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  • Published on Feb 21, 2018
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  • Asian Boss
    Asian Boss  Year ago +1546

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      ANONYMOUSCRACKER 14 days ago


    • hakeemdj368
      hakeemdj368 Month ago

      +4f*ckSake what about the Japanese? their English grammar are good too.

    • hakeemdj368
      hakeemdj368 Month ago

      @Asian Boss: do they have TOEFL test in India? what kind of TOEFL do they have? speaking skill in Indian accent? what kind of standard do they use? imagine if every country make their unique English accent as English standard for the test. so, what is the function of TOEFL test anyway? just for grammar, listening, and writing skills?

    • Aditi Singh
      Aditi Singh 2 months ago +1

      @Asian Boss y'all ruined our country's image by interviewing idiots exclusively, congrats

  • Meme Master
    Meme Master 43 minutes ago

    This lilliput chinglese Chinese Channel talking about indians English speaking

  • Cayle
    Cayle 5 hours ago

    It's not racism idiots

  • Cayle
    Cayle 5 hours ago

    Come on you sound the same

  • Mr Azhar
    Mr Azhar 6 hours ago

    From my experience talking to Indians in UK England yes it is funny wen they speak but if u look past that there English is very good but I realised its very old English, some words they use are not used anymore.... Remember Speaking English Does Not make you Educated pls do not lose ur language.

  • Neil Thomsen
    Neil Thomsen 7 hours ago

    I think a lot of you are truly delusional. You have a very strong accent associated with your English. But that's just natural, get over it.

  • Josh Black
    Josh Black 7 hours ago

    Lol trying to blame Apu even

    NASIM SWATI 9 hours ago

    The interviewer should ask about shaking head...

    NASIM SWATI 9 hours ago

    British should learn English from Indian.....what an interview

  • Yuvraj Gupta
    Yuvraj Gupta 10 hours ago

    The location is Thakur village in kandivali east I stay there

  • Abhishek gautam
    Abhishek gautam 11 hours ago

    O.58 😡😡😡😠 english language doesn't mean that you are educated,
    Now this show you education really
    I don't know why South Indian always jealous

  • VJ TV
    VJ TV 11 hours ago +1

    "I think if you know English you have lots of friends, your cool"
    Me: 🙄🤔
    This is quite funny. I'm not fluent in English but still i can fully understand if you talk to me in english. "I use wrong grammar words and spelling. I don't care are long as people can understand me even if i use sign language 🤣🤣.

  • SafwaN_
    SafwaN_ 12 hours ago

    2:23 Ofc y not! Ppl whose mother tongue is English should learn it from you..

  • SafwaN_
    SafwaN_ 12 hours ago

    2:13 ??????????? wtf

  • NuttyStyle
    NuttyStyle 12 hours ago

    hahahH i like how they roast other countries while they cant speak english properly self

  • Duc Phan
    Duc Phan 13 hours ago

    OGM I'm truly shocked. I learned American English when I was very young and I love British and Australian accent. But when i heard Indian accent for the first time, i found it very funny. No offense to Indian people, it's not racism, it's just common sense. Because Indians dont pronouce the words right. I still can understand you, but it takes a lot of effort.
    You may ask what is the definition of "right" pronunciation. Well think of the word "English" itself. It's the language of England, we pronounce the way they pronounce. Learn a little bit of history of the language before you take sb else' language and make fun of it backwards
    Btw there are a lot more elements of a language than just pronunciation. Rhythm is one of them, and your rhythm sounds very funny

  • Charge Me
    Charge Me 13 hours ago +1

    British speak best English

  • Charge Me
    Charge Me 13 hours ago +1

    I'm just reading caption 😂😅 otherwise I can't understand

  • Charge Me
    Charge Me 13 hours ago +2

    Thanks for caption 🤗

    • Ryann T
      Ryann T 7 hours ago

      Lol I don't think I understand them without captions

  • Charge Me
    Charge Me 13 hours ago

    1:00 👀 that's his opinions

  • Rodrigo Sales
    Rodrigo Sales 13 hours ago

    nothing wrong with indian accent, north americans love to make fun of other people accent, but they cant speak other idioms properly

  • BolD SamA
    BolD SamA 14 hours ago

    You can basically make this video on every country’s accent

  • the roni.
    the roni. 14 hours ago

    This channel should change the name from aaian boss to indian servent
    Don't get offend i like their videos.

