seen for herself that her neice was around Robert without her parents there and she contacted her sister to ask why? Or was CPS contacted by Sparkle after her niece was around Robert again without parental or family supervision?

  • He Guards My Heart And Soul

    A bevy of ignorant low life jackasses.

  • Brandon Brooks
    Brandon Brooks 19 days ago

    Go look at vlad interview with public announcement

  • Brandon Brooks
    Brandon Brooks 19 days ago

    I thought her husband introduced her to r kelly

  • supastar
    supastar 21 day ago

    11:30 because she's probably lying

  • jclef614
    jclef614 22 days ago

    If you accept a check...then I don't want to hear it!!!!!!!

  • jclef614
    jclef614 22 days ago

    Sparkle's story is NOT adding're tight with someone yet didn't "know" him...LIES....

  • Kishaun Kurse
    Kishaun Kurse 23 days ago

    Her glasses make make me not trust her

  • james daniel
    james daniel 24 days ago

    This woman cheated on her husband with R Kelly,,,,, Dre from the public announcements said so

  • Rich Jjames
    Rich Jjames 27 days ago

    once they were bigger than his shoe size MJ passed them off to R Kelly #wearenotalone

  • Nigel springs
    Nigel springs 28 days ago

    Big up to Toni Braxton for reaching out to Sparkle during a very hard and confusing time. She trill for that!

  • Adrienne Wrn
    Adrienne Wrn 29 days ago

    What a brave Lady Sparkle is. She did the best that she could do, but what a strange and ugly world we live in.

  • He Guards My Heart And Soul


  • E.Z. Porcelain
    E.Z. Porcelain Month ago

    She looks great, I love what she did and how it all played out. i know it sounds stupid but hey those glasses are fire! 30:04 "I can't win with stupidity" Can't agree more. Always saying it. If see the evil person who's got brains OK we can argue, discuss, agree, disagree...When I see a dumb I already know the best thing I can do is to stfu cuz no matter what I say it won't work with them. Stupidity causes aggression because the dumb person is gonna get hurt inevitably and since they don't know what's the reason and can't wrap their head around it they get mad cuz sh*t hurts and dont see no solution. Another way to put it is the smart person who gets my point & understand that she/he's wrong sees that as an opportunity to get their life better. The dumb one gets mad just cuz some one told them the truth which hurts...oh boy, I don't wanna be the one who does that even though I always AM the one...
    p.s.Is there any possibility that the girl on the tape is still ~w him? Because that's what some ppl do say...

  • Gregory Gibson
    Gregory Gibson Month ago

    I'm a little confused, Sparkle was married when she met R.kelly. she left her husband to work and be with R.kelly. she didn't bring that up.

    • Dominic C
      Dominic C 24 days ago

      Gregory Gibson Everybody involved with RK dirty...

  • Curly Q'Tay
    Curly Q'Tay Month ago

    If she would’ve taken a stand she could’ve helped all of these other victims!

  • alvin blanding
    alvin blanding Month ago

    Dismiss Sparkle don't get no respect no love from nobody cuz it's been sold her niece and she's a lying ass hoe too she was f****** R.Kelly and she know it it's b****** just trying to get some money and some fine she lying ass hoe to

  • L Hill
    L Hill Month ago +6

    Sparkle is not telling everything about her experiences around R Kelly and about her niece's experiences with him ... 🙊

  • Sophia Bulgaria
    Sophia Bulgaria Month ago

    Reshona Edwards-Landfair

  • D. Best
    D. Best Month ago +1

    Her husband said she slept with R.Kelly.

    • D. Best
      D. Best Month ago +1

      +Alexis Daniel 😂😂😂 alexis actually I didnt watch the whole thing but I get your point. He has serious issues. That still does not deny the fact you left her husband to sleep with him and promote her own music and herself. Look at the public announcement vlad interview. Probably a scorned woman.

