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McDonald's CEO on raising minimum wage for employees


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  • Falney
    Falney 18 days ago

    who aspires to have a career flipping 3000 burgers a day?

    JEFF PAIN 22 days ago +1


  • Pa Slot Player
    Pa Slot Player Month ago

    I am not paying 20 dollars for each happy meal my nieces, nephews, or kids may want.

  • Chet Gravatt
    Chet Gravatt Month ago

    So this $15 min wage is a good thing. Just think about how many people will now go off welfare and other public asst. because they make too much money to collect. They will now pay their own health care, rent, food, utilities and help to support all the welfare cheats etc. The $15 min wage is welcome by the taxpayers who for too long have supported these people.

  • Greg Rohs
    Greg Rohs 2 months ago

    What a couple of tools.

  • Michael Cortese
    Michael Cortese 2 months ago

    I heard mcds. low wages enable employees to collect food stamps. Raise the wage and less people on gov. subsidies.

  • nemo227
    nemo227 4 months ago

    Company owned restaurants have an advantage, I'm sure. Company owned restaurants don't have to pay a franchise fee but a franchisee has to come up with the initial capital & I believe there is an initial fee to get started and once they are operating there is a continuing franchise fee.

  • Dr. Howie Feltersnatch
    Dr. Howie Feltersnatch 4 months ago

    Lets just raise the minimum wage to $1,000,000. Then everyone will be a millionaire.

  • Ashly R
    Ashly R 5 months ago +1

    The host is an idiot. Constantly cutting him in the middle of his answers and not letting him finish.

  • Ashly R
    Ashly R 5 months ago

    So many English CEO's

  • TheBatugan77
    TheBatugan77 5 months ago +1

    Minimum wage jobs were never meant to be permanent. They were supposed to be stepping stones.
    If McDonald's is your sole source of income, you haven't been paying attention.

  • Andrew Finnell
    Andrew Finnell 5 months ago

    He wants to retain skilled service workers.. so far he’s failed. There’s no talent needed to work at McDonalds

  • WuuF466
    WuuF466 5 months ago

    Tips are going to alot smaller. In dining restaurants

  • C G
    C G 5 months ago

    McDonald's is GARBAGE

    • GANTZ100pts
      GANTZ100pts 2 months ago

      Burger King is better anyways.

  • Nicholas Grabowski
    Nicholas Grabowski 6 months ago

    When they switched to kiosks my orders suddenly were correct compared to before. Also why bitch about your wage if you have no skills? Learn a skill i need then we can talk about wages...if you dont generate money (you cant be replaced doing what you do) then don't talk shit or demand a raise. Become irreplaceable or become homeless. Min wage is a high school job not meant to support a family

    • GANTZ100pts
      GANTZ100pts 2 months ago

      Indeed. And if people need to get more skills they can always go to a trade school. Much much cheaper than college.

  • Big Dawg
    Big Dawg 6 months ago

    Robots don't need health insurance or smoke cigs, talk on cell phones, needs breaks. Already you can see the price increases in NY of cooking a hamburger. Hopefully Mc Donald's will eventually move to automation so I don't have to pay 5 bucks for a fucking hamburger. How intelligent do you have to be to cook a fucking hamburger. Fire the fucking 28 year old who can't do anything but fry some potatoes? Get a robot who will make the best burger you can buy for half the price!!!!

  • Bluesdawg
    Bluesdawg 6 months ago

    I'm 68 years old, I started my first job at $1.10 per hour,. I served in The US Army while fighting in VN I made $2000 per year. Now $600 per week minimum wage at a pizza joint? This raise will cause massive inflation. Young people want to much these days. Smart phone, newer cars, own apartment, internet, computers, $5 coffee, healthcare, college. Things will just go up and up. Good luck with this format, I suggest staying in school and getting a trade or profession. McDonald's is not the type of job you get if you want all the technologies I've mentioned above. It's also not a job if you're trying to raise a child. US Army Vet

  • Paul Geno
    Paul Geno 7 months ago

    I’m still baffled how many people expect to live an AVERAGE lifestyle on a MINIMUM wage.

  • Ayanda Mogale
    Ayanda Mogale 7 months ago

    It needs talent to flip burgers?🤔

  • Jose Duran
    Jose Duran 7 months ago

    Having a kid is not a right , is a decision supposedly made intelligently, and no by people tha can't hardly feed themselves with one kid already. It is stupid and irresponsible for someone to be having as many kids as they can , just because the welfare system, a safety net , an abusing the welfare system in the process. This is totally wrong.

