Klay Thompson Postgame Interview - Game 4 | Warriors vs Blazers | 2019 NBA Playoffs

  • Published on May 21, 2019
  • Portland Trail Blazers vs Golden State Warriors - Game 4 | Western Conference Finals WCF | May 20, 2019 NBA Playoffs
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Comments • 121

  • Judy Seager
    Judy Seager 2 months ago

    Klay thompson is a splash bro and he is staying with g.s.warriors he is a favorite player. He has the ability to play the game..🏀👌⛹️‍♂️

  • Jason Damaso
    Jason Damaso 3 months ago

    1:41 That's a sta sta stat sheet sheet stuff stuffer for you right there

  • dani
    dani 3 months ago

    this man is fkn awesome. even if you don’t like the warriors, you just can’t hate klay thompson.

  • Chris Parnell
    Chris Parnell 3 months ago +1

    Livin in China, walk past Anta stores, but can’t get the KTs because the don’t have big feet in China, can’t get my size : (

  • Thabiti Scott
    Thabiti Scott 3 months ago +1

    Who else thought Klay was shirtless at first? 😂

  • Thabiti Scott
    Thabiti Scott 3 months ago


  • Janet Jackson
    Janet Jackson 3 months ago

    He has to stay at Golden State bc he could never be leader of a team. Good player but lacks consistency with his game. Hell show up give you a big game and then next game ghost

  • Fernando Fernandez
    Fernando Fernandez 4 months ago +4

    People don’t talk about Klay defense. This guy is very good defender guard.

  • Louie Marinda Jr.
    Louie Marinda Jr. 4 months ago +3

    Klay been using 5 finals hats since 2015 👍🏽

  • barebp
    barebp 4 months ago

    National treasure

  • Feedback4Utoday
    Feedback4Utoday 4 months ago +2

    Klay is very very good. A leader & always humble... helped team massively in taking pay cuts. Deserves much more credit. Star.

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy 4 months ago +3

    Very humble young man ,spreads the love. Level headed he'll of a ball player.

  • Kavi Patel
    Kavi Patel 4 months ago

    3:08 guy on the left of the speaker looks confused

  • Sebby H
    Sebby H 4 months ago

    Stat sheet stuffer... say that quickly

  • Ypsilon
    Ypsilon 4 months ago

    he is so funny and he does not want to be....best!

  • Tyrique Owens
    Tyrique Owens 4 months ago

    They wanted him to say no Durant was different so bad lol.

  • Jackson Wesche
    Jackson Wesche 4 months ago +2

    I love Klay.

  • ziphomdluli
    ziphomdluli 4 months ago +1

    Same questions every game 🙄😐

    • Aliyah Chantel
      Aliyah Chantel 3 months ago

      ziphomdluli lol they ran out of ideas. When you have a team who’s done this five years straight I’d imagine coming up with an original question would be a challenge. Lol

  • Invincible Young Empire
    Invincible Young Empire 4 months ago +5

    "No problem, that was easy." 🤣

  • AJ Junior
    AJ Junior 4 months ago

    whom ever the warriors play in the finals whether its the bucks or raptors the series will end in five or six games with warriors 3-peating they look honestly truly unbeatable

  • tmroadrunner
    tmroadrunner 4 months ago

    Portland? I thought Klay was from California?

    HUSTLE PRINCE MEDIA 4 months ago +15

    “Cant wait to get it started again”- klay aint going no where.

  • Eazy
    Eazy 4 months ago +2

    Dude a free bird! Funny without trying 👍👍

  • Pee Cee7_BayArea
    Pee Cee7_BayArea 4 months ago +1

    He just admitted it, bucks are the next opponents. "We have a tough task ahead of us especially starting the series on the road."

    • Slick Ric
      Slick Ric 4 months ago

      SlothManJ correct, golden state will be the road team no matter what

    • SlothManJ
      SlothManJ 4 months ago

      Purely record based I’m afraid, either opponent has a better record (the east! am I right?)

    • Pee Cee7_BayArea
      Pee Cee7_BayArea 4 months ago

      So even if their 2nd in their conference ? And gs is 1 in the west?

