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The Japanese Yakuza - Most Dangerous & Powerful Gangs In The World

  • Published on Aug 29, 2018
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    Japan, the birthplace of Hello Kitty, Super Mario, Sushi… and fetishes of a physical nature that seem wholly Japanese. It’s a country renowned for walking to the beat of its own drum, a cultural oddity in some respects, but with a society that goes to great pains in being polite, civilized, clean, and deferent to customs. Walking around almost any city, you won’t find trash on the ground, and you won’t need to fear being harassed or beaten up for the way you look, or for the few dollars in your pocket. Japan is on the whole smart, convenient, and safe. But then it also has some of the most feared and formidable gangsters on the planet. Who are they? What do they do? That’s what we’ll find out, in this episode of the Infographics Show, Most Dangerous Japanese Gangs.

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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  3 months ago +141

    Can gangs have a positive effect on the society? Is ethical criminal really possible or is it just an excuse? What do you think?

    • SP FromNY914
      SP FromNY914 Day ago


    • The Wayward Spiral
      The Wayward Spiral 6 days ago


    • Ninja Kitty
      Ninja Kitty 7 days ago

      The Infographics Show criminal is dangerous against the law around the world 🇯🇵🎌

    • Yami
      Yami 10 days ago

      mafias by nature are too short sighted and governments today are starting to become that way as well. They focus to much on sustaining things as they are in the moment the future and creation of future profit markets just happen according to them. Even though Japans bloom of its artistic market and technology are a partial result of infrastructure investment.

    • Hector Trejo
      Hector Trejo 16 days ago

      They actually help the public when a natural disasters strikes but then there's gangs that do that as well say it be kids or protection like the hells angels proving security in concerts it's a good topic to explore

  • Theli
    Theli 6 hours ago

    Most dangerous? Lol

  • Inspiringer
    Inspiringer 8 hours ago

    One of the kids in my classes last name is Yamaguchi.

  • Ozuna Rosado
    Ozuna Rosado 18 hours ago


  • Boston Cooper
    Boston Cooper Day ago

    This video is littered with ads there had been like 5

  • Lady Yasuo Shadow Mistress Zed

    Hmm...Yatsubishi, Ishida, Mitsukado and Sumitomo....hmmm.

  • PajamaJazama
    PajamaJazama Day ago

    Ronin were not "master samurai", they were MASTER-LESS samurai. Quite an important distinction

  • jared jordan
    jared jordan Day ago

    Sushi is actually not Japanese

  • KuruKuruGorilla
    KuruKuruGorilla 2 days ago

    "smart convenient and safe" said guy who only see Japan in anime

  • rdstirewalt
    rdstirewalt 3 days ago

    Vice... whatajoke...

  • 5000000 IQ
    5000000 IQ 3 days ago

    I only know yakuza from Gintama

  • Ron
    Ron 3 days ago

    all i heard in this video is: "bla bla tamaguchi yamaguchi bla bla bla taguchi yagachuki bla bla tamaguchi katakuchi bla bla yakuza"

  • dragonslayer015
    dragonslayer015 4 days ago

    What can I say most other gangsters is only about boosting their ego. These guys see it as a business and actually discipline their own people. When you're nearly as powerful as the government that's really saying something.

  • Henry Marlatt
    Henry Marlatt 5 days ago

    a lot of Japanese men and women are molested on trains because they are really tightly packed

  • Mihály Kálmán-Szilagyi

    Thats how maffia works

  • A Lol
    A Lol 5 days ago +1

    Most dangerous gang in san andreas america.


  • grin reaper
    grin reaper 5 days ago

    7:38 they are trying hard

  • Jk Vuki
    Jk Vuki 5 days ago +1

    Nah the most feared Japanese gang is...

    *Hentai Gods*

  • Soontobederpy YT
    Soontobederpy YT 6 days ago

    Japan: bombs Pearl Harbor
    USA: nukes Japan’s largest city
    Japan: fetishes
    USA: fast food restaurants
    Japan: aNiMe

  • Grant Saylor
    Grant Saylor 6 days ago

    Thats how mafia work

  • Sir Santiago808
    Sir Santiago808 6 days ago

    Nah explain why they get samurai tattoos my dude


    Magicarp then garyados...thats why :)

  • The Wayward Spiral
    The Wayward Spiral 6 days ago

    So the Yakuza is the most powerful gang in the world? Since they make the most money and money means everything.

  • RickyG Killa
    RickyG Killa 6 days ago

    Talk shit about a cartel in Mexico and they’ll take your heart out while you still alive as well as execute your whole family. Im not even exaggerating 🙂

  • PrispyCaters
    PrispyCaters 6 days ago

    I would have to disagree. The most dangerous and powerful gang would be the Scooby-Doo gang.

  • Electro Wizard
    Electro Wizard 7 days ago

    Jiro, over here!

  • Zero Two
    Zero Two 7 days ago


  • Yung Yosef
    Yung Yosef 7 days ago

    LMAO the eyes at the beginning.