  • the roni.
    the roni. 14 hours ago

    Ninja technic of how to get views....just put indian or anything related india.

  • LoiSan sk
    LoiSan sk 15 hours ago

    Sheetal I love u.m from northeast India😁😁😁😁

  • Anamika Prasad
    Anamika Prasad 16 hours ago

    4:45 speaks English

  • Anamika Prasad
    Anamika Prasad 16 hours ago

    2:35 that's my point

  • A malia
    A malia 16 hours ago

    i am Indonesian, here people also speak english with indonesian accent, but i am sure i can speak like native 😅😂

  • Six Figure
    Six Figure 16 hours ago

    I fuckin hate the accent I’m sorry I’m not racist

  • Ronald Joseph
    Ronald Joseph 16 hours ago

    AGAIN DAY DREAMERS RANDIANS, they think their English is better Americans and Britishers hahahahahahahaa bahanchod, itnay superiority complexes? You know what? Only 10 % of RANDINS can speak English hahahaha and 50% of Pakistanis can speak English. Indians are day dreamers, I am shocked at their superiority complex hahahahaha

  • _ X33N
    _ X33N 16 hours ago

    why is India becoming a meme

    • A malia
      A malia 16 hours ago

      bcs t series vs pewdiepie

  • Satyajit burned hand cuber

    80% of northern India know English

  • Faisal Baig
    Faisal Baig 17 hours ago +1

    0:02 First buy new a phone🤣

  • Gaming Sid
    Gaming Sid 17 hours ago

    They also can't speak hindi the way we speak

    Bc kidar ja raha hein😂😂

  • DatGuyOfficial
    DatGuyOfficial 17 hours ago

    indians=we speak proper english and foreigners should learn from us

  • Only Kid
    Only Kid 18 hours ago

    How ironic,
    look at the Indian accent the speakee has

  • Andres Solamente
    Andres Solamente 18 hours ago +1

    “I tink awar accent is betar”😂😂

  • ROKAI DaKing/Adithya Craft

    2:01 lvl 100 sikh boss

  • Mess
    Mess 19 hours ago

    Im not indian but i am offended

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover 20 hours ago

    These people are idiotic.

  • Rd  Ghaji Ghajak
    Rd Ghaji Ghajak 21 hour ago

    Kah.. Kah.. Kah.. Lawak betul keling keling ni

  • donno what to write
    donno what to write 21 hour ago


  • Ruman Khan
    Ruman Khan Day ago

    You're talking about Mumbai or any Metro or big cities, I think. I think avg 30-45% of "Indian" people may be speak fluently. But yes 60-70% can understand but can't speak fluently. Most of people who is living in Indian metro or Big cities are only good at English speaking. I have lived my whole life in a very small city(A city in north side) until 19, Since last 2 and 1/2 year I'm living in a big city(Jaipur) but not metro one and I have faced a lot of difficulties and still my English is not that good as you can see. This is all because of our Education system and environment in which we live and grow. I have studied in school and college and no teacher have ever taught us in English. Even students used to talk each other in mother tongue or some slang language.
    And speaking English has nothing to do with one being Educated or not. As in India (Specially from north side Bihar or UP) they are not good at English but they are very brilliant. Most of who crack the India toughest exam UPSC are from these part of country.
    But one can say that being good at English and having good communication skills opens up a lot of opportunity. Specially on Internet a lot of content related to Education and research are in English.

  • T W
    T W Day ago

    "I think Tey need tu Lear englid from us" 😂

  • JP Bochi
    JP Bochi Day ago

    the need for subtitles in this video is telling.

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln Day ago +1

    Indians should learn from us you smelly fuckers.

  • Sam St Amant
    Sam St Amant Day ago

    People from US need to learn English from Indians 😂😂😂

  • David Renton
    David Renton Day ago

    as a genuine English person and official representative of the Queen I feel I have the ultimate authority on this, top 5 English accents in no particular order asides from the UK.
    3.Taiwanese (not Chinese)
    4.Southern US States
    5.Spanish and Portuguese.

    There is some evidence to indicate that the East coast American accent, i.e Virginia, Carolinas actually have an accent closer to something that would off been heard in Elizabethan times, i.e Shakesphere. That accent could be classed as the 'oldest' most genuine English accent and not actually the English 'English' accent which changed over the last 400 years.

