The Japanese Yakuza - Most Dangerous & Powerful Gangs In The World

  • Published on Aug 29, 2018
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    Japan, the birthplace of Hello Kitty, Super Mario, Sushi… and fetishes of a physical nature that seem wholly Japanese. It’s a country renowned for walking to the beat of its own drum, a cultural oddity in some respects, but with a society that goes to great pains in being polite, civilized, clean, and deferent to customs. Walking around almost any city, you won’t find trash on the ground, and you won’t need to fear being harassed or beaten up for the way you look, or for the few dollars in your pocket. Japan is on the whole smart, convenient, and safe. But then it also has some of the most feared and formidable gangsters on the planet. Who are they? What do they do? That’s what we’ll find out, in this episode of the Infographics Show, Most Dangerous Japanese Gangs.

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  • Dxync Lol
    Dxync Lol 5 hours ago

    i remember this from gta 3... nostalgic.

  • EverythingGameTestPro
    EverythingGameTestPro 6 hours ago

    Thats why you are in risk if you have tattoo in japan hahaha

  • LyingToMyself
    LyingToMyself 7 hours ago

    that background music though so good like wow

  • ディアスジェレミー

    *_Top 10 most realistic anime that turned out to be based on a true story..._*

  • pdstomo
    pdstomo 23 hours ago

    I think it is spelled Gokudou

  • Ekrah
    Ekrah Day ago

    The Akatsuki of real life.

  • Validate
    Validate Day ago

    You dont have to be fear being harrased or being up the way you look, Are you sure about that, Are you fucking sure?

  • Shifty
    Shifty Day ago

    Why does the skillshare logo look like the betterhelp logo??

  • onakii
    onakii Day ago

    Gokudo is the word for wicked or extreme path and not Goduku.

  • Sean Keriby
    Sean Keriby Day ago

    What if swat and mercanary also russia tanks are fighting yakuza

  • Faraz Karim
    Faraz Karim Day ago

    I surprisingly knew the koi fish story.

  • aliastheabnormal

    The Yakuza are still better leaders than the Puerto Rican government.

  • Athaporn MCorp Review

    it's funny how the yakuza guy was stepping on someone but it wasn't revealed for a while, and the guy who got stepped on still manage to smile throughout the ordeal :)

  • Pheonixeye_1
    Pheonixeye_1 2 days ago

    Yakuza 6

    IAN DUCAO 2 days ago

    Yeah I have tattoos and they thought I was a yakuza

  • Vmonster
    Vmonster 2 days ago

    It’s not “Goduku” it’s “GOKUDO

  • Undead Darksign
    Undead Darksign 3 days ago

    How can a video about the Yakuza be this boring?

  • orc001
    orc001 3 days ago

    "Ancient master samurai, known as ronin"...
    Haha, I think you mean *masterless* samurai

  • Yare Yare
    Yare Yare 3 days ago

    again, wiki, there is an order to which fingers they cut off. its starts with the LEFT PINKY at the top knuckle, then you move to the middle knuckles and if for some reason they havent killed you or kicked your arse out of the gang then the right pinky. never the pointer finger

  • Yare Yare
    Yare Yare 3 days ago

    no, its GO-KU-DO. seriously, are first "fact" in and we already fucked up. dude, seriously if you wanna "educate" people, at least read a friggin wiki

  • Tikimohn
    Tikimohn 3 days ago

    You got one thing wrong with the Tattoo's. Mums are a death flower in Japan(placed at funerals and graves). Yakuza get Mums so that in the event they die alone, they still have death flowers with them.

  • Yuri Stevens
    Yuri Stevens 3 days ago

    The Yakuza seem okay to me, they deal their business, I deal with my business, no beef

  • TheExtremeEvoker
    TheExtremeEvoker 3 days ago +1

    Tentacle hentai

  • Hans Niumata-Taefu
    Hans Niumata-Taefu 3 days ago

    Thumbnail looking like YaKuzma

  • Bomnuk Don
    Bomnuk Don 3 days ago

    Well it's actually better to have Yakuza for the Japanese because although they are gangsters they have values though ..if the authorities weed them out there's no telling what will replace them

  • Josh Benitez
    Josh Benitez 3 days ago

    Without the public they would lose their economy. So, by helping the public they also help their pockets.

  • DEEK1NG 666
    DEEK1NG 666 4 days ago

    Koi fish in China I thought we were talking about the Japanese yakuza what’s Chinese koi fish have to do with there tattoos

  • napolitan 420
    napolitan 420 4 days ago

    Its not Goduku, Its GOKUDO

  • Sasha Romano
    Sasha Romano 4 days ago

    these guys give the age is just a number a whole new meaning . now hand me a bucket i need to puke ...