    • Parth Shah
      Parth Shah 4 months ago +1

      Both had a better record than warriors

  • DayTop TV
    DayTop TV 4 months ago +1

    LETS GO WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kram ynohtna ocsa Nairac
    Kram ynohtna ocsa Nairac 4 months ago +6

    Humble handsome shooter guy ..keep it up bro Klay please dont leave GSW...and break the record of GOAT MJ
    God bless my GSW family always.

    • Judy Seager
      Judy Seager 3 months ago

      He won't go anywhere else hope he is a splash bro g.s..warriors klay is my favorite team player. 😀😀💜🏀

    • Aaron9
      Aaron9 4 months ago

      Break what record? Mj is 6-0 with 6 finals MVPs dumbass. His rings are not Jordans rings fucktard

  • Jim Ewart
    Jim Ewart 4 months ago

    Sports commentators ask some lame ass questions

  • Munish Yadav
    Munish Yadav 4 months ago +8

    Warriors are real deal. Get up NBA, you're not doing enough. Analytics and complaining not going to help. Start playing as a TEAM.

  • danilo maghanoy
    danilo maghanoy 4 months ago +3

    Klay Gonna Klay In Interview

  • Boom Shakalaka
    Boom Shakalaka 4 months ago +4

    That hat look photoshopped on

  • Emani Mallari
    Emani Mallari 4 months ago +8

    He makes me laugh without even doing nothing lmaoooo

  • 05desirae
    05desirae 4 months ago

    That nigga jon B! Town shit baby

  • Will
    Will 4 months ago +1

    "Next challenge is pretty big, especially starting the series on the road"
    I see what you did there Klay

    • Timothy Mutuma
      Timothy Mutuma 4 months ago +1

      @Erster Aufruf Me neither, both raps and bucks have home court adv.
      I guess he was pointing that out

    • Erster Aufruf
      Erster Aufruf 4 months ago

      I dont get it

  • Irentha Jones
    Irentha Jones 4 months ago +1

    Klay looks very tired, get some rest my guy you need it and very deserving of it, still have 4 more to go see you 🚿🛁🛀 in the finals

  • Ley Tse
    Ley Tse 4 months ago

    Klay looks so chill.

  • Lovell
    Lovell 4 months ago +1

    he will bang bang tonight

  • Bishop Dnt
    Bishop Dnt 4 months ago

    Steph is A good Defender too shit everybody go hard at him yo o ly khanse is foul trouble

  • lisalafayette
    lisalafayette 4 months ago +16

    Sooooooo fine, yummy, incredibly talented........that man is everything. Luv the guy!!

  • Steven Brown
    Steven Brown 4 months ago +12

    He cool then A fan.I have A lot of respect for him he know he is A good player but he give everyone else there Credit.So he deserves everything he have.

    • Mtu Mdosi
      Mtu Mdosi 3 months ago

      Is that a stat sheet after game 4 of sweeping the Blazers? What for? The number of missed points he could have added to their margin of victory? Consummate professional.

  • jameskobe Gonzalez
    jameskobe Gonzalez 4 months ago +9

    Blazers: Durant Cousins Iguodala down...we won
    Warriors: am i a joke to you??

  • Mad Scientist
    Mad Scientist 4 months ago +1

    Hes in sativa hahahaha

  • Rosemarie Wellesley
    Rosemarie Wellesley 4 months ago +6

    Congratulations guys love my team

    • Judy Seager
      Judy Seager 3 months ago

      G.s..warriors are super talented team and they are my favorite team. Klay is a favorite of mine also. 😀💜💜💜👣

  • SilkySlim
    SilkySlim 4 months ago +9

    Draymond is invaluable,..pure energy,..man...so valuable to this team !!!

