• Published on Mar 9, 2018
  • HI SISTERS! I've only had my makeup done a few times, and every time it's been my professional artists. For today's video, I stood in the middle of Hollywood California and asked random strangers passing by to each do a step of my glam. It turned out... interesting.
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  • Dakota Marko
    Dakota Marko 7 hours ago

    I love u sister I wish I could meet u cause ur my idol❤️🤪

  • SuperCutepandalover
    SuperCutepandalover 9 hours ago

    James! I am new to your channel, but I already think your sooooooooooooo inspirational to all people around the world. Plus, you and my older sister Carinne ARE THE SAME PERSON. Love you sister James. (BTW im 11)

  • Tirzah Rosevelt
    Tirzah Rosevelt 11 hours ago

    I wish I lived there so I could meet you

  • Jesslyn Gateley
    Jesslyn Gateley Day ago

    Omg I love you so much you are literally my inspiration and you are literally my idol and I think you are an awesome inspiration for everyone out there I think your a great person and I love all your videos I’ve literally been watching them non stop and I just think you are amazing and that you encourage many young people to follow there dreams and I think you really express your self through your makeup witch is beautiful awesome amazing and just totally fabulous and I think that you are very unique and there is no one else out there that can do exactly what you do and I think many people agree with me just thank you for being yourself and being the way you are because if you weren’t I wouldn’t be who I am today I am very inspired by your makeup but I have to buy all my makeup myself I can only wear mascara right now but as soon as I get to wear full makeup I’m going to try to follow exactly what you do because what you do is beautiful and perfect in every way! Thank you sooo muchhh❤️ and I really hope I get to meet you someday because it has always been a dream of mine ever since I have even heard abt you! Thx so much you are my idol I hope everyday is a great day #shoutout

  • ryan azalea
    ryan azalea Day ago

    bro compared to these gals and boys i’m sister struggling in the makeup game tf

  • Chloe Cox
    Chloe Cox Day ago +1

    I legit just subscribed and I love being a sister! Your definitely my favorite TVclipr

  • Shea Massie
    Shea Massie Day ago

    That spiderman in the background tho, my spirit animal

  • Marilyn mania
    Marilyn mania Day ago

    I did it

  • Rose Stone
    Rose Stone 2 days ago

    Sister I only own four shades of eyeshadow, two liquid lipsticks, and an expired eyeliner from the dollar store

  • Ethan Sears
    Ethan Sears 2 days ago

    4:43 that hot boi tho :o

  • Allie Vickers
    Allie Vickers 2 days ago

    Spider man

  • Aubie178 Aj
    Aubie178 Aj 2 days ago

    Shout out to Mickey Mouse

  • Maddison Jones
    Maddison Jones 2 days ago

    Who else saw Mickey mouse😂😂

  • adrIAN almonte
    adrIAN almonte 3 days ago

    Sister james, you're so amazing. A fan here from the Philippines. And one day when i have those make up kits, i will apply what i've learn from your videos. Love it.

  • Kairi Jyn
    Kairi Jyn 3 days ago

    Just got my sister hoodie!

  • Sophie Long
    Sophie Long 3 days ago

    sister Sophie love you James

  • Sarah Domenick
    Sarah Domenick 3 days ago

    I am a new subscriber and absolutely OBSESSED!!!!!!!!!

  • DirectlyEva
    DirectlyEva 3 days ago

    1:15 Mikey Mouse? I see that dude like everyday

  • heyyy.itsss. Maddog
    heyyy.itsss. Maddog 3 days ago

    OMG! Ur look has me SISTER SHOOK!

  • Mermez Adam
    Mermez Adam 3 days ago

    Although I'm new in this channel, I've seen the thumbnail of the video a lot and I haven't thought to see it until now. It's the most adorable video I've ever seen. Love you James. Love you.