  • Sovirak Ourom
    Sovirak Ourom 4 days ago

    How to be Japanese! Be a gang with the honor! Most of people in my country are respectfully on Japanese.

  • RealPurplezPandaz YT

    What about the Uchiha clans?

  • Heart of Iron RGF
    Heart of Iron RGF 4 days ago

    "Sometimes success lies in realizing someone else can do it better."

  • uglyposterboy
    uglyposterboy 5 days ago

    If you even can't get it right what a ronin was i have verry little hope 4 this video 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Leet Skeet
    Leet Skeet 5 days ago

    "A stain on Japanese morals and decency" like that time in WWII Japan slaughtered more Chinese than were killed in the holocaust?

  • Ventace
    Ventace 5 days ago

    Pronounced YAH-ku-zah, not Yeh-KOO-zeh

  • Daniel Lus
    Daniel Lus 5 days ago


  • keey
    keey 5 days ago

    lmao his japanese sounds really funny to japanese people

  • Kryp toNytz
    Kryp toNytz 5 days ago

    Where's the Vongola family😆

  • shu rai
    shu rai 5 days ago

    yo these cartoon are racist

  • Yamada Taro
    Yamada Taro 5 days ago +1

    The problem of this video is that it doesn't show any source of the information. Without the source of information, this is another FAKE information. Internet is full of FAKE information.

  • Yamada Taro
    Yamada Taro 5 days ago +1

    Most of current Yakuza members are KOREANS. Koreans are the most criminal oriented race in Asia. Koreans are headache for Japan. You shouldn't have Korean immigrants.

  • Nalinan Raju
    Nalinan Raju 5 days ago

    The birth place of Dragon Ball

  • terajah minor
    terajah minor 5 days ago +1

    Don't f*ck with me! I have the power of God and Anime on my side!

  • nintendo spurs
    nintendo spurs 6 days ago

    Uchiha clan is da beast

  • コモドどらこん

    its gokudo not goduku...

  • fx Enz
    fx Enz 6 days ago



    Yakuza just a businessman.. but with dangerous consequences

  • Cheyenne Allen
    Cheyenne Allen 7 days ago

    How bout the northen-kai?

  • AronShun
    AronShun 7 days ago

    Its not Goduko, its Gokudo.

  • Cyka Blyat
    Cyka Blyat 8 days ago

    Yakuza is nothing compared to Takiya Genji.

  • Sketchiv
    Sketchiv 8 days ago

    OMAE WA...MOU SHINDEIRU ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Keisuke Takazato
    Keisuke Takazato 8 days ago

    Haahahah "goduku"

  • 0 Videos With Absolutely No Subscribers!!!

    Do one about the MS 13

  • Chhaya Sharma
    Chhaya Sharma 9 days ago +1

    Who came hear beacause of Yakuza 6 the song of life 😂😂

  • shuushirakawa
    shuushirakawa 9 days ago

    Aizu != Eizu

  • Quagigitymire
    Quagigitymire 9 days ago

    Only a rare few criminal organizations were wise enough to recognize the value of community outreach. It's an invaluable asset, the love of a community, that has helped many aggressively hunted fugitives evade capture, some for decades despite huge bounties.(Chapo Guzman for example) Those who victimized their community rarely last.

  • Jaywon Lee
    Jaywon Lee 9 days ago

    Nothing compares to the dragon of Dojima tho

  • Kaifi R Khan
    Kaifi R Khan 10 days ago

    I like ur video 👊🏻

  • Booty Boy Jenkins
    Booty Boy Jenkins 11 days ago

    i thought it was only from daredevil...

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 11 days ago

    Let me become Germany new president

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 11 days ago

    Give me the word and I’ll put them in a camp that will help them become better people i promise

  • Trash Mutt Reviews
    Trash Mutt Reviews 13 days ago

    Why not explain the Samurai tattoo?

  • Tony Lau
    Tony Lau 13 days ago

    Tell me about the tirad

  • Nicholas Gu
    Nicholas Gu 13 days ago


  • phunkyzilla
    phunkyzilla 13 days ago

    Japan is great as long as your not Japanese. Then you’re expected to work your life away til you die

  • jeman shrestha
    jeman shrestha 14 days ago

    what music is in the background..