  • Pat Beaudry
    Pat Beaudry 7 months ago

    The republican seem to worry more about competition that employeeing quality workers. All the kids seem to get the blame.

  • Cindy Tepper
    Cindy Tepper 7 months ago +1

    If you double the min wage to 15, then the shift manager already making 15 is going to want 30, the truck driver making 25 is going to want 50. In the end you have massive inflation, and anyone with savings or a retirement fund loses half their money's purchasing power. Do you really think the shift manager is going to be ok with the biggest dimwit on the crew making as much as they are?

  • rallisoify
    rallisoify 8 months ago

    Cavuto seeing this report and then the report with the entitled girl who was a college treat him way different because he wears a suit and makes more money than you. Bullshiest reporting

  • rallisoify
    rallisoify 8 months ago

    What about the locations where they are doing renovations? I have seen this everywhere. But the CEO is complaining about paying employees a little bit more. Renovations at each location costs millions. I agree that $15 is too much, but $7.25 is too little. Bottom line...CEO guy here is gonna make his, and he will find every way to do so. Little guy you matter not.

  • zeprowl
    zeprowl 8 months ago

    Why the hatred on CEO's? Try working under a movie director as support crew - the pay differences between directors / actors and the underlings is simply breathtaking.

  • Javier Gutierrez
    Javier Gutierrez 8 months ago

    Hey CEO your the real reason why McDonalds is on the downward spiral....not the precious one. Down with McDonalds

  • Albert Gutierrez
    Albert Gutierrez 8 months ago

    What about those hard working people who busted their asses off to get 15 an hour what happens to them these damn people what more for less it’s not right people need to deserve what they get paid not bitch and complain to get this isn’t right.

  • Grace Chapman
    Grace Chapman 8 months ago

    People don't think ahead everyone wants instant gradifcation. U have to earn it.

  • Grace Chapman
    Grace Chapman 8 months ago

    So lets pay people by merit. Half the time ur order is wrong and the cheese isnt even melted. I don't eat there anymore. Lets encourage people too not have goals. Is that what ur saying? You don't have to graduate and can still make 15 an hr. Tell them to go to trade school. What about skilled laborers? What should their min. be? You are going see alot of businesses close if you do this. That's reality. Just my opinion. So what is one of those crappy conveiant burgers gonna cost u now? Go to WAWAS.

  • Jamie Lannister
    Jamie Lannister 8 months ago

    That motherfucker works kids and old people for shit wages and manipulates to avoid giving them benefits. He needs to be relieved of his balls, tarred, feathered and hung from a lamp post, or better yet, forced to work till he keels over at 80 at one of his shitty Macca's for minimum wage, living on the food (which he'll have to pay for), no benefits, and see how he likes it. Die you piece of SHIT.

  • chris campbell
    chris campbell 8 months ago

    its up to us the people to vote laws into place that force all these companies to realize that the reason they make any money is US ,WE THE PEOPLE, and we are tired of getting charged 200% mark-up and then getting paid a wage that wont support us. the way to do this is BOYCOTTING THEM,hit them where it hurts in the wallet.they will learn or close.

  • Sal Paradise
    Sal Paradise 9 months ago

    I'm going to use the computer screens out of spite. I'm sure the service will be superior and the food won't be cold and nasty.

  • Emm Wen
    Emm Wen 9 months ago +1

    In California, this will destroy small businesses. Employers are taxed like crazy, DI, UI, etc..

  • David Peterson
    David Peterson 9 months ago

    mc donalds jobs are for teenagers! can you say career?

  • Aussie Pom
    Aussie Pom 9 months ago

    I wonder how much the CEO of McDonalds makes hourly.

  • ValTeej65
    ValTeej65 9 months ago

    If you buy this sludge, you will get food a molecule short of plastic. French fries with 19 ingredients? No. Just say no.

  • Fr Louie Goad
    Fr Louie Goad 9 months ago

    All the billions! Nothing for the working poor?

  • Ronald Smith
    Ronald Smith 9 months ago

    Steve Easterbrook, the Chief Asshole in Charge, makes $18 Million per year and knows nothing about the disgusting food in McDonald's. And Neil Cavuto, is a suck eating pile of shit moron.

