Moniece Wants Answers | Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

  • Published on Apr 30, 2019
  • Moniece meets up with Scrapp to discuss their future and his relationships with Tommie and Tiarra.
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    Stevie J, Mimi Faust, Karlie Redd, Rasheeda Frost and the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta returns and with their pursuit of success in the hip-hop game comes more drama. Marriage, babies, new relationships and music are all in the mix, but so are past mistakes, unfinished business and fresh obstacles.
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    Moniece Wants Answers | Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta
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Comments • 1 046

  • 85 Tha Boss
    85 Tha Boss 13 hours ago

    So Moniece is jail bait. Damn

  • Pamela Fuller
    Pamela Fuller 5 days ago

    Scrapp is such a jerk.....Thats why he going through what he going through.

  • rei la
    rei la 6 days ago

    YES MONIECE IT IS YOU! Take your needy ass back to LA🙄

  • Omi Fabien
    Omi Fabien 9 days ago

    Y'all going to learn to stop holding these boys down in jail . I'm telling you that jail talk is something else because when they get out of jail it's a different story. Period

  • Cookie Woo
    Cookie Woo 14 days ago +1

    ..but dann..can u borrow Scrapp for one night..he's yummy..,omg

  • Yung Maco Productions
    Yung Maco Productions 17 days ago

    I jus love Moniece 😍❤️

  • d Wal
    d Wal 20 days ago

    Scrapp is a hoe who sleeps around for money....

  • NaomiS
    NaomiS 24 days ago

    Moniece has changed so much. No your worth girls

  • Yves Stardust
    Yves Stardust 25 days ago

    He said she's the type of woman a man in prison wants aaaa! I'm done with males (not really)

  • jennessa cumberbatch
    jennessa cumberbatch 29 days ago

    Round of applause for you Moniece

  • audrey
    audrey Month ago

    Being in a relationship is the last thing scrap should be worrying about. Shouldnt he be taking care of himself and his sobriety? And moniece......gurrrrlll get cho ass back to hollywood!!!

  • Justin Aguilar
    Justin Aguilar Month ago

    This pisses me off moniece can never have a peaceful relationship because all these mutherfuckers are always doing her wrong I swear love fucking sucks

  • Veronaca Simpson
    Veronaca Simpson Month ago

    She should have known better,, smh... that's how they b

  • Just Agree
    Just Agree Month ago

    lol everyone in the comments is chairing on moneice about how she handled herself.. Moneice wasn't suppose to go after a man in jail in the first place if she had any self-esteem knowing she has a son looking at her.. On the note she tried to talk to scrap while he was in prison trying to intervene with what he already had going on with all these chicks LOOKED desperate

  • Shan Johnson
    Shan Johnson Month ago

    He was so shocked because he's use to women begging him to stay.

  • Monkeyfacex13
    Monkeyfacex13 Month ago

    Did she get up and walk away cause he said he was gonna raise and co parent his kids???? Is that a bad thing????

  • Tara Hill
    Tara Hill Month ago

    How in tf did they end up together smh

  • lachrissy griffith
    lachrissy griffith Month ago

    Moniec yes boo! yes!

  • Lindelwe Goba
    Lindelwe Goba Month ago

    Looooooort! issa mess! 😩

  • DeshAun _LUv
    DeshAun _LUv Month ago

    Yass gawd!!! Know your worth!!!!

  • Laquetta schnitter
    Laquetta schnitter Month ago

    Im sooo proud of both of them. Only real onces know that

  • Chanta Renee
    Chanta Renee Month ago

    Good for you Moniece! Never play second fiddle to a hoe ass Nicaragua!

  • Arrann Barrett
    Arrann Barrett Month ago

    I LOVE that she called him out for his manipulation and gas lighting by turning the situation. He quit that act QUICK lol

  • GottaLuvLee
    GottaLuvLee Month ago

    There were no drinks thrown or tables turned over!?! Just two adults having a civilized conversation. Yeah, there was some tears shed but security wasn’t rushing in to defuse the situation. We need to see more of this on TV and IRL.

  • Tia Robinson
    Tia Robinson Month ago

    Mariahlynn need to take notes

  • Verbal Assassin
    Verbal Assassin Month ago +1

    *🎤Thought I'd end up with Fizz, but it wasn't a match...made some music with Scrap, now it's a wrap*

  • Jocelyn Nicole
    Jocelyn Nicole Month ago

    God bless me with this energy!!

  • jetbecerra
    jetbecerra Month ago

    Omg his attitude reminds me of my husbands 😡😡😡

  • Charisma Dixon
    Charisma Dixon Month ago

    🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️yes you’re crazy.

  • Marla Michaud
    Marla Michaud Month ago

    Is it just me or his nose is weird

  • Tia Thompson
    Tia Thompson Month ago

    Why are these men just chill about cheating? You just manipulated someone's feelings, how would you feel?

