Chef Jacques Pépin Peels an Apple | Bon Appétit

  • Published on Feb 19, 2016
  • Peeling an apple-seems simple, right? Chef Jacques Pépin shows us how it's really done.
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    Chef Jacques Pépin Peels an Apple | Bon Appétit

Comments • 80

  • LV86
    LV86 15 days ago

    On top of the technical skill regarding all of these videos for BA I just love how NONE of the food is wasted which is indicative of the economy of not just French cooks but home cooks as well in the early to mid 20th century. Even the skin was used for something, tea.

  • RPfan07
    RPfan07 3 months ago

    That's a lot of wastage...

  • jandipeach
    jandipeach 3 months ago

    More Pepin, please!

  • orbitaldildo
    orbitaldildo 3 months ago

    I use a wood chipper

  • Jonathan Saboury
    Jonathan Saboury 4 months ago

    You waste this man's time by peeling an apple??

  • patrick mulchrone
    patrick mulchrone 6 months ago +1

    Jacques Pepin cuts an apple bong

  • Ivan Sikima
    Ivan Sikima 7 months ago +2

    I could watch this man peeling and processing all types of produce for hours and not get bored... Jacques is a genius

  • Fand Htwoohs
    Fand Htwoohs 7 months ago +5

    I could watch him all day.

  • Ulumalu
    Ulumalu 8 months ago +3

    He is a Gem.

  • Meinolf Hermes
    Meinolf Hermes 9 months ago

    Truly a video the world needed.

  • Bob Sagget
    Bob Sagget 11 months ago +3

    i remember when i was little we didnt have a peeler so i had to learn how to peel everything with a knife

    • Slice Dice
      Slice Dice 7 months ago

      Bob Sagget that’s how we learn

  • LedGuitar1218
    LedGuitar1218 11 months ago

    My favorite chef. He makes it look so easy

  • Jake Carter
    Jake Carter 11 months ago

    lolz he missed a spot AND his slice cuts didnt actually go all the way through. Fucks given = 00000.

  • alan hu
    alan hu 11 months ago +13

    I'm a simple man. I see a Jacques Pépin video and I press like.

  • PhatTrumpet2
    PhatTrumpet2 11 months ago +1

    Am I the only one weirded out by a legendary French chef wearing a Hedley & Bennett apron?

    [Yes, I understand that BA more than likely has an agreement/contract with H&B.]

  • Peter Knot
    Peter Knot 11 months ago

    In Holland this technique is actually quite well known. We do love our apples

  • Jefferay
    Jefferay Year ago

    I forgot the thumb part and now my arm is gone, how to slice apple with 1 arm?

  • Eliseu Monar
    Eliseu Monar Year ago

    Nice. That's how Brazilians peel oranges

  • Kayeed
    Kayeed Year ago

    Haha that's just like my grandma would

  • Joseph Brown
    Joseph Brown Year ago

    i could watch this man do anything with food and be entertained.

  • Lisa Bruce
    Lisa Bruce Year ago

    Pure Genius :-)

  • manny10x
    manny10x Year ago

    hes old yet hes still great. u can tell cuz it seems so easy

  • Deserve Not Desire
    Deserve Not Desire Year ago +2

    i'd keep that in mind, the a dry apple peel would make a very pleasant tea for later.

  • 忍野忍
    忍野忍 Year ago +8

    wow, woa, bliss, incredible, incroyable, bla bla
    my mom peels the same way, i peel the same way, there's nothing admirable about this, it is just normal peeling.

    • Dutch Delight
      Dutch Delight 11 months ago

      忍野忍 you already do looking at your comments

    • Marcos Cruz
      Marcos Cruz 11 months ago +3

      The people are not praising the technique they're praising the great chef introducing the technique to them and probably they are trying to make happy an elderly person either with the good or bad idea of how Jacques would feel about those comments. Also the speed and the familiarity of Jacques hands with the knife makes it look very good and make a simple task look good like he does always deserve credit.

    • 忍野忍
      忍野忍 11 months ago +1

      i don't, that is the point.
      But maybe I should, I just didn't know my apple peeling skills deserved praise

    • Dutch Delight
      Dutch Delight 11 months ago +4

      忍野忍 you must feel so special

    • alysoffoxdale
      alysoffoxdale Year ago +1

      It's all in what you're taught and the tools you use. My family never peels apples; we just run them through the apple slicer/corer doohickey. So seeing the correct technique for using just a knife instead to peel and core is very useful. One more everyday tool I can expunge from my stuff drawer!