  • Hypoxicstate
    Hypoxicstate 9 months ago

    In 1995 I made 4.25 an hour working st Mcdonalds, my first raise was 4% and that was typical. I was in high school . If you want to support a family you need to get a better job. for myself it was a great job for that time in my life.

  • glenn brunck
    glenn brunck 9 months ago

    The agenda behind this increase is more tax money for the government to collect..Unfortunatly the product quality goes down...I will not buy anything at mc dees or king bugger because the food is terrible..

  • nunya business
    nunya business 9 months ago

    McDonald could pay employees $20 an hr and still make plenty of profit.

    • Aharon Lawrence
      Aharon Lawrence 8 months ago

      nunya business Why should they do so?
      Can you prove that?

  • ERGA 2016
    ERGA 2016 9 months ago


  • Rodger Peterson
    Rodger Peterson 9 months ago

    Large companies like Mc Donalds spread cost from $15 per hour down stream to store,s who do not pay $15 per hour, in turn poorer towns pay more for a burger and workers get nothing .Company makes more profit.

  • John Diaz
    John Diaz 9 months ago

    I noticed that every time that there's some sort of strike or some sort of protest that the left uses the color red for their symbol to show how much they're oppressed. And yet they use the color red to show that the conservatives are the oppressors according to the media. But they're never showed that the red are the ones that are protesting.

  • Eric
    Eric 9 months ago

    I consider myself not a very comprehensive thinker, never been great in school, but is this stuff that difficult to understand as well as gun control? You can see this stuff won't work when you put all the different factors together but it's like some people just can't think it through. It makes sense and these issues all explain why socialism fails because this money doesn't come from santa and eventually everyone ends up poor. It really gets me how simple this stuff can be to understand yet most of america thinks bad ideas are the way to go

  • Ujjwal Anand
    Ujjwal Anand 9 months ago +1

    The more minimum wages increase, the more people would make 0/hour

  • Daniel Malloy
    Daniel Malloy 9 months ago +2

    rich guys debating the crumbs given to the poor. VOMIT......

  • Joey Picano
    Joey Picano 10 months ago

    wtf he didn't let him answer one question. why do people watch Fox

  • Mp3 Leedo
    Mp3 Leedo 10 months ago

    RIP high school students trying to get a job

  • Brian
    Brian 10 months ago

    People who think minimum wage should be $15 are just outright sad. Automation is a real thing. I seriously cannot wait until the day when all cashier jobs are taken over by kiosks and touchscreens. Funny enough, my first job when I was 14 years old was a cashier at McDonalds. I got paid minimum wage and a free meal at the end of every shift. I was fine with it, because I did not have adult living expenses, like rent and/or a mortgage payment.
    Yes correct; if you are 30 years old and making $8 an hour, that is not livable wage. Maybe if you are a 30 years old, you should make an attempt to increase your skill set beyond a job that can be done by a 14 year old (or literally a machine).

  • DelbertStinkfester
    DelbertStinkfester 10 months ago +1

    Minimum wage should be at least $20/hr

    • Aharon Lawrence
      Aharon Lawrence 8 months ago +1

      DelbertStinkfester The same goes for the 20$ one.

    • DelbertStinkfester
      DelbertStinkfester 8 months ago

      Because no one would be able to pay that much

    • Aharon Lawrence
      Aharon Lawrence 8 months ago

      Why not make it a billion an hour? Why not a trillion?

    • Aharon Lawrence
      Aharon Lawrence 8 months ago

      DelbertStinkfester The minimum wage should be abolished.

  • Jens K
    Jens K 10 months ago +1

    Ask your question, then stfu until your guest have answered.

  • Christopher Trevino
    Christopher Trevino 10 months ago

    Those complaining for more money are the ones who are on food stamps buying $20 steaks.
    Those are the ones who are having babies when they know damn well they can’t afford it.
    Those are the ones who buy weed, beer, and drugs than to pay for the bills.
    Because you are on crack if you believe you deserve a $15 to flip a burger and put mayonnaise on my burger when I clearly said no mayonnaise.
    Why should you be paid higher because you take advantage of benefits of food stamps/welfare? Why should you be paid higher because you choose to not use condoms?