  • Michelle Ajpop Pereira

    This was a great video and it made me laugh a lot, thx sister ❤️

  • Kassidy Johnson
    Kassidy Johnson 4 days ago

    Can I please have the gift card I am young and I want to be like you when I grow up

  • mial6030 mial6030
    mial6030 mial6030 4 days ago

    I love u so much sister

  • Keira Rasmussen
    Keira Rasmussen 4 days ago


  • ahlam 2000
    ahlam 2000 4 days ago

    Looove yaa

  • Lovelex76
    Lovelex76 4 days ago

    9:21 - 9:23 Spider-Man is droppin’ it like its hot 🤣

  • Samuel Smith
    Samuel Smith 4 days ago

    Lol i love you

  • Sofia Rose8
    Sofia Rose8 4 days ago

    Hi sisters
    - james Charles -

    “ sisters “ was his first word

  • Lana Collins
    Lana Collins 4 days ago

    10:18 That man just staring

  • Lana Collins
    Lana Collins 4 days ago

    1:18 depressed Mickey Mouse

  • Emma Leonardi
    Emma Leonardi 4 days ago

    What was with people in the back ground. Have they never heard that staring is rude!!!!

  • Juliana Princess
    Juliana Princess 4 days ago

    1:16mickey mouse
    9:13the flash/or just Spiderman w/ gold things on it
    Every thing is showing up

  • Juliana Princess
    Juliana Princess 4 days ago

    James face haha
    Im Ded

  • Bri’s Arts
    Bri’s Arts 5 days ago

    You looked so pretty in the end! That’s way better than what I could ever do 😂

  • Eleanor Messer
    Eleanor Messer 5 days ago

    We love you too Jamie’s

  • sharon hooper
    sharon hooper 5 days ago

    heyyyyyyy sisters

  • H I
    H I 5 days ago

    1:16 mickey mouse casually walking around 😂

  • Eve Heitkamp
    Eve Heitkamp 6 days ago

    Done love you sister ❤️

  • Corbin Myers
    Corbin Myers 7 days ago

    That guy in the yellow shirt is so good looking.

  • Kim Franxyz Afable
    Kim Franxyz Afable 7 days ago

    You're so fabulous sister!!!!
    I Love you

  • Natalie Acosta
    Natalie Acosta 7 days ago

    OMG you look so amazing

  • Alyvia alvarado
    Alyvia alvarado 7 days ago

    hey I am sister liv I was doing my makeup while watching this vid lol #codejamesfortenpercentoff

  • Ellis McM
    Ellis McM 7 days ago

    You are soooooo sister stunning ❤️

  • Ella Blumke
    Ella Blumke 8 days ago

    1:16 mickeys a shister XDlove you James and ofc I love Mickey

  • Samara Mcneal
    Samara Mcneal 8 days ago

    james is........sister snatched

  • Ella Pearson
    Ella Pearson 8 days ago


  • Abby Richards
    Abby Richards 8 days ago


  • Abby Richards
    Abby Richards 8 days ago

    1:16 Mickey Mouse

  • Rachel Otremba
    Rachel Otremba 8 days ago

    1:13 Mickey Mouse casually walks by

  • Lindsay M
    Lindsay M 8 days ago

    plz come to milford maine

  • Cococaliano 123
    Cococaliano 123 8 days ago

    When Willy Wonka walks by... 😂

  • Payton Mayfield
    Payton Mayfield 8 days ago

    Love u so much I wish I could meet you and I would love to hug u and say hi in been in a video with you

  • Amber Smith
    Amber Smith 10 days ago

    Your are my favorite sister james 💕🤗

  • Ava Schwartz
    Ava Schwartz 11 days ago

    I have a little eyelash under my screen protector on my phone, so when he was sitting down for the eyeshadow, it made it look like he had a mustache! 😂😂😂

  • Lily LP
    Lily LP 11 days ago

    Did anyone see Mickey mouse at 1:15 😂

  • Dan
    Dan 12 days ago

    I can't explain how much I admire you for your confidence in this video! I'm literally sister shook.

  • Abbey .gymnast
    Abbey .gymnast 13 days ago

    Sister James omg I wanna meet u sm 😭😭😭

  • Nargis
    Nargis 13 days ago

    James you look amazing you are like my favorite TVclip

  • Ida Marie Volkers
    Ida Marie Volkers 13 days ago

    Love you sister❤️❤️

  • Anustart 03
    Anustart 03 14 days ago

    Yellow shirt guy is daddy af

  • Grey Cloud9
    Grey Cloud9 14 days ago

    Y’all see Spider-Man walk by 😂

  • Jenna Bean KMF
    Jenna Bean KMF 14 days ago


  • Katy Joseph
    Katy Joseph 14 days ago

    meeee please you are on flee eek

  • Alena ♥️
    Alena ♥️ 14 days ago

    You rock that beautiful 2 face look. You go Sister!

