Do Indians Know How Their English Accent Sounds? | ASIAN BOSS

  • Published on Feb 21, 2018
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  • Asian Boss
    Asian Boss  8 months ago +1109

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    • Google User
      Google User 21 hour ago

      +Jonathan G We do, that's is why we thank them for uniting us. And btw looks like you need history class, the entire world suffered colonization not just India. One day a Brit friend asked me if it was hard for me to accept her friendship as her grandfather was posted in India. My reply, "your grandfather served his country and did his job, it's all a history, I have no hard feelings for the British. That is what our father of nation taught". Sadly the western education system stayed with us and the way British treated everyone below them, exists in Indian society. But we are proud that unlike other non native english speaking countries, we can't not only speak in English but can win bookers prize for written English. Congrats you can read Indian news in Indian English and debate about it on IG and now you are talking commenting on Indians by watching and understanding a video. Don't you think we are a step further in making the world smaller and achieving one worldly peace goals, can you do the same to countries like Mexico, Japan China Korea , Persia, Saudi Arabia , Russia, france Italy and Africa?? Absolutely not, you cannot understand their language, very small percentage of their population speaks English. Wake up bud. It's a different era.

    • Google User
      Google User 21 hour ago

      +TA Videos I do have friends from Trinidad and Tobago, I sure understand them man, and my childhood favourite player is Vivian Richard and still is, no one is like him.

    • Veasna Ren
      Veasna Ren 4 days ago

      To be honest, Indian English accents are very hard to understand if we compare to other countries in which people speak English. Not exaggerate, but my personal experience.

    • Annie K
      Annie K 13 days ago

      Asian Boss haha I like how the interviewer has such a fake accent and the others are normal 😂😂

    • Wessels Accounting Pretoria
      Wessels Accounting Pretoria 14 days ago

      +Peace Guard yes true man everybody have their own accent also like i am gujarati person living in south africa but i am unable to understand difference between three "s" in gujarati language even its my mother tongue.
      One example for all in this video';s comment section. I born in Gujarat's small village where i was speak Gujarati language in kathiyawadi accent then i went to big town of gujarati where i learnt that i am speaking gujarati language but my accent is totally different then other people in that town. After that i went to Bombay and i notice that i am speaking hindi 100 time better then people living in bombay.
      After that i worked in American call center in india and i learnt spoken english which is american accent and american grammatical. Which is totally different from indian English grammer. But actually if you go in to detail american don't use grammer in proper way so i am fluent in american english but if i will talk to indian guys i can't even understand sometimes because my english is poor compare to indian english.
      But ya thats true bcoz america is powerfull country in the world till now so here is also applies Natural rule like "every big fish eats small fish in the river" so conclusion is even american english is poor english in right way after that we accept american english as a powerful english.
      Other Example : i went for an interview in IT Company in Gujarat and HR Person start interview with fluent english
      I have directly ask her that "Medam can you speak Gujarati" she said "yes"
      Then i said that can you ask me question in Gujarati if possible plz. Then she answer "no We are IT Company We have required the employees whose able to speak in english" and rudely she said if you are fluent in english then plz go back we don't need person whose not able to speak english.
      After that i have started speaking in American Accent and you will wonder she was impressed with my american accent and forget to ask me about maximum questionnaire even in her papers.
      But let me tell you guys as much as you noticed in my written english how much i m poor in english grammer
      but just bcoz of american accent she approved my jobs from her side then i went to technical round and you won't believe technical person wasn't even able to understand my american accent he was just listing my answer like a donkey.
      So yes American accent is dominating in english speaking world. But we musn't forget that we have our own language and also our national language hindi.

    THE MAGIC SAUCE 2 hours ago

    Accents are awesome. They just give character and flavour to people. When people "speak with an accent", it just means they know more than one language. How awesome is that!? Most of my friends have an accent, as they come from all corners of the world. We all understand each other and we don't even think about it; it's completely normal to us. Don't worry about what others think; ignorance is cheap, easy and plentiful.

