• Published on Jul 21, 2019
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  • nikh passa
    nikh passa 4 days ago +1

    R.I.P for last question 😂

  • Its KEL Official
    Its KEL Official 5 days ago +2

    Those face I wonder if Thurman at manny’s prime he wouldn’t pass 12 rounds. Pacquiao style can destroy anyone in the Ring! Dang!

  • bhavani prakash
    bhavani prakash 7 days ago

    Manny haumble of all boxer's

  • Shei Marie Balmaceda

    for thurman be humble like SEN.MP and you earn of respect from the pilipinos boxing fans,

    #ROOPA TROOPA 9 days ago

    Manny you Really are a once in a lifetime natural. Beautiful, art one might say. Blessed be from a pGsn

  • Marvzz Philyahoo
    Marvzz Philyahoo 14 days ago

    Very humble down to earth

  • Dinbheer Sareno
    Dinbheer Sareno 17 days ago

    Yeahh...keith is truly a warrior.

  • Vic Carl
    Vic Carl 18 days ago

    The best boxer

  • Jose Malave
    Jose Malave Month ago

    For the first time and one time Keith thurmen looks like he's crying for he's first loss

  • Kenny kid Fishing
    Kenny kid Fishing Month ago

    Keith Thurman: " i will do to manny pacquiao what he did to oscardelahoya " .... number #1 B***S***

  • bondonsky 500
    bondonsky 500 2 months ago

    Thurman got beat up but I still like him

  • jun roperos
    jun roperos 3 months ago


  • Jejomar Evangelista
    Jejomar Evangelista 3 months ago


  • Ernie Gallano
    Ernie Gallano 4 months ago

    Manny accepts some solid shots from Thurman. experience and heart made him survive those shots. Heart of a real warrior.

  • Im Cute
    Im Cute 4 months ago

    Respect from both Boxers, both good fighter and I hope Thurman learn how to be humble

  • dnlprls
    dnlprls 4 months ago

    More classy than Canelo when everyone know he lost the fights to Canelo, and stating that he won the fight. Now he is getting belts taken away from him Karma is a bitch isnt it. Then he has the audacity to not want to fight Golovkin again when he still has not beat him once.

  • ivy marie ang
    ivy marie ang 4 months ago

    I am a pilipino but i love thurman
    now than gayweather!! Thurman is @ man!!

  • Alika Bright
    Alika Bright 4 months ago

    Could you imagine Keith fighting manny in his prime? Like I’m not saying manny is a bad boxer now. cuz he still an outstanding boxer/ my favorite boxer and I don’t mean any disrespect to him. I’m just imagining how it would’ve been if manny fought in his prime ya know? Anyone think it would’ve made a difference or no? And again don’t mean any disrespect he’s a legend either way

  • Rvrik Sanchez
    Rvrik Sanchez 4 months ago

    A very humble Champion Manny Pacman ..

  • mhille cino
    mhille cino 4 months ago

    Senator Manny is a good teacher😁,he teach how to respect😊

  • chinoypi pasaway
    chinoypi pasaway 4 months ago

    What a good Christian model! True child of God! God bless you more Manny and your entire family!!!

  • Dhev Fakhruddino
    Dhev Fakhruddino 4 months ago

    thurman menangis

  • neilvin rebolledo
    neilvin rebolledo 4 months ago

    Humble vs arrogant...

  • Cristian Molina
    Cristian Molina 4 months ago

    Que grande que sos pacquiao..!!

  • Habeeb King
    Habeeb King 4 months ago

    One time got that money me time Azz beatin lol cdfuuuuuuuu it’s never good to talk heavy shit

  • Jocele Pimentel
    Jocele Pimentel 4 months ago

    Thurman is good promoting the fight thru trash talking they both a lot of cash noe bro

  • Secret bun
    Secret bun 4 months ago +1

    When he hugged Thurman
    He whispered "now your rich"

  • Elah Del Rosario
    Elah Del Rosario 4 months ago

    Saludo ako sa ugali ng isang tunay na Pilipino..

  • jaduto lol
    jaduto lol 4 months ago

    be humble work hard and keith you will be one of the legends

  • INKIE Gaming
    INKIE Gaming 4 months ago

    Kieth is like a prisoner

  • mawi mawi
    mawi mawi 4 months ago

    I love fighting but when they get punch on thei face i feel so sad is just sport but

  • Leonard Rhodge De Vera
    Leonard Rhodge De Vera 4 months ago +1

    Now Keith call Manny as kuya🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Good fight
    Respect and Love

    TRANSTRUTH 4 months ago +1

    blind people cannot see that manny's gloves are twice LESS padded as thurman's. it's part of the negotiations and handicapping fighters who are abviously not equal in age and ability! you can see the obvious damage on thurman's face.. while thurman held back a lot of his talent not hitting his opponent like he did before.. SCAMMERS! all of them!

