Modi-Xi Summit : Modi's Big Tamil Outreach, PM Modi Comes In Veshti | News Today

  • Published on Oct 11, 2019
  • Watch PM Modi's Tamil outreach and a full show of Indian diversity during Modi-Xi meet in Mamallapuram.
    #India-China #Xi-Modi #NewsToday
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Comments • 229

  • Manjugowda Manju
    Manjugowda Manju 22 days ago

    Kannada is the oldest language not tamil

  • dharshini magesh
    dharshini magesh Month ago

    only this channel is bringing the real news abt TN amid no national media cares abt the TAMIL N TAMILNADU .

  • morattu kaka
    morattu kaka Month ago

    Nee palanikae palkavaadi eduthalum inga onnithiyum isthuka mudiyathu..

  • சபரி ஈசன்

    Questions for Hindi & Sanskrit supporters
    1. The oldest language Sanskrit
    Indians accept. Why do refuse & accept Ancient & oldest Tamil language, which is still speaking in India
    2. Why do India govt refuse to release results of the excavation of Bhumbukar, Adichanallur, Arakamedu, Alagankulam excavations? Why denied permission.? Why you are ​​afraid of Tamil.
    3. Why did the central government refuse to give permission for the keezhadi excavations and the phase-1 & phase-2 results have not yet been released
    4. Why is Tamil being denied as a language in the High Court & supreme Court??
    5. Oldest & Classical Language Sanskrit can be study at CBSE School in all over India .Why is the oldest language Thamizh not being taught in CBSE??? Why is it denied ??
    6. Government of India, which allocates crores of rupees for the Sanskrit language, why refuses to allocate it to the oldest Classical Tamil?
    7. India Prasara Sabha is spreading Sanskrit & Hindi across the world through Indian Embassy. Why not spread Tamil as well ???
    8. Arya Brahmins do accept Tamil as the Oldest & Classical language equal to sanskrit?
    9. North Indians will do learn the oldest language Tamil??
    10. Will the Brahmins worship the Thiruvasakam & Thevaaram in temples in Tamil Nadu ?? Will you accept everyone ??
    12. We accept the two eyes of India Sanskrit and Tamil . Will the North Indians accept?
    13. Tamil BJP Hindutvaists are ready to put the above demands on your BJP ?? Will they? Let us see ?? You proudly saying Tamils are Hindus. Do BJP Hindu Party accept this demand?
    These all Questions Congress too why didn't do during your regime..??
    14.India should be proud of having Ancient & Classical Tamil in india
    Let see you make these demands ..
    North Indian Aryans fear of Tamil .Our Mother tongue is ruined😂 we can't speak 😀 Jealous on Tamil Which is still speaking 💪💪

  • Muthaiah N
    Muthaiah N Month ago

    போட்டி இருந்தாலும் சீனகாரர்களைகூட நம்பலாம் ஆனால் கிந்திகாரன்களை மட்டும் நம்பவே முடியாது.
    இன்று தமிழ்நாட்டு வேலை வாய்ப்புகளை எல்லாம் களவாடுவது கிந்திகாரர்கள் தமிழ்நாட்டு வங்கிகளில் தமிழுக்கு உரிமையில்ல கிந்தி ஆங்கிலம் இரேயில்வே விமான நிலையம் அஞ்சலகம் என எல்லாவற்றிலும் கிந்தி திணிப்பு.

  • Prabu V
    Prabu V Month ago

    Its part of Operation TN Election 2021 - speaking tamil, wearing veshti, etc.. BJP would do anything to win elections

  • arun Arun
    arun Arun Month ago

    Modiji, welcome to Tamil Nadu

    SIVA KUMAR Month ago +1

    I love you modi Sir sivakumar Gayathri shigha pooshigha katpadi Vellore Tamil Nadu

  • Yzxc Asdf
    Yzxc Asdf Month ago +1

    In USA we see Pakistanis paid people says goback Modi and in India if anyone says that it should be considered as Nation threat and put them behind the bars..
    Modi is giving global recognition of Tamilnadu what else you are expecting from him ... A Chinese PM came to visit Chennai becoz of PM Modi that’s the best moment for our SouthIndians .... fuckers will hate this is the time for all Indians to feel happy for this historic moment.

