Aphelios - new champion reveal || reaction/lore/character design discussion

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
  • UPDATE: It was an intentional reveal, apparently.
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  • T B Skyen
    T B Skyen  2 months ago +648

    UPDATE: It was an intentional reveal, I was just confused because I saw it on non-Riot Twitter first and we literally just got Senna, lol.

    • squirrelbuddi
      squirrelbuddi 2 months ago

      There is an unfinished animation on the roadmap for fiddle @^@ wow so excited for everything they're working on including this. thank you for sharing your video! :D

    • Ladygothii12
      Ladygothii12 2 months ago +2

      @Fernando Moraga Diana was *raised* as a Solari , not knowing her parent or her heritage , until she became the Aspect and learned "the hidden truths" the Solari tries to eradicate.

    • bfeldz1023
      bfeldz1023 2 months ago +3

      @Alexander Pruzhansky yeah, so it makes sense that similar names would come around when making names for moon people. I just can't help but think of Elune because warcraft was the first time I heard a moon based name like that.

    • Alexander Pruzhansky
      Alexander Pruzhansky 2 months ago

      @bfeldz1023 Lune as in Luna which is basically the main word to tie something to the moon because Lunar cycle.

    • bfeldz1023
      bfeldz1023 2 months ago +3

      Every time I hear his sister's name I can only think of Elune from Warcraft, what with the moon theme and whatnot.

  • C
    C 15 days ago

    idk why i play this game but i'm too addicted at this point..sorry riot..your new characters..except for sylas and qiyanna in the last months are super uncreative

  • tossitupman
    tossitupman Month ago

    Those "tropes" were averted in the zayah rakan release, so.

  • Hide yo Sandwiches
    Hide yo Sandwiches Month ago

    commenting for the algorithm. Love these vids

  • Jenna Kochanski
    Jenna Kochanski Month ago +2

    "I'm excited to see what his abilities are like!"
    *Sweats nervously while patiently awaiting the 'What's the Deal?' segment*

    SPOOKYLAMA Month ago

    Well Diana believes that she's alone since she was raised under Solaris control. With that background it's probably no wonder she doesn't know that there are still some lunaris out there

  • Kia Waring
    Kia Waring Month ago

    Interesting fact, Diana's colors are grey- BUT her gear reflects teal and purple in the hues in the grey. Also, Diana is a foundling from another land. It states in her bio her parents 'had traveled from a distant land, drawn by dreams of a mountain they had never seen and the promise of revelation." Another thing to note, Diana started out with sable hair - I'm wondering if she's from Ionia or the hidden country somewhere between Noxus and Demacia. There's so much to contemplate! Also, both Diana and Aphelios's second skins are their Night Elf skin from World of Warcraft (Tell me they aren't Night Elves and I'll fight you!) ^_^ super excited to try him out and play with Diana's update. SOOO AWESOME to finally get more Lunari and to progress Diana's story finally. TY for the awesome video breaking down this new champion!

  • LC72
    LC72 Month ago

    What I get from the lore is that they turned a part of Black Panther into a League champion

  • Cat Kills Again
    Cat Kills Again Month ago

    Like why couldn't this guy be in true damage instead of yasuo?. Yas doesn't have any lines and neither does he. It just seems like a wasted opportunity.

  • RadioMagnetofonStereofoniczny

    Great Notification TVclip

  • DawnEvolution
    DawnEvolution 2 months ago

    What song is playing at 15:30?

  • Lucas Cofre
    Lucas Cofre 2 months ago

    I think diana is currently in ionia or somewhere else, she was raised by solari so she probably didnt knew they where more lunari alive

  • Freez
    Freez 2 months ago

    He is absolutely, positively, broodingly, extremely pretty. Like holy hell those twink vibes.

  • Subi Subi
    Subi Subi 2 months ago

    pretty lad lol

  • GrimmBones
    GrimmBones 2 months ago

    As I was watching True Damage - Giants, I noticed something that blew my fucking mind, that you, maybe by accident, totally skipped, animation-wise. In your video about it, I mean.
    You know when Ekko is doing the abstract thing, and then at the end he "rewinds" the video into Senna singing?
    Well, go to that "rewind", and place it on 0.25x speed, PLEASE, I never noticed that the purple/white Ekko from the abstract part ACTUALLY appears DURING the rewind, dancing and jumping around, in order to settle, during the whole rewind, in the place where he was sitting (cause you know that after the "rewind", the characters start disappearing, so they reappear in a different place all together) from which he disappears later on.
    I lost my absolute shit when I saw that by pure accident. (was watching one of gazillion other reactions to the video, and noticed purply stuff in the rewind, so I slowed it down, and was like "NO WAY")

  • Diandra Diamond
    Diandra Diamond 2 months ago

    his oversized coat is very... vulvar to me for some reason?

