Detroit - Movie Review

  • Published on Jul 31, 2017
  • Racial tensions were high in 1967 Detroit. Among the riots, some dark events went down in the Algiers Motel. Kathryn Bigelow directs this movie telling that story. Here's my review of DETROIT!
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  • Jeremy Jahns
    Jeremy Jahns  Year ago +1823

    Yeah, it takes place in 1967, not 1957. I would correct it with an annotation....but I'm not sure those are a thing anymore. And if they are, well, fuck it. This is my correction.

    • KingXavier SauceBoss
      KingXavier SauceBoss Year ago

      James Reno He Did Check his recent Video

    • REELly Saying Something
      REELly Saying Something Year ago +1

      I wasn`t gonna see this movie but sold it to me! :) It had better be good now!!! lol

    • Joseph Rosa
      Joseph Rosa Year ago +1

      Jeremy Jahns your a fascinating man cheers 🍻

    • Mariko True
      Mariko True Year ago

      That is ok, before I saw this comment my search for the correct date took me down a wormhole ending with the trial and survivor testimony. Now I am really depressed.

  • Brian Ross
    Brian Ross Month ago

    here is why Detroit sucked something awful. The riot was huge event with a lot of context behind it. This movie pans in on tiny elements of the overall story, focuses on a microcosm event and uses that event to project a narrative that is somehow linked to SJW politics of today.......FUCKING WEAK

  • Cubefarmer Hkc
    Cubefarmer Hkc 4 months ago

    Will Poulter was terrifying in this film.

  • Waz
    Waz 5 months ago

    Your being generous this movie is garbage! The minute the movie went into the hotel it got terrible..

  • ValorPictures
    ValorPictures 6 months ago

    The movie was dumb. They don't even try to explain to the officers that it was a gun loaded with blanks. Instead they just immediately play the victim.

  • AbleAbeStudios
    AbleAbeStudios 6 months ago

    Defiantly a tough film to watch once, but couldn't make it a second time. Agreed with many of your points, but feel the opening animation, or at least the information was important to understand why this was going on and how this happened.

  • ronald mabitag
    ronald mabitag 8 months ago

    at that time, black median family income was 95% white median family income. unemployment for blacks was 3.4% and black home ownership was the higher in detroit than any other major city

  • Skylar Delgado
    Skylar Delgado 10 months ago

    Literally can't stand this guy..

  • Iz Desie
    Iz Desie 10 months ago

    I was horrified , angry and helpless during the whole movie. I almost didn`t finish it

  • Rhino Thunder
    Rhino Thunder 11 months ago

    Will Poulter was the actor who played the eyebrow kid in We're the Millers and I thought you was fantastic as this Ultra racist cop in the movie Detroit.
    I also want to point out that the white girls are whores and that is the fact the way it actually happened because the movie portrays them is party girls that just kind of got caught up in all this racial tension when the incident goes down but when you really look up the truth about what happened at the Algiers motel in Detroit it tells you that these girls had a long history of prostitution before this incident ever took place so even though in the movie they joke around about trying to be prostitutes to make a couple bucks that night the truth is they were straight up prostitutes for what I'm going to assume it's at least a few years before this incident ever happened other than that the cops that were involved in this incident are absolutely 100% at fault because this was a shity situation that never should have happened

  • Kool Keith Productions
    Kool Keith Productions 11 months ago

    I felt like this movie won the *Racism Olympics*

    What I mean by that is if you're racist, then no matter who you hate, (either blacks OR whites), this movie has something for you. If you hate blacks, then you will love this movie, because most of the black people in it are crying, begging, bleeding, and getting the holy hell beat out of them throughout the entire movie, if not flat-out killed. And if you hate white people, then you will love this movie, because most of the white people in it are violent, disgusting, mean-spirited worthless scum throughout the entire movie. So no matter who you hate, you'll love this film. lol

  • Ole School
    Ole School Year ago

    It was a good movie but sad to see my people beaten and bruised like that

  • Surprise
    Surprise Year ago

    Im black... I classify this as a horror film... period

    • Kyle 400
      Kyle 400 Year ago

      how the fuck is it a horror film lmfao and no one cares that you are black thats irrelevant

  • Arshil Potter
    Arshil Potter Year ago

    "Black screen with white text" I dig it

  • KermitingCrime
    KermitingCrime Year ago

    Absolutely loved this film. A hard watch, but a worthwhile one.