  • Yzxc Asdf
    Yzxc Asdf Month ago +1

    It’s takes years for NorthIndian people to say the names of food items that’s where you are and asking us to accept HINDI as unified language 😂😂😂
    I’m from Telugu speaking states ..
    we all are Indians we should respect each other culture and traditions as we have different in everything ... India stood strong and it will and will be an example for all other countries .
    Jai BJP Jai Hind

  • Dharma Chatterji
    Dharma Chatterji Month ago +1

    Very impressive dress was, of Respected Shri Narendra Modi, when he received Hon'ble Xi Jinping, Chines President, at Mammalapuram, Chennai, he explained, few Chennai's thoughts, also. He said historical importance of Mahabalipuram,

  • Arunush Baskaran
    Arunush Baskaran Month ago

    Just brain wash..

  • Gopal Krishna
    Gopal Krishna Month ago

    go back feku.

  • Fender 1975
    Fender 1975 Month ago +1

    People of Tamil Nadu are not fools, they will strip his lungi, Modi don't show off

  • Surender
    Surender Month ago +2

    Don't mind what Tamil Nadu people think they are fools obsessed with actors and alcohol.
    Don't consider them as Indians.
    Treat them as slaves they deserve it.

  • Surender
    Surender Month ago +1

    Tamil Nadu people don't have patriotism.
    Tamil Nadu is filled with anti nationals evangelists, jihadists, naxalites, Tamil seperatists etc.
    And the remaining don't even know what is going on in this country.

    • DiscreetNinja TV
      DiscreetNinja TV Month ago

      @Surender poda pundek. Stalin poole sappu

    • MrNarenk
      MrNarenk Month ago +2

      @Surender have a nice life bro

    • Surender
      Surender Month ago +2

      @MrNarenk thala naan onnum brahmin kadayaathu naan sonadha neeyae yosichu paaru.
      Because reservation naala enga ammavuku vela kedakala athunaala thaan enaku kadupaa varudhu.
      Naan BC onnum brahmin kadayaathu.
      Verum 10 years la enga area vae Muslim area va mariduchu.
      Muslim mathavanuku property vikkavae maataan.
      Tamil Nadu seekiram Taliban nada maridum.
      Appo tamilan kulla pottu thiriya vendiyathu thaan.

    • MrNarenk
      MrNarenk Month ago +1

      @Surender dei nee avalllll gang ah da.. second 1% gang ada nee

    • MrNarenk
      MrNarenk Month ago +1

      @Surender enda evlo kashta padra.. nanum tamilandhan da.. ana nee sonna pathiya.. evano ezhudhi kudutha madiri irukku.. nee solra ellam oru 1% population da.. 99% nalla sindhanaigaloda dhan irukom.. nan kandan murugan kitta en vazhkaiya kuduthavan.. ana manishana irukanumna sila gunangal venum.. adhu nerayave namma thamizharhal kitta iruku.. enaku unmela konjam sandhegamave irukku..

  • Surender
    Surender Month ago +1

    Tamil people are fools, frauds, useless idiots and back stabbers they will never vote for BJP.
    No1 corrupt state in India.
    They think they are the intelligent people in India but they are idiots don't know anything.

  • Freedom of speech
    Freedom of speech Month ago

    Tamil Nadu is with Modiji.

  • avinash r
    avinash r Month ago

    I still wander why modi ji took him to southern state 🤔. . . 😇Thank God your he didn't went to north india .the culture and civilization is not pure in the north we in the south are really struggling with the breeding programme of the north . . . Anyway we are 🙏honored🙏 by having you in our country hope you enjoyed the real ancient culture and hospitality🤝 . . . Enjoy the views of the 🥰South🥰 . . . Modi ji in lungi . . . 🤔 is this good ? are we really getting our tax back . . . ?

  • Mohan Goel
    Mohan Goel Month ago

    India today again shows its hyppocracy against the idea of Indian culture by calling Chennai a dravidian state. It has been a quest of debate that tbe concept of Aryans n Dravidians framed by the jnu historians and embedded in Ncert text books are meant to divide India. India todays nexus with urban naxals is exposed here. This is not the first time. Even in pulwama attack the headlines of TOI said that it was a local activist not terrorist. Shame on you India Today

  • Baniameen Ashraf
    Baniameen Ashraf Month ago

    If today it was some other state other than TN, today we would have seen that particular states' outreach....its not reaching the people's heart,but reaching their votes

    MUHD RAHIM Month ago

    Indian 🦁 lion meet Chinese 🐉 dragon in maha Bali puram well done Indian

    PARTHA SARATHI Month ago +3

    Modiji is the PM of India, and all those who are opposing him are mostly Pakistanis and their sympathisers, they have not come out of the shock of removing article 370.