  • Drivegaruburn
    Drivegaruburn 2 months ago

    Welp Kayn Zed Shen aphelios next anime event hopefully and no they won’t form a k pop band 🤣🤣

  • Universe B Official Channel

    This guy out here not calling Jayce or Xin Cute. smh

  • WrittenInShadow
    WrittenInShadow 2 months ago

    Well, they did tell us that this was coming. They said (before Senna dropped) that they wanted to release three more champions by the end of the year. Senna first, then an "unique" ADC which would be Aphelios, and one other.

  • WrittenInShadow
    WrittenInShadow 2 months ago

    I hate that the Lunari and Solari have to battle each other. Would it not be more reflective of the moon and sun that they find balance with one another?

  • Reveled
    Reveled 2 months ago +1

    So edgy it makes me cry blood

  • Mike Iglesias
    Mike Iglesias 2 months ago

    Elune - Alune.

    Warcraft - Lol

  • C C
    C C 2 months ago

    I hope Leona isn't getting a rework after Diana, god don't change her splash art

  • Franco aki
    Franco aki 2 months ago

    Pretty bouy

    GALACTIC WARRIOR211 2 months ago

    Why do i have a feeling he's jhin or something idk why

    PEE ZZA 2 months ago

    Hes basically jhin but without a mask

  • Lui Cheng
    Lui Cheng 2 months ago

    FINALLY! The end of Kaisa has come!

  • Jaeden Robinson
    Jaeden Robinson 2 months ago

    he reminds me of ren from rwby

  • Gage Acosta
    Gage Acosta 2 months ago

    What if the muted, relatively drab colors aren’t meant to represent him the shadow in the edgy sense, but it’s more of a visual representation that his identity is entirely defined by his sister, or the magic she utilizes. Sort of an extreme bit of Hegelianism.
    I think it’s supposed to be a sort of predatory symbolism. The easiest comparison is to that of a cooled snake; his collar literally looks like a cobras splayed ribs.

  • Andrew Califf
    Andrew Califf 2 months ago

    Dude, I beg you... take a look at Klaus the movie. It's on Netflix and its phenomenal! I'm interested in what you think of the art style.

  • Chi Johnson
    Chi Johnson 2 months ago

    I am sensing a legendary Diana skin especially with her mini rework

  • HalfTangible
    HalfTangible 2 months ago

    The client has his release date set as 12/11.

  • HalfTangible
    HalfTangible 2 months ago

    16:54 Uh, the mage rebellion in Demacia is a thing, man >.>

    • HalfTangible
      HalfTangible 2 months ago

      @T B Skyen Demacia was previously a stable nation lorewise. With the introduction of Sylas it's now in the throes of a civil war. It certainly wasn't presented as an event happening "in the past".

      *shrug* I'll chalk this one up to a difference of opinion. I'd also argue for other instances where the story has advanced. Shurima's story has advanced multiple times. Azir's introduction advanced Sivir's storyline, Taliyah's return from Ionia took place several months after Azir's rise, Yasuo and Riven has their confrontation (the ONLY thing I like about that story is that it did advance things. Poorly.)

      That said you're right that Riot has a serious problem with retcons. *glares at Shyvana's changed lore, the darkin going from out-of-world invaders to corrupted Ascended within the span of a few months, and other instances too numerous to name*

    • T B Skyen
      T B Skyen  2 months ago

      @HalfTangible Not quite true, when you consider the timeline. The Sylas story begins with Lux still ignorant about her powers and unable to use them - it ends when she has learned to control them, i.e. in it only takes us up to the "present day" of League of Legends.

      Xin, Garen and Jarvan's narratives are not progressed, they're retconned and fleshed out.
      In the old lore-state, Jarvan IV was prince and king-to-be of Demacia, in the new lore state, he is still prince and king-to-be of Demacia - only difference is his dad is dead instead of aging. The Sylas storyline was a retcon/backstory expansion which deepened Demacia's storyline, it didn't really push it forward from where it was.

    • HalfTangible
      HalfTangible 2 months ago

      @T B Skyen What? It's backstory for Sylas maybe, but overall it advanced the story in Demacia as a region. Previously there was tension with mages; now it's an open conflict. Jarvan the third is dead, Lux is in exile (kinda, I'm a little unclear on that), Xin Zhao is shamed, the Mageseekers are cracking down on mages more thoroughly... heck, we just found out that Sylas went to the Freljord to encourage the Winter's Claw to raid Demacia.

