Is Cars 3 The Best Cars Movie? | REVIEW

  • Published on Jun 20, 2017
  • Last week Disney Pixar’s Cars 3 came out so today J and Ben are giving their full spoiler review to determine if the final chapter of Lightning McQueen is also the best one.
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  • SuperCarlinBrothers
    SuperCarlinBrothers  2 years ago +1003

    Was Cars 3 the best Cars movie so far?
    Was it your favorite Pixar movie?

    • Steph Englander
      Steph Englander 2 months ago

      No. I think the original is. My favorite is Toy Story 2, 3, or Coco.

    • Strenght #
      Strenght # 3 months ago

      @Low Gunfire finally someone who likes the best pixar movie

    • Nick DiMarzo
      Nick DiMarzo 3 months ago +2

      Streinght # I actually agree with you

    • Strenght #
      Strenght # 4 months ago

      Cars 2 I dont care what you say cars 2 is the best cars film best pixar film and nothing is wrong with me it is one of top 5 my favorite films

    • Aaron Garland
      Aaron Garland 7 months ago

      Yes it is

  • Kasen Kuzma
    Kasen Kuzma 3 days ago

    No cars two was the best cars movie

  • Jamil Johnson
    Jamil Johnson 4 days ago

    cars 2 was the worst one

  • A Cat's meow
    A Cat's meow 18 days ago

    4:34 did you notice you're making a Cars 2 refrence?

    Same thing at 38:05, but you caught it.

  • Rebecca Rich
    Rebecca Rich Month ago

    Wow I can't believe this movie came out almost 2 years ago and I only just watched it for the first time

  • Blaze Hudson
    Blaze Hudson 2 months ago

    You were spot on in this review. I have a 2 year old boy who loves 95. I could see his confusion about not seeing 95 fight and win. He doesn’t understand gender issues. He only understands simple ideas, in this case seeing his hero win. I was a little sad for him. I have a 3 year old daughter that has so many disney heros. He really only had one.

  • david king
    david king 3 months ago

    Cars1=7 out 10 cars2=2 out 10 cars 3=6 out 10

  • david king
    david king 3 months ago

    I think he should have blown his engine

  • Merc_With_A_Mouth_69
    Merc_With_A_Mouth_69 3 months ago

    23:00 Not only would it have been nice to see the flashback scene for Cruz' backstory to flesh it out a bit, but they also could have shown her family in that scene too which could have opened a pay-off later by having one of her family members happen to see part of the race playing on a tv somewhere and go running off to tell the others. Like, "Hey, everyone, you won't believe it! Come look, our little Crucito is on the TV! She's Racing... and actually doing well!"

  • Content Master
    Content Master 3 months ago

    No they have put something from cars 2 , there is a scene in cars 3 that jeff gorvette is in

  • Squid SQuiddly
    Squid SQuiddly 3 months ago +3

    I got a sort of creepy vibe when I realized just how quickly cars "age." They literally age WITH USE.
    The suuuper old model T in Radiator Springs is still doing fine, and as you can see that car barely gets USE. Takes it's miles very slowly. And so has lasted longer than many others around it.
    A RACE CAR would be like a suicide mission if this is true. It is not just about other cars that have just woke up being faster. But about how many MILES are put on and how quickly.

    It is a tragedy really. If my theory is correct the BnL batteries that go into the cars are spirit powered, "See Whill o the Whisps." And as such take on their owner's spirit/passions. That race car was destined to rot quicker just like the Derby School bus was going to trash it's own body for it's past owners hobby.

    They are like an eerie echo of the long dead driver that once had control.

  • random vids
    random vids 3 months ago

    I think cars 3 is probably the best cars movie. I would rate cars like 6/10, cars 2 - 7/10 and cars 3 like 8/10. My favourite Pixar movie is probs finding Nemo. I didn't think that she didn't belong there cos she was female it is defo because she was a Trainor. The old female racer more in the spotlight than the old male ones was a good thing. Perfect amount of great comedy, great characters and write amount of screen time for them. although I couldn't help but think about how mater is completely out of the spotlight now taking into account cars 2. Anyway I felt this movie was good because of the development in the franchise, like mqueens career coming to an end, cruise becoming a racer, lightning not racing for rusteze the new racing centre going into docs past and meeting docs Trainor Smokey and lightnings new look at the end which I'm not 100% on but it's still cool and good to show the character and franchise development. And yeh I agree supercarlinbrothers why does lightning still race when he still can't beat storm and the new high tech racers!?