  • shiv shankar k
    shiv shankar k Month ago

    May be he was intrested to visit the nation to admire the culture which throws out the evil thiefs congress and bjp any given time.
    With kezhadi archeological excavation findings, officially death of religion has begun for Thamizhs. We just have caste issue which is very challenging and our Thamizh will unite us to get rid of it too.
    Tamizhs will kick out the local evil parties dmk and aiadmk who plays caste politics to divide and rule us and we Thamizhs shall regain full control of our nation from the evil dravidian movement.
    Religion can never conquer Tamizhs and Dhamo was a Tamizh. Bjp and any such religious party can never play their agenda in Tamizh nadu. English translation of தமிழ் நாடு is Tamil Nation not Tamil nadu.
    எம் மதமும் சம்மதமே.
    யாதும் ஊரே யாவரும் கேளிர்.
    அன்பே என்னை ஆளும்.
    வாழ்க தமிழ் ✊

  • Rathinavel Pandian
    Rathinavel Pandian Month ago +3

    பாரதப் பிரதமர் அவர்களை அன்புடன் வரவேற்கிறோம்... Welcome Modiji...

  • Manjula Shanmugasundaram

    Mr. Modi is not what he was made out to be. Agreed. May be he is a Pragmatic leader and a true patriotic Indian. If we watch closely, even when Mr. Modi himself stated that Tamil is the world's oldest language and most people cheered, some Mylapore Brahmins were actually looking tense and unimpressed. I wish Mr. Modi would do away with these middlemen in Mylapore and embrace the people of TN directly

  • abc
    abc Month ago +1

    MOdi- tea seller of the year
    PM Imran Khan declared 'Muslim Man of the Year'

  • Glen Jeremiah
    Glen Jeremiah Month ago

    Hope he hears the voice demands of the DMK at the Center and not be neglected.

      EARTH IS OURS Month ago

      @Glen Jeremiah looted TN from 2006 to 2011....

    • Glen Jeremiah
      Glen Jeremiah Month ago

      @EARTH IS OURS yes since of late legally looted vote and have more numbers MP seats.

      EARTH IS OURS Month ago

      @Glen Jeremiah supporting dmk who looted entire TN?💦😂😂👌 Keep rocking

      PARTHA SARATHI Month ago

      @Glen Jeremiah maybe you are a dumb from tamilnadu brainwashed by Christian missionaries, she has been elected to rajya sabha from Karnataka, maybe Christians can't comprehend indian constitution 😂

    • Glen Jeremiah
      Glen Jeremiah Month ago

      @Easwar which world are you in, there people who are crazy on automobile keep going in for new after few months of use and and the automobile was always alive. Even rich people help out in some way.

  • vishwajeet singh
    vishwajeet singh Month ago +1

    Muslims of pakistan have twitted against modi

  • Abhimanyu Mahathiri
    Abhimanyu Mahathiri Month ago +4

    Game over for Stalin in TN

  • Usha Krishna
    Usha Krishna Month ago +4

    Good Morning India Today..Very Nice News about Tamil Nadu..Salute to Honourable PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji..Awesome..Jai Hind Jai Bharat..Thanks..👏😊🙏🇮🇳🙏👌👍

  • NRI Point of View
    NRI Point of View Month ago

    Good initiative. Not only does this go a long way towards healing any linguistic grievances but also tries to address the need to have good relations with China so that we can focus on economic development and rapidly progress towards the ambitious GDP targets we have set ourselves. Besides this will also help counter our difficulties in the neighbourhood.

  • Soma Raju
    Soma Raju Month ago +1

    PM good for fashion show but not good to control GDP

    • Bipin Babu
      Bipin Babu Month ago

      @Soma Raju 😭🖕🥴😁

    • Soma Raju
      Soma Raju Month ago

      @Bipin Babu 🙊🙉🙈😎

    • Soma Raju
      Soma Raju Month ago

      @Bipin Babu are you born to an animal you feel saying dogs shit what a person your a joker makes you happy and a mad kid like you call everything shit and dog go to Dr if you had eating shit

    • Bipin Babu
      Bipin Babu Month ago

      @Soma Raju jokers like u need to be communicated in the same way how people communicate with stray dogs gone out of control...why dont u put some gel in your big lips,cut lunds will love to make u do chupa chupa as u have big lips which they like the most

    • Soma Raju
      Soma Raju Month ago

      @Bipin Babu kid do not go mad and do not eat shit ask your mum to cook some nice food and ask her to teach you how to communicate

    DEEPAK SIVASAMY Month ago +4

    Is Modi Ji selling TN to China ?