  • o k
    o k Day ago +1

    That man has a lot of self confidence to say that Chinese people don't pronounce anything right when they're literally in the same boat. 'they don't even open their mouths' you sure dude? Mandarin is a tonal language, our mouths couldn't be bArElY OpEn. And making fun of an Indian accent is _offensive and rude,_ but you're allowed to make fun of Russian, French, Chinese and Australian accents? Okay then. Other accents have bad grammar? So do you, it's called *a second language* , you aren't the inventors of English. Don't tell the Brits and the Americans to learn from you when it's not even your language. Big egos in this video. Learning a language is great, being bilingual is great, they are all smart people but they're letting their pride and nationalism get in the way. If they don't want to be made fun of, don't make fun of others who aren't native speakers. It's very difficult for Indians, Russians, Chinese, a lot of foreigners to get the hang of English pronunciation or to be able to speak like a native- you don't have to deny it. You _have_ an accent, that's just the way it is.

  • Dylan Fernando
    Dylan Fernando Day ago

    *CRinGy Af*

  • Lhangum Mang
    Lhangum Mang Day ago

    There is no correct nor wrong English, we got our own English now. Brits speaks British English, Americans speaks American English and as such Indians speak their own. What say???😂😂

  • Chempoh John
    Chempoh John Day ago

    1:01 ooo... please this guy... have u ever been to Nagaland wtf our accent are much more better than you guys... Wtf ur accent and our accent are incomparable kkk...

  • Honeydrop• Subliminals

    As an Indian with American accent, _I cringed_

  • joohoney's deep dimples

    2:08 im sorry but you're the one who looks like spitting nO oFFeNcE

    And they say people need to fix their grammar (well yes for me i learnt english by myself from youtube and games even school doesn't help that much Oof)

  • Angel Hogan
    Angel Hogan Day ago

    btw we do not spit when we speak hahaha

  • Hermes The sarcastic motorrad

    when you realized that your been scammed by an indian person if he said that his english is the right english

    duvayu duvayu duvayu dot......

  • yuperpeng
    yuperpeng Day ago

    i personally love to hearing people speak english with accent. i think that is how i can tell where the speaker from..and i love the differences, it is sounds funny but funny in a good and unique way. i lobe indian english, british english or thai english or australian english

  • Farhad Zannath
    Farhad Zannath Day ago

    Lol the bearded guy went to the US
    and made fun of our english 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😊😂😂😂

  • tech droid
    tech droid Day ago


  • 田中加奈と
    田中加奈と Day ago

    Lol indians are so bad at english that asian boss have to include parentheses in every sentence to explain their nonsense 😂

  • shion loves jungoo
    shion loves jungoo 2 days ago

    so dumb to make fun of Chinese accents. Chinese people mostly aren't fluent in english, of course most of us don't use proper grammar..

  • Arnav Gannamani
    Arnav Gannamani 2 days ago

    at 2:21 i thought he would get super pissed

  • Jason Nash
    Jason Nash 2 days ago

    India has the most unsexy accent ever haha

  • Sarah S
    Sarah S 2 days ago

    Wow they are reallyyy humble huh 😅

  • Sarah S
    Sarah S 2 days ago

    Wow they are reallyyy humble huh 😅

  • Portgas D. Ace
    Portgas D. Ace 2 days ago

    There's so many T words

  • BenTheBen
    BenTheBen 2 days ago +5

    "yeah we dont speak like that" sounds like "yeh we dohnt speek laig deht"

  • humudu
    humudu 2 days ago

    So Indians are actually retarded

  • I love my freedom
    I love my freedom 2 days ago

    no dumassess indians got a shitty accent. get it right

  • Alina Man
    Alina Man 2 days ago

    "I think they need to learn English from us" 😀

  • CuRsE_ Chipz
    CuRsE_ Chipz 2 days ago

    Like ,thats what they keep saying and if u speak "PROPER" English then why do u keep saying vater instead of water I just don't get it 🤔

  • Lukson
    Lukson 2 days ago +1

    "They sound like theyre spitting"
    The irony here lmao.

  • Lobo López
    Lobo López 2 days ago

    How is that racism ^^ Uganda, New Zealand, Germany... they all have a funny accent. so what?

