I Built A Skateboard Out Of 10,000 Colored Pencils

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • I built a giant skateboard out of 10000 colored pencils, drop a like if you want to see more family friendly content like this!
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    ✩Carpenter: George Hagon-Levy
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  • lisa wright
    lisa wright 19 minutes ago

    0:14 to 0:17 ummm Colored/coloured orbees?

  • Kdp2303
    Kdp2303 22 minutes ago

    Those trees🙁🙁

  • Julien Schoettle
    Julien Schoettle 36 minutes ago


  • lil' вєє
    lil' вєє Hour ago

    i can feel the forest crying. so many trees are cut down...

  • chardenay scroggins

    how is it going to turn witch way you want it to??????????

  • ツaprxt
    ツaprxt 2 hours ago

    This is how many times he said colored pencils


  • basic. liy
    basic. liy 3 hours ago

    You should’ve made a life sized one 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Killermage Awesome
    Killermage Awesome 3 hours ago

    5:30 Rip vans

  • Oweta Salmons
    Oweta Salmons 5 hours ago

    Skate borad? No sled on whells

  • crea8or
    crea8or 6 hours ago

    Would be more interesting if you made giant toilet 🚽

  • M N K
    M N K 6 hours ago

    RIP trees and oxygen

  • Quinx’s Animation’s

    Any splinters???????

  • David Grau Banks
    David Grau Banks 9 hours ago

    Why thouugh

  • Gwyneth's Secret things

    Why did u wasted so mamy color pencils

  • Hello Legends
    Hello Legends 11 hours ago

    Why did 5000 orbees just look like a heap of coloured pencils?

  • Teresa Blossom
    Teresa Blossom 12 hours ago

    When your mom told you to clean your room........

  • FedoraPlaysFTW
    FedoraPlaysFTW 12 hours ago

    I don't have enough patience to finish a game of fortnite, let alone do this

  • Лайм геймс
    Лайм геймс 12 hours ago


  • скалистый
    скалистый 15 hours ago

    "This is my cruiser..."

  • Stewart Foster
    Stewart Foster 15 hours ago

    Think of the trees nobody thanks them forshame§

  • Max Felton
    Max Felton 18 hours ago

    How big do you think a skateboard is

  • Antrice Woodies
    Antrice Woodies 18 hours ago

    Plz at the end make them all the same size...my O.C.D is killing me

  • ninja gamer
    ninja gamer 19 hours ago

    Half way done then falls 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Chubz the fat squirl
    Chubz the fat squirl 20 hours ago

    ^has colored pencils all over him^
    "This is 5,000 orbez"

  • Mommas Account
    Mommas Account 20 hours ago

    *5,000 colored orbeez?*

  • Kid Rolex
    Kid Rolex 20 hours ago

    7:35 the drilling goes with the music

  • The Valy Fun Channel
    The Valy Fun Channel 20 hours ago

    Yall are complaining that the skateboard is too big and made for godzilla...

    Edit: hold up nvm that thing is made for the megalodon or something like damn you need 2 people to carry it...

  • hala haleem
    hala haleem 20 hours ago

    Pencils are gone
    Color pencils came from their vacation!

  • ThisIsMyName Lul
    ThisIsMyName Lul 20 hours ago

    hmmm that intro looks fimalair From MR BEAST ORBEZZ AND LEGOS!

  • FOUR IS HERE !!!!!!
    FOUR IS HERE !!!!!! 22 hours ago

    Very 👍

  • Tom Mart
    Tom Mart 23 hours ago

    This is one example of someone who has way too much time on their hands
    Get a life Gaye whoops meant jay

  • Zeph Animates 1
    Zeph Animates 1 Day ago

    Hi there

  • Oziel Cote
    Oziel Cote Day ago


  • yuval sapir
    yuval sapir Day ago

    A second before you said "how are we going to make this into a skateboard" I said the exact same thing with the exact same words

  • m malthane
    m malthane Day ago

    That song is from vexx

  • Yadiel L Cruz
    Yadiel L Cruz Day ago

    I want his hoodie

  • antonio quinonez

    I would have been satisfied with a colored pencil table.

