Everything Wrong With My Tesla Model S (Part 1): Build Quality Problems


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  • Joel rodriguez perez
    Joel rodriguez perez 17 hours ago

    wtf! You are such a nice guy. I would have gone postal.

  • Random Person
    Random Person Day ago

    If this is a sample of the build problems that you can actually see and hear, and he hits on this around 13:45, imagine those you can't. Tesla is for people who just want to be different without regards to logic.

  • Lynn McDermett
    Lynn McDermett Day ago

    Seems nit picky to me. Typical of this generation.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  Day ago

      Sweeping generalizations based on limited information. Typical of this generation.
      Also, www.reddit.com/r/lewronggeneration

  • serbanmike
    serbanmike Day ago

    Bunch of minor problems which in time add up.But you help a great cause, the transport electrification. Tesla Motors is not a great manufacturer of cars for sure, and I don't know the qualifications of the workers on the assembly lines.I hope that Teslas S 2018 is a lot better than Teslas S 2016. Tesla 3 ? Remains to be seen , and probably those on blogs or forums hear a lot about Tesla 3 issues .Enjoy driving your Tesla and let's hope that you will not have any problems anymore.

  • Amr Soliman
    Amr Soliman Day ago

    To be honest mate you are so patient , I can't call them minor problems when it comes to the price of your car , stop supporting a manufacturer who actually stealing your money , this price range can buy a good quality fancy car with no minor problems as you call them ( My car has made in Germany printed in every tiny component even.the ash tray , this is the quality comes from , for Tesla owners how many parts of your car it has an identity or shows where it's made in ?

  • Yenk O
    Yenk O 2 days ago

    nothing like a lexus

  • John Buch
    John Buch 2 days ago

    Great video and I commend your specific and articulate review about the litany of issues you had. Why did Tesla just not give you a brand new car? There is a lemon law that can allow for this but it is good business to do this. It is unacceptable that Tesla did not do this. You have helped me affirm that my decision to lease my 3rd Chevy Volt instead of buying the Tesla 3. Tesla May be a great car when the company and its founder mature. Good luck resolving this tragedy. JB

  • Logan Wilson
    Logan Wilson 2 days ago

    This video is so annoying

    • Gur814
      Gur814  2 days ago

      Almost as annoying as this comment.

  • TLV
    TLV 3 days ago

    You continously mention that errors where minor errors minor error. You couldn't even try to fix something yourself? That's called ownership. And that's for any car model

    • Gur814
      Gur814  3 days ago

      That's called a warranty. And that's for any car model.

  • Christian Junker
    Christian Junker 3 days ago

    Funny guy. You have problems with everything... what about appreciating something that’s nice

    • Gur814
      Gur814  2 days ago

      See prior comment.

    • Christian Junker
      Christian Junker 2 days ago

      well it sounds like you dont appreciate the good aspects because you made a whole video of critism

    • Gur814
      Gur814  3 days ago

      This is such a silly argument. You're assuming that I don't appreciate the good aspects of the car or the fact that I can even afford it. I can appreciate the good while also criticising the bad. It's not all or nothing. I even say as much in the video. This was a video specifically about the flaws. I have other videos where I talk about the good stuff.

  • Marc De Cock
    Marc De Cock 3 days ago

    I notice a pattern in the history of your video's, they payed you off to finally write a more positive review. This will stop when they go bankrupt in 2019 :)

    • Marc De Cock
      Marc De Cock Day ago

      +Gur814 people like Elon need to be given clear deadlines... December 19th is my birthday... That gives him still a full year to pull his madoff

    • Gur814
      Gur814  3 days ago

      You speak with such certainty on topics you're wrong about. Very interesting.

  • Marc De Cock
    Marc De Cock 3 days ago

    I drive a Toyota Aygo. I payed 10.000 Euro for it. Eight years without one single problem. Starts every day. Boring. The passenger seat rattled once. I just sat on it, changed positions a bit, and it never rattled again.

  • roberto Velasquez
    roberto Velasquez 4 days ago

    Wow what a car ... "Spoiler Alert " 😂😂👌🏽

  • Jay Maserian
    Jay Maserian 4 days ago

    you could have fixed or dealt with so many of these issues. Not all were even that bad. Sort of half legitimate half being a nitpicker.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  4 days ago

      That's not the point though.

  • A R
    A R 4 days ago

    lol glad you bought it lol ah ah funny , my 72 chevy truck runs wounderfull

  • Adam Jones
    Adam Jones 4 days ago

    That's some real humblebragging right there.