    • Alexis Daniel
      Alexis Daniel Month ago

      So....after hearing the whole thing, THAT was all you could say? Have you not seen all or at least some of the information that is out there on R. Kelly? Check out the recent documentary with Gayle King on CBS. He is a child molester that sings well. That's it.

  • Melodye F
    Melodye F Month ago

    Envy is a simple ass goof ball! And how would she know all the details? She didn't live with this dude.

  • Melodye F
    Melodye F Month ago

    Robert is a handsome guy..🤔. No.. I just like the music!

  • Elley Dre
    Elley Dre Month ago

    Great interview @angelayee

  • Norma Colon
    Norma Colon Month ago

    So sad she was torn away from her family becuz of this pos dirt bag.

  • Norma Colon
    Norma Colon Month ago

    She speaks so clearly and precisely. She is clearly saying the truth. She was very smart even at her younger age. Didnt eant to mix anything with that dirt bag. He wanted to control everybody on all sorts of levels.

  • myown name
    myown name Month ago

    I plan on buying her so even if I don't listen to it

  • Nesha Lynn
    Nesha Lynn Month ago

    A lot of black women now are starting to settle. This is beginning to become a norm for our community. Women are not taught to have self respect while growing up. Parenting skills is very different now and it starts at home! I just thank god for the parents I have today and I have been taught how a woman should be treated and right from wrong! Nothing stays in the dark long. The biggest things we can do right now for the young ladies is pray for them and their families. Even if the families may have taken money or not. The important factor is the young women lives. You should not be raised to depend on a man. Each one of these young ladies has not gotten a chance to build their life nor their careers. Without Kelly these young women are nothing. It should not be that way. I will continue to pray for them and their family. No man can over power god!

  • Pamela Short
    Pamela Short Month ago +2

    Sparkle is speaking Truth & she never wavered ! Powerful ! Prayers for your heart, your family’s healing & success in your career

    QUEEN LIL-BOOTY Month ago

    This a Spanish People radio wtf since when Spanish People in the mix with black people SMH

  • Dave - please subscribe to make me smile

    Did her fringe annoy anyone else?

  • Alvin Morel
    Alvin Morel Month ago

    Not defending r kelly or nothing but her music is wack af

  • Network Guru100
    Network Guru100 Month ago

    Sparkle has been REAL peeps from the beginning! She's smart, strong and God Willing! Keep Standing Sparkle! You're on the "right" side Darling! God got you! ...and yes you remind me too of Mary J! Y'all both down to earth! Much love Sparkle! Thanks Breakfast Club! Peace&Love!

  • Retasha Flowers
    Retasha Flowers Month ago +1

    Sparkle isn't credible

  • YM Rogers-McCree
    YM Rogers-McCree Month ago +1

    I unfortunately saw the video when I was 11-12 and knew it was him and knew that was wrong and nasty. 🙏🏽Thank you dad for having those hard and uncomfortable conversations because it always kept me on my toes🙏🏽

  • Rodrick Johnson
    Rodrick Johnson Month ago

    What that mean simply because your story don’t change bottom line if someone ask you why you leave her alone with him and u just call the authorities off the muscle that make me believe that u panicked so you beat them to the draw by calling the police to keep from looking guilty yourself

  • Rodrick Johnson
    Rodrick Johnson Month ago

    I would truly respect their interest in getting justice if consistency would have played apart regardless who is believing you but no you wanna skip over years and come back years after y’all done realize y’all can get paid but truth be told u can see the gaps in her story just listen to what she say rkelly was cool and could do what ever they were cool while in his pockets but when that was over now everybody aware

  • Rodrick Johnson
    Rodrick Johnson Month ago +1

    Real talk she only fell out with rkelly after her record flopped


    This nigga Kellz been trollin!