    • Madagiri Palaksha siddabasavaraj m.
      Madagiri Palaksha siddabasavaraj m. Month ago

      We south Indians must feel proud. Because in Congress rule they had shown Taj Mahal. As Indian Pride. But they have ignored us. Now showing Indian oldest culture by our prime minister.

    • Bipin Babu
      Bipin Babu Month ago

      r u a donkey?

    • Madagiri Palaksha siddabasavaraj m.
      Madagiri Palaksha siddabasavaraj m. Month ago +3

      He is showing the places of tourism. It is profit for tamilnadu.

    • vishwajeet singh
      vishwajeet singh Month ago

      What can xi jin ping buy that is not affordable ..modi will see profits not the losses

  • Vidya Babla
    Vidya Babla Month ago

    Surprisingly there is no funny tweet from Joker Minister Fawad Chaudhry ?

  • vimaldob
    vimaldob Month ago +42

    I'm Tamil...I welcome modiji with open heart..those who saying go back modi have vested interest.

    • shadow ronin
      shadow ronin 25 days ago

      Haha bjp is the worst performing party in tn.

    • Hari Thalapathy
      Hari Thalapathy Month ago

      I am also tamil

    • Prabu V
      Prabu V Month ago

      Sure. Let’s blame everything on Pak.

    • Shyamsundar Rajan
      Shyamsundar Rajan Month ago +2

      They are Pakistani people using that tag

    • siva g r
      siva g r Month ago +3

      they are not belong tn. i think may be they come from enemy countries of india. tamilian are not say like goback those who are comes to visit our tn. u also know very to our society. i requestesd to u don't mention they are tamilian to coming days bro.

  • P.R.velayudhan Mani
    P.R.velayudhan Mani Month ago +11

    • paul paul
      paul paul Month ago

      @Vinoth Shepard I know bro.. They are here to divide Hindus..

    • Vinoth Shepard
      Vinoth Shepard Month ago

      @paul paul they are Congress DMK paid bots

    • paul paul
      paul paul Month ago +1

      @dilip s now I am confirmed that you are here to divide Hindus... But now Hindus are united now like never before... We are all Hindus and we have a common enemy and that is you and your breed...

    • dilip s
      dilip s Month ago

      @paul paul where, drinking Kaveri and backstabbing kannadiga.

    • paul paul
      paul paul Month ago +1

      @dilip s come down to karnataka... I am waiting for you..

  • P.R.velayudhan Mani
    P.R.velayudhan Mani Month ago +2 all.Indians down.

    • Surender
      Surender Month ago

      Tamil Nadu people are biggest idiots in the world.
      Tamil Nadu people never made a good decision in their history.

    • vishwajeet singh
      vishwajeet singh Month ago

      @cool and hot whats ur name bladyfool u say ur self the time of congress there was also much worst economy then it is lesser than that what u expect i dont care

    • Bipin Babu
      Bipin Babu Month ago

      @cool and hot first keep your original name coward and then comment...coolman??😁😆

    • cool and hot
      cool and hot Month ago

      All bhakts wait.....indian economy on verge of collapse

    • Bipin Babu
      Bipin Babu Month ago +2

      he just won in karnataka😁😆and gave a shock in telangana winning 4 seats😁😆

    DALIT Month ago +6

    Literate Tamils do not entertain NAUTANKI.

    • Easwar
      Easwar Month ago

      Identity politics except that of downtrodden Dalits are gateway to corruption hidden under identity claims. That is what exactly Tamil politics is doing.

    • Bipin Babu
      Bipin Babu Month ago

      donkeys like u keep blabbering

    • Firehorse rb
      Firehorse rb Month ago

      @rosh man Many literates are liberals & they are the most idiotic. Futher liberals, leftists, church clergy, jihadis, congressis are the biggest danger for this nation.

    • rosh man
      rosh man Month ago

      So ur disrespecting the unfortunate illiterate lot ist bcos ur the fortunate one....