  • Jay Lawrence
    Jay Lawrence 8 days ago

    Well, if the narrator had ever been to Japan he’d see that while indeed people kind of ignore the Yakuza, this is far from them being “welcome members of society.” They are definitely seen as a problem to the point where people with tattoos visible are look at suspiciously and not allowed in pools and such. I love Japan but this video is misleading.

  • dark moon
    dark moon 8 days ago

    Make something bout the bloods/crips since you wanna glorify and inform people of gangs

  • str8m360 Genesis
    str8m360 Genesis 8 days ago

    Their crime organization is more organized than our government 😡😠😠

  • Bobby Nixon
    Bobby Nixon 8 days ago

    Japanese are not that scary sorry

  • Alvin Ho
    Alvin Ho 8 days ago


  • Wasted Kill
    Wasted Kill 8 days ago

    Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu, The ultimate Yakuza from danganronpa 2

  • Abai Beisebayev
    Abai Beisebayev 8 days ago

    Please make a video about the Bratva.

  • Wot you Lookin at?
    Wot you Lookin at? 10 days ago

    Thats How Mafia Works.

  • Logic20XX
    Logic20XX 10 days ago


  • Nora Kri
    Nora Kri 10 days ago

    They actually have a website lmaooo

  • Christoffel Miśkowiec

    I bet if a big European guy with a size of 1,85m would stand in front of a Japanese Gang member they would treat you very 'respectful'

  • Phoenix Animu and Vidja Game Dude

    So basically Chaotic Good

  • 다라
    다라 11 days ago

    Cartel vs Yakuza

  • I ain't no SoyBoy
    I ain't no SoyBoy 11 days ago

    Japan is actually not that safe. It's not entirely because of the Yakuzas but because of the public harassment. Women or girl students usually gets groped while riding the train. But I'm not saying this country is filled with negativy, I'm just saying that all countries have their own weirdness and mistakes.

  • 林盈盈
    林盈盈 11 days ago

    That's how mafia work

  • Denford Lloren
    Denford Lloren 11 days ago +2

    That's how yakuza works.

  • EvoEvan Nismo
    EvoEvan Nismo 12 days ago

    The only reason why I dislike this video is because the Yakuza can be violent. Also I just heard from you Infographics show that they help people truly in need? I'm still shaking my head about that one. It's nothing personal why I dislike this video, it's just how can the richest gang groups could help people but be gruesomely violent at the same time? I don't get it at all.

  • Cu nt
    Cu nt 12 days ago


  • Busty Babe
    Busty Babe 13 days ago

    “Ethical Hitman” lol

  • Leisure Facts
    Leisure Facts 13 days ago

    Still better than thousand of gangs, well I see even gangs in japan are not even that bad 😂

  • 123arcadia
    123arcadia 14 days ago

    Japanese mafia is weak

  • asta hesta
    asta hesta 14 days ago

    The Yakuza video game brought me here

  • Vannrith Va
    Vannrith Va 14 days ago

    m interested at the porn part

  • baka nga?
    baka nga? 14 days ago

    Thats How Yakuza Works

  • Jared XX
    Jared XX 14 days ago

    Yakuza: They can be your greatest friend or your worst enemy.

  • Juan DelaCruize
    Juan DelaCruize 15 days ago

    Dont underestimate pikotaro. He's yakuza

  • subhajit biswas
    subhajit biswas 15 days ago

    the birthplace of blured porn😂

  • Mohammed Alhendi
    Mohammed Alhendi 15 days ago

    It’s actually sudoko

  • Hector Trejo
    Hector Trejo 16 days ago

    A necessary evil

    AHINDRA DEB 16 days ago

    Birth place of kawasaki

  • Edjon Stojku
    Edjon Stojku 16 days ago

    The birth place of fucking anime

  • 77AfteRMath77
    77AfteRMath77 16 days ago

    That's how Mafia works...

  • safeer Ahmed tak
    safeer Ahmed tak 16 days ago

    They missed dragon ball while introducing Japan

  • Joel Baruzo
    Joel Baruzo 16 days ago

    nah for me Big Chungus Army is even more powerful

  • Jeff Owen
    Jeff Owen 16 days ago

    They should make a movie yakuza vs triad. It would probably be better then alien vs predator

  • k t
    k t 16 days ago

    I heard they can be racist

  • 123LetsDance
    123LetsDance 16 days ago

    Crows Zero 😑😑 This Is only Gang that I know from Japan

  • Jae Mal
    Jae Mal 17 days ago

    You forgot about 1 notorious and very dangerous gang.

    Yakult . Killing bad bacteria.

  • Gillian Daemon
    Gillian Daemon 17 days ago

    Chaotic Law

  • tonykeo83
    tonykeo83 17 days ago

    Where can you join a gang that give you a second chance minus losing a pinky when you screw up. The Yakuza of course.

  • Thrasher987
    Thrasher987 17 days ago

    Anyone else come from the rothschilds’ wealth video? Yeah, comments are disable LMAO

  • Arty Cuen
    Arty Cuen 17 days ago

    Ethnic Koreans who were not welcomed, anywhere in Japan. Thats where the roots of the Yakuza, begin.