  • Damoney Guappo
    Damoney Guappo Month ago

    Man stop letting these bitch's talk about these old ass lies, like them hoes who y'all let do that to Bill Cosby

  • Damoney Guappo
    Damoney Guappo Month ago

    Sparkle get yo ugly on u just trying to get back on t.v. we fed up with u hoes trying to destroy R.Kelly

  • Radii15
    Radii15 Month ago

    Wonder why she stop singing. Thought she made some good music. I still like it's a fact

  • Aalisha Mcnair
    Aalisha Mcnair Month ago

    why she wearing glasses like she a superstar

  • Trillasshole Trill asshole

    She gave him that pussy stop lying sparkle

  • Dakota Jackson
    Dakota Jackson Month ago

    Of course not "age aint nothin but a number"😎

  • C Foster
    C Foster Month ago

    I honestly wasn't believing Sparkle back in the day. I blamed her for allowing her niece around Kells. Then when I watched the documentary series... I still wasn't feeling her story. BUT after watching this video, I totally believe her side of the story. It's crazy how this is still going on with no prosecution!! I grew up loving his music and it's hard to detach songs that remind you of happy times and good memories. This is just f'up situation all around smdh!!
    And FYI.... Rock & Roll McDonalds was a hangout for all ages back in the day.... A 24 hour thing surrounded by clubs & nightlife. So that was not too weird Breakfast Club. It's definitely a 90's/early 2000's Chicago thing. We all posted up a McDonald's or White Castle or BP gastions through out the city.

  • tall6969
    tall6969 Month ago

    Stop. She sold her soul to the Devil long ago. She just getting the bag and wants her 16 mins of fame. Can't wait to she fades back to irrelevance AGAIN.

  • Rakael Boozierre
    Rakael Boozierre Month ago +1

    Charlemagne was like...NOPE!!

  • ladybug Sutton
    ladybug Sutton Month ago

    i want to give you a hug and your right God does got , i have all of R . K. Christian music in one of my playlist , i always want to believe the best in people and i believe everyone deserves a second chance , but i also believe you have to take responsibility for your actions and clearly he is not doing that , you did speaking up then and now , i hope the law sees he's a dangerous person and puts him away , so no one gets hurt , when no one believes you its almost as painful as the ordeal

  • Happy Michie Worriah

    Gd they donwan see

  • Happy Michie Worriah

    Sparkle is so cool hahaha

  • Happy Michie Worriah

    I was born too

  • Darryl Thomas
    Darryl Thomas Month ago

    Imma savage, if I know you hurting kids, imma straight go ham, I Int gonna be nice about it, I’m on the news, police, dcfs, everybody,screw a career, I don’t wanna work with you if you hurting kids, I need everything exposed, and spRkle needs to hush, she’s the same woman with her titties out in her be careful video, and I bet you she fucked r Kelly too, cuz if he’s that type, I’m sure he hit at her ass several times, she’s not even mentioning that, and all the beef she wAs having with him, and your album still gets done, your story is not believable at all

  • Darryl Thomas
    Darryl Thomas Month ago

    The question is why is all of this coming out to,the full now
    and why not later, I think the people that testifying now, tried to get paid and couldn’t then, so now they put on this act like they actually care about these little girls..., reAl talk, when Kelly makes money, everybody around him makes money, and if they cared, they should have been mad enough to hold a whole press conference to testify about his behavior

  • Queenleo87 Fu*kTr***

    I think Sparkle and Mrs. Kelly need to be re interviewed PERIODT!!!

  • Terrence J Martin
    Terrence J Martin Month ago


  • Marshall jay
    Marshall jay Month ago

    This old hoe was married and cheated with Kelly lying ass

  • Ms. Simms
    Ms. Simms Month ago

    Even if people Believe the parents sold there kids for fame and fortune,,R.kelly was still the Adult PERPETRATOR who Violated them CHILDREN and he needs to be held ACCOUNTABLE!!!