  • Jake Gregory
    Jake Gregory Day ago

    Soz MR beast

  • Айнур Маннанов

    Кто не понял что он говорит поставте лайк

  • Brenna Yolen
    Brenna Yolen Day ago

    i kept getting scared it was gonna snap

  • Scott M
    Scott M Day ago

    Send it to Braille or colab

  • LYLY Shop
    LYLY Shop Day ago

    Wow amazing color paint 😍

  • sajin reyans
    sajin reyans Day ago

    Finally it is useful to ride skateboard on it

  • xVosity -
    xVosity - Day ago

    Trees left the chat

  • Alix Tokumoto
    Alix Tokumoto Day ago

    TheProGamerJay: This could go very badly. Me: Not my fault you did somthing this risky... WHAT ABOUT ALL THOSE TREES???

  • Cassie_ Gacha
    Cassie_ Gacha Day ago

    imagine that broke while He Was *_Riding it.._*

  • angie camposreal

    well done bro awesome

  • FaZe Tfue
    FaZe Tfue Day ago

    bruh are those scooter wheels

  • Wolf _playz
    Wolf _playz Day ago

    Oof that must of took a long long time!

  • La Cueva de Maxi

    0:40 those... are artist's nightmares

  • r0ckinr0byn2085
    r0ckinr0byn2085 Day ago +1

    Wow. how long did it take for you to
    make This?

    • KrolxSmoke
      KrolxSmoke 15 hours ago +1

      r0ckinr0byn2085 I think about 3 weeks

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ Day ago +1

    ;-; Oof

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ Day ago +1


  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ Day ago +1

    How many times he said 10,00 color pencils

    SALLY CHAN Day ago

    I don't feel so gud

      SALLY CHAN Day ago

      Get it cause there was a lot of dust!

  • Whale Man
    Whale Man Day ago

    Just wait till he does a kick flip

  • Kalynn Hall
    Kalynn Hall Day ago

    5 ThOuSoNd CoLoReD oRbEeZs!! In JuSt OnE dAy! ThAt 'S cRaZy! I cAnT eVeN dO tHaT! iM sLeEp! GoOd NiGhT!🔮🔰👚👕📒🔌📓📕📗📘📖📙📚📥📱📬📱💻📩📁📂📃📄🎮🎬📷🎸🎤🎧🎻🎹🎷🎺🎼🍷🍹🍶☕🍵🍼🍴🍨🍻🍺🍸🍧🍦🍗🍩🍰🍔🍪🍟🍞🍫🍝🍜🍬🍕🍭🍖🍎🍉🍏🍊🍐🍋🍡🍢🍒🍅🍓🍠🍍🍌🍇🌈🌺⛅🌻🌷🌸🌼🌽🌹🌂☁🌛🌜⚡🌗🌖🌕🌘🌑🌒🌓🌙🌔🌞🌅🌄🎑🌇🌏🌎🌊🌉🌌🌃🌆 🏡🏨🏩🏰⛲ 🗼🗾🚾🎾🚽🛀🛁🏀🎣🏊🚣💎💐💒🚀🚉🚶💌🚳

  • Pocket Mortys
    Pocket Mortys Day ago

    Wait, who's the freak with the cool vans?

  • Zalco _Off
    Zalco _Off 2 days ago

    This skatepark is notre at London?

  • it's me Jodia
    it's me Jodia 2 days ago

    Its good but tooooo big for a normal skate board, and also its so big compared to the boy with his skate board in the skate board court or what ever you want to call it

  • ォヴェはてな
    ォヴェはてな 2 days ago

    7:58 bro listen to the bolt and the song... it mixes so well🤔

  • Fabienne Jenssen
    Fabienne Jenssen 2 days ago +1

    *Wow save the rest*

  • Hej Svejs
    Hej Svejs 2 days ago

    9:19 whats the Song name?