  • K
    K 5 hours ago +1

    1:07 She's cute😍

  • i_stan_ Bigbang-2ne1-EXO-RV

    English is important in India 'cause we have many languages

  • prathik k
    prathik k 9 hours ago

    The anchors accent sounds weird

  • Sarah
    Sarah 10 hours ago

    Indian people without their amazing accent...No, I can't imagine.
    But what are they saying ? ?? "they should learn english from us ""?????? Is it a joke ?

  • Janeth pinggam
    Janeth pinggam 10 hours ago

    2:03 LMAOOOO

  • Ryan Jung
    Ryan Jung 13 hours ago

    When you don't understand by English spoken by Indians, they will definitely have a look on their faces like "Hey, go somewhere and learn some English". They never think and admit they have stupid accent. The problem with Indian people speaking English is that they don't give a damn about other people listening to their English with a stupid accent. The main and only purpose of the language is to communicate each other. As a non English speaking person, I really care about my pronunciation and intonation etc. I even practiced so many tongue twists so i can deliver what i mean correctly. If you can't make other people understood in English, then you don't speak it even though you think you speak English. That is what i keep telling my Indian ,Srilankan and Indonesian employees. So dear Indians please try to have proper ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION PLEASE.

  • z f
    z f 13 hours ago

    In my opinion, we teach the children about independence day, republic day , celebrate great leaders and events, a majority od us as Indians leave our passions just there, example:we celebrate Manama Gandhi day but do we really follow any of his teachings correctly? If we dis, India would really be free of the existing discrimination and would definitely be cleaner and we would respect each other better.
    I felt that our fight for independence though succeeded, failed when we did the partition, we weren't able to hold that banner of a diverse country and now we see it perishing under our current govt. The values and aims of great leaders that we celebrate yearly are just that, a show off. So what if the generations before us failed to conserve our traditions , values and culture correctly, we should work on it as we are getting aware about it.

  • Harvey Lu
    Harvey Lu 16 hours ago

    I love to copy indian accent! Love from the Lu family! 我爱印度人!

  • Indestructible Potato
    Indestructible Potato 17 hours ago

    Whatever accent it is it was developed by a human anyway! No such thing as a TRUE accent bleh..

  • Isha Verma 03
    Isha Verma 03 18 hours ago

    Okay so when indians are confident we are arrogant when Brits and Americans brag they are far superior and intelligent than us wow... Hypocrisy at best. I loved each person they interviewied. They gave their honest opinions. (Haters gonna hate hate ...)

  • Tech Age Hustle
    Tech Age Hustle 22 hours ago

    That makes because on TVclip many of the Indian content creators write their TVclip video title in English but in the video they speak Hindu

  • Idli Vada Sambar
    Idli Vada Sambar 23 hours ago

    2:05 savage

  • Idli Vada Sambar
    Idli Vada Sambar 23 hours ago

    wery widely
    lol my mom does this too

  • Kaho Yeung
    Kaho Yeung Day ago

    as long as an accent retains the amount of information of the language, it's fine. English accent from East Asia sucks in this department. I myself speak Chinese and struggle to understand other Chinese people's English all the time. btw in terms of funniness Indian accent definitely sound funnier than Chinese accent, and the fact that they don't know themselves being funny is also funny.

  • Kaho Yeung
    Kaho Yeung Day ago

    as long as an accent retains the amount of information of the language, it's fine. English accent from East Asia sucks in this department. I myself speak Chinese and struggle to understand other Chinese people's English all the time. btw in terms of funniness Indian accent definitely sound funnier than Chinese accent, and the fact that they don't know themselves being funny is also funny.