  • Henry McClintock
    Henry McClintock Year ago

    Take a shot every time Jeremy says Detroit. It might make you not realise how cancer this comment section is.

  • Rhino Thunder
    Rhino Thunder Year ago

    Seriously, at the beginning of the movie, those kids running the bar out of the hotel we're breaking the law. The police that shuttle down set it right there in clear as day English. We're shutting you down and arresting you because you don't have a liquor license. It's not like it's completely unjustified especially when you see all these black people rioting in the streets demanding that the police tell him why this is happening. They also keep asking why is this happening for no reason. The second part of this which takes place at the Algiers Hotel is this dumbass named Carl is telling the other people how cruel the white toys are to black people. In this demonstration he's using a starter pistol that would normally be found used by a referee at a track and field high school or college event, which is designed to be very loud and make a very big Flash if you know anything about starter pistols. On top of that motherfuking Carl decided to start pointing this starter pistol and fire off the remaining 5 planks out the window pointing towards the National Guard. Now, the National Guard is already been told that the civilians have set up shop around the city with sniper rifles shooting at the police. So the police and the National Guard are on edge because they're pretty sure people are going to try to shoot them with sniper rifles at any point during the night. So when this dumbass motherfuker Carl decides to do his little police brutality demonstration with the starter pistol the National Guard in the police hear a gunshot and they put their guard up looking for civilian snipers shooting at the police and National Guard. And then they hear five more shots which I even matter because now this motherfucker Carl has his hand out the window pulling the trigger. And two shots go off and he started to pinpoint which direction the sound is coming from two more shots come on and they start to see a little flash out the corner of there eyes and then finally the the last shot comes out the window and they pinpoint exactly which building The Gunshot was coming from because they saw the flash of the gun and tracked down where the sound of the gun was coming from. Let me remind you that after his stupid ass demonstration call decided to start shooting at the police with the starter pistol out the window. Now I'm pretty sure Carl is fucking retarded. So technically yes someone was shooting at the police and I know they're shooting blanks from a fucking starter pistol but guess what if you're pointing out the police and you're pulling the trigger and the gun goes bang it doesn't matter if you're shooting blanks you're still shooting at the police. No we got the police and the National Guard raiding the Algiers Hotel. The police in the National Guard are asking where is the gun that we clearly heard and tracked down to this building being fired. Where is the gun? And that's when I don't understand why people didn't say Carl when shooting blanks I don't have a starter pistol where is there referred to it in the movie "toy gun" that was being used. We also see that the first black guy that died in this movie was Carl the stupid mother fucker that started shooting the gun in the first place. Which makes no sense at that point, what are the rest of these people especially those who are in the same room as Carl when he was shooting the gun are saying that they never saw anybody shooting a gun. It makes no sense to cover up Carl as the shooter especially since he's dead. At this point there's nothing that can happen if you give up Carl, a dead man, as the shooter. And the fact that they keep saying we didn't see anyone shooting the gun it's just fucking retarded. Now let's get to those two white girls. The movie makes a subtle wink wink nod nod moment that kind of refers to but doesn't really tell you that these girls are fucking prostitutes. They kind of turn into a joke in the movie, but if you actually do some research on the case you'll find out that the girl involved in this incident had a history of prostitution. In real life these two white girls were fucking prostitutes. The movie on the other hand, plans to make it seem as though the cops were not just racist but super sexist and bigots assuming they're prostitutes and referring to these two white girls as prostitutes throughout the entire situation. Doing so in the movie when we know that in real life the two girls involved in this situation or actual real prostitutes. It's messed up because I thought as far as the acting goes it was incredibly well done and you can't blame the actors or even the director for these kind of changes to historical fact. You can blame the writer and you can somewhat give partial plane to the director because you know that he is going to have a large influence on the screenplay and script. So there is a lot where they mislead you and give you historical falsties more than they give you a storical fact. Tardive only say that as a stand-alone movie is it was a very good movie. That being said as a historical drama, it's very historically false in the way it portrays the situation with the riots and the blatant racism and abusiveness of the police along with the way the incident at the Algiers Hotel was actually handled in real life. I'm not going to lie, because this was an incredibly bad situation anyway you look at it. It's just that they try to setting by changing some of the facts in the real story. Kathryn Bigelow is definitely trying to put out a political agenda with this movie she is trying to make a political statement and it shows.

