Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall: R.I.P. - PART 3 - Game Grumps

  • Published on Jan 2, 2019
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Comments • 829

  • Doesit Reallymatter
    Doesit Reallymatter 5 days ago

    please keep playing this game! My sister doesn't watch GG, but she 100% agrees with every single point you guys make about the games and the logic and it makes her laugh so much. I don't see her laugh very often, so showing her this and seeing her lose it meant the world to me. I will say that if you want a Nancy Drew game with puzzles you can actually beat yourself, you should play anything made before White Wolf of Icicle Creek. Her Interactive got a new CEO that had never been in video games before and their entire focus shifted from UI and building a fanbase to making as much money as possible - Pamela

  • FatBat
    FatBat 5 days ago

    Devil horns for the White Zombie reference. Fun fact: Spider from Powerman 5000 is Rob Zombie's brother. Zombie isn't his birth name either. Idk what it was, but Rob changed his last name to Zombie and his brother changed it to Spider.

  • Real Wolfingen
    Real Wolfingen 11 days ago

    I cannot believe people rather watch arin rage at zelda, than this fantastic nice story... damnit

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez Month ago

    This game reminds me of Titanic: Adventure Out Of Time. Need to send you all a copy of that one! It's a classic

  • Yake Cohen
    Yake Cohen Month ago

    Idk if im just a huge nancy drew fan but i really wish u guys would actually play them through. I love when you make fun of how weird this shit is.

  • Ashilynn Hodsdon
    Ashilynn Hodsdon Month ago +1

    Are They going to play more of this game?

  • M. J.
    M. J. Month ago

  • taylor stump
    taylor stump Month ago

    I would love it if yall streamed this game

  • Comment Sense
    Comment Sense 2 months ago


  • drybones592
    drybones592 2 months ago

    Are you gonna finish this game

  • Faith *
    Faith * 2 months ago


  • ashbats
    ashbats 3 months ago

    why did nancy sound so like surprised & bummed that the fuckin mausoleum was locked

  • Eadlyn June
    Eadlyn June 3 months ago +1

    I must come back and request more Nancy Drew.

  • Clueblue109
    Clueblue109 3 months ago

    Please continue playing this game!!!

  • Blair St.Croix
    Blair St.Croix 4 months ago +1

    Please continue this game

  • RachelxSings99
    RachelxSings99 4 months ago +2

    I really hope you guys keep playing this it’s so fun to watch

  • legandofzeldalover95
    legandofzeldalover95 4 months ago +3

    I need another episode of this 😂

  • imsyndicated
    imsyndicated 4 months ago +1

    you didnt take the book out of the pscksge!!!\

  • chuggafumph
    chuggafumph 4 months ago +3

    I would love if you guys kept playing these, even if they may not be exactly this channel's style, the number of views is seeming decent on them.

  • MegaCMalta
    MegaCMalta 4 months ago +1

    Why is Danny under the impression that there aren't literally millions of jails all over the world that Wade could have been in? 😂

  • Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse 4 months ago

    Black Tuesday was when the stock market crashed in 1929 and there was rumors that bankers threw themselves out windows thus the metaphor

  • Smiley Jehn
    Smiley Jehn 4 months ago +2

    More pleeeease

  • Mace Lilienthal
    Mace Lilienthal 4 months ago

    If you guys are going to look up a walkthrough I recommend checking out the one Gameboomers did. That’s my go-to website for all the ND games when I get stuck on a puzzle (which is all the time)

  • Naturally Nat
    Naturally Nat 4 months ago +3

    Still waiting on a part four.

  • ben s.
    ben s. 5 months ago +2

    Please continue. This be funny.

  • Wadwizard ZOL
    Wadwizard ZOL 5 months ago +1

    I thought you said you liked doing this game, it seemed like everyone was enjoying watching it, or are the views x likes a bit low... idk, just confused why this of all things is so infrequent, maybe my frame of reference is just off

  • Kev Dog
    Kev Dog 5 months ago +2

    Please keep this series up

  • Unownshipper
    Unownshipper 5 months ago +1

    Come on guys, please do some more of this game! I'm trying not to be one of those fans, but last time I wrote a comment they released the next edition in 24 hours.

  • Kyle D
    Kyle D 5 months ago +3

    Please finish this game, or another game like it! These are so fun to watch, much like the Sierra games.

  • Justyna Babinska
    Justyna Babinska 5 months ago +1

    Please keep playing this!!! ;-;

  • Senna Kain
    Senna Kain 5 months ago +1

    They missed the Charlotte statue in the graveyard turning her head to look at them! I was hoping to see them get freaked out with ghost hauntings before they stop playing :'(

  • Bundo
    Bundo 5 months ago +1

    please play more

  • Sam Allen
    Sam Allen 5 months ago +1

    Seriously you guys make Nancy drew games so funny on top of their ham and cheesy nature

  • Sam Allen
    Sam Allen 5 months ago +1

    Please please play more

  • JustAnotherAnimeNerd
    JustAnotherAnimeNerd 5 months ago +1

    When’s the next video coming out?