  • Kermit the Actual Frog
    Kermit the Actual Frog 3 months ago

    Lightning McQueen=Tom Brady
    Jackson Storm=Jared Goff

  • Aidan TheAnimalExpert
    Aidan TheAnimalExpert 4 months ago

    Cars 3 is the best of all 3!

  • Broken Rose
    Broken Rose 5 months ago

    Lightning did quit, but not for the sake of glory. He quit so that he COULD train Cruz. He’s still “racing” but not professionally. He’s racing THROUGH training Cruz. I was the same way though. I thought that lightning continued to race professionally, but upon watching it a second time, I realized that he only said that he wasn’t going to quit so Sterling wouldn’t sell him out. That was really the only thing that I had a problem with in this video, but the rest of it was great!

  • UPixarFan 95
    UPixarFan 95 5 months ago

    YES IT IS!!! I love Cars, sadly I can’t pick my favourite Pixar movie, their wayyyyy to lovable!

  • Jonee Lillard
    Jonee Lillard 6 months ago

    14:25: Remember the "Mater's Tall Tales" shorts?
    DisneyFangirl has a theory that Cars 2 was one of Mater's tall tales that he made up to help Lightning get over or forget about Doc's death.
    For what it's worth.

  • Socreepy
    Socreepy 6 months ago

    As it relates to around 31 minutes in I feel like even though there might be the greatest of doubts that your able to accomplish whatever equates to victory in a given sport or contest as an athlete your programmed to think that "i can do this." If not today then who knows what could happen tomorrow. This is the case especially when you're at the top of your craft. Pros like Michael Jordan came back for this same reason. It wasnt until he played and did terrible that he realized that maybe he can't do this anymore. In closing I felt like how the movie did it was a fair conclusion.

  • W Keesler
    W Keesler 7 months ago

    "Two white dudes talking about feminism" what? Guys can't talk about it, or just white guys. This is why people are sick of the SJW standards, cause you can't walk around egg shells forever

  • Trepimero
    Trepimero 7 months ago


  • DarkMasterofCupcakes
    DarkMasterofCupcakes 7 months ago

    I feel like Cruz wanting to have Lightning take it so slow could have worked better if maybe they connected it back to the crash. Like, maybe she wasn't sure what he'd been up to in the time between then and when the training began, so she didn't want to risk him accidentally damaging something, or maybe she was treating the training as a sort of combination of regular racing training and some kind of physical therapy. Instead of just her treating him like he's just really old and that's why she thinks he should take it easy.

  • fred fred
    fred fred 7 months ago

    maybe cars 2 happens sometime after cars 3 (its been a while since seen cars 2 for obvious reason so i might be thinking something was not there but was that contradict this theory )

  • Noah Wattel
    Noah Wattel 7 months ago +1

    It was a good movie but I think you lost a lot of the younger audience on the retirement concept and especially on him bassically being replaced in the end of the movie.

  • 6 9 6
    6 9 6 8 months ago

    Hate the fact that lightin McQueen didn’t take the win...

  • Luigozz
    Luigozz 8 months ago +2

    Cars 1 - Cute Funny & entertaining.
    Cars 2 - Unnecessary scenes brutally & overal Bad, but a little bit funny.
    Cars 3 - Emotional exciting & also entertaining.

  • Scarlett Jensen
    Scarlett Jensen 8 months ago

    Watch despicable me in 3D

  • Dogski28
    Dogski28 8 months ago

    The reason lightning blows a tire is because he wanted to get ahead of Jackson so badly he left the pits before Gweedo could change all 4 tires and he only got the chance to change 3 tires, and the one he didn't change was the one that blew.

