Beethoven - Für Elise (Klutch Dubstep Trap Remix)

  • Published on Aug 18, 2018
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Comments • 16 795

  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic Hour ago +1

    Dropped so hards that Beethoven said turn down the music

  • Spoodimin
    Spoodimin Hour ago

    Beethoven be like: deaf

  • CALI 420
    CALI 420 3 hours ago

    So dope 🔥

  • Alvaro Garcia
    Alvaro Garcia 3 hours ago


  • Suxidns 0,1k
    Suxidns 0,1k 4 hours ago +2

    THE ORIGINAL Für Elise
    Im joking :)
    It is the Original
    It literally broke Beethoven‘s hearing

  • yeo zaccheus
    yeo zaccheus 6 hours ago


  • RepexZ
    RepexZ 7 hours ago

    Is this copyright ????????

  • midoriya
    midoriya 8 hours ago

    Alguem br

  • MeExists *-*
    MeExists *-* 12 hours ago

    Beethoven with swaggy glasses is goals

    KINGFRANCOXD 14 hours ago +1

    The beat drop harder than my jaw when I found out that Max and Chloe are alive, safe, togheter living large and free
    Ty LIS 2,its truly a gift

  • Mocking Monkey
    Mocking Monkey 21 hour ago

    Beethoven on drugs.

  • CryptoBlack
    CryptoBlack Day ago

    Muss mann so reinscheissen

  • Lucas Thompson
    Lucas Thompson Day ago

    my youtube broke it is playing alia intro right now


    what if this is what Beethoven wanted but made the original one by accident and thought that it was this.

  • Some Hecker
    Some Hecker Day ago

    the beat dropped so hard that japan thought it was a bigger explosion

  • Mimikyu47
    Mimikyu47 Day ago

    Why it sounds so damn good? xd

  • kattnys ;
    kattnys ; Day ago

    the beat dropped so hard it beat my wife

  • Davi Lopes
    Davi Lopes 2 days ago

    Beethoven like this video

  • Spassi TV
    Spassi TV 2 days ago

    oh fuck that's nice

    • Spassi TV
      Spassi TV 2 days ago

      i hear it 10mio times save

    DNMOH GD 2 days ago

    Now i can't sleep because i have dreams about travelling back in time and showing them modern music

    DNMOH GD 2 days ago +1

    My grandma: i listen only to classic music

    The classic music:

  • Nikodem Paściak
    Nikodem Paściak 2 days ago


  • Eucelia Lima
    Eucelia Lima 2 days ago

    Alice 😀☺😊😃😂😁😅😆😆😆😮😇😇😉😉😉😉😍😍😍😍😎😎😎😘😘😘😘😘😙😙😗😗😗😚😚👄👄👄👅👅💋💋💋❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞

  • The Neo
    The Neo 2 days ago

    Für Elise means for Ellis also for slavic states: Pro Elišku

  • Tiziano Jadlaoui
    Tiziano Jadlaoui 2 days ago +1

    Beat dropped so hard that

    Italians stopped eating spaghetti

    My hotel isn't trivago anymore

    One direction went the other direction

    Twenty one pilots lost a pilot

    McDonald’s changed the happy meal to the angry meal

    Snoop dog stopped snooping

    The bubble on the screen exploded

    KFC left Kentucky

    There was an earthquake everywhere in the world

    Alan walker stopped walking

    Taylor Swift stopped swifting

    Dora stopped exploring

    Coldplay became hotplay

    Kaiser isn't permenante anymore

  • Deil Rig
    Deil Rig 2 days ago

    Оо Заебись!!!

  • Mr. Morgan
    Mr. Morgan 2 days ago

    People who gave dislike: Don't be so rigid please. The music is for all.

  • the hard daddy
    the hard daddy 2 days ago

    R.I.P B.T :)

  • Trailmix lol
    Trailmix lol 2 days ago

    Telling my kids that this was the original version

  • The Lone Gamer
    The Lone Gamer 2 days ago

    the fuck is this gay shit

  • Martín Francia
    Martín Francia 2 days ago +1

    Ok Boomer

  • The brothers :D
    The brothers :D 2 days ago

    1:00 of video drop the beat

  • Maou Sama
    Maou Sama 2 days ago

    Achei nenhum BR ;-;

  • Ancient Assasin
    Ancient Assasin 2 days ago

    Go to 1:00 for the op bass drop

  • Esteban Duran
    Esteban Duran 2 days ago

    super wena la sing

  • Nir Nechushtan
    Nir Nechushtan 3 days ago

    1:55 -- awsome job.

  • Mr.Utente Google
    Mr.Utente Google 3 days ago

    Beethoven 2.0

  • Vasja Pupkin
    Vasja Pupkin 3 days ago

    All the dislikes come from Classic Fans...

  • Sebastian Johansson
    Sebastian Johansson 3 days ago

    Beethoven wouldn’t be dissapointed

  • DAN1M3X
    DAN1M3X 3 days ago +2

    Beethoven:ok i'm good
    Beethoven:wow i'm god wait a i'm ate dead

  • Alik Alexander Schiller

    I liks dupstep musik too

  • Alik Alexander Schiller

    I like this musik

  • TheDerpyfredbear
    TheDerpyfredbear 3 days ago

    The beat dropped like grandma down the stairs

  • Certified BRUH moments

    This is the best track for a crazy geometry level

  • Macedthur
    Macedthur 3 days ago +1

    Lets hit it from the Bach

  • Kingbutternubs Jr.
    Kingbutternubs Jr. 3 days ago

    Beat hit harder than my step dad

  • JosueGamer GT GAMER 4 LIFE

    La mejor musica con esa fue que usi mí intro

  • Tobby Ornottoby
    Tobby Ornottoby 3 days ago +3

    I will tell my children that this is here the original Für Elise

  • joel Evans
    joel Evans 3 days ago +2

    I was going through the comments and the song just ended, damn like wtf

  • Assoluto Cosmico
    Assoluto Cosmico 3 days ago

    Bruhhhhhh if I EVER make a YT vid I will totally use this and direct every back here! 😍

  • _J A D E_
    _J A D E_ 3 days ago

    wtf why did you ruin it-

  • Fabián Panzer
    Fabián Panzer 4 days ago

    This is Trash >:(

    SARA QUIÑA 4 days ago

    me encanto

  • Илья Воробьев

    beethhoven was a god

  • The Paint Bucket
    The Paint Bucket 4 days ago +3

    Beethoven in 2019 :
    *Y E S*

  • Wes Engstrand
    Wes Engstrand 4 days ago +1

    Could have been way better

  • Griffith mdafcka
    Griffith mdafcka 4 days ago +1

    Good job ruining a masterpiece

  • Polak
    Polak 4 days ago +13

    Beethoven: Do clasick musik
    Peaple at 2019: ....

    • _ Kalafioreg _
      _ Kalafioreg _ Day ago +1

      O siema Polak xD ogólnie trochę na orto popracuj. Poza tym, ty też od Szekspira?

    • Tweetsycat :D
      Tweetsycat :D Day ago

      I know you most likely did the bad spelling as a joke, but I can’t help it. *Classic *Music *People

    • Gabb
      Gabb 2 days ago