  • Thomas Click
    Thomas Click 11 months ago +1

    I remember when your burgers were .15 cents how much was starting wage then........

  • 9010manassas
    9010manassas 11 months ago

    When you take starting jobs and try to make a career of it...

  • Jody Bruchon
    Jody Bruchon 11 months ago +3

    Employers must pay a match to your payroll taxes and most people pay roughly 20% in total payroll taxes on their checks. Out of the money your employer pays to keep you employed, you only actually take home 60%. If the $15 minimum wage people weren't idiots, they'd be demanding abolition of payroll taxes and the included employer match instead of demanding a higher minimum wage. Oh, and guess what goes up when you increase minimum wage? Payroll tax costs!

  • Richard Schwartz
    Richard Schwartz 11 months ago +1

    Here comes automation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheCybertiger9
    TheCybertiger9 11 months ago +1

    Why does the general public always equate minimum wage to service workers or young kids ? there are many jobs that pay $10- $12 a hour. NOT nearly enough to live.

  • Caleb Imrie
    Caleb Imrie 11 months ago

    I wish employees in America could sign contracts to get them more hours if they accepted wages under the current minimum. I'd happily take $10 over this awful $15 if it meant I could work a lot more than the other guy.

  • Thomas Kleven
    Thomas Kleven 11 months ago

    You cannot blame your own employees for the implementation of automatic machines nor people trying push for more livable wages. Earning a fair Compensation should not be looked down upon especially when wages have remained stagnant for well over twenty years. Companies are just entities that research how to increase profits for their stakeholders, they don't care about you, they never have, never will. Sure they would like for you to have an emotional connection to their companies in fact, this is one of the reasons why they pay advertisers millions for the campaigns that they create. The development of the computers that are being implemented has been under development for years now. This was just a convenient rouse to justify what they were planning to introduce into the general public by blaming others for their own actions. So before you blame your own employees the ones that have tiredly exceeded expectations by blowing away all profit margins despite the disgusting working environments and crap wages for decades now, know that most have seen the automation dilemma as a problem, not a solution. The only way to combat this type of behavior is to refuse to give money to places that don't place emphasis on humans to get things done. Asking for a sustainable wage no matter what industry that you are in should not be looked down upon.
    Everyone regardless of skillset should be able to support themselves without the need of two or three jobs, Without the need to look to the government for help, without the need to beg others to make ends meet. When did humans become such entitled assholes to think that their career is any more important than another? If you were to slip and fall because the sidewalk was icy and died, what compensation would you have paid beforehand to have prevented this from happening to you? When minimum wage employees enter an agreement with their slave owners they have a right to live and enjoy life regardless of what propaganda any corporation tries to spew. The public sees 15 dollars an hour as an entitlement and sees the poor Corporations as victims. They are not victims Corporations are not even people, they are mere entities solely focused on making a profit, they are suppressors asking for more of their slaves year after year. It is the Mindset of the people that need to change. We need the Unions that were once strong to force this change to happen again. What makes you think that you are entitled while the rest of the population has to struggle?
    Most lower end workers do not have a set schedule to speak of. When you sign up for a full-time position it is usually a rotating shift where you have to be available 247 for the Corporation.
    If Corporations offer a full-time schedule and refuse to offer a sustainable wage, one which an employee could live off of they should then be forced to offer a set schedule so that the individual can seek a second job to make ends meet. This should also be true of a part-time status employee.
    If however, they want the individual to be available 247 for their company then they should be required by law to supply the individual with a sustainable wage and a benefits package paid in full by the company. There is nothing wrong with needing to take care of the individuals that made you rich in the first place.
    It is very obvious where the past administration made mistakes. We saw evidence of this when Corporations decided to pull all of their staff with very few exceptions down to a part-time status in order to bypass the law of healthcare. But what if we were to implement an agreement that the employer has to retain an eighty-twenty split where they are forced to have eighty percent of their staff categorized as full-time by law?
    I know that Corporations will whine that this is an unrealistic approach to an ever growing problem but just how much profit does one need to make? How many private jets do you need to own, and how much in gains did you make last year off the backs of your employees?
    Slave from Cradle to Grave

  • Adrian Soto
    Adrian Soto 11 months ago +2

    People are quick to want to take away all the millions the CEO makes because it isn't fair. In the case of Walmart, if you you evenly gave a portion of all the CEO's money to every employee, they would only earn an extra $25.00 a year. Let's say you increase all the food prices at McDonald's so you can give everyone $15/hr without cutting hours or firing people. You would then be selling a product that only people that make $15/hr can afford. So everyone that makes less than that, won't be able to afford the once affordable food.

