Our Cats :3

  • Published on Dec 9, 2018
  • How many cats do you need to have before you're known as the 'crazy cat lady?'
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  • Tyson Boney
    Tyson Boney Day ago

    Cat life

  • Apolline Chancrin-Desperrier

    Ok so my grand parents have a lor of wild cats like 8 cats that live outside and two of them had babys and then one more got babys so we found all of them and we ended up whit 18 cats

  • gavin gibson
    gavin gibson Day ago

    I Hate dogs because a dog cracked my eye and still mad for like 2 years u go

  • Fat Sami
    Fat Sami Day ago

    My tutel died it was on December 2018

  • Avocado Princess

    I want A cat when I grow up

  • Nathaniel Buerschinger

    i don't like cats

  • Fluffy Ashley
    Fluffy Ashley Day ago

    cats beautiful uwu

  • Fabmatthew
    Fabmatthew Day ago

    I’m crying

  • Hoi
    Hoi Day ago


  • alg1010 Fortnite and roblox

    Stop with puns

  • Mikeala Gouldner

    Around 6:15 my cat did that once too

    But then we realized she just wanted to have kittens and fleas in the house.

  • Dylan Cruise
    Dylan Cruise Day ago

    Love vids

  • Dannicookie 13 roblox

    .-. I had 10 cats now 7 :(

  • Candice Lockwood

    I’m allergic to cats... 😐

  • Corey Quinn
    Corey Quinn Day ago

    I’m allergic to cats but I still Love them

  • black wolfs a stupid potato

    I chose both animals dogs and cats

  • Terri Jenkins
    Terri Jenkins Day ago

    Dogs are stupid

  • Ciço Channel
    Ciço Channel Day ago

    2:03 referece
    Slim shaddy yes I am the real shaddy

  • Lunagachastudios 10

    My name is Luna 🤣 btw i love your vids

  • Toir Nightmare
    Toir Nightmare Day ago +1

    James I have had many cats in my life and my family has a lot of cats to but my new cat king Louis is my best friend he gets me

  • Cassandra Reyes
    Cassandra Reyes Day ago

    Cats are life man but i like dogs to

  • ThatWeirdBoi77
    ThatWeirdBoi77 Day ago

    rewind was cringe, just cringe

  • Raphael Pierre-Louis

    I can’t snuggle with a cat because my dad is allergic 0:48

  • Electric Hanna
    Electric Hanna Day ago

    You had/have a lot of pets and I have zero

  • Soviet Derp
    Soviet Derp Day ago

    Lol warriors reference for the nine lives thing

  • AstroKitten
    AstroKitten Day ago

    btw my first cats name is wootie. 2nd cat is Grabye (Gray-bee) and my dog is barney

  • AbbiezCorner
    AbbiezCorner Day ago

    Cat prrrrrrson haha so funny!

  • AstroKitten
    AstroKitten Day ago

    I have 2 cats and one dog. That dogs meh DAWG yeet

  • Eve Gachas
    Eve Gachas Day ago

    Two cat-agories

  • Jennifer Seal
    Jennifer Seal Day ago +2

    I love cats so much there are so fluffy to and make great videos. Thx for being the odd 1s out

  • Creepermex ,
    Creepermex , Day ago

    5:55 same

  • jason gonzalez
    jason gonzalez Day ago

    how many times did james say:but one day

  • Izzy Pena
    Izzy Pena Day ago

    Cats are amazing

  • Cade Heller
    Cade Heller Day ago +1

    Your gay for cats

  • Tony Truong
    Tony Truong Day ago

    Stop making cat puns

  • Tyler Reynolds
    Tyler Reynolds Day ago

    I am more of a dog person but I don't mind cats and I would not mind to have one but I'm allergic.

  • Katie Mooney
    Katie Mooney Day ago

    i rlly like ur shirt! i saw someone wearing it

  • Trinity :3
    Trinity :3 Day ago

    Wow I know more than your friend exchange student... cat is ‘chat’ pronounced SHAH and kitten is ‘chaton’ pronounced SHAHTO~n. Your welcome.

  • Joseph Thomas
    Joseph Thomas Day ago


  • Catherine Bryan
    Catherine Bryan Day ago

    The calico cat looks like my cat named chipper

  • danyaslavin
    danyaslavin Day ago

    Tom posts I'm bisexual for cats*
    1 day later Tom: I'm in danger

  • Trinity :3
    Trinity :3 Day ago

    100% cat person

  • Isobel Ablett-McLean

    How are you Pants love cats and dogs I love cats and dogs out so well both of them are cute and nice creatures I will leave you by

  • Zachariah Wertz
    Zachariah Wertz Day ago

    :3 :3 :3 :3

  • TheRealBaird YT
    TheRealBaird YT Day ago

    I had a bearded dragon named Azula she was a girl, if it was a boy i would have named it Zuko

  • Riley Kirby
    Riley Kirby Day ago

    I don't want to talk about it right meow. :)

  • Creator Dominator

    Hey, can you do a video about ye exchange student you talked about? If anything interesting happened.

  • Diamond Carreto
    Diamond Carreto Day ago


  • Lps opel
    Lps opel Day ago

    Umm I have 7 cats?

  • c o t t e n S u g a

    My cousin has a dog named Jax and he looks like your Jax

  • Mimkitty Vligs
    Mimkitty Vligs Day ago

    My Doggo is 16 years old and not.. passed away..