    • sam billings
      sam billings Month ago +3

      I have lived in Tamilnadu for 6 years and I know u people never accept a change..u just don't want to...even if someone gives u gold u ll still say we want coal

  • Lata Pandit
    Lata Pandit Month ago +5

    Samchandra Kant don’t be petty. Rise above the region, language and caste politics. We need to be recognised as one. One country one people. Here in the US. We are just INDIANS.

  • Makesh Kumar
    Makesh Kumar Month ago +37

    Don't mind the negative comments from Tamil Nadu DMK guys.. Tamil people are very very patriotic guys... If BJP work properly, they can make it. Tamil nadu BJP members are not working.. properly...

      FILMIBLAST 3 days ago

      VIGNESH VARAN you are saying this because u and your state don't face Islamic atrocities we were always prone to the attacks of Islamic invaders we north Indians know much about Muslims

    • Prashant Gupta
      Prashant Gupta Month ago

      @VIGNESH VARAN Hindus growing their religion in other countries??? omg omg omg dude...even being the oldest religion Hindus are 3rd in number when it comes to just that there is no conversion ritual...gawar ki aulad thappad marne ka mann kr rha h tmko but kya hindu values are stopping me

    • vaibes kiran
      vaibes kiran Month ago

      @VIGNESH VARAN never said muslims r strangers, just dont belive in muslim appeasement, i belive in indian appeasemet, ten only india shall grow

      VIGNESH VARAN Month ago

      vaibes kiran Dear brother, It's your wish. You may presume so. But don't expect me to feel muslims are strangers. I feel muslims are my brothers. They are not just part of Indians. But they are also complete Indians. It's your wish brother. You may please proceed in your way. I will never come in your way

    • vaibes kiran
      vaibes kiran Month ago

      @VIGNESH VARAN muslims are not weak, tey are capable enough to defend themselves, they have strong unity among themselves, tey invaded n ruled our countries, so u dont need to bother about them, n hindus are not dominating, we r just proud of our hindu culture, if ur not tats ur problem

  • ashok shetty
    ashok shetty Month ago +14

    Modiji looks like Super star Rajinikanth,jai modiji,jai Rajinikanth

  • ashok shetty
    ashok shetty Month ago +13

    Jai modiji,jai Tamil people's,jai Tamil traditional dresses

  • Ritchie Rich
    Ritchie Rich Month ago +3

    Modi was 1st P.M to state openly that Tamil is the oldest classical Indian language , he sees whole of India as his family & its' through his efforts the BJP has become more centre than extreme right , him & V.P Naidu are both top RSS brass & their devotion is to Bharat Mata that idea comes from the time of the freedom fighters that always declared they had 2 mother's one that gave birth & the other that feeds & shelter's them throughout their lives - PP.M Modi has tried his best to open up to all sects of society , under BJP the muslims are being given more rights, their women are being uplifted & given the recent archeological discoveries which have a very strong Indian ethos & stretches from North to South of India there will be a paradigm shift as to how Indian's see themselves ! There is new sense of pride in being Indian & to get out of the village mentality & tour the nation , learn the cultures , languages, food - India is the entire world in 1 country - One can spend an entire lifetime just travelling & exploring India & you would not need to step out of her borders ! His outreach is avery noble gesture to tell Tamil people that to him they are not sidelined but are as important as all others of India. India has not had a P.M with the charisma of Modi ! Never since the creation of modern India has there been a P.M that could get the Islamic countries to bestow the highest awards to him , add to that Russia, France & S.Korea & you are looking @ a Global leader to which the world is turning to ! I personally feel that such is the power of the guidance of the Lord of the Yogi's ! P.M goes into a cave for the whole night to meditate @ Kedarnath - his example is what we should be teaching our children to follow - the Vedic system of Yoga, maths etc builds kundalini to such a point that your thoughts become very powerful & he is using his for good of the nation & the world. I think it will be very hard for another to fit into his shoes !

  • Selva Peria
    Selva Peria Month ago +5

    Modi can never succeed to impress Tamilnadu, however he wears veshti, speaks a few words in Tamil or appreciates their hospitality. Tamil people have known his deceptive politics, cunning mind to impose Hindi, fascism and crookedness. Tamilnadu is unique in its culture and life style. Tamils are reformed by Periyar.