  • rareroe305
    rareroe305 5 months ago

    They're not going to talk about the statues head moving at 5:43?

  • necromanzer52
    necromanzer52 5 months ago

    Is this guy voiced by AronRa?

  • Fantome001
    Fantome001 5 months ago

    I'm looking through the comments and wondering how do people not know what Black Tuesday is? Do they not teach that in school anymore? Dan and Arin are both older than me and even I learned about it. Do they skip from the Roaring 20's straight to WWII now?

  • Meredith Pike
    Meredith Pike 5 months ago


  • Ahkuji
    Ahkuji 5 months ago +1

    Please I want more

  • Miss Missy
    Miss Missy 5 months ago +1

    i need more of this series

  • Annika Gilbert
    Annika Gilbert 5 months ago +1

    i've been waiting for them to play another one of these games forever and im just so genuinely happy lol

  • Ahkuji
    Ahkuji 5 months ago +1


  • Hydroxy moron
    Hydroxy moron 5 months ago

    "[Making him more human makes him less human]" excellently sums up the 'uncanny valley', a term psychologists use for this concept. Despite increasingly humanlike features, the fact that the likeness isn't perfect makes it feel LESS humanlike.

  • TheWanderer1990
    TheWanderer1990 5 months ago

    I love it when the grumps play adventure games :D

  • MrBobzilla49
    MrBobzilla49 5 months ago +2

    I hope that Danny and Arin can solve both Nancy Drew mysteries (this one & the white wolf) soon 🙂

  • Jerry Mamet
    Jerry Mamet 5 months ago +1

    I BEG you! Please do a livestream!

  • Sarachi
    Sarachi 5 months ago

    8:52 lmao

  • the slunch
    the slunch 5 months ago +1

    Nancy Dancy: Gancy of Thancy Hancy

  • Shek Jael
    Shek Jael 5 months ago

    Under the floorboard where Clara was, is a spot to look.

  • criticalkiller 91
    criticalkiller 91 5 months ago

    god anyone else remember the Godzilla games ?

  • Mckayla Sherman
    Mckayla Sherman 5 months ago

    I swear to god if you guys don’t finish this game.... you guys are so funny in this play through. Please please please . I beg of you, finish the game!

  • Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton 5 months ago

    I really like this Nancy Drew series but you gotta turn up the game volume.

  • Aaron Ovedur
    Aaron Ovedur 5 months ago

    5:43 you missed the statue's head turning
    Edit: And the shadow in the doorway at 8:24

  • Emma Bales
    Emma Bales 5 months ago +1

    Also, the best Nancy drew game walk throughs are on Universal Hint System. It gives you hints before it shows you the entire answer so that you can still work out some of it for yourself.

  • Emma Bales
    Emma Bales 5 months ago

    "what are you going to do, write all the ghosts down?!"... Yeah pretty much welcome to Nancy drew

  • Emma Bales
    Emma Bales 5 months ago

    Black Tuesday is the day the stock market crashed in 1929, which kick started the Great Depression. There were some people that ended up committing suicide by jumping out of their office buildings when they lost everything. It's actually pretty morbid reference for a kids game.

  • Jace Strate
    Jace Strate 5 months ago


  • Rachael At Random
    Rachael At Random 5 months ago

    An EMF reader stands for Electro Magnetic Field. It’s sensitive to electricity basically. When regarding Ghosts, ghosts supposedly put off electricity (which is why people say that they’re more active during electrical storms). If you bring an EMF reader close to a transformer box, it will go off. The closer you get to high levels of magnetic electricity, the more the reader will beep. When ghost hunting, you also use EVP readers which are Electronic Voice Phenomenon’s. It’s really fascinating to me lol

  • Lord Farquaad
    Lord Farquaad 5 months ago


  • Maria Guglielmo
    Maria Guglielmo 5 months ago

    Funny enough. Wade does have half the key to Charlotte’s room.

  • Teira Hachi
    Teira Hachi 5 months ago

    if you play this again you should explore more graves, specifically Charlottes (you can go straight ahead when exiting the cemetery). Also you can explore the other side of the table in the room with the scythe and pick up a napkin by the should look at the door at the end of the hall again though XD

  • minieyke
    minieyke 5 months ago

    Why didn’t you pick up the book that was under the EMF reader in the package?

  • Alex Bailey
    Alex Bailey 5 months ago

    PLEASE keep playing this!!

  • MyManOWarSmiles
    MyManOWarSmiles 5 months ago

    Black Tuesday: October 29, 1929. On this date, share prices on the New York Stock Exchange completely collapsed, becoming a pivotal factor in the emergence of the Great Depression.