  • Simba89
    Simba89 Day ago

    I just want to see an indian person without that accent. That accent is the strongest in the history i guess

  • Vitória Oliveira

    English isnt a dominate language in my country haha

  • Vitória Oliveira

    I'm not a native english speaker, but I'm almost fluent, then when I met a friend whom is Indian, his english really made me say "whaat?" so many times lol

  • Annaliza Delos Santos

    Why do people always care about the accent pwee it's not a big deal thou as long as you can communicate using that language

  • Fortnite Moments
    Fortnite Moments Day ago +1

    Try to cover the subtitle and watch the video, and tell me if you understand😂

  • Brain Scoop
    Brain Scoop Day ago

    "because everything is written in English"
    "cuz everything riteturinglishesuh"

  • TEKA
    TEKA Day ago

    Wow some people are just arrogant thinking they good at everything, its good you know some English but bragging about it don't even think about it, humble yourself first before you teach others your broken English. Not all Indians are stupid like you, I know that for sure.

  • sarah limbu
    sarah limbu Day ago

    they need to learn english from us? wtf?

  • Narayan Debnath
    Narayan Debnath Day ago

    I personally feel that it's totally unfair to judge someone's intelligence and capability thorough their English speaking ability. (No one will agree but deep down, we do think like that) Its just a language man...every people has their native language their mother tongue..Any Language is just a medium to communicate..did u guys ever think that why do the Very few people care about Germany or French or Japanese or Chinese..because these are not that useful to them..when they would have need to learn these, they will man..I know in this video these Indian people sucked. but many of you guys are not different from british or english speaking natives always make fun of us Indians so ya its kind of offensive to hear all these kind of insults all the u guys can speak any of our native languages in our own style of accent??? will use yours too! That's funny to us too because we use to hear our known languages in our accent only but that doesn't mean we will start criticizing.and if anyone act like this, that I'd unfair too..please keep it yourselves what you find funny and what not..don't start to judge them..its not like you will say we are funny and we will smile in front of you and thanking you wow you find it funny i am so overwhelmed..😑😑😑😑😑

  • Elizabeth Garcia

    Why can't they just accept they have an accent, If it weren't for the subtitles I wouldn't understand what they were saying. So arrogant

  • Vikash Kumar
    Vikash Kumar Day ago

    English language achcha h lekin HINDI se achcha nhi

  • Astrid Siege Montefalco

    Their arrogance tho...damn overwhelming lol

  • Boos Luko
    Boos Luko 2 days ago

    Thank God there's subtitle !

  • sunanda trivedi
    sunanda trivedi 2 days ago

    If indian.. then why talk in English . Talk in hindi..

  • vintage sky bee 1
    vintage sky bee 1 2 days ago

    They don't have English accent. If I was blind I could tell that they were from india.

  • Vincent Oineza
    Vincent Oineza 2 days ago

    I can't even imagine myself speaking english the way they do🤔😅. But we must admit that they can really speak english pretty well. Hard to understand without subtitle though.

  • Amin Mesanovic
    Amin Mesanovic 2 days ago

    Stupid indians

  • mary impercies
    mary impercies 2 days ago

    Hahahahahah... This people are savage😂😂😂😂😂

  • Creepy Skills
    Creepy Skills 2 days ago

    Japanese and India Accent are funny

  • Aniket t
    Aniket t 2 days ago +1

    And they make fun and abuse the entire state when a girl pronounce political science as prodical science.....KarmaXD

  • RoasterBhai 2.0
    RoasterBhai 2.0 2 days ago

    1:13 and you are a proper Chutiya...

  • 林浩澄
    林浩澄 2 days ago

    Oh my god ,They said Chinese speak funny . I have to make acknowledgement here ,most of Chinese do not know English ,because It is not an official language in mainland China . However , the specific people who do know English ,like Hong Kongers ,they will say Indian acent sounds terrible . (should I Put [that] here ,my Indian friend has taught me before )Hahaha
    Well , constantly Indian people have a low social rank in China , maybe , due to their black skin and religious issue .

  • bawk2boom
    bawk2boom 2 days ago

    5:24 someone's car get robbed

  • 林浩澄
    林浩澄 2 days ago +2

    With all due respect , It is not racism . Indian have a good command of English , but They speak terrible .Without the subtitle , I guarantee no one(foreign people ) will understand them .

