Tennessee vs #1 Alabama Highlights | Week 8 | College Football Highlights

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • 2019 College Football Week 8 Tennessee vs #1 Alabama
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  • Exacerbated Fellow
    Exacerbated Fellow 3 days ago

    More fixed officiating for Alabama.

  • Christian Juneau
    Christian Juneau 3 days ago


  • Codu Horne
    Codu Horne 11 days ago

    I love how the announcers literally can't pronounce half of Tennessees roster. Also show D. Taylor (Defensive End) referring to him as the QB. 0 prep by these guys.

  • Tom Yazel
    Tom Yazel 15 days ago

    next week Bama v Alabama tech and culinary arts institute.

  • Jan Nix
    Jan Nix 16 days ago

    People act like Tenn stuck it to them. Ugh do you idiots realize if Tua played all 4 it would be an extra 2 to 3 touchdowns. More like 50+ to 13.

    • Brian
      Brian 15 days ago

      Jan Nix yes but your defense would still be trash...

  • 4 inch Cawk
    4 inch Cawk 16 days ago

    americans like to watch men in tight ass pants touching each other I think 😂

    • 4 inch Cawk
      4 inch Cawk 15 days ago

      @Jan Nix crouching low and have to touch his nuts from behind for the ball is gay af... even soccer is more manly than that.. the fucking sheeple have no fucking idea what they wachting these days. think about it.

    • Jan Nix
      Jan Nix 16 days ago

      Good one. You are a fan of what? Soccer?

  • lovefunkrockmusic
    lovefunkrockmusic 17 days ago

    Another thing I would say is Shyem Carter has to press up on the slot receiver. What if this was a Jamar Chase

  • Joseph Hounnake
    Joseph Hounnake 17 days ago

    9:47 why he do that. couldn't be me id smack that guy in the face is he grabbed my mask like that

    • Joseph Hounnake
      Joseph Hounnake 14 days ago

      Jan Nix thanks i understand better now, respect to the footballers out there. didn’t know the sport game with abuse from the coach but aye 🤷🏾‍♂️ to each there own

    • Jan Nix
      Jan Nix 16 days ago +1

      Well that's why you aren't a football player. He did that because the idiot QB called his own play and not the play the rest of the team was doing. He also barely pulled it.

  • spraypaintJT
    spraypaintJT 18 days ago

    LSU going to wax that ass

    • spraypaintJT
      spraypaintJT Day ago

      And once again I was right!

    • Brian
      Brian 15 days ago +1

      If Alabama actually played a legit schedule and didn’t have a bye week before literally every ranked game they play...

    • Jan Nix
      Jan Nix 16 days ago

      Lol corndogs say that every year.

    WHO'S THE MASTA 18 days ago

    We looked like pure uncut shit

  • Devon Tuggle
    Devon Tuggle 19 days ago

    I wonder what Tua will do when he has guys like Mack in his lap every play

  • Jonathan Moody
    Jonathan Moody 19 days ago +2

    If Bama were playing a OSU or LSU they lose this game

  • christos adamopoulos
    christos adamopoulos 19 days ago +3

    1:42 why isn’t anyone talking about the ref stepping in Jennings way 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Jerry Mooney
    Jerry Mooney 19 days ago

    Mark my words as the year goes on Tennessee gets better each game they could have just as easily won this game as they did lost it had to guarantee touchdowns in one that was 50/50 take the touchdown they ran all the way back from the guaranteed touchdown that makes Tennessee up by just a few points and they would have won the Ballgame next year they will be a force to be reckoned with mark my words Tennessee's coming back baby

  • Kaevek Plays
    Kaevek Plays 20 days ago

    I don't think I've ever seen the losing team take a knee to end the game.. For awhile there it looked like the Vols had a chance. Looking forward to the LSU Bama game now..

  • Christian Juneau
    Christian Juneau 20 days ago


    • Christian Juneau
      Christian Juneau 3 days ago


    • Jan Nix
      Jan Nix 16 days ago

      Try not sopeaking ebonics.

  • Jack Newburn
    Jack Newburn 20 days ago +1

    I don’t think LSU is as good as everyone is making them out too be... it’s literally every year y’all are saying they will beat bama and then get destroyed but they have a chance but I just can’t see it happening

    • Jack Newburn
      Jack Newburn 16 days ago

      Jan Nix yeah it would be funny if auburn beat em😂 wouldn’t be that suprised

    • Jan Nix
      Jan Nix 16 days ago +1

      They aren't. Lsu gets overhyped every year. I'm not sure they beat Auburn today.

  • scott franklin
    scott franklin 20 days ago

    A good game from Tenn. That wasn't Alabama, that was AlaHarris.

  • Adam Joyce
    Adam Joyce 20 days ago

    Tennessee deserves to lose for giving Gaurantano another chance.

    • Captain Obvious
      Captain Obvious 20 days ago

      We had no choice. Maurer got a concussion they wouldn't let him play.