    • Ultra Music Mixes
      Ultra Music Mixes 11 months ago +1

      Boy, you really went out of your way to put all the blame on unarmed black people, instead of the racist, trigger-happy, murdering cops, didn't you? What the fuck is your problem? This is a TRUE fucking story, so no matter what retarded spin you try to put on the events that happened in that motel, the fact that of the matter is that UNARMED PEOPLE WERE KILLED, AND THE MURDERERS GOT AWAY WITH IT. What about that don't you understand?

  • Rhino Thunder
    Rhino Thunder Year ago

    That eyebrows kid from We're the Millers completely blew me away with his performance I mean he was outstanding I completely believe he was a racist piece of shit make the police chief said at the end of the movie or just why again I say he gave a completely outstanding performance

  • H Robert
    H Robert Year ago

    Great movie which angered me huge in that the injustice of the times was horrific!!

  • Soren Rousseau
    Soren Rousseau Year ago +1

    The cops were obviously waaaaay out of line, but I was just wondering why the people in the hotel wouldn't just tell them who fired the shots? I know it's fucked up, but the dude is already dead and technically he did fire the gun. Again, not siding with the scum police in this movie, I'm just curious is all.

  • Nick Ferdinande
    Nick Ferdinande Year ago

    Those whores in the hotel were prostitutes though.

    BRUCE ALCORIZA Year ago +1

    You suck ! The title DETROIT is just appropriate for the movie. Because this horrific event obviously happened in DETROIT ! What you should talk about is, that this movie is about those RACIST white cops and that they are WHITE SUPREMACIST ! You can't trust the majority of these WHITE COPS even nowadays because they are EVIL, we all know that ! To this day it still happens, a lot of black people were murdered before by these WHITE COPS, and we all know that, too ! Are you embarrassed to talk about it because you are white??? I'm neither black nor white but I hate RACISM anywhere in the world... ! We should unite everyone, everybody to fight RACISM and those KKK, and all WHITE SUPREMACIST anywhere in the world ! Even one person doing this and be proactive can make a difference in this evil world !

  • Hector Arredondo
    Hector Arredondo Year ago

    I saw this movie today I liked the acting the racist cop was scary and that whole part in the hotel was INTENSE but the set up was slow

  • antman DJ
    antman DJ Year ago

    Is it bad i laughed at the way he said they line up these black guys and two white girls on this wall? His face is to funny when he says it. 😆

  • Ima Gnome
    Ima Gnome Year ago

    0:15 it’s 67 not 57. Now I’m not even sure if your criticizing the right movie?!?

    EMINEM Year ago


  • Gary Zod
    Gary Zod Year ago

    1967 not 1957, do your research you mong.

  • sandesh shrestha
    sandesh shrestha Year ago

    Tell me honestly are you supporting those evil police officers cause you're white ? I don't see any sympathy for those victims on your face

  • James Jarvis
    James Jarvis Year ago

    Why did they have to cast john krazinski as the blatant racist lawyer?

    • antman DJ
      antman DJ Year ago

      If that's the guy from the office i could not take him seriously i just laughed and smiled when he walked in trying play a serious lawyer. he broke the serious tone.

  • GamE FrEak
    GamE FrEak Year ago

    this movie broke me, OMG

  • Luke M
    Luke M Year ago

    I'm a white man. Should I kill myself now or after the movie is over??

  • barbaro267
    barbaro267 Year ago

    This movie wasn't very historically accurate. Such a shame. But then again, it's a SWJ film, so what else is new?

  • Chad Sabourin
    Chad Sabourin Year ago

    Here's my review for the film "Detroit"!
    Image may contain: 2 people, text

  • Craig Norrie
    Craig Norrie Year ago

    After seing this I could totally see Poulter as Pennywise 😂

  • Gajanan Nigade
    Gajanan Nigade Year ago

    That shirt...
    Just disappears into Jeremy's neck. 😁😁😁

  • Sam Lund
    Sam Lund Year ago

    God damn, I was waiting for this movie to come out, only to find out that it came out nearly 2 months ago. Went completely under my radar!

  • Kenneth Fox
    Kenneth Fox Year ago

    I think you forget about International audiences Jeremy who didn't know about the incident or the background to the riots themselves.

  • Arthur Roberts
    Arthur Roberts Year ago

    Boring film and far toooooo long.