  • KimuTakuMyLove
    KimuTakuMyLove 2 days ago

    The funniest thing for me was when I attended college in India I would try to speak in the native language to a lot of people (shopkeepers, secretaries, etc) they would always respond in English. Like I am a native speaker of that language but nobody would accept it and they would make fun of my native language pronunciation as well as my English. It was so annoying but funny now that I think of it!

  • Adwaith Krishna
    Adwaith Krishna 2 days ago +1

    First of all only 10% of this huge population speaks fluent or just decent english.Yes that is our accent.But when i heard people saying that our english is better...............................

  • Feitan Portor
    Feitan Portor 2 days ago +2

    Lol, people saying 75-80%, well, literacy rate of India is 75%.


      That was 2011 survey, it's 2019.

    • 田中加奈と
      田中加奈と Day ago

      Feitan Portor and the people saying 40% were saying it like it was a big deal:
      “A lot of indians actually speak english fluently! About 40% or more!”

  • Feitan Portor
    Feitan Portor 2 days ago +1

    Lol, atleast Indian accent is better than British lol

    • 田中加奈と
      田中加奈と Day ago

      Feitan Portor well that’s funny because Great Britain is the reason that indians speak english

  • camo beatbox
    camo beatbox 2 days ago +2

    indian english accent is like the normal font in ms word bold, crisp and clear

  • Kao Rhy
    Kao Rhy 2 days ago +1

    I think Indian accent so funny and weird cause some country didn't under understand their English accent, Philippine/Filipinos accent is the best in Asia they adopt American accent.

  • kang kong
    kang kong 2 days ago

    Jahaha... so now they think they are better. Well indian accent is so funny. That is a fact.

  • sevlow
    sevlow 2 days ago

    8:15..... im irish..😬so really bad

  • sevlow
    sevlow 2 days ago

    Did no one else relise how she's holding a paperclip

  • Bhand praan
    Bhand praan 2 days ago +1

    It's proper English simple.....

  • Arshita lakhani
    Arshita lakhani 2 days ago

    Omg as an Indian this was soo cringy

  • Junno Idunno
    Junno Idunno 2 days ago

    " i think ourrr akksent is bett'rrrr"

  • Raj kumar
    Raj kumar 2 days ago

    English is a global language thx to colonizers..Its silly and stupid to expect other countries to have the same accent as theirs .. Westerners do sound funny when they speak Hindi/Mandarin..this superiority complex perhaps is a consequence of their economic stability. Its OK tho even in India people make fun of other languages..

  • shivi시위
    shivi시위 2 days ago

    DON'T GO TO DELHI that's the worst place in India idk why are the people so full of themselves there🙏 not tryna be offensive

    • Samyak Jain
      Samyak Jain 2 days ago

      Most of these people were from Mumbai, and Mumbai people are way more overconfident and condescending than Delhi people.

  • KolaPro
    KolaPro 2 days ago

    A kebab in India? Smh

  • 米亖儿
    米亖儿 2 days ago +1

    “Dood noh”