  • j son
    j son 2 days ago

    Confident af! Accent is thick af!

  • what's your name
    what's your name 2 days ago

    Honestly I won't understand what they're saying without subtitles

  • Erika Salina
    Erika Salina 2 days ago

    Making fun of other doesn’t make you better

  • Kawaii Tenshiika
    Kawaii Tenshiika 2 days ago

    To be honest, I like Filipino accent more than Indian accent. Sorry no offense but they over did their confidence about their accent.
    Sometimes, I can speak their accent.

  • Nidhi Kori
    Nidhi Kori 2 days ago

    indian accent is clear people can understand our accent easily.

  • Stockholum Central Staytion-Noruway

    To begin with the whole concept and the questions framed for this interview is straight up ignorant

  • Green Planet
    Green Planet 2 days ago

    Why you hadd tto putt subttittles ?😂😂😁😁

  • Deepa Singhal
    Deepa Singhal 3 days ago

    Anyone who speaks sanskrit and has clear phonetics - can speak any language without accent. the respective countrymen then adds their culture via the way they speak which is called accent for e.g. letter A is pronounced as A in English language but accents twist it around like Americans will call it "Aeh", Brits "Aey", South indians "Ye", East Asians will add their own bit, black people will add their culture to it. There is no such thing as good or bad accent..there is a language with clear phonetics, accent is just how that language is twisted by different cultural nuances.

  • ContainedFire
    ContainedFire 3 days ago

    I actually think Indian accents are so sexy!

  • Himani Ghangas
    Himani Ghangas 3 days ago

    R.I.P Foreigners English

  • Himani Ghangas
    Himani Ghangas 3 days ago

    Indian ppl don't have their own accents it's just how to speak proper English just simple 😊😊

  • Himani Ghangas
    Himani Ghangas 3 days ago

    When Indian ppl speak English it is clearly understood but when other country ppl speaks it's like hell they even cannot pronounce properly a single letter

  • Miss Mixologist
    Miss Mixologist 3 days ago

    they're arrogants and hypocrites.

  • Arpit Choudhary
    Arpit Choudhary 3 days ago

    Indian people give a lot of stress on learning english bcz. In India there are lot of regional languages so they need a single lang. Which can connect english is doing that work.

  • Luka Vidic
    Luka Vidic 3 days ago

    "We dont speak like that" *speaking like that*

  • jalend venn
    jalend venn 3 days ago

    I found it kind of funny when they said they get offended when people make fun of their accent and then they make fun of other countries accents😂😂

  • Sanjana Kattoor
    Sanjana Kattoor 3 days ago

    Wow the amount of racism and classism that showed among the Indians in the video is so pathetic.

  • Forever is Real
    Forever is Real 3 days ago

    honestly, no offence...i hate indian english of all...

  • Madhu K
    Madhu K 4 days ago

    When the Indians start thinking English is a just a language to communicate not for the level of education,there will be no any problem.. just think the beggars also speak very fluent English in English speaking countries

  • Shanaya
    Shanaya 4 days ago

    We speak English coz we learned Hindi when we were kids and we want to speak different languages

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky 4 days ago

    the guy at 01:00 is handsome :D

  • Shashank K R
    Shashank K R 4 days ago +2

    Understanding is more important than language 😀🤘🏻

  • Captain Jack
    Captain Jack 4 days ago

    We Indians make fun of foreigners's English accent. They make fun of ours. Fair enough.