  • Радаковић

    This movie sucks and it's not worth wiping your ass with it, let a lone buying it in blue ray. Jeremy is a well known politically indoctrinated liberal SJW and his "liking" of this film is artificial. This is more of an opinion based on political correctness than an objective review.

  • Lightskin Boi
    Lightskin Boi Year ago

    The movie's tension is like pulling a bandaid off. You start pulling, you can't stop, it has to come off, but while your pulling it, your pulling small hairs off of you until it's gone.

  • Stephfon Mack
    Stephfon Mack Year ago +1

    crazy how the past alway repeated itself smh

      RΘMΔИ NUMEЯΛLZ 2 months ago

      Time to take it off repeat...

    • L W
      L W Year ago

      Stephfon Mack we must become the resistance.

  • Eric Jean
    Eric Jean Year ago

    Racist fuck it was educational

  • RayneValco
    RayneValco Year ago

    Another movie about racist white people? No thanks. Good review though Jeremy

  • Elephant In The Room Sahib

    Man who is this movie for? in the middle of the summer? for the Family, bring the kids? how about a date movie? how about a bunch of your white friends? to continue white guilt? a bunch of black men? doubt it. The good thing is, now Detroit is liberally progressive, and allll right, right?

  • Andrew Bullen
    Andrew Bullen Year ago

    the movie was fantastic

  • Mike Valverde
    Mike Valverde Year ago

    This movie is hard to digest, but its really good. I agree about the title, it really has nothing to do with the Detroit riots. In Algiers would have been much more fitting. The trailer is misleading as well. I thought it was going to focus in on the investigation, but to no avail.

  • Cesar Rodriguez
    Cesar Rodriguez Year ago

    I'm a huge fan of Maze Runner and I think Will Poulter will be the first of the actors of that movie that will earn an oscar.

  • Benjamin Vanhees
    Benjamin Vanhees Year ago

    "Racism is evil" - Donald J. Trump

  • Javonte Coleman
    Javonte Coleman Year ago

    Jeremy, I watched Detroit over the weekend, and I have to say you were spot on. This movie was both maddening and uncomfortable. There was an elderly couple that sat through the first 30 minutes, about the time that the riots started breaking out, and after that they just left. I mean... wow! Kathryn Bigelow did an amazing job. Will Poulter blew me away. I was a little thrown off by the animation at the beginning. I agree with the "10 minutes too long" bit. All in all a great film.

  • TeeacHCee Ray
    TeeacHCee Ray Year ago +1

    Who else lives in Detroit☺️✅

  • sinjin4563
    sinjin4563 Year ago

    It is NOT simply just about what happened at the Algiers motel, it is about the cultural circumstances surrounding the events in detroit, primarily involving the Algiers motel, it was just a location.

  • sinjin4563
    sinjin4563 Year ago

    It is meant to educate on the circumstances song how America got to the racist point it did.

  • sinjin4563
    sinjin4563 Year ago

    All these white people are pathetic, talking about how great Will is and Boyegaw because he was in Star Wars, Algee Smith, Jacob Latimore were incredible

  • Joselyn Grey
    Joselyn Grey Year ago +1

    Just two things: The acting was great, and the main cast were mostly British if not all.

  • Dindu Nuffin
    Dindu Nuffin Year ago

    Detroit has been a piece of shit, since the dindu nuffin animal was imported.

  • DrFrostyNutz
    DrFrostyNutz Year ago

    How cute Jeremy. Talking about going against the grain on not loving Dunkirk like all the critics want you to, but giving this slog of agenda preaching and at best very liberal used of "based on a true story" excuse for a movie a pass. I understand, don't want to be vilified of those whose agenda this is meant to reinforce.

  • Namaste Om
    Namaste Om Year ago

    detroit: a sadistic, one-note movie with no purpose other than abusing its audience.

  • A F
    A F Year ago

    This is my favourite movie of 2017 so far

  • Andrew Farr
    Andrew Farr Year ago +1

    I didn't think will poulter was gonna be able to pull it off but man he blew me away. This movie was intense. It made you angry and sad. Btw, don't know if anyone knows this but will poulter was supposed to play the clown in the upcoming IT remake movie. I can honestly say that after his evil side in this film, dimension films made a big mistake not keeping him as IT.

  • Nathan
    Nathan Year ago

    Yep..57. Wrong. 67..Hello??