  • Elijah Tyson
    Elijah Tyson 20 days ago

    man them boys beat themselves

  • Clayton Smith
    Clayton Smith 20 days ago

    Congratulations Bama, you struggled against a horrible team. RIP when LSU plays Bama lol

    • Jan Nix
      Jan Nix 16 days ago

      Lol what clemson did with north Carolina is struggling. 35 to 13 without best qb is not bad. Lsu thinks this every year

  • Vernon Huffman
    Vernon Huffman 20 days ago +1

    The only thing weaker than bamas schedule is Tuas ankles.

  • Prometheus Prometheus
    Prometheus Prometheus 20 days ago

    It’s so obvious how much more speed Alabama has than everyone else. And seems like they use a lot more effort. Guess with a team of 5 stars what else would expect.

  • Darian Broster
    Darian Broster 20 days ago

    if youre gonna beat Alabama you have to beat them by alot because the refs favour them Everytime. I'm a bama fan but it's kinda bad how they always get the call

  • Daryl Boldin
    Daryl Boldin 21 day ago

    We was robed out 2 touch downs and 2 was giveing to you

    • Jan Nix
      Jan Nix 16 days ago

      Nope I'm sorry you guys are shit. Go cry on your facebook.

  • Warren G.
    Warren G. 21 day ago +1

    Referees clearly where for Alabama from the start. Shameful ! Bad calls. Pathetic.

  • Antinorio Brown
    Antinorio Brown 21 day ago

    And for those questioning tua's durability and saying he needs to toughin up let me remind you of tua. He played all last year with a high ankle sprain and didn't have the surgery until later on in the season. He has taken hits and still gotten up and delivered strikes and accurate passes after accurate passes. Only a hater finds something bad about this kid to say. And just being real the only reason tua isn't just completely eating up defenses is because of sarkisian. They are trying to develop him into more of a progressive qb. Instead of just going deep almost every play like last year. He is a different more tamed qb so instead of him tossing sooner he holds the ball longer to find other opportunities the defense is giving and sustaining drives.

  • Ruth Bertram
    Ruth Bertram 21 day ago

    Alabama is not even the best team in college football and people are still hating, must be delusional LSU, Auburn and Georgia fans still butt hurt from last year beatings lol.

    • Brian
      Brian 15 days ago

      Ruth Bertram No they’re pissed off that Bama gets ranked #1 playing nobody.
      Seriously you have yet to play a currently ranked team and your opponents combined season record is 24-39 for a .381 season to date average. That’s dogshit.
      Half the teams the AAC have played more Top 30 teams and have a significantly better opponent record.
      Yet you’re ranked #1 based on viewership and money, which has nothing to do with the sport.

  • Sandra M
    Sandra M 21 day ago

    Who's idea to take Tua out. Sounds like a Fulmer call. Dirty play.

    • Wackywartortle
      Wackywartortle 19 days ago

      It was literally a routine sack. Bless your heart.

  • Rod Gossett
    Rod Gossett 21 day ago

    Tenn gets a that-aboy but their 20th loss to Alabama. Tenn start paying your recruits family
    then maybe you will be beating Bama.

  • keefo rizzo
    keefo rizzo 21 day ago +1

    They're be lots of blitzing with Matt Jones at the ranges!

  • keefo rizzo
    keefo rizzo 21 day ago +1

    Running and decent quarter backing with hard D Bama will decently beat down Razorbacks.

  • smokeone
    smokeone 21 day ago +1

    LMAO at ppl thinking Tennessee EVER had a chance against Bama. You delusional fucks 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • InChargeVol AllDay
    InChargeVol AllDay 21 day ago

    Bama paying the Refs Vols got cheated on big calls that Game

    • InChargeVol AllDay
      InChargeVol AllDay 21 day ago

      @smokeone Not Mad actually I thought they could of won without the bs calls Lol

    • smokeone
      smokeone 21 day ago

      How mad are you?? 😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • sonofursus
    sonofursus 21 day ago


  • IAmaPersion
    IAmaPersion 21 day ago +1

    Bama being #1 again this week just shows that SEC bias. Struggling against TENN of all teams and Bama stays #1???? Ridiculous.

    • Brian
      Brian 15 days ago +1

      smokeone Against a 3-5 team that’s now 3rd worst in the SEC? And you played at home

    • IAmaPersion
      IAmaPersion 21 day ago

      @smokeone Did you even watch the game? Bama struggled much of the game. They are not the #1 team in the country and I think we all know there's a loss coming for Bama very soon. Other teams have more impressive wins and Bama has played a cupcake schedule so far. They made Bama #1 so when they play LSU it will be a #1 vs #2 scenario for ESPN ratings which is BS.

    • smokeone
      smokeone 21 day ago

      We won by 22 points WITHOUT the best player in the country.

  • Joe Bun
    Joe Bun 21 day ago

    I thought the thumbnail was another popeyes spicy chicken commercial

  • Big Dom
    Big Dom 21 day ago

    Tennessee left two touchdowns on the field and defense gave up two. Simple mistakes could’ve easily made this an upset

    • smokeone
      smokeone 21 day ago +1

      Tennessee was never winning this game you simple minded fuck. Tua went out early on and it was already a blowout. With Tua, Bama wins by 40+. Without Tua, Bama won by 20+. You fuckin ppl are delusional 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Dan Hughes
    Dan Hughes 21 day ago

    If Tennessee would have converted the field goals to touchdowns they would have won wow bamas defense is very suspect

    • smokeone
      smokeone 21 day ago

      If ya Auntee was ya Uncle she'd have a dick. Stupid ass nigga 🤣😂🤣😂

    DELTA DJ 21 day ago

    bro Harris is a TANK, ROLL TIDE, LOL 7:13 perfect Football fall and air knocked out sound

  • Dan M
    Dan M 21 day ago

    Buckeyes are #1. this s*** is fake news.

