Tfue is NOT happy with Faze CLan 📰 PEW NEWS📰

  • Published on May 23, 2019
  • tfue, or ttfue is not too happy about faze clan right about now
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  • Jimmy Lor
    Jimmy Lor 8 days ago

    what did tfue do tfue do wut did tfue do uh

  • Classic Lean
    Classic Lean 8 days ago

    Pewds just knows what to say

  • haleem iqbal
    haleem iqbal 9 days ago

    where is gloria borger

  • Trisha Hopkins
    Trisha Hopkins 10 days ago

    Gloria Borger can I have your autograph

  • Yissy Brave
    Yissy Brave 12 days ago


  • Bobel
    Bobel 14 days ago


  • DaPro NoobMaster69_
    DaPro NoobMaster69_ 15 days ago

    No... My NAME is mary ham


  • Wha les
    Wha les 15 days ago

    Fortnite is not an ea game

  • kroh tg
    kroh tg 15 days ago

    When the mic in the video is louder than pewds mic....

  • Rogorix
    Rogorix 16 days ago +1

    His sunglasses omfg Ko

  • ssgssjaiden
    ssgssjaiden 16 days ago

    Pewdiepie has 100mil congrats

  • O(∩_∩)O
    O(∩_∩)O 19 days ago +1

    3:40 In germany it is more like 60% had their first alcohol poisoning when under 18.

  • Nox.INk# Records ❶

    100 million subs damn

  • fcoll9123
    fcoll9123 21 day ago

    I don’t belong here

  • TheTankCR3
    TheTankCR3 23 days ago

    Ninja > Tfue

  • Naim Forde
    Naim Forde 24 days ago

    Wow in America your not allowed to drink till 21 that’s depressing

  • jimm_ xrxs.
    jimm_ xrxs. 24 days ago +1

    Exposed!According to pewdiepie @thefortniteguy is tfue

  • Omar Tucak
    Omar Tucak 26 days ago +2

    Marry ham plese do more pew news
    Like if you agree

  • Glory
    Glory 27 days ago

    Oof pewdiepie’s glasses’ got greenscreened

  • Nizaabu M M
    Nizaabu M M 28 days ago

    I feel like pwedipie’s new slogan should be “he was like a brother to me

  • Nommix
    Nommix 29 days ago

    Where is poppy
    I dont like this mary ham lady

  • Matthew Nope
    Matthew Nope 29 days ago +3

    Early 2019: "This guy"
    Late 2019: "Someone call Mumbo Jumbo, I need some help here"

  • 100 Subs with no videos?


  • Avy Kiel
    Avy Kiel Month ago

    I suied fortnite for making half of the the worlds populachion play th GAME!!!!!!!

  • Ryan Wise
    Ryan Wise Month ago

    Pretty big oopsie

  • Itzyaboi_ POKETAR920

    Better than drama alert

  • George F.
    George F. Month ago

    Why it’s so bright aaaAAAA my eyes are burning

  • Logan Mciver
    Logan Mciver Month ago

    1 more million till 100 million

  • Braylon Kirchhevel
    Braylon Kirchhevel Month ago

    I'm so confuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuused😭😭😭

  • VicVictory Meepers
    VicVictory Meepers Month ago

    0:42 holy fucking shit, he knew ninja was going to mixer wtf

  • Styx
    Styx Month ago

    Now bughas the fortnite player now

  • Alexa Sanchez
    Alexa Sanchez Month ago


  • David
    David Month ago +22

    Next Daquan will sue TSM for taking 80% of his hairline.

    • Deniz Bayraktar
      Deniz Bayraktar 23 days ago +1

      U copied but no problem all does this (same with me shh)

  • Reema Amro
    Reema Amro Month ago


  • Retro Goon
    Retro Goon Month ago

    Like I said before faze is trash except faze jev

  • Dareal Ghostkill7
    Dareal Ghostkill7 Month ago

    Tfue exposed by pewds

  • The Radishboy
    The Radishboy Month ago


  • Arni
    Arni Month ago

    Watch your profanity.

  • feminime
    feminime Month ago

    Mary Ham is now my favorite pew news anchor

  • Alex Gomez
    Alex Gomez Month ago

    Daddy lol

  • Shadow Sparda
    Shadow Sparda Month ago

    People are always ready to hop on the train to hate on someone. They're always ready to hurt someone and be so disgusting and hateful.

  • Shadow Sparda
    Shadow Sparda Month ago +1

    His appearance reminds me of Jake Paul?

  • Somaditya Singh
    Somaditya Singh Month ago

    Who's here when faze is sueing tfue

  • Asdaff
    Asdaff Month ago

    Its a give and take lol. You sign a contract you get clout ez

  • Topkat
    Topkat Month ago

    im with FaZe

  • The best Irfan
    The best Irfan Month ago

    18:22 Now Im not supposed to tell my opinion but give it a try

  • Parallel hopZ
    Parallel hopZ Month ago

    R.I.P tfue 2018-2019

  • TCraft
    TCraft Month ago

    can i have a shoutout plz

  • Ylves Viper
    Ylves Viper Month ago

    You mean Tfool?

  • TechGamer 99
    TechGamer 99 Month ago

    Ask faze esports players ask them

  • TechGamer 99
    TechGamer 99 Month ago

    Faze didn't take any earnings
    He earns half a billion and faze got 60000 dollars

  • Victorfilms Lego animations

    1:37 thank me later

  • splerg solewolf
    splerg solewolf Month ago


  • Lord God
    Lord God Month ago

    I have more power than the universe

  • Lord God
    Lord God Month ago

    I have more power than all the living

  • Lord God
    Lord God Month ago

    I can kill an ant with my phone

  • Lord God
    Lord God Month ago

    I can get more disrespectful than dr.disrespect

  • Lord God
    Lord God Month ago

    Girls think im hotter than pewdiepie

  • Lord God
    Lord God Month ago

    Girls think im cuter than pewdiepie

  • Lord God
    Lord God Month ago

    I am the living god