  • Ray Knotts
    Ray Knotts 11 months ago +1

    Only a millennial would think that its ok to raise the minimum wage to $15 and there will be no way it can back fire on them.

  • Lisa Baltzer
    Lisa Baltzer 11 months ago

    Don’t assume that the younger worker needs less pay than the older one. Right after high school, I needed a job to feed myself . Not all young people are college students. Some are working to support themselves. Equal work should get equal pay, no matter how old the employee is. If they can pay younger workers less, why would they even consider hiring older people?

    • Jesse C.
      Jesse C. 8 months ago

      your old ass..when older might need that job lol

  • BanLiveExport
    BanLiveExport 11 months ago

    America is the Land of the Working Poor. With one of the lowest Minimum Wages on Planet Earth.

  • Li Sumaperaly
    Li Sumaperaly 11 months ago +1

    It’s like they don’t understand when you raise the minimum wage companies raise there prices so in all honesty it means nothing because now you have to pay more for shit.

  • sangjo lee
    sangjo lee 11 months ago

    0:32 "good to have you" was dope

    DAWN JOHNSON 11 months ago

    If you had food that was worth eating then you wouldn't have a problem. Your food is posinous and disgusting. I hope no one eats your poison again.

  • volcano hi
    volcano hi 11 months ago

    wtf is going on where corporations are actually PAYING min wage for a restaurant employee? Min wage is the MINIMUM, not some standard for entry level employees. If i could think of a job that desrved min wage it would be anything related to phone service, like telemarketing. or a job where you just take up space and do nothing for a corporation. Every single job where you earn money for the employer is worth over 15 or else its lazy management for hiring too many bum employees in the first place.

  • Richard T
    Richard T 11 months ago +1

    cant make a burger to order and want 15 dollars a hour. really

  • indy_go_blue60
    indy_go_blue60 11 months ago

    Actually, had the minimum wage kept pace with inflation since the early '70s, it would be around $15/hr. But then wages for other workers would also be double and cost would probably be double. It's a lose-lose situation for everyone.

  • Ben Mcneil
    Ben Mcneil 11 months ago

    When I worked at McDonald's in Phoenix the owner had us steal hours from our employees. He drove 3 rolls-royce's so if you worked at McDonald's at 19 Ave and Bell and cave Creek and Bell or deer valley and I 17 during 1983 to 1992 you were ripped off he and the GM and area supervisors told us to do this threatened us with expulsion

  • stephencarlsbad
    stephencarlsbad 11 months ago

    This guy never answered cavuto on his question of $15/hr and how it would directly impact their business.

  • Super Ham
    Super Ham 11 months ago

    I make 18 and i didnt graduate high school but i worked my way up fuck everyone else if you want more gwt another job or move up with hard work

  • Francisco Reyes
    Francisco Reyes 11 months ago

    They are talking about teens a starting job, but all the protesters are old people Is that their starting OR I can't do anything else job.

  • thomas bradley
    thomas bradley 11 months ago

    I dont see why people want to make a career of an entry level job like mcdonalds or any other job like that they should have taken the time to learn a trade or skill while they was in school so they can advance in life nobody can hold you back but yourself work harder take a class do for your family stop being lazy ass pot smoking fuck tards that think that you are entitled to something because you are not entitled to shit work for it like every body else does i myself have never been paid minimum wage because i was smart enough to go to work in a skilled trade that i went to votech for in high school all high schools offer a vocational school and or classes of some type but the real problem is people dont want to work hard they want everything handed to them i didnt even finish school and i make over 5 k a week because of my hard work and dedication to be better and to want more dont be lazy or content want more and dont be afraid to work for it

  • Turkish Prostitute
    Turkish Prostitute 11 months ago

    Funny people expects to get paid more for just making hamburgers and fries.

  • Paul Stack
    Paul Stack Year ago

    Fuck kim jong un, fuck walmart, fuck mcdonald'$

  • Obi2
    Obi2 Year ago +2

    with $15 dollars an hour, that would disqualify a lot people from government subsidy benefits. They all think everyone should and could afford to pay extra dining out, the fact is 80% of the Americans are in debt, everyone would more likely to cut spending, businesses would close out, more job loss.