  • PiedyPie
    PiedyPie Day ago

    "I'm bisexual for pets"
    I'll stop you right there

  • Kate bae
    Kate bae Day ago

    I died when the poster said cat wanted dead or alive lmao

  • KittyCake xoxo
    KittyCake xoxo Day ago

    My cats name is Peppa

  • Red Wolf
    Red Wolf Day ago

    I'm 60% dog person and 40% cat person. I like both.

  • Royal Fam
    Royal Fam Day ago


  • Galaxy Unicorns
    Galaxy Unicorns Day ago

    At least cats don't tell people where you stash that cocaine.

  • Oleg Sosa
    Oleg Sosa Day ago


  • Martha Robb
    Martha Robb Day ago +4

    SAILOR MOON WAS AN AWSOMEEEE SHOW!!!!!but i luv ur vids...👍

  • Dancing Moon Hippo

    I got 2 cats just a few weeks ago 😄

  • Michalopi osu!, Brawlhalla & More !

    1:01 a small price to pay for cats

  • Marogamer193
    Marogamer193 Day ago

    Azula is my Litten's Name in Pokemon. thanks for the name jAmEs

  • Kawaii_ bubbaplayz

    James...That happens to everybody;-; because everybody who snuggles up get left over fur in their nose;-; It's kinda usual idk...am I also allergic?;-; I love cats tho... WHY

  • KikuKiku gaming!

    James, you might be wrong about cats not being loving. At my Nana's house, we have two cats. one named Andy, which I assume is a male that's close to a calico, and then Tommy. Tommy's a seven- year -old cat and he LOVES people. He will full on FOLLOW you if you go into another room when he's around. So, now that I told you about the two cats, I think I should give ya their origins. Tommy was about three at the time and Nana was at the shelter. Tommy followed Nana until she decided she would adopt her. Now, Andy is a *wild* cat. He was literally found outside on our porch. it took him a while to get used to us, though. Andy will SOMETIMES let you pet him.

  • Danielle Blocker


  • KikuKiku gaming!

    *Okay, I'mma make an explanation. My family probably had TWICE the amount of cats featured in this video. Let me name all the cats I've had. Whitey we've had on my dad's side AND mom's side, one Callie, one Teddy, one Princess, one Timmy, Warrior, Andy, Tommy, and MANY MORE*

  • Psychic
    Psychic Day ago

    One of my cats named halo ran off too it was depressing.

  • gatignon david
    gatignon david Day ago

    Literally nobody:
    Not even Donald trump:
    James : and we never got another cat again
    Also James : UNtIl onE dAyyyyyyyyyyy

  • The commenter Queen

    1:13 two CAT-agorys

  • Moop Moop
    Moop Moop Day ago

    Georgie:mr odd one1s out I don’t feel so good

  • Kinley Lowhorn
    Kinley Lowhorn Day ago

    i have a dog named jacks and hes black and white as well x3

  • Korsini_playzYT
    Korsini_playzYT Day ago

    luna kind looks like meh cat xDD

  • Lightning Strike
    Lightning Strike Day ago +1

    This is how many purr jokes James made

  • dark swordz
    dark swordz Day ago

    I'm both a cat and dog person

  • Sans The skeleton

    My cats hate me. Why

  • Sans The skeleton

    Why can’t my cats hate me


    Говорить на английском а писать названия и описание на русском ты меня удивляешь

  • Geo Mations
    Geo Mations Day ago

    Me back then: what?
    Me now:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Maria Eduarda
    Maria Eduarda Day ago

    What happened to Pepsi, calico and peppers?

  • Roberto puig
    Roberto puig Day ago

    Puns derseve sins

  • Natatata
    Natatata Day ago

    My mom is allergic to cats so that's why I can't have cats 😞

  • Andrea Cordova
    Andrea Cordova Day ago +1

    Hey James guess what I’m going to draw one of your sisters a character!!!!!👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽💖💖💖💖💖💖🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎀🎀🎀🎀🤣🤣🤣🤣😚😚😚

  • Eleanor Haas
    Eleanor Haas Day ago +1

    My family have 5 cats.

  • Dragongamer 808
    Dragongamer 808 Day ago

    Sailor moon is the best show

  • Randomized vids
    Randomized vids Day ago

    Pepsi looks like a cat my moms parents had, and it’s name was Salom

  • LegendaryLT87 roblox

    My cat Tanner passed away

  • Haydn Tagg
    Haydn Tagg Day ago

    0:30 new super Mario Bros

  • Keiran Freeman
    Keiran Freeman Day ago

    Me: *Finds out the cats died* Ok.
    Me: *Finds out Georgie died* ... *Cue intense crying and ice cream eating*

  • Susanto Nurjono
    Susanto Nurjono Day ago

    Shady kinda looks like my cat 🐱

  • white assassin
    white assassin Day ago

    My brother had a cat named tiger I love him but he died

  • V Love
    V Love Day ago


    The person in the back had me crying.

  • tf2 wacher
    tf2 wacher Day ago

    Cats are jerk

  • Joshua Wallis
    Joshua Wallis Day ago


  • guy gardner's dick

    _Cats are awesome, also really sweet and cuddly_

  • TheInside
    TheInside Day ago

    Luna looks like my cat baby baby is a boi :p that’s a story for another day

  • Morissa HD
    Morissa HD Day ago

    Im a guinea pig person

  • Verwoest Family5
    Verwoest Family5 Day ago +1

    0:25 is what you came for

  • homie black wolf


  • Kht_ Andar
    Kht_ Andar Day ago

    I love cat but im alergig to cat