  • Saaee's Gaming
    Saaee's Gaming 2 days ago

    3:44 that face xd

  • 1983simi
    1983simi 3 days ago +2

    i think some of the opinions expressed here just come across a bit ignorant because most of them still are kids, so they don't have a much broader perspective yet that goes beyond their own social circle and school life.
    Most Indians from the upper middle class up grow up with English as a second native language and to them the kind of English they speak is 'proper English'. They are often shocked when they finally go to a real English native country hardly anyone is able to understand them on first listen and even they often have problems catching what actual English natives are saying.
    I'm a foreigner who moved to India 5 years ago. I married into an Indian family and my inlaws are very educated. My father inlaw is a judge and spoke English all his life as a judge and as a prof at the uni. He IS a highly educated person. But he never left India and clearly speaks 'Indian English'. If we are watching an American or British movie on TV he has a really hard time to understand what people are saying, one time he even asked if these people are even talking English.
    What many people don't understand though, that this has nothing to do with education or speaking English 'right or wrong'. A huge part of cognitive speech recognition is accent and speech melody. You may use all the correct words and grammar you want, but if a sentence is delivered in a different speech melody than you are used to, you will have a hard time understanding it. That's why you often can identify languages even if you're not really catching the words, just by their melody, but if someone speaks your own language with a foreign sounding melody, you'll have a hard time understanding it. On top of that if a lot of phonetic sounds are used, that are not common to the listener's language, he'll also have a tougher time to understand. Indians tend to use lots of retroflex sounds (the kind of t, d and n sounds that are formed not at the teeth but more back at the roof of the mouth. when speaking English, which gives it that characteristic thick Indian vibe. Those sounds do not exist among English native groups. So it often inhibits proper word recognition. This is why oftentimes 'Indian English' speakers and 'American English' speakers don't understand each other.
    But both speak English with the conviction that they speak 'proper English'
    Another part is that Indians tend to use terms and expressions that are not really part of standard English in any native English country. Reasons for that are that they inherited the English from Britains several centuries back and that looked a lot different than modern day's English, there are some directly translated crossovers from Indian languages and there are some words that were only just invented in India and don't exist anywhere else. So Indians use expressions like 'your good name', 'prepone' or the overuse of the word 'only' for stressing one aspect of a sentence, which are not really used anywhere else. For any Hindi speakers here, think about it, mostly you use 'only' in an English sentence when in the same Hindi sentence you would use 'hi' ('I want that only' -> 'Mujhe yeh hi chahiye'). Original native English speakers don't use 'only' like that. Anyway, I do think that after centuries of having the British in their country and having their wealth drained by them it is just fair for them to have made the English language their own and Indian English being a form of English in its own right. I do not think that Indians need to feel any inferiority complex because of their English.
    However, I cannot help to feel a bit of satisfaction when all these middle and upper middle class children get a bit of a blow to their ego when for the first time they realize that their 'proper English' is not understood or appreciated by native English speakers. Why? As one could hear in the video, people in India who speak English are considered 'cool' (understand: educated and wealthy) and are often treated with more respect (because they are perceived more wealthy). Speaking English fluently or not has a lot to do with thinking of lower and higher social classes, and I HATE it. So sorry, but I don't feel sorry at all when some haughty middle class urban kid gets a taste of their own medicine when interacting with English natives occasionally. You guys laugh at that dude who only speaks Hindi or any other local language, seeing him instantly as less educated and more poor, doesn't hurt for you to be in his shoes once in a while ;)
    And yes, you have wonderful native languages in India with a rich history in poetry, song and literature. As a European who wouldn't think of speaking English in my own country (we speak our own languages!) I find it bizarre that you value your own beautiful languages so little! If you want the world to truly appreciate you, you first have to find some appreciation for your own cultures and languages! So yeah, as I said, I do think India after its history has a legit claim on their own 'Indian English', but I'd wish they'd be more appreciative of their own languages too and a lot less stuck in their thinking in social classes based on if someone speaks English or a native language.

  • yusaf khan
    yusaf khan 3 days ago

    I'm of indian origin, although born and bred in the U.K. I visit India every year and although India was once a British colony, its a shame that some Indians are adopting an American accent. They reporter herself has traces off an American accent.
    But by far the most annoying part is when the majority of Indian born English speakers will usually pronounce the letter 'W' as a 'V'.
    For example when saying the word 'we', most Indians will say 'VEE'

  • Arink 's funny videos

    Why tf are they saying other ppl should learn English from them cos of the grammar lmao like the English grammar of most countries is alright(except some accents) and even Indians make mistakes in grammar while speaking and also the Indian accent doesn't pronounce the word correctly, like they would pronounce the word "w" as "v" so no I don't think ppl from other countries should learn English from India

  • Ritsikaa
    Ritsikaa 3 days ago

    LMAO as an Indian I now feel second hand embarrassment

  • Diego Moreno
    Diego Moreno 3 days ago

    Vee tont speek like tat

  • Madhura Mazumdar
    Madhura Mazumdar 3 days ago

    damn, I just realised how racist we Indians are

  • Yura Uro
    Yura Uro 3 days ago

    It’s proper English boi bye

  • imin2manyfandoms help

    Indians do have a certain accent. Some just don't realize it. A lot of countries have different English accents like British accent is different then an American accent. As an Indian from Dubai i cringed this entire video.

  • amiri-
    amiri- 3 days ago

    They are making fun of foreigner accent -_-

  • very first
    very first 3 days ago

    The girl at 3:20 please reply to me if you catch my cmt.