  • Tom A
    Tom A Year ago +1

    So your choices are 1) Don't go to college, work a min wage job and scrape by or 2) Go to college and pay400/500 a month in college loan debt until your 50 and scrape by

  • Andrew Cogger
    Andrew Cogger Year ago

    because mcdonalds couldnt lower their franchise fee a few points to make up for it. greedy scumbags

  • Sōshi Miketsukami

    Bullshit!!! The more skilled workers have their hours given away because the managers want to find cheaper labor aka high-school students that don't do shit!!!!

  • Sōshi Miketsukami
    Sōshi Miketsukami Year ago +1

    Wonder how expensive the ceos tie is???

  • Shawn Zuercher
    Shawn Zuercher Year ago +2

    No one willing to work 40 hours a week should make under a living wage it is not to much to ask for

    • Aharon Lawrence
      Aharon Lawrence 8 months ago

      It's not 'too much to ask for' to steal from companies? You're prettt delusional.

      ZAK HALLL 8 months ago

      And no one should starve to death, yet millions do every year. Stop living in a fantasy land. If you want a livable wage figure out what you can do to earn it. Save up for a diploma, take night classes, switch professions, figure that shit out and stop looking for handouts

  • Sky Powers
    Sky Powers Year ago +1

    ASSHOLES!!! all the to the Bank enslaving the working class all the way!!!

  • Theo Windisch
    Theo Windisch Year ago +23

    If you want 15$ a hour then go to college and get a better job. Working in fast food was meant for people who are starting out. Those who just needed gas money and kids in highschool.

    • courtney yerena
      courtney yerena 8 months ago

      Or even trade school. Nothing wrong with learning a trade. And there are ways of getting help for that kind of schooling too. Financial aid is offered as well as payment plans if you don’t qualify for it. People just don’t want to put in the time of effort to build or work.

    • Jesse C.
      Jesse C. 8 months ago

      Here here...Well said I right MATES!?? Our lad Theo makes great sense doesn't he!!? Cheers! To all well off rich families with no error! may god be with us ^.^

    • Jesse C.
      Jesse C. 8 months ago

      Theo has a point he is after all a rich educated white man that grew up in our PERFECT system.

    • Ike TheClerk
      Ike TheClerk 11 months ago +3

      Anyone who says going to college will net the better paying job is living in a fantasy land. I know a guy who is a cashier at a plaid pantry because he cant get a job with his bachelor degree in computer science. What might have been true 10 or 20 years ago, doesnt apply now.

    • oggyreidmore
      oggyreidmore 11 months ago +1

      Think about how many people will submit a short story vs how many will be awarded the 5K. There will be possibly thousands of people who write excellent short stories and still get denied because there's only so much scholarship money to go around. If scholarships could cover everyone, then this wouldn't be a problem. The amount of money available through scholarships only goes to 57% of people who qualify to attend college - and only a tiny portion of those scholarships are "full ride" that covers tuition, books, living expenses, etc. This isn't about trying hard. It's about low income segments of the population that will never be able to attend college no matter how well they do in high school because the cost of education is prohibitively expensive and their family can't afford it. And even if they tried to work their way through college, entry level work (as in, the type you'd get right out of high school with no college degree) doesn't pay enough to live AND go to college. Even if you live with your parents who will cover your living expenses, you'd still need two full time minimum wage jobs to even afford college. When are you supposed to study? When are you supposed to attend classes? When are you supposed to sleep? The only alternative is to get student loans that are the equivalent of paying a mortgage without a house to show for it. There are people who are still paying off student loans 20 years after graduating college. Somethings gotta give.
      And by the way, it must be nice to be so privileged that you can look down on people who aren't given everything in life as "you people"....I'm assuming you attend private school, since only a hypocritical idiot would be attending a tuition free public school and think that publicly funded tuition free education is somehow not a solution.
      By the way, there are no Starbucks in my town, and the nearest three aren't hiring (65 miles, 69 miles, and 75 miles away respectively). But I guess everything works out for everyone in every situation, right? The system is perfect after all, right? I can see how someone who has never had to struggle might get that impression...