  • Zach Artis
    Zach Artis 4 months ago +3

    Lets go GSW 🏀

  • It's too bad I'm too good
    It's too bad I'm too good 4 months ago +3

    Klay looks like a young Clemenza in the Godfather

  • Gibster
    Gibster 4 months ago +20

    If Klay takes another dib in the Ocean the East won't know what hit them

  • IRideMarta Speaks
    IRideMarta Speaks 4 months ago +21

    Are opponents have been different lmao I love this guy 😂

  • Carly Edwards
    Carly Edwards 4 months ago +13

    He gonna b back in the bay

    • Judy Seager
      Judy Seager 3 months ago

      Klay thompson is a cool guy and player. 😀💜💜💜

    • Judy Seager
      Judy Seager 4 months ago

      He is staying with g.s.warriors back in the bay.😀💜🏀

      BAY AREA MOBBIN 4 months ago +1

      Dam you sexy

    • DayTop TV
      DayTop TV 4 months ago


  • Kristine Zamora
    Kristine Zamora 4 months ago +2

    Side eye Klay

  • Jeremie Kezi
    Jeremie Kezi 4 months ago +41

    Champions always find a way to win.

  • Yesenia Ramirez
    Yesenia Ramirez 4 months ago +9

    So cute how he’s always nervous lol

    • Movie Muscle
      Movie Muscle 3 months ago

      @Yesenia Ramirez I guess, I see it differently. To me, he looks chill and confident.

    • Yesenia Ramirez
      Yesenia Ramirez 4 months ago +1

      Not saying he’s insecure lol. He doesn’t like being put on the spot or public speaking. He acts awkward and gets nervous. He’s really calm and not the guy who likes the spotlight all the time on him. I just think it’s flattering since we can relate. Other guys are more attention seekers I like a guy who’s low key but still shows out when it’s time to do what he loves. 😇

    • &thenIwokeup
      &thenIwokeup 4 months ago +1

      Lol he's confident as fuck

    • Movie Muscle
      Movie Muscle 4 months ago

      Is he??

  • Spike Tarantino
    Spike Tarantino 4 months ago +37

    Stat sheet stutter 😂😂😂😂

  • Blake Lewis
    Blake Lewis 4 months ago +39

    Klay always so chill lol

    • forealz18
      forealz18 4 months ago +3

      Very composed and defensively expressive

  • Spike Tarantino
    Spike Tarantino 4 months ago +9

    That’s a bad sweat shirt

  • Zanerz
    Zanerz 4 months ago +112

    Bro so funny without even tryin lmao

    • Jay Woods
      Jay Woods 4 months ago

      Zanerz Bert and Ernie looking ass

    • Jay Woods
      Jay Woods 4 months ago

      Nate Filmz Production or Bert and Ernie 😂

    • Zanerz
      Zanerz 4 months ago +1

      @Jay Woods you cold Lmfaoooo

    • Nate Filmz Production
      Nate Filmz Production 4 months ago +4

      Damn bro I was about to type the exact same thing smh😂

    • Jay Woods
      Jay Woods 4 months ago +6

      Zanerz nigga look like big bird 😭😭

  • Moonroof
    Moonroof 4 months ago +4


  • Vanessa Awada
    Vanessa Awada 4 months ago +4

    Go Dubs

  • Nick Doodnauth
    Nick Doodnauth 4 months ago +23

    Boy shop at swags

    • Johnny 747
      Johnny 747 4 months ago

      Nick Doodnauth fuck you patrick

  • Yeezy Dude
    Yeezy Dude 4 months ago +86

    Its funny how teams play their best against them in the regular season but in the playoffs they can't beat them

    • uskur
      uskur 4 months ago +2

      Coach Kerr has a whole playbook that he only opens for the playoffs

    • sophisticated ignorance
      sophisticated ignorance 4 months ago +2

      @globalicon2012 lol these niggas get paid for what we used to do in the backyard, plus these dudes are born to play this, so miss me with that shit

    • globalicon2012
      globalicon2012 4 months ago

      warriors play in a pussy ass conference, another cakewalk sweep

    • hova 5555
      hova 5555 4 months ago +2

      Joseph Wilson cause they can play regular not extra hard and win regular season games just based on there talent and still be number 1 in the western conference ... playoffs is a diff story it’s common sense

    • Jeffrey Wilson
      Jeffrey Wilson 4 months ago +1

      @Terryon McMillion why is everyone talking like they didn't finish on top of the western conference 😂

  • Assassin Creed14
    Assassin Creed14 4 months ago +8

    For a second I thought he had no shirt on in the thumbnail 😂