  • Gaurav Sinha
    Gaurav Sinha 4 days ago

    The only problem is the incomplete education. There are two most important points:
    1. In India, an English teacher teaches students only the rules of English grammar and most often these teachers don't explain how those grammar rules actually work which is vital to understand that English does not provide information in the way the Hindi does. So, the Indian English speakers don't actually understand this difference. Thus, they know grammar rules but not grammar. They know the meaning of few conjunctions and prepositions which are in correspondence with Hindi conjunctions and prepositions. That's why they don't understand when their voice should be high or low pitched.
    They simply speak English in the way they speak Hindi.
    It's not only about English. Every subject in India is taught poorly.
    2. Phonetics is not taught to Indian English students from their childhood. It is neither a part of regular course in schools. Hence, many Indians lack its understanding and don't recognize the symbols used in English phonetics. Even if they see these symbols in dictionaries, they don't put much effort to pronounce those symbols in their original form. Of-course, there are courses available on such subjects but again they are incomplete.
    Some of us know to pronounce some easily heard letters in their original form as letter 'r'. They roll their tongue to pronounce 'r' but not those letters which are hardly noticed as the difference in pronouncing 'th' in 'Mother' and 'th' in 'The'.
    Well, whatever is the reason, that is the result of the Indian Education System and as a matter of fact, the Indian Education System Sucks. As of 2018, the Indian Education System has been ranked 99th out 145 countries. Even IIT is not counted in the top 200 Institutes in the world.
    Most of us have one common slogan when it comes to learning
    - " itne se kaam chal jayega yaar " - THE END!
    That's all I can say.

  • Varsh Rajagopalan
    Varsh Rajagopalan 4 days ago

    I just think its more about people's mindset. Any human will be offended if they are stereotyped. Its just that you are not used that particular accent. So why judge?

  • 程玉強
    程玉強 4 days ago

    speaking english is a trend....that guy was from the last century when india has just been colonised by UK

  • Ogie Cruz
    Ogie Cruz 4 days ago

    Oh cmon Indians you speak English actually sounds like Appu of The Simpsons

  • nonye bizzn
    nonye bizzn 4 days ago

    i'm glad i don't have a accent and a accent is like this or say like someone who comes from texas or w.e i don't have a accent why?? because i live in california aja

  • Renzo Castro
    Renzo Castro 4 days ago

    Oh my Lord! The Americans have vrong gramur? Wery brong gramur? Dozz people must know how to pronounce perst the proper bordzz bepor they think chinese sound punny. Ben bill they learn to pronounce w and v the right bey?

  • Percy Cat
    Percy Cat 4 days ago

    Indians are very good at learning languages, in malaysia the local indians can master english, bahasa melayu and some even mandarin on top of their own tamil language. They have a different accent and mannerism than Indians from India though.

  • Hezry
    Hezry 4 days ago

    My lecturer is from India...and because of his strong Indian accent...I failed my neurology

  • Mynn Ying
    Mynn Ying 4 days ago


  • paraunasahb
    paraunasahb 5 days ago

    Btw indian accent might sound funny to foreigners but its one of most cleanest and easiest to understand accent where every english word is pronounced properly

  • paraunasahb
    paraunasahb 5 days ago

    People in south india are educated my ass!!!!! They still don't know how to eat without grossing everybody around them.. even animals eat with more

  • Pritha Mundada
    Pritha Mundada 5 days ago

    Being indian this is cringy I agree. It's just that in school Indians are taught British English, and American English with its much more relaxed Grammer seems difficult difficult to comprehend . It is true that characters like Apu are hurtful but there are stereotypes for all counties like Americans say sup Australians say mate and Germans spit when they talk etc., but the truth is that jts is all bull crap. all of these places are huge and have different people I bet not all of them speak in the same dam way... right.
    Yes the people in this video do make mistakes and are super super egoistic but let's not forget India is a huge place with more people that we'll every other country other that China so don't judge all Indian's Grammer or character with this video in mind. Not all of us are the same. It was sad to here them say that they find other accents funny i find it admirable that one is trying to learn something other than thier native language. For the guy who said he does not understand Australian accents it will take some time duh.... But eventually you will get the hang of it🙄
    (also. I'm sorry if I have punctuated incorrectly in did not pay attention in school when they taught us this😭😂)
    (also I am bad at spelling so sorry about that to)
    PS.. I don't trust auto correct 😔

  • MusicKing619
    MusicKing619 5 days ago

    North or South both Indians are dumb

  • gangmei dainylung
    gangmei dainylung 5 days ago

    Much better than Singaporean accent

  • Anton EightBall
    Anton EightBall 5 days ago +1

    God made the Indian accent so horrible to warm us from their scams.