  • jaylynn 2
    jaylynn 2 2 days ago

    XD how skate boards are made💁.

  • jamjam macedo
    jamjam macedo 2 days ago


  • hi me
    hi me 2 days ago +1

    MrBeast mode activated...

  • Unstable Sw!tch
    Unstable Sw!tch 2 days ago

    _Troom Troom life hack gone wrong_

  • DeadEyeNic
    DeadEyeNic 2 days ago +1


  • Quincy Adamm
    Quincy Adamm 2 days ago

    What's the lofi near the end that's like reversed or someone?

  • Dd G
    Dd G 2 days ago

    No hating but
    Him:this is what THE THOUSAND colored pencils lookS LiKe

  • Luke Sans
    Luke Sans 2 days ago +2

    The bristish mr beast

  • Joan Bailey
    Joan Bailey 2 days ago

    OH MY

  • Alan Martinez lopez
    Alan Martinez lopez 2 days ago +1

    The intro is like is copying MR BEST and I don’t whach him but sitl

  • Ayoub Belli
    Ayoub Belli 3 days ago

    you forgot to put grip tape

  • Andrea Meyers
    Andrea Meyers 3 days ago

    Did u guys get a world record 4 this?!

  • froggy gun
    froggy gun 3 days ago

    Pause at 5:52 What is that black line on the left of the skate board?

  • froggy gun
    froggy gun 3 days ago

    Pause at 3:52. Noooooooo...

  • Elxa_ 006
    Elxa_ 006 3 days ago

    Il a gaspillé tellement de bois 😪

    • KrolxSmoke
      KrolxSmoke 15 hours ago

      Elxa_ 006 oui, mais en même temps les crayons étaient déjà fait donc c’est pas si mal

  • فجر الوشاحي

    Wow that is very nice

  • Binary
    Binary 3 days ago

    Big foot wants his skateboard

  • Specific
    Specific 3 days ago

    Do you know how much you wasted..?

  • ReHOxIG
    ReHOxIG 3 days ago

    Thats skateboard for Godzilla dude

  • IMadeYouReadThis
    IMadeYouReadThis 3 days ago

    He used scooter wheels

  • Lana Gaspar
    Lana Gaspar 3 days ago

    Scadebord so cool

  • xheart x
    xheart x 3 days ago

    Friend: What colored skateboard are you going to get?

  • Sarah Cook
    Sarah Cook 3 days ago

    patience level 99090909909090909090909

  • StrawberryM08 StrawberryM08

    *Mr beast is shook*

  • Joël Franchimont
    Joël Franchimont 3 days ago

    ne crie pas putins

  • Cletus Julio
    Cletus Julio 3 days ago

    Splinters has entered the chat

  • Manuel Moheno
    Manuel Moheno 3 days ago +1

    Rip to all the trees he wasted

  • TheLightenWarrior Light

    DIY how to make skate board
    Buying one skate board is about 100$
    So the cheaper way is to buy 137,500$ worth of pencils

  • Connor TGg
    Connor TGg 3 days ago

    R do you your right your

  • Diana Tavera
    Diana Tavera 3 days ago

    @Un poco de todo

  • DEVIN 25327
    DEVIN 25327 3 days ago

    I got a ad of someone riding a skate board

    BAD VIBES Msp VIBES 4 days ago +1

    What is the song called when you skate

  • Lucy sanders
    Lucy sanders 4 days ago

    At 16 seconds he orbees

  • CoolFoxii YAY
    CoolFoxii YAY 4 days ago

    That's one big skateboard

  • rachael dudley
    rachael dudley 4 days ago

    they r pencils

  • rachael dudley
    rachael dudley 4 days ago

    they are not orbees

  • Jessica Garascia
    Jessica Garascia 4 days ago

    dude you could a cut it smaller than you would have been able to actually use it LOL