  • shray mehta
    shray mehta 18 days ago

    Gaitonde se ladke dikhao

  • PSI metalify
    PSI metalify 18 days ago


  • Azinof Mallanao
    Azinof Mallanao 18 days ago

    Thtas how mafia works...

  • Onyxsolo
    Onyxsolo 18 days ago

    I think the smartest code they had was not bothering and helping neighbors. So many dumb wanna be thugs and gangsters try to dominate and intimidate everyone around them even their next door neighbors and strangers that just want peace. They have yjid stupid "keeping it real" and alpha tough guy mentality that leaves them with very few people who can say anything good about them when they do cross the paths with the law.
    When I visited japan I got invited to a party that may or may not have been hosted by a Yakuza boss. Even with many tattoos and stubby fingers around me, I didn't feel uncomfortable at any point and constantly had to check myself for being more relaxed than I should have been at times. I'm not a fan of senseless violence because "it's cool" so I really respected the atmosphere I experienced. I think most people around the world feel that way which is why Japan tolerates Yakuza to a certain extent.

  • SoLiD CyPhEr
    SoLiD CyPhEr 18 days ago

    You don't know what your talking about...they are just a culture exchange program....with attitude subject closed

  • deepblue2
    deepblue2 18 days ago

    The Yakuza go waaaay back beyond the 17th century.

  • nowwithmorekick
    nowwithmorekick 18 days ago

    A lot of the early days of the yakuza were all low class of citizens looked at as less than human and ether bdcame gangsters or ninjas aka assassins.these class of people were considered less than human and born into a certain societal class.if you are gonna kill someone doing it threw assassination was very dishonerable but these as low as it gets class of people in japan were less than human and had no honor to gsin or loose and hard to make a living so became gangsters and or ninjas to make a living.they were not at all samurai or at least the typical average yakuza back in the day.

  • Tony Mori
    Tony Mori 19 days ago

    Its not Goduku! It's Gokudo! What other inaccuracies do you have!

  • Randy Nguyen
    Randy Nguyen 19 days ago

    This guy obviously hasn't met Inuyasha, Kagome, and the gang

  • uhohitsmo15
    uhohitsmo15 19 days ago

    yea lol they "stopped selling drugs" hmm not too sure about that one

  • Argad Argad
    Argad Argad 19 days ago

    Can u do a video about why isn't there organized crimes in the Arab World

  • Fuxk The System
    Fuxk The System 19 days ago +1

    Silent witness brought me here..

  • Ciri Danis
    Ciri Danis 19 days ago

    Baka mitai

  • Izzy Woods
    Izzy Woods 20 days ago

    He says Yakuza really weird and i am cringing hard

  • Ben P
    Ben P 20 days ago

    I doubt a 4'8 midget could do much... asians are funny

  • Chandlier Mirage
    Chandlier Mirage 20 days ago

    Someone needs to add Yakuza 0 music in the background

  • Ghys Fggni
    Ghys Fggni 20 days ago

    Yakukagg manu zaku sakshi maki hika htailbh juggv hjaftb high

  • Kenneth Brea DeLeon Jr.

    The most dangerous gang is

    Grove Street Families.

  • Geo Beraia
    Geo Beraia 21 day ago

    Russian mafia does not exists, everything you call Russian mafia is Georgian mafia

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 21 day ago +1

    Need to eliminate the Yakuza? Call John Wick

  • Bryan Fong
    Bryan Fong 21 day ago

    Well, the sushi dishes came from Japan, but the actual technique of preserving fish with rice came from China.

  • El Guapo
    El Guapo 21 day ago


  • Cam Vinh Tu
    Cam Vinh Tu 21 day ago

    For a second there, I was hoping the 2 biggest groups of yakuza are Tojo clan and Goju-ryu clan. Lol xD

  • Nerboo Derboo
    Nerboo Derboo 21 day ago

    lol "yuh-koo-zuh"
    u dont pronouce the u bro its "Yak-zuh"

  • Julius Castillejo
    Julius Castillejo 21 day ago

    Level 1 crook

  • Yvonne Wilson
    Yvonne Wilson 22 days ago +1

    Sooooooo... we're just gonna not talk about how the Yakuza make their prospective members take a fucking exam? Specifically on international law? Or the fact that their tattoos are sponsored and when the person with those sweet tats dies, the sponsor has rights to their tattooed skin and they frame them and sell them as works of art in the black market?
    Sooooooo what about that?

  • Field Marshal
    Field Marshal 22 days ago

    I thought Hello Kitty was Chinese.

  • Kaushik Roy
    Kaushik Roy 22 days ago

    Actually the YAKUZA also don't do any crime.. Instead, they help people

    JHAY CEE 22 days ago

    Yakuzma of lakers

  • laurence ellington
    laurence ellington 23 days ago

    Infographics, can you do something on middle eastern gangs.