  • Srilankan Tourist
    Srilankan Tourist 14 days ago

    In Japan, I was heart surgeon. Number 1. My hand steady. One day, Yakuza boss need new heart. I do operation. But, mistake I made ! Yakuza boss die! Other yakuza very mad. I hide in fishing boat, come to America. No english, no food, no money. Mr. Msdonald give me job. Now I house, American car, and new woman. MCDonald save life. My big secret: I kill yakuza boss on purpose. I good surgeon. The best!

  • Srilankan Tourist
    Srilankan Tourist 14 days ago

    look at the srilankan gangs.. they might have 1000billion dollar

  • aldy nugroho
    aldy nugroho 14 days ago

    to @infographicsshow. how to become your sub writer for indonesian language?

  • aldy nugroho
    aldy nugroho 14 days ago

    to @infographicsshow. how to become your sub writer for indonesian language?

  • safrudin ali
    safrudin ali 15 days ago

    Don't use and selling drugs?, what a lie

  • Hors3Meat
    Hors3Meat 15 days ago


  • Kyungmi Park
    Kyungmi Park 15 days ago

    Yakuza always help before government too. It’s pretty amazing.

  • C-Red
    C-Red 15 days ago

    80 billion dollars!!? why haven't these guys bought Japan?

  • Nicholas Johnson
    Nicholas Johnson 15 days ago

    Sushi was actually made in Norway and they introduced it to Japan. Japan just made it their own. Good enough though.

  • Ocean DeBarros
    Ocean DeBarros 15 days ago

    Decency huh?
    I'm sorry but, which country made hentai and lolis. HUH!
    All countries are undecent in many ways

  • Ocean DeBarros
    Ocean DeBarros 15 days ago

    Omae wa mu shinderu

  • Mighty aids
    Mighty aids 15 days ago

    Team 10

  • jan pineda
    jan pineda 15 days ago

    Jesus 3 ads? Really?

  • Janelle Fu
    Janelle Fu 16 days ago

    They have morals in their gang and I feel like they don’t affect the public that much I think the only time they’re be violent is if you mess with them but then again it’s your fault for messing with them

  • Janelle Fu
    Janelle Fu 16 days ago

    I think they’re not that bad compared to other gangs in other countries.

  • rons4620
    rons4620 16 days ago

    I guess u are talking about Gokudo (極道) not Goduku. Do better research man.

  • Dab dab
    Dab dab 16 days ago

    Yakuza member: Cuts the finger
    Thug Life lmao

  • Captain Right
    Captain Right 17 days ago

    No they are about as trustworthy as a political party on a good day.

  • James Dunn
    James Dunn 17 days ago

    We have pretty shifty gangsters here in the UK, they're called parliament and they've been doing it for years. Not sure I'd call them upstanding though.

  • Atharva Ghuge
    Atharva Ghuge 18 days ago

    I would like a video in Indian dons

  • Dimitri Stavrakoglou
    Dimitri Stavrakoglou 18 days ago

    Sushi was invented in China

    ARUN S ANAND 20 days ago

    Can you do a video on PABLO ESCOBAR

  • David Meir
    David Meir 20 days ago

    A criminal gang with an official website and who recruits members with ads in the papers.

  • Morgan EB
    Morgan EB 22 days ago

    Your videos are amazing ! I've been binging them for hours.

  • Sid
    Sid 22 days ago

    Hentai is human right.

  • tHeShadyLuGia
    tHeShadyLuGia 23 days ago

    You wanna join the yakuza? Ok but we dont have sake at the moment so suck this lemon.

  • kawaiilardbug
    kawaiilardbug 23 days ago

    y a k o o z a

  • MoliminousTheater
    MoliminousTheater 23 days ago

    i always love how westerners suck off japan, not realizing the truth that it's a pretty shitty place to live lol

  • Erica Drue
    Erica Drue 25 days ago

    I love these videos but I just got hit with FOUR ads on this video.

  • Luke Jones
    Luke Jones 25 days ago

    its not the birth place of hello kitty

  • lil mango
    lil mango 26 days ago +1

    What if the Aogiri Tree was real

  • Fir-Nephilim
    Fir-Nephilim 26 days ago

    If I ever want to join a certain type of gang.
    It would be the Yakuza, hands down.
    They know the rules and have honor.
    Plus I as far as I heard, they wouldn't kill me for nothing.
    So I'll be stable, right?

  • YT_ BlockyGamerZ
    YT_ BlockyGamerZ 26 days ago +1

    Japan also made the _Furries_

  • PutYaGunsOn
    PutYaGunsOn 26 days ago

    "Gokudo", not "Goduku".