  • lolo rich
    lolo rich 14 days ago

    ur my kweennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • Mya Rinaldi
    Mya Rinaldi 15 days ago


  • Gabriella Merkel
    Gabriella Merkel 15 days ago

    You're so sweet to your fans

  • Kylie Torres
    Kylie Torres 15 days ago

    I love your look

  • Laney_1017
    Laney_1017 15 days ago

    i love your videos! you inspire me so much! :)

  • Emmy Raye
    Emmy Raye 15 days ago

    Such a good video

  • Lee Richard
    Lee Richard 15 days ago

    This went very interestingly.

  • Caroline Callahan
    Caroline Callahan 15 days ago

    I LOVEEEEEE U sm you r awesome 😘😆

  • Kaylah Phommachanh
    Kaylah Phommachanh 16 days ago

    i love you sm

  • jaidee anne
    jaidee anne 16 days ago

    The cars got you so hard core lol sister sound

  • Izzy Jackson
    Izzy Jackson 16 days ago

    Yassss sisterrrr

  • Sophia Vivancos
    Sophia Vivancos 16 days ago

    " i love a good sister buttcrack hanging out" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jeffrey Unsworth
    Jeffrey Unsworth 16 days ago


  • SandyHuynh
    SandyHuynh 16 days ago

    Yasss James Charles Sista

  • Kayden Ellis
    Kayden Ellis 16 days ago

    You do such good makeup I wish I had Instagram and Twitter to follow you I've never gotten a shout out I never get anything from any of my favorite TVcliprs out of all of them you are my #1 favorite TVclipr

  • Bear Head
    Bear Head 16 days ago

    Omg Sister u r so gorgeous love u, watching vids like this make me wish I was American!!!!!! X

  • Charlene Ollivierre xox

    OMG I know it probably won’t happen but I’d love it if you came to east London bc I’d love to meet you ❤️

  • Kylie Salinas
    Kylie Salinas 16 days ago

    Lol why did I watch this like 6 moths this was posted

  • eden bailey
    eden bailey 17 days ago


  • Gabriela G
    Gabriela G 17 days ago

    Ok so I love my sister James and I freaked watch him/you everyday and I love u/him so much like I wish I could meet u or be in a bid with u BC your sister awesome♥️💖

  • Ashlyn Aukema
    Ashlyn Aukema 17 days ago

    can anyone notice something in 1:16 ? am i the only one who notices these kinds of things?! 😂😂

  • Sara Lopes
    Sara Lopes 17 days ago

    in the beggining, a random mickey is walking in Hollywood Boulevard... wtf?!😂

  • Theresa Vargas
    Theresa Vargas 17 days ago

    We just gonna ignore the fact that Mickey Mouse walked in the back? 🤔😂

  • Laney LeBoeuf
    Laney LeBoeuf 17 days ago

    Loving morph. . . loved your reaction!

  • Manha Ss
    Manha Ss 17 days ago

    9:20 Spider-Man doin it’s job 🕸pisshh😂

  • Stephanie Magno
    Stephanie Magno 18 days ago

    Oh ghd damn I laughed when I heard a girl says 'morph' HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Mia Mcdonald
    Mia Mcdonald 18 days ago

    Did it

  • -Sugar.
    -Sugar. 18 days ago

    9:13 that guy on the left in the costume lol

  • Kiki Celine
    Kiki Celine 18 days ago

    Got Mickey Mouse randomly looking like he just got off shift working in the background

  • Anna Kov
    Anna Kov 18 days ago

    Love that ace Ventura hair going on 😂❤️

  • Callie L
    Callie L 18 days ago +1

    Lol. I love Mickey mouse just casually walking down the street @ 1:15

  • HENZY 1625
    HENZY 1625 19 days ago

    I love you and plz I want the gift card plz peace boo

  • LKlusi 101
    LKlusi 101 19 days ago

    ily soo muchh❣

  • Mattie Espinosa
    Mattie Espinosa 19 days ago

    Love you

  • Keolani M
    Keolani M 19 days ago

    Lol! You still look great! I love it 😊 😂 James puts the same thing in every video but presents it in a way that’s amazing!

  • Paisley Baker
    Paisley Baker 20 days ago

    Your amazing