  • Guys Gaming
    Guys Gaming 8 months ago +2

    All that movie...

    And he didn’t even say Kachow...

  • Beth Conley
    Beth Conley 8 months ago

    I think "girl power" was the perfect way to say it! To be on women's side they don't have to shove it in your face, instead they expertly give young girls someone to relate to and that will represent them. They give girls someone to see in the movies as having her own story and feelings and back story that they can cheer for and want to be like! We need more women in movies like Cruz!

    THE DOGE BOI 9 months ago

    I do think Cars 3 was great but it's not my favorite cars movie so I will rank my all 3 of the car's movies

    1. Cars
    2. Cars 3
    3.Cars 2

  • Daquan Harrison
    Daquan Harrison 9 months ago

    Jackson is an unstoppable, unbeatable and blazing fast Next Gen Racer and Lightning is an old and slow veteran. So there's 100% chance of Jackson beating McQueen but, he was smart enough to let Cruz Ramirez do it for him. She can keep up with Jackson. After all, he did start the race.

  • Daquan Harrison
    Daquan Harrison 9 months ago

    Lightning McQueen can never keep up with Jackson. He's old. He may surpass some of the Next Gens but Jackson is the Next Gen who is unmatched. Cruz Ramirez, on the other hand, can keep up with Jackson. Watched how Cruz Ramirez was able to surpass all the Next Gens including Jackson Storm. She has the right amount of Speed, Strategy and Skill to beat him by drafting and flipping over him. She even did an amazing job surpassing all the Next Gens. She can keep up with them.

  • Rainbow girl
    Rainbow girl 9 months ago

    I liked it and hated it the retired😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Nicole Robinson
    Nicole Robinson 9 months ago

    J.J. is Sid’s kid

  • Elohim Monkoy
    Elohim Monkoy 10 months ago

    Of course its not.. Who told u that?? McQueen spent the 90+
    Minutes of this movie trying to motivate himself to be faster instead of trying to idk.. Upgrade his engine..?? +500 sins for not finishing the race in the end

  • Schazmen Rassir
    Schazmen Rassir 10 months ago

    I think the bit about Louise and Ramirez was well-done. Even if there was sexism there, it was pushed in the background with her being a trainer, which was more the reason. Though when it comes to Jackson Storm, he could've said that to her for both reasons.

  • Amelia Schriver
    Amelia Schriver 11 months ago

    who really wants to go and watch cars 2 right now????

  • SBlur_13
    SBlur_13 11 months ago +1

    It has been confirmed that Sally and Lightning did get married inbetween Cars 2 and 3

  • Árni
    Árni 11 months ago

    my favorite thing is the existential cars questions

  • Joanna Ramirez
    Joanna Ramirez 11 months ago


  • THEEXO609 *sorry not life info*

    movie is kinder cool unlike cars 2 the only scene I like from that flims was when lightning was chasing Mator the he brings out those rocket boosters it must have been to shocking for lightning his old rusty tow truck friend just brings out rocket boosts and almost blasts him to bits and you can tell that from Lightning's reaction in that scene

  • Cross Crease Hockey
    Cross Crease Hockey 11 months ago

    Does anyone wish that cars was around an 85% on metacritic, Cars 2 a 0% and cars 3 a 90%

  • Cooper Wheat
    Cooper Wheat 11 months ago

    Anyone else think that they should collaborate with Rhett and Link

  • Amber Andrews
    Amber Andrews 11 months ago

    This is one of my favorite Pixar movies.

  • Alexis Satterwhite
    Alexis Satterwhite 11 months ago

    Where are y’all good dinosaur reviews and stuff??

