Eugene Ranks Every Astrological Sign From Best To Worst

  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
  • Eugene reads the stars to filth in the most brutally honest ranking of the twelve zodiac signs on the Internet. How would you rank the astrological signs? #RankKing
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Comments • 104 879

  • Jayashree Jj
    Jayashree Jj 11 minutes ago

    I aInT No ALiEn

  • Jasmine Bartlett
    Jasmine Bartlett 41 minute ago

    Not all leos have a super ego and shit.. I'm a leo and I hate being the center of attention bc I'm afraid people will judge me and I don't wanna be judged bc it will make my self esteem lower, and my close Leo friend (1 day away from the same birthday) is also like that so we're all different

  • Kay
    Kay Hour ago

    as a virgo. i agree. plus capricorns seem to love virgos.

  • A J
    A J Hour ago +1

    i swear i never sagittarius ppl in the comments ♐️ like of your one

  • Annie Duffy
    Annie Duffy Hour ago

    VIRGOS ARE #1 AND I AM A VIRGO!!!!!! (This is the first time I have won In Anything)

  • Eska / Chief of the Northern Watertribe

    Eugene : Ranks Cancer last
    Me : oh, ok that's fine
    also me : *cries* Is ThIs A pErSoNaL aTtAcK oR sOmEtHiNg

  • Madelyn Wilfong
    Madelyn Wilfong 2 hours ago

    Please do a ranking of Pokemon... I love these videos so much

  • breden ritter
    breden ritter 2 hours ago

    *me a virgo* yeah Aries are the worst

  • Infinite Lotus
    Infinite Lotus 4 hours ago

    I'm Cancer, I'm offended, I'm gonna cry

  • Molzisback back again
    Molzisback back again 5 hours ago


  • Aryana Taylor
    Aryana Taylor 5 hours ago

    Bum ass bitch

  • Elise Leonard
    Elise Leonard 5 hours ago

    Everyone knows that Leo’s are the best zodiac sign ♌️

  • Aryana Taylor
    Aryana Taylor 5 hours ago +1

    Fukk both of u lil ugly bitchies

  • Aryana Taylor
    Aryana Taylor 5 hours ago

    Aries are better than you fucckin trash ass signs

  • Aryana Taylor
    Aryana Taylor 5 hours ago

    Ur a little fuckkin bitch and btw we're excellent in bed

  • wolfbloodlover suga
    wolfbloodlover suga 5 hours ago +1

    I'm Pisces all of that us truth

  • Non Lon
    Non Lon 5 hours ago

    Aieee!! Where my ♏Scorpios♏ at??

  • Mila Burhanzai
    Mila Burhanzai 6 hours ago

    ♎️ I’m a Libra.

  • Megan Keeling
    Megan Keeling 6 hours ago

    I'm a Leo. And it's sad to realize everything Eugene is saying about you is true. 😂😂
    I love being a Leo. ♌

  • Sabs Bnami
    Sabs Bnami 6 hours ago

    As a cancer, all I can say is...I'll stab you in the back later.

  • M R
    M R 6 hours ago

    Me: is Aquarius
    The only thing I relate to is being awkward

  • Sai Amaru
    Sai Amaru 6 hours ago

    “Sagittarius is adventurous, like to have fun, a lot of life to the fullest”
    Me: not moving in front of the computer and deny every activity involve walking and talking to people.

  • Dakota Burns
    Dakota Burns 7 hours ago

    This was hilarious😂
    My sun is Pisces, buttttt my moon and ascendant are both Scorpio. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Thomas Richard
    Thomas Richard 7 hours ago

    Aquarius is manipulative!
    Me: *No we're NOT, Let me go to the comments and convince people*

  • Simply Sporty
    Simply Sporty 8 hours ago

    Ngl I would have put myself a Capricorn as last

  • Vvampira
    Vvampira 8 hours ago

    V surprised Scorpio ranked so high they always get the eye roll lol 🙄

  • Kiwi_ Kinmu
    Kiwi_ Kinmu 9 hours ago

    Just me or did any of y’all not mind being labeled the worst sign and admitted it because you’re bad asf 😂♈️

  • Erica Hernandez
    Erica Hernandez 9 hours ago

    "we are right, you are wrong -shut up." Bahaha such a cap!

  • Hamilton and song Covers
    Hamilton and song Covers 9 hours ago +2

    PISCES WHERE YOU AT?????♓️♓️♓️♓️♓️❤️❤️

  • Arianna Young
    Arianna Young 9 hours ago

    Ok well this is a liE bc a lot of signs are actually misunderstood and you only rated them on there bad side with is not an astrologer thing to do

  • Suga kookies and a cup of tae

    Eugene ranks cancer last-
    Me-.... :( eh it's ok

  • Victoria Nguyen
    Victoria Nguyen 10 hours ago

    I’m a Virgo

  • Marcus Alexander
    Marcus Alexander 10 hours ago

    Love this!!!!! I am a Pisces and it was pretty spot on.

