Our Cats :3


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  • MindyYass
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  • VeryImportantX
    VeryImportantX 19 hours ago

    2:54 wait, who is that girl in the upper left corner?

  • Emma Best
    Emma Best 19 hours ago +1

    Fuck cats!

  • XontiX b1u3
    XontiX b1u3 19 hours ago

    sad face we had to put my dog down

  • Cremecut
    Cremecut 19 hours ago +1

    You have an older brother?!

  • Cringey McCringe
    Cringey McCringe 19 hours ago

    I have like 7 cats

  • Katherine Marie
    Katherine Marie 19 hours ago

    Jams you are BiPETual

  • Elizabeth Davies
    Elizabeth Davies 19 hours ago

    I'm bisexual for animals! W A I T

  • Mobifire
    Mobifire 19 hours ago

    The only part i liked about rewind was the animation stuff

  • Batuhan Gölle
    Batuhan Gölle 19 hours ago

    I hate cats. They are always ,,angry" if you touch them. Sometimes they even walk away when i look at them like wtf. Cats are just week but they feel strong. You can literally Batista bomb them into 10 pieces. Dogs are nice. They are really lovely and always happy If you are even in the same room with them.

  • JohhnyFlakes
    JohhnyFlakes 19 hours ago

    I don't like pets.
    They make a giant mess in your house, poops on the floor and steals your heart.

  • TheGame Boys
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  • Bryan Najera
    Bryan Najera 19 hours ago

    I cried when u said Georgie died, I was waiting for u to feature Georgie again but not in this way

  • Kristin U
    Kristin U 19 hours ago +1

    you had so many cats, is that why you have dogs now?

  • Happy _hem
    Happy _hem 19 hours ago

    This is purrfect

  • Arianna Morra
    Arianna Morra 19 hours ago

    Georgie NOO

  • aglitterclock18
    aglitterclock18 19 hours ago

    Rewind sucked. But Not because the odd1sout was in it. He made it slightly better

  • Sebastian Juul
    Sebastian Juul 19 hours ago

    My dogs Name is Luna... that Linda funny

  • ZenZei Boi
    ZenZei Boi 19 hours ago

    R.I.P Georgie

  • Samuel Berg
    Samuel Berg 19 hours ago

    I'm sorry James, may Georgie requiescat in pace

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  • Whoop Dee-Doo
    Whoop Dee-Doo 19 hours ago +1

    Bork Bork Bork.

  • xdragon
    xdragon 19 hours ago

    The real slim shady
    Your my boy

  • NoflakeNation
    NoflakeNation 19 hours ago

    Can we get a f in the chat for Georgie

  • Regina Turpen
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  • Rihanna Jackson
    Rihanna Jackson 19 hours ago

    I luvvvveeeee catssss!!! Can we be best friends!??

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 19 hours ago

    Get a fox

  • Bongonyan Cat
    Bongonyan Cat 19 hours ago

    I have six cats #catladys

  • LukeisAwesome66
    LukeisAwesome66 19 hours ago

    OMG I have a cat named Luna!😲

  • cheese is good
    cheese is good 19 hours ago

    a new video

  • Andrew's World
    Andrew's World 19 hours ago

    Hey James I watch all your videos which is awesome about your life

  • Bleached bee.
    Bleached bee. 19 hours ago

    Gorgie is with Stan Lee now

  • Madeline Roisman
    Madeline Roisman 19 hours ago

    I love this channel so much!!!!!

  • tô cum fomi!
    tô cum fomi! 19 hours ago

    Rest in peace,georgie!

  • Rubik Geek
    Rubik Geek 19 hours ago +1

    *Nooooo not Georgie!!!!*

  • lemoncandos
    lemoncandos 19 hours ago

    i personally didnt like the youtube rewind but I did like all the animator's parts. and i like the way jaiden got the look of pewdiepies chair in there. so i guess it wasnt thaaaat bad

  • Noyz Gaming
    Noyz Gaming 19 hours ago

    kinda salty that my submission didn't get in

  • GingerLivesMatter
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  • Say Cheese
    Say Cheese 19 hours ago

    (For the start of the story...I must say that I have strong allergy reaction on fur...but Maky's {cat's name} fur...was magical...I wasn't allergic to her...okay let's start the story) Once in a hot summer day I found kitten that was starving...so I took care of her, but we couldn't let her to our home so she stayed outside on our terrace......because our grandma didn't wanted her at her home...she must have mistaken me for her mother...she followed me everywhere...so when I wanted to go from outside to home I had to feed her and run fast home...and I loved her...grandma had dog and she was okay with her...cat even made fun of that dog...until one day...we had to give her to some guy...because she couldn't make it throught the winter...now the guy that we gave the cat...he showes me her pictures and talks about her...I'm so happy that she has good home with someone that takes care of her...

  • Seafood 06
    Seafood 06 19 hours ago

    I’m glad he was on TVclip rewind but it sucked. It was easily the worst one they’ve put out

  • Marvel Artz
    Marvel Artz 19 hours ago

    Finally, a family-friendly video.

  • Super Stellar robot gaming

    TVcliprs are aloud to have cats??? What the heck!?

  • Tiffany _the_Vulgar_Makeup_Artist

    Cats are purfect

  • TheOneWeird One
    TheOneWeird One 19 hours ago

    I like cats but I love dogs more

  • AirZ-J6
    AirZ-J6 19 hours ago

    Press F to pay respects.