      TRANSTRUTH 4 months ago

      blind people.. wake up it was a set up.. obviously

  • Easly Shinkiro
    Easly Shinkiro 4 months ago

    You've got to give it thurman for the sportsmanship after the fight, boxers who take the L and still be humble that's one of the lessons pacman taught many, not only boxers but all people as well, one of the great fight of this year so far...

  • Edward Joe Amatorio
    Edward Joe Amatorio 4 months ago

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  • Qaibstreetline Asianredneck

    Two great warriors

  • Blanca Ramon Ramon
    Blanca Ramon Ramon 4 months ago

    I have always liked thurman but was going for pacquiao but was a great fight to the both of them

  • MsRodchie
    MsRodchie 4 months ago

    God bless you Manny, your very humble man and a true champion know Wonder why people love you so much..💪💪👌

  • Tsong Jaydee
    Tsong Jaydee 4 months ago

    Trashtalkin in the event is just a shwo

  • bigomar777
    bigomar777 4 months ago

    what the second journalist said that pacman took a lot of punishment is he crazy?

  • Philip Seballos
    Philip Seballos 4 months ago

    His giving glory to God makes him truly a blessed man.Being born again is key to victory in life and not just in the physical side.If we let God be our ultimate personal trainer we wil knock out the enemy.

  • Edgar Martinez
    Edgar Martinez 4 months ago

    God blessed u always I admired ur greatness one of my best fighters

  • Sergio Espinosa
    Sergio Espinosa 4 months ago +1

    Jajajajajajajaja what happened know why Thurman is not talking trash is because he scare the 40 year old many jajajajaja

  • State of Mind
    State of Mind 4 months ago

    I cant count how many Manny humbled a boxer.

  • Benzar Jaladil
    Benzar Jaladil 4 months ago +17

    Keith thurman is a nice boxing fighter no Running no hugging not like Floyd Mayweather he win because of cheating.

  • Luna moonfang
    Luna moonfang 4 months ago

    Damn.. Thurman's face.. still handsome though. Hehehe

    ALLAN BAGAAN 4 months ago

    I think Keith is a good man, and he deserves that, the only wrong is the trash talk about Manny but maybe his point is to trigger the Filipino people, to make the match exciting and he deserves a warrior because facing Manny with all the punches, that is amazing unlike Mayweather who is always running like a dog, salute to the both boxers

  • RED MI
    RED MI 4 months ago

    thurman is just doing his job selling the fight, to gain more viewers. Manny and thurman knows that and they respect each other.

  • Nooruddin Liew
    Nooruddin Liew 4 months ago

    can u imagine if thats is bonner who is the champion😊

  • Louie
    Louie 4 months ago

    is the camera guy on a boat? it keeps moving up and down!

  • Aries fufo
    Aries fufo 4 months ago

    Thurman is young. He has a lot of chances to be greater. The fact he fought with The Pacman is most epic fight he went through and forever remembered as the most respected even after he learnt his lesson not to underestimate the legend. Thurman will bcome a legend himself and I hope he will not turn himself a clown like Mayweather. He can have his money but he will never be seen a the true champion.

  • Do not read my profile picture

    He basically bullshitted about having a shoulder injury because mayweather defeated him.
    Used to love pac, lost a lot of respect for him after that...

  • NinjaBro YT
    NinjaBro YT 4 months ago +1

    *Thurman looks Prison🤔*

  • TheSinaloakid
    TheSinaloakid 4 months ago

    Because he knew Thurman got robbed

  • Jovy Rivera
    Jovy Rivera 4 months ago

    Keith deserves more respect, everything that happened pre fight was meant to sell more tickets

  • pretending to b russian Kriznaïver

    Thurman is the man. Fought hard, fell, but never gave up.. Unlike mayweather he should join the track n field or smthng..😵👅👅✌️🖕✌️

  • R2K
    R2K 4 months ago

    He has to be HUMBLE after all this isnt sports but a PIT for GAMBLERS and he just earned some millions again. BUSINESS as usual and gullible PINOYS as usual.

  • christ ballesta
    christ ballesta 4 months ago

    yan ang napapala ng kayabangan mo thurman..

  • Buknoy
    Buknoy 4 months ago

    Wooow just woow.. Love up above

  • Saca Las Cervezas
    Saca Las Cervezas 4 months ago +5

    Thurman had to promote the fight by talking trash I dont blame him, it's part of selling the fight. I respect him because the trash talking was very tolerable and understandable. He wanted to truly retire Pac but lost. He never talked bad about his country, religion, family... that type of trash talk is arrogant.

    • proud OFW
      proud OFW 4 months ago

      He did it intentionally .. no to promote the fight be.. 4yrs ago he called Manny as a rabbit..