🤔How to replace a starter on a 2010-2018 Kia Forte👌

  • Published on Apr 9, 2018
  • In this video I will show you how to replace a starter on a Kia Forte
    I hope this video helps
    Part numberDLG19504
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Comments • 12

  • Ibrahim ELTONY
    Ibrahim ELTONY Day ago

    Great effort and for myself really I stepped back to do it.
    You choose the most difficult way to do it. The starter motor cannot be removed from below. The relatevily easiest way to get to it is to remove the air intake manifold completely out of your way.
    Some work can be done during this period to clean up the air intake ports and may remove some gunk out of the lifters.
    So, the change of the starter motor To be aside of job of cleaning.
    It will take very short time to change it.

  • Eric Biggs
    Eric Biggs Month ago

    Does your year have 2 options on tooth count? My girl has a 2010 and the part store is saying it’s either an 8 or 11 tooth

  • Marisa Lopez
    Marisa Lopez Month ago

    Your video is t helpful at all.

  • cotlodjimmy666
    cotlodjimmy666 2 months ago

    Any tips for lining up and starting the starter mounting bolts? I'm doing one on a 2013 Kia soul. Got the old starter out no problem. Put the new one in got the bott ok m bolt to start. Can't get the top one to start. I pulled the starter back out and checked the threads they are good. I'm going nuts trying to get this thing out of my driveway.
    By the way I did everything so far from underneath the car. Would taking the inlet stuff off make this any easier?

  • Justin Graham
    Justin Graham 4 months ago

    thanks bro. my wifes car is having problems starting and im pretty sure its the starter and i dont know anything about kia. so thanks for the vid (shes got the same model and year as the one in the vid)

  • pan antonie
    pan antonie 5 months ago +1

    You should remove the electrionic fan for keeping enough space.

  • Jason McDonough
    Jason McDonough 6 months ago +6

    Can you remove it from under the car? Would that have been easier?

    • D3Amazing
      D3Amazing 3 months ago

      Jason McDonough yes same question too

  • rieco2
    rieco2 Year ago

    Thank you. Nice. I should try. my car..!

  • 125 SM
    125 SM Year ago

    We love jobs like this , Brakes all round & starter. Good earner .