  • Just me Rubi
    Just me Rubi 11 hours ago

    To be honest, will tell you if I hate you or if your fun I'm always wanted to seek revenge on people who do terrible things to me but I will never harm anyone that hasn't done anything to me... Gemini ♊

  • saahibah rahman
    saahibah rahman 11 hours ago

    as a leo i feel attacked

  • Nataly Paz
    Nataly Paz 11 hours ago


  • Ruby
    Ruby 12 hours ago

    Video: "Taurus's are dumb"

    People who are a Taurus: are slightly offended but they are to calm to get mad about it

  • Snoopy 1127
    Snoopy 1127 12 hours ago

    Proud sagittarius ayeee

  • Sebastian Cairo
    Sebastian Cairo 12 hours ago

    hell ya first place

  • KEᑎᒪEY Sirras
    KEᑎᒪEY Sirras 13 hours ago

    Finally somebody actually understands Gemini’s everybody is saying there rude and have anger problems but I don’t like that

  • Sergio Ramos
    Sergio Ramos 13 hours ago +1

    12:04 scorpios hate you or they love ain’t getting out that box.

    So true. And the part about scorpios being obsessed with revenge against those who’ve wronged us.
    I’m usually quite rational minded but these star sign traits are too accurate for comfort .

  • Taylor Louise
    Taylor Louise 13 hours ago

    Ahhhh what a great day to be a Virgo ♍️🥰

  • Bacon Pancake
    Bacon Pancake 13 hours ago

    Ok but iof you cross out Trump and Kanye the popular geminis highkey slap

  • Emman
    Emman 13 hours ago

    Also Virgo’s are extremely smart and stubborn

  • Yeet Boi
    Yeet Boi 13 hours ago +1

    Eugene: Libras are fake

    Me: But tbh I'm probably the most real out of my friend group ☹️😤😤🌚

  • Mj Likitha
    Mj Likitha 14 hours ago

    Btw I just noticed jungkook ... So raise army's wohooo

  • Paige Clenaghan
    Paige Clenaghan 14 hours ago +3

    How dare you put cancer ♋️ last I am cancer ♋️ and Amazing 😉

  • YGF IziPiziLimonSqweezy

    I'm a scorpii

  • Vanesa Fernandez
    Vanesa Fernandez 15 hours ago

    I love looking like a penis

  • Maranatha Christ Festival

    im a gemini

  • IMati7
    IMati7 15 hours ago

    Me Cancer: these guys have probably never met a Cancer

  • Gabby's Music Covers
    Gabby's Music Covers 15 hours ago

    Aaaeeeee jungkookie!!!

  • Jean Fischer
    Jean Fischer 15 hours ago

    Scorpio, me:
    Worst enemy are Sag's
    Best friends are think...uhhhh, I'll get back with y'all

  • Hannah Dolber
    Hannah Dolber 15 hours ago

    Allison is right, I’m a Virgo and this is most likely one of the very very very few times I won something

  • the wild potato
    the wild potato 16 hours ago

    Capricorms are late bloomers ive dated 2 amd im 15😂😂

  • Olivia Null
    Olivia Null 16 hours ago

    They nailed Libra on the head lmao

  • Lau E
    Lau E 16 hours ago

    Wait wait but Leo’s are #1 they are literally the KING of the zodiac signs and I’m not a Leo I’m a Taurus ♉️

  • Butterfly _chan
    Butterfly _chan 16 hours ago

    i like were Libra was put in the list

  • Lauren Krohn
    Lauren Krohn 16 hours ago

    Where are my Pisces ♓️ at! 😋

  • Monica Guerrero
    Monica Guerrero 16 hours ago

    Eugene:Capricorns probably don't give a f about how they're ranked cause life is sad

    Me, a Capricorn: Literally crying because LIFE IS SAD

  • Sammy Reya
    Sammy Reya 16 hours ago +5

    Wait...Jungkook was on the list?!?! Did I miss the other members?? I’m a Sagittarius!

  • Chad Bosch
    Chad Bosch 16 hours ago

    But anyhow, Virgos are the best😎, and And Capricorn should be second honestly

  • Chad Bosch
    Chad Bosch 16 hours ago

    Me am number 1🤣🤣

  • Roxy Lynn
    Roxy Lynn 16 hours ago +1

    I'm a Scorpio and whoah so surprised being ranked top 3 in both lists thought I was gonna be ranked at the bottom

  • Foxi
    Foxi 17 hours ago

    i'm a leo my big sis is a cancer and she was MAD!. ps i agree

  • Blue Jay
    Blue Jay 17 hours ago +1


  • Jeanne Cachot
    Jeanne Cachot 17 hours ago

    This is the first time in my life as a pisces, that I am first 😂🎻♓

  • V BTS
    V BTS 17 hours ago

    I had a feeling that I would be the worse and I was right...🤔

    I aM aN AnGrY cAnCeR🤬🤬🤬

  • C3Squared
    C3Squared 17 hours ago

    As an Aries, y'all are some pussies for now respecting the most honest sign in the Zodiac, but I still love you for your transparency about it

