Learning How To Be The Best Reaction Channel

  • Published on Feb 23, 2019
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    Everyone and their mother has a reaction channel on youtube in 2019... but can I be the best? Let's watch some of the most popular ones and see if we can learn their secrets.
    No hate to the people in this video, this is just for fun. There are a lot worse things happening online that are a lot less fun to talk about.
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    5 fortnite youtubers who've tried not to DIY challenge
  • ComedyComedy

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  • noni noni
    noni noni Day ago

    This is the most polite diss to anuther yoytuber I've seen

  • Ä ß ß ś S A G G

    Sadly I used to properly watch vladteevee thinking that he was funny

  • Vortexverse 121
    Vortexverse 121 2 days ago

    I also use hello fresh and it’s so good

  • Brayden Haralson
    Brayden Haralson 4 days ago

    •Ends the video•
    Oh bye Drew

  • Yis
    Yis 4 days ago +2

    When you just realized that your watching an ad a minute in

  • ellie lesch
    ellie lesch 5 days ago

    yikes, i used to watch vlad the reactor

  • Henkolson Pietersen
    Henkolson Pietersen 5 days ago

    Anyone know the song at 2:09?

  • Emmy F
    Emmy F 5 days ago +1

    What is this?
    Does anyone know what this guy in the video is doing?

  • Jane Zat
    Jane Zat 6 days ago

    thank you for triggering my trypophobia (maybe I spelled it wrong but I AM NOT LOOKING IT UP)

  • Bo TTh
    Bo TTh 7 days ago

    Please drew reacting to SSSniperwolf please :(

  • Goat Three
    Goat Three 7 days ago

    Your mocking was funny

  • Naseem Mohideen
    Naseem Mohideen 7 days ago

    2:40 drew your accent is pretentious, you’re name isn’t even spelled right (drëw), and it doesnt seem to be very delicious

  • Nom du Clavier
    Nom du Clavier 7 days ago

    Aww, Amanda

  • SirOleMayo
    SirOleMayo 7 days ago +1

    if you guys didnt know vlad has given up reaction all together, he changed his channel name to "Oddly Satisfying Toys , Slime & Vine" and strait up posting ripped off vines without the reaction

  • Nissa Lancaster
    Nissa Lancaster 7 days ago

    I went to the comments on one of this guy's videos (this was my first interaction with TVclip comments) and LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE COMMENT WAS ABOUT HOW CUTE HE IS!!!! My lesbian ass was like "........" (cuz I didn't know I was gay)

  • Andrei Navarro Vlogz
    Andrei Navarro Vlogz 8 days ago +1

    Thankyou so much! This helped me alot.
    I subbed and Liked!

  • episode_iv
    episode_iv 8 days ago

    ceiling fans

  • Molly Augello
    Molly Augello 9 days ago +1

    Bruh my toothpaste is currently red its cinnamon flavor

  • Billy Walters
    Billy Walters 10 days ago

    8:20 genius

  • Bree The Bitch
    Bree The Bitch 10 days ago

    If I could be anyone I'd be Amanda. But since Amanda is already taken I'll be Danny Gonzalez

  • Qwon Qwoshie
    Qwon Qwoshie 11 days ago +1

    That placement of your ad.... pretty smooth😂😂

  • Lost In Space
    Lost In Space 11 days ago +1

    I’m watching someone react to someone reacting to a reaction video

  • Melon
    Melon 12 days ago +2

    People who haven't seen his Hard Rock Nick video with Danny Gonzalez will be pretty confused at 10:07 lololol

  • RachREC
    RachREC 12 days ago +1

    Hey Drew, there's someone trying to be you. His name is Danny Gonzalez.