  • Matthew Pool
    Matthew Pool 5 months ago

    I love that they totally misinterpreted the "I think you"/"Maybe you're not" thing. They were saying maybe he's not on the good side.

  • Squid SQuiddly
    Squid SQuiddly 5 months ago +1

    I wish they would play "The 13th Skull" It is a hidden object type of game but with real people acting. It is hilarious at times.

  • Shoshana K.
    Shoshana K. 5 months ago

    Can you guys mage the character dialog louder?

  • Megan B
    Megan B 5 months ago

    My eyes aren't good enough for the game captions and my ears aren't good enough for the game audio.

  • Aaron Garza
    Aaron Garza 5 months ago

    Turn up ya damn game audio

  • Ostrich Squad
    Ostrich Squad 5 months ago

    Just in time for the new Nancy game coming later this year!!

  • Lou D
    Lou D 5 months ago

    please continue this series!!!

  • UGHly
    UGHly 5 months ago

    4:46 Eighty yos

  • Shaun Rutherford
    Shaun Rutherford 5 months ago

    I can thank Haunted Doll watch for the fact I know what EMF is.

  • Shishesha N
    Shishesha N 5 months ago

    Where did this lets play go?!

  • fitzdillore22
    fitzdillore22 5 months ago

    I grew up with these games; it’s funny to watch you struggle, but I’m getting triggered from when I played it as a kid and I was struggling. I’m cry laughing, please keep going!

  • MaverickAzrael
    MaverickAzrael 5 months ago

    You two are seriously blind as fuck sometimes I swear.... *facepalm*

  • kryptongalaxy
    kryptongalaxy 5 months ago

    EMF reader = supposedly detects ghosts

  • Juanfrancisco Costa
    Juanfrancisco Costa 5 months ago

    Fuck, I miss series.

  • Tori Ferris
    Tori Ferris 5 months ago

    please keep playing this!!!!!

  • Adrian Dangerous
    Adrian Dangerous 5 months ago

    Arin and Danny's conversation with 'Blinky' was the best! Please continue this series!

  • Sarah Wells
    Sarah Wells 5 months ago

    Arin was talking about the mouthfeel!!! :O :O :O

  • The Bacon Dragon
    The Bacon Dragon 5 months ago

    Considering the shenanigans and jokes that came out of the last Nancy Drew game you guys played, I wouldn't mind if you continued this series even if you had to stream it to take your time with it.

  • Henry Wayat
    Henry Wayat 5 months ago

    Here are some tips for you guys
    - Missed the napkin at the tea table
    - Missed the list of Jasselyn's Treasure Hunt near obelisk with letter T on it
    - Didn't called Jasselyn's friend on a fricking smartphone
    - Didn't clicked the left part of table in a workshop where scythes are. That might've tell what to do to charge dead phone

  • Ailing Frightcorny
    Ailing Frightcorny 5 months ago


  • AcidRayn
    AcidRayn 5 months ago

    Yo I got an ad for Nancy Drew games lol

  • Anna Marie Leo
    Anna Marie Leo 5 months ago

    I want more of this

  • Nj Njhjh
    Nj Njhjh 5 months ago

    Never gonna finish

  • ViaAyres
    ViaAyres 5 months ago

    They tried to make em more human.....


  • Primadonna Trash
    Primadonna Trash 5 months ago

    I can't blame them for wanting to look up a walkthrough, I myself still use them on games I've played over 5 times

  • Lizzie Hunsaker
    Lizzie Hunsaker 5 months ago

    I really hope you keep playing this! These games are so much fun! I will say they're easier to enjoy when you take the time to follow the plot and occasionally write things down. This game has so much interesting stuff going on, including a hinted-at-but-not-directly-said thing about the identity of Clara's father.

  • Terra SilverShade
    Terra SilverShade 5 months ago

    Please complete

  • cutie-pie-Vanessa
    cutie-pie-Vanessa 5 months ago

    Pleaseee continue this game!!!

  • wolfs298
    wolfs298 5 months ago

    I would love to see more of these!

  • Lyric Of Shadows
    Lyric Of Shadows 5 months ago

    I can't wait for Part 4! :D

  • JamestheKilljoy
    JamestheKilljoy 5 months ago

    You know you're from California when you automatically assume someone with a southern accent is being racist because they use the word "black" in a sentence.

  • mrtalkative91
    mrtalkative91 5 months ago

    make the game audio louder. I cant hear any of the characters talking

  • RiresDelven
    RiresDelven 5 months ago +1

    It’s nice to see someone else playing a Nancy Drew game besides only Arglefumph!

  • Katy Davis
    Katy Davis 5 months ago +1


  • Saibot216
    Saibot216 5 months ago

    Thank you, Dan, for the EMF reference.
    Although the band name stands for "Epsom Mad Funkers" or "Ecstasy Motherfucker", this device is an Electromagnetic Field... meter.