    MICROSOFT HQ Year ago

    I rember in Daly in 2005 it cost $2 for a soda and a bag a chips now its $3 just for a smaller bag of chips :/

  • jeff wolf
    jeff wolf Year ago

    I'm calling bullshit on this caos statement.

  • cat 11
    cat 11 Year ago

    I think the workers should fight for better benifits such as medical and dental and team award money like we had at AT&T. these things would really help morale.

    • cat 11
      cat 11 Year ago

      I just think it's an up hill battle to try to get the $15 hr. Managers in these restaurants don't want to do it. However I think the Mc Donald's corp could improve benefits like profit sharing, team awards, good medical benefits.

  • UnderRated Comments
    UnderRated Comments Year ago +2

    Dam i might stop picking up trash for the city and go back to Micky D's god knows i love them french fries

  • screw ball
    screw ball Year ago +2

    There forgetting the customer how high is to high for someone to pay for a sandwich, YOU NEED MORE CUSTOMERS HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GET THEM

  • Edmond Casasa
    Edmond Casasa Year ago +6

    I stopped eating at McDonald's because it's bad food and it cost to much. I don't like getting ripped off!!!

  • Wayne Renee
    Wayne Renee Year ago +4

    McDonald's isn't a job for people raising a family or trying to pay mortgages and such. A minimum wage job is for first time job experiences for teens and young people still living with parents. That's what all minimum wage jobs are for. Not to make a living. Flipping Burgers isn't a high wage job. I was cooking on a grill @ 7 years old.

    • Joe mariconadas
      Joe mariconadas 2 months ago

      You forgot to mention it's also for someone who loses his job and takes on a job at Mc Donald's until he gets back on his feet instead of collecting welfare. Also, it can be a side job for someone who wants to make a few extra bucks to pay down some debt.

    • Jesse C.
      Jesse C. 8 months ago

      Now you evolved into a gay porn star so...u make the big bucks! man we all could take notes from your fairy tale

  • Frank tank
    Frank tank Year ago

    Its either McDonald's pays a livable wage to thier employees or you over paid fucks pay for their government assistance. Your choice.

  • Andrew Lively
    Andrew Lively Year ago

    What happens in other countries with two tiers if a young person is a supervisor but an older person just gets hired at the bottom. Does the older person get paid more for doing less? Aren't old people against agism?

  • Collector
    Collector Year ago +28

    I will take a kiosks over an illegal that can't speak English any day.

    • mike sixx
      mike sixx 7 months ago

      Brian Whetman lmao and again not an argument. Keep thinking you have a shred of intellect kid

    • Brian Whetman
      Brian Whetman 7 months ago

      You're racism screams levels of education.

    • Brian Whetman
      Brian Whetman 7 months ago

      Assuming my education level. Good job on underestimating you're opponent. Have a good day.

    • mike sixx
      mike sixx 7 months ago

      Brian Whetman lol and you need to get an education before attempting to insult anyone. Don't take 15 minutes to do a 5 minute job and you wouldn't be replaced lol

    • Brian Whetman
      Brian Whetman 7 months ago

      mike sixx your a walking piece of shit.

  • OffPlanet
    OffPlanet Year ago +1

    McDonald isn't food. It's like 50% food 50% non food materials. That's fucked up. Stop eating that shit.

  • Wendy Harper
    Wendy Harper Year ago +4

    Liberal politicians who make all these rules for businesses have never worked in a real job at all. They just talk for a living. They have no idea of the consequences of their regulations. They don't care. They are too lazy to work in a real job. We should put these politicians down to $15.00 per hour with the same health and retirement benefits. Pelosi said it was a living wage. So let her live on it, without her husband's millions.

    • Joe mariconadas
      Joe mariconadas 2 months ago

      That's the socialist way ( as it was in the Soviet Union ). Good for everyone except "me". Good Point. Let her do what she preaches for. What the fuck did that career politician accomplish in her life? Jack shit. Trump at least developed real estate and created thousands of jobs, even though he's an arrogant prick.

  • smiley
    smiley Year ago +1

    If the interviewer would stop interupting he could say more.

  • Bobby Q
    Bobby Q Year ago

    Fake British accent!

  • Snm Fame
    Snm Fame Year ago

    As a drugs dealers make 20 dollars a minute I wish I was a illegal immigrant. I can kill sell drugs and have welfare for my 20 children and 5 whore wives as I make BILLIONS!