  • xpallodoc
    xpallodoc Year ago

    Another bullshit anti white film that acts like blacks are victims

    • Greg B
      Greg B Year ago

      xpallodoc it really happened and stop being so triggered

    TheASHLEYSMITHY Year ago

    Will Poulter has come a long way since School of Comedy, what an actor

  • Thomas Wayne
    Thomas Wayne Year ago

    Well for one, the ending, the whole last 10 minutes could of been cut off and add into an extended ending in Blu-ray or dvd, I mean they could of ended the movie with the police winning in court, with a black screen and picture of the aftermath of what happens to all the surviving people. Seriously I didnt want to watch how he became a chorist lol.

  • F-zero91maru
    F-zero91maru Year ago

    NWA was in detroit shows how racial and how law enforcement cops were bastards than

  • stephanstafford
    stephanstafford Year ago

    What's also disturbing is a lot of things were omitted from the hotel case, and there were things cut from the films.

  • Epileptic Wizard
    Epileptic Wizard Year ago

    i am algerian, its capital is algiers, the City (and the hotel) was named after that city, my city, and every time Jeremy says "algiers" i get a bit giddy

  • Tom and Christina

    Just more desperate liberal puppet race baiting

  • JamieChrisUltimate
    JamieChrisUltimate Year ago +3

    Detroit > Dunkirk

  • George R. R. Mountain

    This movie is historically inaccurate. The entirety of Detroit is always on fire and in constant war between space vikings and aliens. Common knowledge

  • Faith Hudson
    Faith Hudson Year ago

    I have heard that this movie is NOT 100% true. i was thinking to seeing it but now that i heard they made up the story so that it would be more violent is wrong in my book, if your making a movie on a real event, please make it as true to the event as possible. Like Patriots Day ... I heard that was damn close to the real story as they could get ... maybe a few words here and there but the action was closer then this movie I heard!! Jeremy is this true?!

    • Greg B
      Greg B Year ago

      Faith Hudson don't go off of what you hear

    • Greg B
      Greg B Year ago

      Faith Hudson it is true

  • Movie Ticket Reviews

    A lot of jump cuts at the end lol

  • Jonny Lupus
    Jonny Lupus Year ago

    "the true story" false it's progressive propaganda made to create a black and white picture of the riots, justifying the rioters as if they were mostly saints. No. Just no.

  • Attie Pollard
    Attie Pollard Year ago

    You want to fix racism in America. This is how it's done. Stop being political corrected when someone says something offensive about a racial group and when there is a white on black killing then treat it as a normal murder and not a bs hate crime like it something special because all murders of humans is a hate crime. EASY.

  • Gusto St. Cool
    Gusto St. Cool Year ago

    This film is anything but a "true story".

  • Ngoako Morapa
    Ngoako Morapa Year ago

    miss watching this guy rev iews ey !!!

  • Angelmika
    Angelmika Year ago

    I enjoyed the beginning animation. If you are a detroit would completely understand it. It explains how and why detroit is disenfranchised for african americans. It made alot of sense as to why detroit is politically ran the way it is...its ran real f#cked up by govt officials.

  • Brown Buffalo
    Brown Buffalo Year ago

    This movie is nothing but anti white propaganda.

  • knuckles2591
    knuckles2591 Year ago

    I went from loving Will Poulter, the sweet funny guy, in We're the Millers to hating him in this movie. You know what I call that. Great acting.

  • B0st0nBru1ns
    B0st0nBru1ns Year ago

    Loved this movie, so fucking intense

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago

    This is one of the best movies of the year.

    MRTUPAC28 Year ago

    2 things? The kids knew who shot the fake gun at the police so why not tell them? Also how wasn't the gun found?

  • James Edwards
    James Edwards Year ago

    Cops didn't "believe" they heard a gun, they straight up heard a gun. Carl was shooting at cops to scare them and it worked. While a stater pistol is not lethal it is loud and has a flash (because it is intended to start a race). There were actual snipers so of course the police and national guard were on edge, so when you here and see multiple gun shots that appear to be coming at you, you are going to respond. The cops at the Algiers were terrible despicable racist A-holes, but lets not act like Carl was shooting them with a toy water pistol

  • Carlos G
    Carlos G Year ago

    More White hating propaganda. Not spending my money on this garbage.