    • T B Skyen
      T B Skyen  2 months ago

      That's backstory, not lore progress.

  • HalfTangible
    HalfTangible 2 months ago

    15:32 She was raised as a Solari, the people the Lunari are hiding from. Why would she know? Secret societies are not known for revealing themselves, especially not to groups that want to wipe them out.
    If anything, Diana being chosen as the aspect of the moon was probably what tipped the Solari off to the Lunari still being a thing.

  • Galgamos
    Galgamos 2 months ago

    This is a very interesting one. While it is "just" a typical anime protagonist, those can be fun if done right.
    While Diana's story is that of a solitary existence, her story is years old by this point in time. Could it be that this faith has sprung from her and that this is just one of their religious temples? That would explain why Diana isn't there.
    Or it could be that she was just busy elsewhere during that specific moment. Could make for a neat few interactions between the brother silently judging Diana and his sister trying to get him to open up again. Or it could be the other way around. Either way, this could be the basis for something that is great while also using typical tropes. If done right, then this could show why dominant tropes are indeed dominant tropes.

    Oh btw... I assume that you get requests about this a lot. Would you consider taking a look at the animation of "Hazbin Hotel" or is that too much of a hazardous bin of adult material that would do more harm to your channel than it would do good? Or maybe you're either not interested or working on it already. Either way, I'd be bothering you needlessly. Oh dear...

  • Linnea
    Linnea 2 months ago

    Am I the only one getting a hunchback vibe from his splash art? Like his body looks a bit too big for his head?

  • Chastiefol Stance
    Chastiefol Stance 2 months ago


  • Izzu Sees-yu
    Izzu Sees-yu 2 months ago

    His look feels kinda bland, like an edgy isekai protagonist review brah, but without the class and taste

  • Ivan Tavarez
    Ivan Tavarez 2 months ago +1

    A video that says a lot of nothing for 20 minutes

  • mattockmaniac47
    mattockmaniac47 2 months ago

    Riot: releases Aphelios
    Us: surprised pikachu face

  • The One who Doubts the Plan

    is it a marksman? i only play marksman and support.

  • Engi
    Engi 2 months ago

    What if his sister is actually diana , just she is getting a rework and new story ? same as morgana and kayle

  • Simone bho
    Simone bho 2 months ago

    Oh so Viktor from inazuma eleven got a weapon, nice

  • Trisha Yuu
    Trisha Yuu 2 months ago

    5:24 You do know making a character's head is a general way of making the upper body look bigger, right? They also do this when designing mechs like Gundam. It's not really exclusive to or really even a thing in BL afaik... your fudanshi might just be showing. XD

  • ok cool
    ok cool 2 months ago +1

    Avatar Flashbacks.....only me???..ok then

  • Hísam
    Hísam 2 months ago

    when u are comparing his splash art to diana's and zoe's u should add them like in the corner or somewhere that would be nice and helpful

  • Todd Odom
    Todd Odom 2 months ago

    I want his sister to be super outgoing and goofy to contrast his silent edgyness.

  • 1moetime123
    1moetime123 2 months ago

    Looks like they stole him from AOV, a concept character called Necro

  • Commoner Sam
    Commoner Sam 2 months ago

    Perhaps the events described in Aphelios' bio took place some time before Diana's journey of discovery?

  • InesWasHere
    InesWasHere 2 months ago

    Sooooooooooooooooo basically genderbend diana?

  • green miner
    green miner 2 months ago


  • Anime_Edgelord
    Anime_Edgelord 2 months ago

    im calling them super powerful hyper priestess and captain assassin the silent from now on

  • mihai dragos
    mihai dragos 2 months ago

    He is a stando usar

  • Suffian Azmier
    Suffian Azmier 2 months ago

    Riot:My Chemical Romance r coming back! Quickly release emo champion!

  • Obsidianflame
    Obsidianflame 2 months ago

    I think that Diana found the Faith on her own and simply does not know about the remnants of the Lunari. She is basically someone who stumbled across the faith and was chosen as the avatar of the moon, while Aphelios was was literally born into it.

  • Marko Antonijevic
    Marko Antonijevic 2 months ago +3

    That time my sister got transported into another world without me

  • Ronnie Webb
    Ronnie Webb 2 months ago

    Jhin: Perfection....

  • Mizako 96
    Mizako 96 2 months ago

    He’s so pretty 🥰

  • Greeny *
    Greeny * 2 months ago

    Senna was released 1 week ago

  • Onebigdude
    Onebigdude 2 months ago

    just now i realized we only have 2 human males ADC's.