  • Shane's Book Corner
    Shane's Book Corner Year ago +1

    Talk about making it look easy!

  • where are my nuggets at?

    Wow nobody watched this video

  • Dinklenoot Gaming

    I thought I hated the French, but jfc this man has taught me a lot about cooking.

    • ThePotaToh
      ThePotaToh 11 months ago

      Dinklenoot Gaming
      jfc = Jacques fried chicken?

  • Justa Channel
    Justa Channel Year ago +21

    I'm gonna go buy some apples so I can peal them

    • V
      V Year ago +1

      Get a dictionary so you can English too.

  • Yop K
    Yop K Year ago

    Well done

  • Ashwani Kaul
    Ashwani Kaul Year ago +6

    the master himself :)

  • Lloyd Rivera
    Lloyd Rivera Year ago

    Well done Jacques. Not so good job camera-person.

  • Soulx86
    Soulx86 Year ago +9

    He missed a spot.

  • Great Mallard
    Great Mallard Year ago +102

    Jacques check out alex French guys cookings omelette

    • Slice Dice
      Slice Dice 7 months ago

      Jacques Pepin already replied

    • Drunken Master II
      Drunken Master II 11 months ago +4

      dEaD mEmE why? Because Jacques replied? You think he replied because of a comment on a video of another youtube channel? Like I said it’s not how the internet works, also my comment was made after the reply by Jacques, I was already aware that Alex managed to get his attention.
      By the way if you want to communicate that type of information use Twitter instead of a TVclip comment.

    • Bob Tillman
      Bob Tillman 11 months ago

      dEaD mEmE damn straight

    • Dutch Delight
      Dutch Delight 11 months ago +1

      Drunken Master II oh boy you must feel stupid now

    • Bob Tillman
      Bob Tillman Year ago +1

      it's unlikely but possible that Jacques would still be in contact with B.A., and considering F.G.C. was trying to get Jacques's attention simply by shouting on the internet, I don't think it's that stupid to be commenting on any video starring Jacques...

  • Dena Vahdani
    Dena Vahdani Year ago +1


  • SisiaVogel
    SisiaVogel Year ago +104

    Jacques Pèpeels an apple

    • Slice Dice
      Slice Dice 7 months ago


    • Tom
      Tom Year ago +1

      NAMLAZ pépin means seed

    • NAMLAZ
      NAMLAZ Year ago +3

      actually pépin is french for apple seed lol

  • Yusen Ye
    Yusen Ye Year ago +3

    That's how my mom and grandma peel it too!

      BUSHMASTER ' Year ago +2

      Yusen Ye The difference is he makes it pie and can charge 80 bucks for it.

  • Bruce Swayne
    Bruce Swayne Year ago +214

    I love how he threw in the extra tip of how to properly arrange an apple tarte.

    • Slice Dice
      Slice Dice 7 months ago

      Nick Ritchie truly a master

    • Nick Ritchie
      Nick Ritchie Year ago +7

      He has forgotten more tips about properly arranging food than any of us know.

  • atxtrojans002
    atxtrojans002 Year ago +1


  • Ang Wei Lun
    Ang Wei Lun Year ago +296

    He should get a show called "The joy of cooking", like bob ross

    • Tito
      Tito 9 months ago

      He’s got a show on PBS- “Essential Pépin”

    • Ty's Vlogs
      Ty's Vlogs 10 months ago

      Irma S. Rombauer, but Julia said it was an essential bit of kit for the American kitchen.

    • DeadGrandpa
      DeadGrandpa 10 months ago

      Ty's Vlogs Was "The Joy of Cooking" a cookbook by Julia Child

    • Ty's Vlogs
      Ty's Vlogs Year ago +1

      Jay Leno of course, but it would be great if he had a show called The Joy of Cooking.

    • Ty's Vlogs
      Ty's Vlogs Year ago

      Ang Wei Lun you're a genius

  • crepu33
    crepu33 3 years ago +22

    He makes peeling an art. Amazing

    • nude sloth
      nude sloth Year ago +2

      I hope your mental state is better after these 2 years.

  • Gi Di
    Gi Di 3 years ago +7


  • Z Y
    Z Y 3 years ago +29