  • Some Random Guy
    Some Random Guy Year ago

    I love films about the 60s but the problem I had with this movie is that it portrays the rioters as the good guys and the cops and white people are evil in the story.

  • Ronnie Williams
    Ronnie Williams Year ago

    Probably the worst movie ever. I walked out half way through it. I felt that in a political powder keg we live in in modern times, this was the worst movie to throw your personal politics at the audience. It is like she took the worst of race relations and put them in a blender and can sit back and and say, "let us see what happens now."

  • Gerardo Peña
    Gerardo Peña Year ago

    The intro animation of the movie that everyone keeps complaining about is based on the paintings by a famous African American artist Jacob Lawrence. It's part of an exhibit called the "great migration", (I think). It depicted the great migration of blacks coming from the south and settling into urban cities which was the beginning of the projects. That's why Katherine put that into the movie and it makes a lot of sense if you know what the art pieces stand for.

  • Foreboding Noah
    Foreboding Noah Year ago

    @Jeremy Jahns, are you going to do an Annabelle Creation review???

  • Nathan Nguyen
    Nathan Nguyen Year ago

    I really like this movie, but it made me so angry.

  • extremeskins04
    extremeskins04 Year ago

    Best movie of the year so far IMO. Bigelow nails it AGAIN.

  • Cheryl Morris
    Cheryl Morris Year ago

    Just saw the movie. I lived in Detroit during the riots and was 7 years old. I recall the national guard, tanks, looting and the fires. Horrifying time for me when I wasn't old enough to really understand. The combination of actual and film footage was well done as was the accounts of this event. It's a great movie one can only see once. Some will push this off as propaganda but it's a story worth telling. While a lot of factors lead to the demise of Detroit, this movie helps to explain some reasons why. Still love the Big D. It's not for wimps. Thanks for your review.

    FEARnoHATE Year ago

    After this movie I'm starting to think Boyega really isn't that good of an actor. His character was an Uncle Tom and he did some stupid stuff throughout the movie. Also.....
    Why didn't anyone tell the cops about the toy gun the first dude that got shot had? I get that they were scared, but still...
    Overall, I thought this was a good movie outside of Boyega and that small little detail. Very sad story, wouldn't want to watch this again though.

  • Nova
    Nova Year ago +1

    It's propaganda is what it is.

  • Jack Breh
    Jack Breh Year ago

    Fun to scroll down and see SJW's crying about incoming racist comments. MEanwhile Ive yet to even come across one after 3 pages of scrolling.

  • Huon de Kerilleau

    14:25 Watch Detroit - Full Movie 2017 *

  • SuperCoon88
    SuperCoon88 Year ago

    If this movie was about the Algiers Hotel incident which was horrific and a terrible incident where the individual police had full responsibility, then it'd be fine but the animated beginning and subliminal messaging throughout was just racist and far from factual. But what can you expect from Bigolow who supports the idea of inherent white privilege nonsense.

  • Raj Abbas Khan
    Raj Abbas Khan Year ago

    I Can See Some Strange Days Vibe...

  • captainjack8319
    captainjack8319 Year ago

    Stellar directing, cinematography and acting were phenomenal, however, and I do not use this word flippantly, this film oozed propaganda. Genuinely. Do some research, everybody.

  • Bill Murray from The Man Who Knew Too Little

    Nothing but bullshit propaganda. You people are blind for not recognising that.

  • HardGrindProductions

    As a father when his dad got that call while at work it just killed me inside as a father. But I think you're wrong we did need this because this generation is ignorant to there history and not serious about the thing that has happened in this country. And the inter hatred we have toward some black that are different and also how some black that while sell themselves and other black out just to be accepted and some blind leeway or good favor In white America. It also show that white where luting in black communities and coming across town to do it but only black were being arrested, it show how being discriminated against, being poor and force to live in poverty ridden communities took a toll on people faith in there own leaders and gave them a feeling of nothingness and why not burn it. Because it a dump and yet we still don't own it so why is it our neighbors but the white man profits of it more than us. So it was a eye opener. I hope it started dialogue between more whites and blacks to get to know each other culture, history, and life experiences. In hopes to make race discussion more comfortable because until we all comfortable to talk with a open heart and ears. Racism lives. So I encourage people to see this movie and start a dialogue with each by just telling each other about themselves and bounce experiences and idea of of each other.

  • Fighting Irish
    Fighting Irish Year ago +1

    This film is propaganda. That is all.