  • ᖴᖇIᕮᑎᗪᒪYᗪIᗩᗰOᑎᗪ

    Babycat's eyes were pretty weird but he's cute

  • Whoop Dee-Doo
    Whoop Dee-Doo 19 hours ago +1

    Bork bork

  • Chloe Evans
    Chloe Evans 19 hours ago

    My friend has 5 cats and i thought that was a lot, i was wrong, very wrong

  • your DNA
    your DNA 19 hours ago

    Don't be a furry

  • The Great Newb
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  • Kathy Rabb
    Kathy Rabb 19 hours ago

    I love this channel do a reading comments

  • Azul Marquez
    Azul Marquez 19 hours ago

    Azula??? My name is Azul...
    James won't pin this..

  • Destroyer Derek
    Destroyer Derek 19 hours ago

    Why does there have to be so many deaths in this video

  • Cap'n Finn
    Cap'n Finn 19 hours ago

    dieing in a fire>watching youtube rewind (you n Jaiden were good tho)

  • Kaste
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  • Laura Maranon
    Laura Maranon 19 hours ago

    OMG omg I'm a big fan!!!!!!

  • Athena Tran
    Athena Tran 19 hours ago

    I think I found shady and Luna out in my backyard before!

  • Gazoomba
    Gazoomba 19 hours ago

    Im so sorry about Georgie.

  • Traitor
    Traitor 19 hours ago

    Holy heck my friend has a Cat names Pepsi that's black and a dog named licorice.
    Fun fact the cat was also a stray cat :D

  • Peter Roberti
    Peter Roberti 19 hours ago +1

    Ha ha.... cat puns.

  • I deserve subs
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  • Cinder Puppy
    Cinder Puppy 19 hours ago

    I love both cats and dogs, and I hate it when people say that dogs ruin everything, or cats ruin everything

  • Evil Admin
    Evil Admin 19 hours ago

    You were in rewind btw i hate cats i Can die from them

  • HeavyWeaponsGuy PW
    HeavyWeaponsGuy PW 19 hours ago

    Here before 1 million views

  • Meme Meme
    Meme Meme 19 hours ago

    I have 11 cats

  • yo tengo vibes
    yo tengo vibes 19 hours ago

    yaaaas queen!!!!

  • PrpenguinYT
    PrpenguinYT 19 hours ago

    You were the best part of TVclip rewind

  • Denpa men fan
    Denpa men fan 19 hours ago

    :( this video was emotional

  • Adriana Cedeno
    Adriana Cedeno 19 hours ago

    Isn’t kind of a coincidence that Georgie passed away and George Bush also did.
    Georgie is probably in heaven really happy

  • Bri Spop
    Bri Spop 19 hours ago

    I knew he was a furry...

  • Mia Potts
    Mia Potts 19 hours ago

    I got a sweet Ragoll kitten last week i love her. Btw love your channel and vids

  • Lucas Gaming
    Lucas Gaming 19 hours ago

    i feel like his uploads are often but a month takes such a long time i dont get it

  • Iikelsieii
    Iikelsieii 19 hours ago

    Aww I’m sorry James you could have told us early ❤️

  • Lear Cooks
    Lear Cooks 19 hours ago

    Rip Georgie

  • Panda Pou
    Panda Pou 19 hours ago

    I hate 2018 youtube rewind but i like the animators part

  • addison Fortney
    addison Fortney 19 hours ago

    We have a pug beagle mix doggo because my dad is allergic to cats... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  • Gacha_Girl :D
    Gacha_Girl :D 19 hours ago

    R.I.P. Georgie

  • Parrish Matt
    Parrish Matt 19 hours ago

    Can I get a r i p for Georgie Rip Georgie goodbye farewells snowball dog miss you Georgie

  • Ilan Silva
    Ilan Silva 19 hours ago

    Aww poor Georgie !

  • Lxffy Taffy
    Lxffy Taffy 19 hours ago

    Cats look pretty creepy tbh

  • Z Gaming
    Z Gaming 19 hours ago +1

    HULK SMASH that like button!

  • Jake Valle
    Jake Valle 19 hours ago

    How deep

  • Gacha Violet
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  • Bruce Almighty
    Bruce Almighty 19 hours ago

    Man I really regret having cats now this reminded me of another cat that was in my front yard he had a gunky eye and I loved him he always snuggled up with me he was hanging out in our backyard when I heard a meow and you know where this is going right or not I had a pool so you know what happened

  • Jojo
    Jojo 19 hours ago

    I literally teared up when he talked about Georgie 😢

  • lacy G
    lacy G 19 hours ago

    i almost starting crying when u said georgie died

  • Evan & Ian Ryan
    Evan & Ian Ryan 19 hours ago

    All the hamsters,Harry,the cats and Georgie

  • lyon.
    lyon. 19 hours ago +1

    I still think James is a furry. It explains so much.

  • Lpsgirinthe House
    Lpsgirinthe House 19 hours ago

    You got your dog a emotional support dog

  • Wolf Flame
    Wolf Flame 19 hours ago

    I have 2 cats I own and 6 cats my sister feeds in the neighborhood that technically is ours now

  • Rirei G Maki
    Rirei G Maki 19 hours ago

    I have the exact same reaction to cats. I love them but petting them or being around them for too long irritates my eyes and makes my nose runny 🙁

  • XxLionProductionsxX
    XxLionProductionsxX 19 hours ago

    My cat is sitting on my lap right now, he’s so cute, but I’m worried about his health. He’s 24 pounds 😂

  • lind2470 lind2470
    lind2470 lind2470 19 hours ago

    Georgie😭 r.i.p❤

  • Master’ NER D
    Master’ NER D 19 hours ago

    So sorry about Georgie

  • FreeRangerGamer 859
    FreeRangerGamer 859 19 hours ago

    That whole Eminem refrence

  • Lily Python
    Lily Python 19 hours ago +1

    I’m sorry for Poppy’s death, she was a good doggo

  • just anotherviewer475
    just anotherviewer475 19 hours ago

    I hated youtube rewind...

  • Rosa Morales
    Rosa Morales 19 hours ago