  • Meet The #uckers
    Meet The #uckers Month ago

    fucked you were our music at

  • Meet The #uckers
    Meet The #uckers Month ago

    But money on show that bag ok

  • Meet The #uckers
    Meet The #uckers Month ago +1

    Her song was bad wtf 😎

  • M VO
    M VO Month ago

    Proud of her ! But she’ll be back.

  • Shooting Industry
    Shooting Industry Month ago

    That's probably the smartest thing she has done on this tv show. Her character on the show is very negative, so good for her. However, I do think that she will take him back some time down the line. We all do it........but she did the right thing. Good for her. You have to show them early that you mean business. Scrapp has too many women on him anyway, and Tommie is unstable so no need to get into with her. He's always going to cheat, so better to get out now. Good Moniece.

  • O. Morrison
    O. Morrison Month ago

    Yes Mo so proud of u

  • Herline Naissant
    Herline Naissant Month ago

    He's so wrong for that statement about Moniece is a good woman to have for a man while in prison. You lost a good one man.

  • Ti Crowell
    Ti Crowell Month ago

    "When I was locked away Moniece was definitely the type of woman that a man in prison would want." Let that sink in.

  • 0807Kitty
    0807Kitty Month ago

    Monice walked out like a boss. I like that. This put her on another level walking away like she did compare to Tommy and Tierra who would have hit him.

  • J. Harley
    J. Harley Month ago

    Moneice done got herself together and done realized these dudes just gone keep doing what they doing it's crazy how down she is for a guy only to have him just disrespect her. Good for you Mo

  • Lina Vejsiri
    Lina Vejsiri Month ago

    OMG! He really think he is cool acting like this at 40 yrs old! Lol I don't know how old he is but dude stop!

  • aspiringcreative 1
    aspiringcreative 1 Month ago

    Smh Moniece

  • Lala Jones
    Lala Jones Month ago

    Everyone know that tommie and scrapp are for ever

  • Bernice Jackson
    Bernice Jackson Month ago

    Run!!! You don't need that stress and drama in your life. Know your worth Queen.

  • Stephanie Samuels
    Stephanie Samuels Month ago

    I love love love Moniece. Just simply tell the man what you expect if he can't comply get up you don't have to cuss you don't have to fight and just leave 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Tasha Williams
    Tasha Williams Month ago

    Okay, what does him saying he's gonna be co parenting got with her, Is she pregnant... Or He was talking about his thirsty baby mother, because he was dubbin her on live t.v just for Moniece

  • Brittany Jones
    Brittany Jones Month ago

    I don't like the fact he with her 👎

  • Oneofakind637
    Oneofakind637 Month ago

    Moniece should date normal guys not rappers

  • Oneofakind637
    Oneofakind637 Month ago


  • vana webb
    vana webb Month ago

    Reasons why raising your standards raises your awareness of bullshit. You cut it from beginning don't let nobody fool you knowing or secretly. If you state your standards and they disappear... they are suppose to. NEXT.

  • Dierra Jenkins
    Dierra Jenkins Month ago

    I'm soooo proud of her!

  • Justice Johnson
    Justice Johnson Month ago


  • Just Ty
    Just Ty Month ago

    Moniece is a good Actress tehehehe

  • About That Life
    About That Life Month ago

    He wants Tierra but his mom not having it

  • About That Life
    About That Life Month ago

    Damn Mo got gone on the d fast.

  • Taunte YaYa
    Taunte YaYa Month ago

    He’s such a smashed nosed user

  • Arishamar Johnson
    Arishamar Johnson Month ago

    She was the TYPE OF WOMAN A MAN IN PRISON WOULD WANT😲😲😲🙄...And he is still in love with Tiara on the low. He will ALWAYS mess with her and vice versa. Just settle down. I don't get it.

  • Denise Burthlong
    Denise Burthlong Month ago

    I with her this time, you go girl!!#!

  • Ann Gulston
    Ann Gulston Month ago

    you do not date scrapp! leave scrapp alone, bye scrapp

  • ElysianFeilds93
    ElysianFeilds93 Month ago

    This was painful. I dont like Moniece but I felt her pain in this scene. She maintained control of the situation and I'm proud of her.

  • xorj
    xorj Month ago

    I feel her on another level 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Michelle Olvera
    Michelle Olvera Month ago

    I love how she knows her worth. Simply walked away & he was honest that he was the one who fucked up.

  • TaeTaeee
    TaeTaeee Month ago

    R they dating or something?????

  • Yeska Buena
    Yeska Buena Month ago

    Mmm... I sense some karma for those times she was BABY MAMA drama with fizzy ex girlfriends😂😂😂 Ain't liking it huh

  • Rude
    Rude Month ago

    She's gorgeous and I know she knows this. She will find someone to worship her and that will cherish every moment of their lives with one another.

  • L Castle
    L Castle Month ago

    Yess Moniece!! 👏🏾👏🏾👌🏾💪🏾 Girll you deserve so much better then that!! Bless and love 💕

  • RG
    RG Month ago

    He's the type of guy who likes women like Tommie or worse. I read she is back with the White woman she was with. Think her name is AD not sure. So she basically went back to an unhealthy situation. Hope it all works out for Moniece, because she deserves to be happy.