  • SuperWaluigiWorld

    There should be a post credit scene where Mator was on the phone bugging Holly to death with his stories

  • GamingWithJay
    GamingWithJay Year ago

    It is the best

  • Rayo GamerYT 95
    Rayo GamerYT 95 Year ago +1

    cars 3 is the movie perfect :v

  • Steve Goodwin
    Steve Goodwin Year ago

    come on guys the word "like" is being used way to much

  • sonic savage5
    sonic savage5 Year ago

    The first cars when always be better than the rest

  • Sal
    Sal Year ago

    It was eh

  • Gregory Hismarney

    cars 2 is best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ShadowShocker36
    ShadowShocker36 Year ago

    Doc I mean Paul Newman died before cars 2 in 2008

  • p 3vedi
    p 3vedi Year ago

    aw hell to the no. RIP Paul Newman

  • Ashleigh : Ravenclaw

    I liked the nod to girl power, but I like that it wasn't an amazing brand new concept that never happens, it seemed more like that girl power is definitely supported, but it shouldn't have to be a big deal,

  • Feynstein 100
    Feynstein 100 Year ago +1

    Damn, Cars 3 came out almost a year ago? How could I have missed that?

  • Low Gunfire
    Low Gunfire Year ago

    Cars 3 = Horrible Movie with a Horrible Bait-and-Switch Climax
    Lightning McQueen should have beaten Jackson Storm. Not f**king Cruz.
    Cars 2 is still the best of the trilogy.

  • tasty doughnut gaming

    There isn't much competition for best cars

  • Person 1
    Person 1 Year ago

    1. how the flook is smokey and the other old racers alive but not doc.
    2 i think it was kinda inappropriate for cruise to have doc’s number and lightning to have his paint job (sorta like the whole babe ruth thing with the number 3)
    3 lightening fighting to win defeats the purpose of the first movie bc as doc taught him its just an empty cup

  • Kelly Quackenbush

    I want Bens T shirt

  • MillyMollyMandy1999

    Drink every time Ben says “right”

  • Harry indeed
    Harry indeed Year ago

    I wish McQueen won the ending race instead of Cruz.

  • Jezterkyle10
    Jezterkyle10 Year ago

    Am I the only person who liked Cars 2

  • Adhiraj Kumar
    Adhiraj Kumar Year ago

    I've watched cars 1 a million times, really

  • The Dragons Eye Games

    Hey guys, just want to note that the tire blow out that you note doesn’t make much sense, makes complete sense since he rushed out of the pits, rushed the tires.

  • Bad Service
    Bad Service Year ago

    40 year old guy sees fast 20 year olds. Hmm give me 2 weeks. LoL awesome guys. Love that line.

  • Lindsey Kerr
    Lindsey Kerr Year ago

    I totally balled my eyes out when Smokey showed Lightning all the letters from Doc

  • Cat Bro's
    Cat Bro's Year ago

    Yes It is mixed with Cars 3 and Cars 1

  • GamerCamFortnite !


  • Plush World
    Plush World Year ago

    Is it just me or I find the comments more entertaining than the video

    Like if you agree

  • Jessica Sikorsky
    Jessica Sikorsky Year ago

    Honestly, to truly understand and appreciate Cars 3 you have to understand NASCAR and it's origins. I think Cars 3 is the closest representative to NASCAR racing and it's history. To me, Cars 3 is absolutely awesome!! I love how they represent NASCAR history. They were pretty much spot on with it.

  • PrestonianOne
    PrestonianOne Year ago

    I am just watching this now, and I HAVE THAT EXACT LION KING SHIRT!!!!

  • 7katelyn10 Deer
    7katelyn10 Deer Year ago

    The reason storm shows up at the end of the race is because I think that he starts at the back of the line-up and would spend a lot of the race getting past the other cars. Lightning's tire blows because that one doesn't get changed because he pulls out to quickly .

  • Mr.Kobe24
    Mr.Kobe24 Year ago

    It is the Best pixar movie

  • 4Nick3
    4Nick3 Year ago

    Cars 3 is my favourite Pixar Movie, but I don’t think it’s the best.

  • Emma Ragen
    Emma Ragen Year ago

    Jack Jack.