  • Peter Prus
    Peter Prus Month ago

    I like that girl, she is real

  • Beatrice Moore
    Beatrice Moore Month ago

    I believe her

  • Angel Face
    Angel Face Month ago

    One of the few women in the industry that is responsible and a good mothering type- That won't sell young women for fame. She has SENSE!!! and is RESPONSIBLE!!!

  • Angel Face
    Angel Face Month ago

    Shes a lovely smart woman. Very classy

  • Margarita Tellez
    Margarita Tellez Month ago

    I dont know bout the rest but, when she said R.Kelly wanted to get with her and she said naw.. she a fucken lie

  • Henrik Schmidt
    Henrik Schmidt Month ago

    If I took a shot for every 'you know'', I would be insanely drunk by now. And I am only a few minutes in....

  • Erika White
    Erika White Month ago

    She is lying. She had a relationship with him. She left her husband for R Kelly.All of the situations out there about him and she didn't know. This story so shady. She called the docs because she know what he is. Stop tryna fool people. Sparkle you tryna save face.

  • Ladenna Young
    Ladenna Young Month ago

    And this video shouldn't be circulating the way that it have. If the girl in the video was only fourteen. If that's the case any adult that watched it. Should be charged with watching child pornography. The only people that should have ever watched that tape was the people that was involved in that trial years ago.

  • Ladenna Young
    Ladenna Young Month ago

    Idk if she is telling the truth or not. It doesn't mean she is telling the truth. Just because her story is consistent. If she was around R Kelly all the time back then. She should have heard that he was supposedly messing with underage women, and she should have never intoduced her underage niece to him. If he supposedly preyed on underage women.

  • CTN LilSkitt
    CTN LilSkitt Month ago

    It sucks with out Charlemagne

  • darth flagger
    darth flagger Month ago

    Everyone is wearing Sparkle's ass out with that bang and ponytail. She shouldve learned since the documentary. CHOICES

  • darth flagger
    darth flagger Month ago +1

    Someone please brush some body into that anorexic ponytail

  • Chibueze Johns
    Chibueze Johns Month ago +3

    Why didn't they ask about rumours of her leaving her husband for rkelly

    • AR 23
      AR 23 21 day ago

      I wish they would've because that makes me think she's covering up a lot more than that..

  • Assatta Clarke
    Assatta Clarke Month ago

    We all know who she is now I know her full name and face

  • Louisa Castro
    Louisa Castro Month ago

    A day in the life a queen since renzo is now here but when cj is also home

  • Dee Miller
    Dee Miller Month ago +1

    That piece of hair is killing me sparkle....(mind of a hairstylist)

  • BubblyBr0wnSuga
    BubblyBr0wnSuga Month ago

    ☝ spelled Sparkle name wrong. FyI

  • Marisa Monte
    Marisa Monte Month ago

    R Kelly should be in jail

  • Stephanie Washington

    Yup still cool with r. Kelly...and i jus saw a video b4 this thst showed her face at that age and whst she looks like now..i was shocked . Didnt think that was out..

  • Oscar Franklin
    Oscar Franklin Month ago

    Really I think they mother and Father should be charged with him.

  • Einveru
    Einveru Month ago +1

    sincerity is so overlooked in the music industry

  • anika adams
    anika adams Month ago +3

    Bless your heart darling. Thank you for being strong. G o....i d speed in your career.

  • LaRisa Marie
    LaRisa Marie Month ago +1

    this lady sold her niece to R. Kelly for a music career, now she making Star from making a speech now. Sit your azz a couple seats down. Child seller. We're just not that slow CHICK UUUGGHHH your horrible. Fake azz.

  • jekake matthew
    jekake matthew Month ago

    9:20 she said she hasn't seen Kelly in a while when she got calls from his camp that something doesn't look right with her niece being around Kelly often. This sounds like her relationship with kelly wasn't very cool at that time or her niece appears to have been more closer to Kelly then her.
    Possibility of some sort of cold feeling in the camp here...