  • Ace Boogie
    Ace Boogie Month ago +1

    Scrap just wanted to have casual sex with Moniece and he used her to pass time while he was in prison.

  • Rayne Reigns
    Rayne Reigns Month ago

    Aw wow so proud of Moe years ago she would have made a scene she would have fought Scrapp would have told Tiara let link instead she took her mic off & left Scrapp dumb ass looking goofy!!

  • Sam N
    Sam N Month ago

    Moniece grow as a person because if it was the old Moniece she would have beaten his ass and ask questions later. He’s an asshole and a bum. Let him go girl he ain’t worth it.

  • ultimatebeast 59
    ultimatebeast 59 Month ago

    She gonna cry in the car

    CARTERMADE 86 Month ago

    Moniece has changed completely the old Moniece would've burned the restaurant down w scrapp's ass in there

  • Starr Williams
    Starr Williams Month ago


  • Starr Williams
    Starr Williams Month ago +2


    HISTORYGRL Month ago +1

    Ladies !!!!!!Scrapp is a dog ... don’t him and his bro have a song talking about how they a dog 🤔... you get involved with this man don’t be surprised by the bs coming your way . He doesn’t want a relationship... he wants a person to keep his interest until he wants to move to the next

  • Ava Adams
    Ava Adams Month ago +1

    Didnt expect this from Moniece, well done girl!

  • Chitown Sha Sha
    Chitown Sha Sha Month ago

    All these relationships that happen after Love and Hiphop have to be fake for the show bc damn Moniece slept with everyone, Karlie slept with everyone, etc etc.

  • shantell lee
    shantell lee Month ago

    Scrap you met your match baby ... lol

  • Christina Jackson
    Christina Jackson Month ago

    Dam that's the first time I seen moneice handle a situation properly. Thank God she knows her worth, finally!!!! You dont have to keep being crazy and allowing ppl to run game on you. I applaud moneice for saying what she had to say and stepping off with no violence involved.

  • Miriam Quintanilla
    Miriam Quintanilla Month ago

    Moneice speaks very eloquent but makes stupid ass decisions when it comes down to it. Why would she start a relationship with this man anyway, and in jail? MAYBE it would be understandable if she was in a committed relationship beforehand but thats not the case. So why is she acting brand new about baby momma??

  • Carlice Lewis
    Carlice Lewis Month ago

    She's like Rich Dollarz... she stay on shows going from girls to boys to girls just crazy anything for a $$$$$$

  • FroLifeFroever
    FroLifeFroever Month ago

    Grand opening and grand closing....

  • _ ThatOneHaitianGirl
    _ ThatOneHaitianGirl Month ago +1

    *Period Pooh.*

  • Bishop Ward
    Bishop Ward Month ago

    "...she was definitely the type of woman a man in prison would want." He didn't say the type of woman that HE would want...
    Well then...

  • Arielle Edwards
    Arielle Edwards Month ago

    Am I the only one who thinks his looks went down when he cut those luxurious locks of his?🤷🏽‍♀️

  • K Dot
    K Dot Month ago

    That heavy looking wig tho lol

  • Shaunte Reneese
    Shaunte Reneese Month ago +1

    Tired ass comeback..he was trying to surprise her...lies...Momo yes girl you handled that well... his whole co parent stuff...lies again...he like drama and women with drama...keep baby moms and Tommy around...fighting over him...but Momo was the one who held him down in jail...🤔 this what lame ass niggas do...

  • teeahrahahnet
    teeahrahahnet Month ago

    Girl walk away!

  • Dawn Lee
    Dawn Lee Month ago

    Good for u Mo, hopefully she moves on & not go backwards 😂😂🙌🏽👏🏾

  • Dedra Nicole
    Dedra Nicole Month ago

    this dude didnt even try to stop her! yeah he only used her to get by in prison damn!!

  • shanel wash
    shanel wash Month ago

    He not used to no woman just walking away from his ass.

  • Kimberly Britto
    Kimberly Britto Month ago

    Proud of u Mo mo u deserve true love

  • brooklyn skillz
    brooklyn skillz Month ago

    Baby momma got the juice...he wack

  • ThatBitch Myhonesty

    moniece a Pisces we don't play those games

  • chris coley
    chris coley Month ago

    This is fake because she’s still dating that girl 😂

  • Shirley Nelson
    Shirley Nelson Month ago

    Moniece don't worry about him he could never be faithful anyway. Moniece have patience sweetheart get you a man who goes to church.

  • Kay Best
    Kay Best Month ago

    He look good for sure but that fake 😭 gurl bye 👋 pray for him and walk away

  • Tyanna Sera
    Tyanna Sera Month ago

    Why he’s part of main cast? His storyline is boring as heck!

  • Kimberly C
    Kimberly C Month ago

    He said moneice was the only woman that I’d want if a man is locked up . Not a compliment