    • Firehorse rb
      Firehorse rb Month ago

      @Bipin Babu certain truths if exposed will lead to blood shed in the country. Are you ready? We need a strong leader to handle such a situation. But eventually there will be bloodshed when lots of crooks who are exposed will unleash lawlessness & a counter attack is needed to neutralize these crooks..

    • Bipin Babu
      Bipin Babu Month ago

      @Firehorse rb can u proove it?

    • Firehorse rb
      Firehorse rb Month ago

      @Bipin Babu LTTE was contract killer. It's said sonia maino was involved.. He was fed up with her illegal activities & support for Vatican conversion plan..

      EARTH IS OURS Month ago

      Stupid i m a pure tamilian...i support modiji🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳......

    • MrNarenk
      MrNarenk Month ago

      @Firehorse rb while we would have taken you to meet your ram

  • Atish Mahadik
    Atish Mahadik Month ago +4

    Only fools & day dreamers can trust China. Remember the slogan Hindi chini bhai bhai & how expansionist China back stabbed india in 1962

    • Bipin Babu
      Bipin Babu Month ago

      it was pappu party,this present govt never said hindi chini bhai bhai

  • humungous09
    humungous09 Month ago +18

    Tamil food is super tasty and hygienic too. Chennai tiffins are simply out of the world. It's so mouth-watering.. Their sambar is worth dying for!
    It's just NOT enough!

  • Mr J
    Mr J Month ago +4

    Waiting for misuse of internet law in India for anti Indian statement blocking and punishing severely for online handlers soon and dmk IT wing

  • 無畏劍
    無畏劍 Month ago +1


  • Rajesh Ponnusamy
    Rajesh Ponnusamy Month ago +3

    Modi is preparing for the upcoming tamil nadu elections... But he should remember that only talking but not working will only work out in rest of the country...

  • Lata Pandit
    Lata Pandit Month ago +17

    I am an Indian American and I can assure you all the Indians here are proud of their country. It doesn’t matter which part of India we belong to

  • Melodic Nostalgic
    Melodic Nostalgic Month ago +7

    Tamil Nadu has no identity without its Hindu History !!!

    • aravind kumar
      aravind kumar Month ago

      @vaibes kiran just googled the meaning.. Thanks👍😜😋

    • aravind kumar
      aravind kumar Month ago

      @Vinoth Shepard recently in an excavation near madurai found a new civilization near the banks of vaigai.. Archeological dept says evidence of tamil language, sports equipments, building walls, irrigation wells where found.. But nothing about religion.. This dates back to 6th century BC.

    • Vinoth Shepard
      Vinoth Shepard Month ago +1

      @aravind kumar padmanabaswamy temple and Sri rangan are already mentioned in Sangam literature 500 bce

    • Vinoth Shepard
      Vinoth Shepard Month ago

      @aravind kumar no Shiva is God of tamils

    • MrNarenk
      MrNarenk Month ago

      @vimal balani thats what i am also saying.. why drag religion into ones geographical identity

  • Lata Pandit
    Lata Pandit Month ago +13

    Here it not about Tamil Nadu or Punjab but about India and it’s diplomatic relations with China. So keep your personal hate out of it

  • Lata Pandit
    Lata Pandit Month ago +11

    Unity in Diversity is what our country is about. So it is shameful when you talk of divisiveness

  • bmniac
    bmniac Month ago +4

    Th announcer cannot pronounce even simple Tamil words. Pure laziness.

  • Vijender John Nathaniel

    This is a Very Good Video on our PM Shri Narendra Modiji.
    Our PM Shri Narendra Modiji has been converted into a Tamil.
    Why has not RSS objected to this conversion .
    Shri Narendra Modiji respects Tamil Culture.
    Now Tamil Culture can be taught to the CM of UP .
    Why does Shri Yogi Adityanath the CM of UP & RSS mock and scorn South Indians and want to force Hindi and Impose Hindi on South Indians.
    The Dravidian Peninsula India outshines the Rest of India in Nationalism.
    From East it is Bengali.
    From West Maharathi, Konkani etc.
    From South it is Kanada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Oriya .
    There is no Hindi.
    Indian Languages are above Hindi.
    English is more an Educational Language than Hindi that represents RSS & The Ideology of the UP CM.
    RSS has got a defunct mind based in Nagpur and Anti Indian on Secularism & Democrasy.
    They want to Impose Hindi all over India.
    First RSS are Cowards.
    Let them Impose Hindi outside India.
    The Truth is specific.,
    No body globally is interested in Hindi as a Mathra Basha like Hebrew, Greek, Roman, Aramic, Tamil, Sanskrit & Many More.
    Hindi is not a Language like Tamil & Sanskrit., or Latin, or Arabic or Chinese, Spanish or Russian in Culture.
    Since Shri Narendra Modiji is Converted in Tamil ideology , it is for RSS to Act.
    The Chinese Leader would not have been welcomed in Uttar Pradesh and given a Red Carpet Welcome

    • Firehorse rb
      Firehorse rb Month ago

      @cool and hot then you are doing a noble job & should think noble..