  • i want die
    i want die 17 hours ago

    jk aries is my only enemy i love everyone else

  • Brie Schafer
    Brie Schafer 17 hours ago

    Scorpios look like giant penises ‘cause they’re all dicks

  • i want die
    i want die 17 hours ago

    Yeah put that Aries fuck down there

  • Zyzy Jospeh
    Zyzy Jospeh 17 hours ago

    0:15 close your eyes and listen

  • TheLattertix
    TheLattertix 17 hours ago +1

    virgin check -----> ninjaPon

  • lostinmyfantasy 99
    lostinmyfantasy 99 18 hours ago

    i think that ur personality doesn't depend on what zodiac sign you are (partly maybe yeah..some things match,some don't)

  • Sven Reuser
    Sven Reuser 18 hours ago

    I HAVE LIVE PROOF THAT ZODIAC SIGNS ARE DUMMBBB! my bff is a capricorn buttt.... she is very selfless and not into dark humor. she is pretty lazy. soooo... thats basicly the opposite of the sign.

    im pisces so the girl is nice butt... EUGENE UR MEAN 😢

  • LEE everyday
    LEE everyday 18 hours ago

    Just wanted to shout out my fellow Virgoians!

  • Elle Entertainment
    Elle Entertainment 19 hours ago +1

    I’m a Cancer but I agree there the worst sorry bout that😂

  • Amazin Ess
    Amazin Ess 20 hours ago

    That capricorn was way too accurate. It hit home 😭

  • Bbearv Logs
    Bbearv Logs 20 hours ago +1

    AYE AYE PISCES GANGGGGGGG ♓️ ♓️ ♓️♓️♓️♓️

  • ToriaDarlene
    ToriaDarlene 20 hours ago

    I'm just happy to be known for having a great ass 🤷🏼‍♀️ because I am problematic as fuck but the ass makes up for it 😂

  • PromiseYouWontLaugh
    PromiseYouWontLaugh 20 hours ago

    I’m a Sagittarius, December 12!

  • Catherine Olivia
    Catherine Olivia 20 hours ago

    me: i think i would get the top 5 or something
    them: aeries are in the most worse, im right, yOu'Re wRoNg
    me: *is crying in the corner of the room*

  • It’s Peyton
    It’s Peyton 20 hours ago

    Eugene about Aries : they can be fuckin little bitches
    Me an Aries : awww thank you

  • Amanda Wheaton
    Amanda Wheaton 21 hour ago

    I'll stab you in the front haha 😂

  • sTePh
    sTePh 21 hour ago

    Virgo tingz ✨💅🏽

  • King
    King 21 hour ago

    X was an Aquarius and their explanation was straight on.

  • Ducks_Nation
    Ducks_Nation 21 hour ago

    this is the first time someone actually appreciates Sagittarius

  • InstaFun Stories
    InstaFun Stories 21 hour ago

    But I'm not like that ( i"'m cancer ) i'm happy and most times I really love people ._. I don't really cry , if I cry I have. Rlly rlly good reason for ._.
    I'm not fake and I will never me , I feel ofensed ._.

  • Smaawad awad
    Smaawad awad 22 hours ago

    Iam a libra

  • Gacha Lover
    Gacha Lover 23 hours ago

    Okay so when they put aries at the bottom I was going to strangle someone but then they moved it into the top ten and I was happy because I never win anything practicly so I usually settle for top ten

  • malwina
    malwina 23 hours ago

    Allison: piScES iS prOpAbLY mY fAv
    me: *fistbumps*

    what the actual fuck am I doing with my life

  • Avishi Singh
    Avishi Singh 23 hours ago

    Should I be offended they called me Dumb. Seriously!. But I do love Eugene so it's a forgivable sin. Anyways he is right I am wrong so I shall shut up😆😘😉

  • Giedre
    Giedre 23 hours ago

    Beyonce is Virgo, her birthday is September 4th.. same as mine. It has to mean something :D

  • Katriin Poska
    Katriin Poska 23 hours ago

    Cancer here

  • Katriin Poska
    Katriin Poska 23 hours ago

    Cancer here

  • Manal A.R.M.Y
    Manal A.R.M.Y Day ago +1


  • Tanika Girl
    Tanika Girl Day ago

    I'm a Leo I think I'm always right

  • Ava Nola
    Ava Nola Day ago +1

    I am a Virgo

  • Aaliyah Gonzales

    im sag and astrology fanatic and i really love how you present your views in this topic.. i thought it will only for entertainment but it is so informative.. you present each sign briefly but symbolic having personal examples.. i really love this.. ❤❤😍😍