  • Oki Doki
    Oki Doki 13 days ago

    I love it when Amanda is in a skit it’s hilarious

  • Isobel Macdonald
    Isobel Macdonald 13 days ago

    I love Drew

  • Isobel Macdonald
    Isobel Macdonald 13 days ago

    I love Amanda

  • Isobel Macdonald
    Isobel Macdonald 13 days ago

    after I heard the intro I liked. hadn't even watched the video I just liked it because the intro was so amazing

  • Kamille Smith
    Kamille Smith 13 days ago +2

    6:05 tell me why I thought he was sitting with them 😂 😂

  • darling gh0st
    darling gh0st 13 days ago

    i think that was the best intro you've done

  • H .o
    H .o 13 days ago

    I love this hello fresh ad so much

  • chantelle smith
    chantelle smith 13 days ago

    My fave intro ever 😂

  • 111 111
    111 111 14 days ago

    The worst type of reaction channel is a reaction channel that acts like they're a commentary channel when someone calls them out

  • Diseased Deer
    Diseased Deer 14 days ago

    Unsubscribed for dry lips. People just dont like dry lips, get noob.

  • Starlight’s Sunshine

    I used to watch valdteevee before he was famous then I stopped because he got boring or stopped posting for a monthlong

  • Moist x
    Moist x 16 days ago

    Usually your videos are pretty shit, but this one was A+ zir

  • Isabel Smith
    Isabel Smith 17 days ago

    you are the only person whose sponsored portions i legitimately watch and enjoy

  • test217817
    test217817 17 days ago

    this is the most sarcastic video i've ever seen

  • Evan Privett
    Evan Privett 17 days ago

    The reaction to your own sponsored segment had me on the floor. Could've used a litt bit more confusion though.

  • maggledoomria
    maggledoomria 17 days ago

    I was just watching the Phillip Defranco show and when you said “sup you beautiful-“ I was so confused

  • BM Gaming
    BM Gaming 18 days ago

    Lol hes romanian like me. GG

  • Noel Rodriguez
    Noel Rodriguez 18 days ago

    You forgot about the oversataurated lighting

  • Aakifah Alleyne
    Aakifah Alleyne 18 days ago

    Me and my stupid ass didnt realjze he was being sponsored untill I had watched the whole thing.

  • Ceasegamer
    Ceasegamer 19 days ago

    Danny you should look at drew channel channel he has 2.8mill btw guys don’t get me it confused I see so much people mix up Danny and Drew’s name so this is Danny and the other one are drew, wait this is so weird why is this a different name then the other vid?

  • Sydney Gardner
    Sydney Gardner 19 days ago

    Wait this guy is original? Unsubscribe right now.

  • DD C
    DD C 19 days ago

    i think i used to watch this guy oh wow😂

  • Vincent DiPietro
    Vincent DiPietro 19 days ago

    I had red toothpaste

  • Brock Lewis
    Brock Lewis 19 days ago

    God I love you drew

  • Laurens van den Berg

    Please watch: ZML HelloFresh with English subtitles on

  • Laurens van den Berg

    The HelloFresh employees have only one rule: if they dont want the food, just keep delivering. And if they act like they died and get buried just keep stacking those boxes on their grave.

  • Laurens van den Berg


  • Mary Waters
    Mary Waters 21 day ago +4

    I'm a little stinker named Greg who lives in Kurtistown and watched Ryan Trahan

  • Parker Kevin
    Parker Kevin 21 day ago

    Reacting to someone reacting to something

  • Anastasia
    Anastasia 22 days ago

    The same people who watch those reaction videos probably watch the ace family

  • Rosie
    Rosie 22 days ago

    Wish I hadn’t watched this. Trypophobia is real

  • nerosprig
    nerosprig 23 days ago

    r u GREG

  • Beamer YT
    Beamer YT 23 days ago

    Face reveal for 3 mil??

  • Beamer YT
    Beamer YT 23 days ago

    ThaTS SO CoOL!!!!!!!!

  • Chris! W
    Chris! W 23 days ago

    He broke the algorithm with his video titles

  • Alex Wilson
    Alex Wilson 23 days ago

    Most originaly way of selling out ahahaha