    • Firehorse rb
      Firehorse rb Month ago

      @cool and hot so do something productive in the day.. Are you a security guard?

    • Firehorse rb
      Firehorse rb Month ago

      @cool and hot the fact that you are posting here shows you have free time & a vagabond..

    • Firehorse rb
      Firehorse rb Month ago

      @cool and hot people who are busy with their livelihood, have jobs & are busy working. Useless freeloaders just beg to live on freebies & rant cowdung etc. You're of no use to this nation. At best a liability..

    • Bipin Babu
      Bipin Babu Month ago

      @Roshan Rathi 😆😁

  • Mother Care
    Mother Care Month ago +7

    Go back modi, from tamilnadu

    • MrNarenk
      MrNarenk Month ago +1

      @Firehorse rb dei wheat bag convert..

    • Bipin Babu
      Bipin Babu Month ago

      cowards should keep their real name in you tube

    • Firehorse rb
      Firehorse rb Month ago +2

      Shut up rice bag convert.

    • ashok shetty
      ashok shetty Month ago

      MC,take of ur father and mother,then talk about Tamil Nadu ,

    • Lata Pandit
      Lata Pandit Month ago +2

      Mother Care you go to Pakistan

    G ASHOKA PRATHAP Month ago +16

    My respects to Modi from Tamilnadu

    SAMCHANDRA KANT Month ago +12

    Modi ji u will never win in tamilnadu...

    • paul paul
      paul paul Month ago

      @Velmurugan Kandasamy what did north Indians do to Tamils.. Explain you traitor.. You are here to divide Hindus...

    • KVL KVL
      KVL KVL Month ago

      Eevery state has its vows but discriminating,n some states getting preferences should end.each state is fighting fr water as if they r separate countries.the rain water should be utilised on a grand scale.floods in rivers r wasted into the sea instead of storage. This plan should be on whole india ,not each state blocking.then only union of states prosper.

    • vimal balani
      vimal balani Month ago

      Velmurugan Kandasamy , bro modi is from western India I.e. Gujrat and not north India as your great knowledge tells you....

    • Vivek Aryan
      Vivek Aryan Month ago

      @Velmurugan Kandasamy modi is not a north india leader he is from Gujarat is not north India!!

    • Velmurugan Kandasamy
      Velmurugan Kandasamy Month ago +2

      @Vivek Aryan no NORTH INDIAN politicians can't win the hearts of TAMILS. BECAUSE TAMILS KNOW S WHAT THEY DID TO TAMILS IN PAST.

  • Wisdom ForLife
    Wisdom ForLife Month ago +34

    Already TamilNadu tops the Tourism chart both Domestic and Foreign visits :) With this global exposure for Mamallapuram now, TN gonna keeps its record for coming years too :) Wish they allow direct flights from Chennai to Beijing, Shanghai

    • Wisdom ForLife
      Wisdom ForLife Month ago +2

      @Vimal Raj No Vimal, Most of tamil people didn't oppose Modi just for no reason; Also its not just due to Dravidian parties,this opposing notion arise. Tamil people always tend to analyse and make decision which one is least affecting them.
      They know the ill effects caused by Central govts specially this NDA regime. Unless they change their ANTI-FEDERALISTIC activities, TamilNadu will be the Final Frontier for BJP though He try to use the powerful weapon of Tamil Affection.

    • Vimal Raj
      Vimal Raj Month ago

      Wisdom ForLife But still some people propagate the hate on Modi here. Many people don’t know why they hate Modi here but still they hate bjp and modi without amy reason. That’s how dravidian parties have created a notion among the people.

    • Naive Learner
      Naive Learner Month ago +2

      Wisdom ForLife - Available time is very less in catching connecting flight from Hongkong. It would be better, if airlines operate direct flight from Chennai to Beijing or Chennai to Shanghai.