  • Luigi Mario
    Luigi Mario Year ago

    They should just call it Cars 2 and rename cars 2 “Mater’s adventure” or something

  • Casper the Frenly Ghost

    here’s the thing- feminism was not really brought up in the movie. it was never about cruz being a female, it was simply that she was just a trainer who just so happens to be a girl. I think doing that was intentional. nobody said anything about her being a girl, but we were able to see it as that way because that is kind of a problem, especially in sports. women can’t, men can. (don’t get butthurt bc let’s be real, we do put these stereotypes out there. doesn’t mean that it’s right, and doesn’t mean that woman still can’t. go woman, ya??)
    then there’s the scene with the number lady, because she was surprised when cruz did it- she didn’t know that cruz was a trainer, she was just this girl who did what number lady probably wanted to do. but maybe she couldn’t bc it was heavily implied, maybe never said, that it was a man’s game.
    overall, i think that part was really cool and pixar did a great job with sending out that message without really saying anything.

  • T D
    T D Year ago

    Go Cavs

  • Cody Roller
    Cody Roller Year ago


  • Wosely
    Wosely Year ago +1

    Am I the only when that cracked up when Ben said "All in all we won't spend to much time on it." Because I thought it was a Cars joke. Like Allinol or all in all.
    No just me, okay

  • Xandy Claus
    Xandy Claus Year ago +1


  • Edward Anguiano
    Edward Anguiano Year ago

    is vury good. 10/10 *ka-chow*

  • BackSpacəTM
    BackSpacəTM Year ago

    Did any one less notice that the trucks for the racer's were being replaced also.

  • BackSpacəTM
    BackSpacəTM Year ago

    I wish pixar made a joke about cars 2.

  • Chvncey
    Chvncey Year ago

    “Wow” -Lightning McQueen
    Easily the best line of the movie

    • Nzuzo Vilakazi
      Nzuzo Vilakazi 19 days ago

      I thought the best line of the movie was "Congratulations cupcake!" - Bobby Swift

  • Christina Hunt
    Christina Hunt Year ago

    I thought it was boring tbh.

    • 4Nick3
      4Nick3 Year ago

      Christina Hunt some parts are boring. But it’s not boring

  • Alyissa Aragon
    Alyissa Aragon Year ago

    27:53 I think you shouldn't use being white and male as an excuse for being ignorant about feminism. You told me to tell you what I think.

  • Nicole Luve
    Nicole Luve Year ago

    The pizza planet truck is in the dimo durby at thunder hallows

  • Icy Pawz
    Icy Pawz Year ago

    I didn't like the movie so much, because... That awkward training song or whatever 0_0

  • Icy Pawz
    Icy Pawz Year ago

    I got an ad about cars in the beginning. No, not the movie cars, just real life cars. Coincidence? I think not!

  • Hylian Alph Gaming

    So if racing is track and field or whatever for cars, then do they play rocket league for soccer?

  • Jacky Dorado
    Jacky Dorado Year ago

    I loved the movie... the end made me sad because I thought it was so well put together in the way it ended. Definitely a nostalgic moment

  • Brady Blackburn
    Brady Blackburn Year ago

    Cars 3 was bullshit

  • Hunterdegreat
    Hunterdegreat Year ago +2

    J. J. translates to Jack - Jack

  • R van bergen
    R van bergen Year ago

    "Cars 2 is not really (Unintelligible)."
    "Yeah, I don't think that was one where people would contest it."
    Oh really? I happen to like Cars 2 the best. But then, I am a weirdo.

  • ABearsNerdCave
    ABearsNerdCave Year ago

    I think the beauty of Cars 3 is when i was a kid i grew up with lightning being young and fast, but in Cars 3 he’s older and now i’m also older and a adult.

  • Mr.Kobe24
    Mr.Kobe24 Year ago

    The best one yet!

  • Lydia Sheets
    Lydia Sheets Year ago

    I think the "you're a trainer" comments were at least an allusion, if not a direct correlation to feminism and the prejudices against women. Rather than saying "girls don't race" or "it's only guys out there", they use "you're a trainer". It turns into, not a gender debate, but a class debate. Either way, it's judging someone's worth based on the superficial, which, unfortunately, is a recurring theme nowadays.

  • joy bergemann
    joy bergemann Year ago

    The only good thing about the Cars movies was Larry the cable guy. Cars 2 was the best one. Thank you Dan W.