  • sarun kuniyil
    sarun kuniyil 5 days ago

    You learn proper English and then talk

  • Andi Dwi Prasetyo
    Andi Dwi Prasetyo 5 days ago

    I think if all of Indian young generation think same way and only let culture organisation to protect your language. At least in a few decade you will see the Hindi Dictionary in the museum. :-))

  • 라인
    라인 5 days ago

    For me Austalian accent sounds beautiful

  • vrjdvdheveb vsbs
    vrjdvdheveb vsbs 5 days ago

    English is the common language in which education is given in most places of India... So speaking in English basically potray that u r educated... Hence treated better...
    Nd we have 1000s of languages all over India so English is one language that is common to all.. So it makes conversations easier...

  • Zitterion
    Zitterion 5 days ago

    Aren't they suppose to have a British accent since their English is a product of british colonization. If they do, then they can have all the audacity to claim Indian English is the correct English.

    • Sherman Peabody
      Sherman Peabody 3 days ago +1

      Zitterion, let them be, they provide free entertainment for the rest of us.

  • Aijaz Bhat
    Aijaz Bhat 5 days ago

    Indians are like that ugly shy kid in the school who is made fun of all the time and grows up to become a mass shooter.

  • Manav Jain
    Manav Jain 6 days ago +5

    They told us if you want to communicate with the world you have to learn English .
    ME :Ok
    Now they want us to change our accent .
    ME : hell no.

  • Ernest Gabriel Watanabe

    Deep breath, feel bad for you

  • CharroDavid
    CharroDavid 6 days ago

    (we sepak better english?) Keep dreaming my friends :)

  • Candy queen Margaret


  • Candy queen Margaret

    1:13 haha,,indians are so confident wiyh there accent

  • Anu Gupta
    Anu Gupta 6 days ago

    Why people are so much cared about accent....Its your trademark be proud of it

  • Maximilian Shen
    Maximilian Shen 6 days ago

    That’s why I discriminate Indian. This time I have to judge people by their color, sorry mlk.

  • ChicStarGamer
    ChicStarGamer 6 days ago

    Indian people have every right to talk about other accents especially when non - Indians make fun of an indian accent to the MAX.

  • neha shrivastav
    neha shrivastav 6 days ago

    How come accent can be wrong or right
    Accent depicts where you belong from ?

    • Andi Dwi Prasetyo
      Andi Dwi Prasetyo 5 days ago

      Sometimes bcoz of your accent, your English has different meaning.

  • Oppong Frimpong Banahene


  • Manju Sangwan
    Manju Sangwan 6 days ago

    Saare Angrez ikkathe ho gaye h comment box me , too funny khud sab ka mazaak banate rahenge aur khud pr kuch bardaashh nhi krenge.

  • Smug Smugly
    Smug Smugly 6 days ago

    That Indian accent liked to killed me !!!!!! How many years from now will this scene be reenacted in states unborn and accents yet unknown ??

  • Anne J
    Anne J 6 days ago

    I am Filipino and has a half Indian cousin. I've met some of her friends and I tell you even if other Filipinos (not all) make fun of their accent, they speak straight and fluent English with more complex vocabulary than us.

    • Anne J
      Anne J 6 days ago

      And to be honest, Filipino accent (even the conyo/rich people's accent) is nowhere near American or British accents, but the good thing is the Filipino accent is easier to comprehend.

  • KC Ryan
    KC Ryan 6 days ago

    Indians are just kidding themselves with deluded false pride. Truth to be told they are only ranked 4th in Asia way behind Singapore, Philipines and Malaysia in english proficiency! And yes, your accent is a butt of jokes to other countries. Top it up with your vibrating heads and we will have a field day laughing at you

  • Amyyy
    Amyyy 6 days ago

    I like the Indian accent. We have so many international Indian students in our school so I always hear it.