    • Dan M
      Dan M 20 days ago

      @Victors Valiant Yeah it's close. I'd take LSU #1 OSU #2. Alabama and Clemson haven't looked that great though. Hoping LSU knocks them off.

    • Victors Valiant
      Victors Valiant  21 day ago

      Their good but LSU has proved more do far

  • Ryan Sherlin
    Ryan Sherlin 21 day ago +1

    Even from this 10 minute biased video, you can tell the refs were giving the game to Bama.

  • Bren
    Bren 21 day ago

    Burrow will feast

  • Tanner MacLeod
    Tanner MacLeod 21 day ago +1

    Bama some how has the refs as an additional player.

  • Tanner MacLeod
    Tanner MacLeod 21 day ago

    Vols needed a Quarterback this season. With wrs 15 and 1 being two players that will play on Sunday's. Just sad for the big Orange.

  • PJ Clemons
    PJ Clemons 21 day ago

    Joe Burrow is coming Bitches.

  • Mosey Ballad
    Mosey Ballad 21 day ago

    Vols had their chances to possibly be in it or win in the end but 2 field goals and one red zone turnover for a scoop n score the other way isn't how u beat Bama. Talk about shoot yourself in the foot. But vols are much improved and getting better. Look for them to do big things in the next few yrs

  • thumbsaloft
    thumbsaloft 21 day ago

    Bama has been devastated by INJURIES! This isn't the D that would have taken the field this year if not for injuries! A bunch of FRESHMEN! INJURIES, the only thing that can beat Bama!

  • Devan Lance
    Devan Lance 21 day ago

    Terrible play by the QB went against play design trying to be a hero and it cost his team. Also glad to see Najee finally being fed

  • james justice
    james justice 21 day ago

    bama could have won by forty but saban, showing class, called of the dogs and shut it down..............didn't want to run it up.........................especially on pruit........................

  • james justice
    james justice 21 day ago

    man those were some flag happy officials ............................against both sides

  • Gregory F. Murray
    Gregory F. Murray 21 day ago +5

    Man, those well-paid officials sure hate putting their hands up for a Tennessee touchdown. lol

  • just lem
    just lem 21 day ago

    Pruit grabbing his helmet after that fumble should be addressed.

    • thumbsaloft
      thumbsaloft 18 days ago

      @just lemABSOLUTE BULL! NO everyone doesn't! Only WEAK WIMPS think that way!

    • just lem
      just lem 18 days ago

      @thumbsaloft No sir, sadly those football days are over, and everyone needs to understand that

    • thumbsaloft
      thumbsaloft 21 day ago

      @just lem, ABSOLUTE BULL! This is football, back in the day coaches did worse than that! They'd make you run miles or work you harder some other way! Society today has become a bunch of WEAK WIMPS!

  • 100anti
    100anti 21 day ago +1

    at 1:23 te needs to dart out in corner and run forward to demand a throw from tua. tide ends and any receivers got to be more aggressive and get in a better open position for qb to throw to them. there was a lot of time, but gingerly ran that rout. if you want it go get it! it's like basketball, you got to create openings. tua is being chased, got to help him and get more open to grab the ball. there is a lot of space from the black line, that entire square. use it to your advantage

    • 100anti
      100anti 21 day ago +1

      at 4:52 #58 is darn fast...Wow!! Get 'em Bama!!

    • 100anti
      100anti 21 day ago +1

      at 4:15 tua stayed in the pocket and ran back 5 yards to throw a long bomb. when the middle section has no men open than hit those long bombs. instead of coming out of pocket. to get more protection

  • Kyle Sterling
    Kyle Sterling 21 day ago

    Georgia fan here. First thing is first, Bama is scary good as usual in the 2nd half. Secondly, dude, fuck Tennessee's coach Pruitt. Fuck that fuck. The way he was pointing and screaming in a demeaning way at Guarantano after that fumble returned for a touchdown. Way to build moral there coach. Pruitt is a cancer and everyone knows it.

  • Mr. Wizard
    Mr. Wizard 21 day ago +1

    Thanks for no stupid ass music my man.

  • ron estes
    ron estes 21 day ago

    Bama sucks! LSU going to exploit them ass clowns in November! LSU'S QB going to throw all over that Bama defense! 🤣😂🤣🤷‍♂️

  • Erik Pederson
    Erik Pederson 21 day ago

    SEC is overrated this year

  • Erik Pederson
    Erik Pederson 21 day ago

    Does bama ever play anybody good? Next year they start with usc.if the pac 12 refs do the game...they will be on bama side.

  • Cody Jones
    Cody Jones 21 day ago +3

    bama losing to LSU