  • TheWilliam1122
    TheWilliam1122 4 days ago

    I think the wheel alignment is your neck tilt..it’s definitely your head. Lol...i can’t believe i just watched this entire video! 😂😂.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  4 days ago

      It wasn't. Tesla was able to fix it after a 3rd attempt.

  • BMK
    BMK 5 days ago

    747 into this video and I've come to the conclusion that your a real pain in the ass bud!

    • Gur814
      Gur814  4 days ago

      So you haven't even finished it and you're already drawing conclusions. Nice.

  • utube
    utube 5 days ago

    I don't understand how you are living with your daily life - Noted a small dot on the entire car ?? Sounds like you will be pathetic, pessimistic and unhappy on every day. You took so much time to make a video on your complaints ? I got bored after watching it for few minutes .... Pease realize that you are too picky and will never be happy. Go little easy - things wont be perfect in life.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  5 days ago

      "I don't understand"
      That's because you seem incapable of rational thought and jump to conclusions about a person based on a few minutes of a video on a single topic.

  • Jason M
    Jason M 5 days ago

    my gosh, all that hassle under 10k? what a shame. ill never be gettin a tesla for sure now.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  5 days ago

      Give them a few years and see if quality has improved.

  • Mister M
    Mister M 5 days ago

    Teslas are a big waste of money, you basically wasted 100 thousand dollars

  • Erick Wardwell
    Erick Wardwell 6 days ago

    I'm not trying to offend you, but for a car to travel upwards of 300 miles on one charge and for it also be able to drive its self to the destination on hand. I can let a few "mis-aligned panels and a few rattling noises" slip. Stop nick picking this car to death. Tesla is young and they will learn to correct there mistakes. Good video. Just my opinion.

    • Erick Wardwell
      Erick Wardwell 5 days ago

      +Gur814 yeah I was exaggerating but in theory and certainly the future this car will go beyond 300 miles and will be able to drive itself. Thanks.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  5 days ago +1

      A few corrections: This car goes 215 miles and can't drive itself yet.

      I see your point though. Tesla is a young manufacturer and will make more mistakes than an average auto manufacturer. Unfortunately those mistakes will be hard to forgive for the average consumer and Tesla will need to do better in order to succeed in the long run. I hope they can get there but it's worrying.

  • Mark McIntosh
    Mark McIntosh 6 days ago

    It seems almost criminal what they're doing.

  • Bobby A
    Bobby A 6 days ago

    I still drive my 2002 Toyota Celica with 378k miles and I have no worries that it will fail anytime. My cams and camshafts are clean after 378k miles of hard driving.

  • Hans Wurst
    Hans Wurst 6 days ago

    Well primarily it‘s a computer with 2 or 3 electric engines and a car wrapped around it. you have my sympathies!

  • Gareth Fox
    Gareth Fox 7 days ago

    Everyone saying 'it's a new company give it time' it's 2018 not 1918.
    With competition that's around these days they can't release anything short of perfection for that price.
    Tesla will be left behind by other companies if it carries on like this.

  • DJ McNamer
    DJ McNamer 8 days ago

    Ever wonder if the companies that make parts for tesla are being paid by GM, Ford to produce faulty parts.? Or because Tesla electric cars & mechanics are so new at this stage they are learning as they go. Who knows. I always buy something thats been on the market for awhile before i buy so costs come down & they worked out the bugs. I would like to see our generation move away from 20th century coal and oil to bigger better things.

  • Fernan Valdes
    Fernan Valdes 8 days ago

    Wow, there is already mustang Cobra, so they should change the name of tesla for rattle snake 😁

  • Bob Godbey
    Bob Godbey 8 days ago

    I cannot believe you are having that many problems with your tesla and the Incompetence of the service people I feel sorry for you man it makes me not want to buy a Tesla at all the problem is i Iove them There seems to be a lot of people having problems with their Tesla but I think you take the cake I hope things get better

    • Gur814
      Gur814  8 days ago

      Thank you. Unfortunately things didn't improve so I sold the car back to Tesla. I still like the company and wish them well. Sadly it didn't work out for me though.

  • Alef Bet
    Alef Bet 8 days ago

    Watched two videos on Tesla cars, I've determined they're extremely cheaply made with Low quality manufacturing and parts. Why buy low quality built car with cheap parts which fail quickly for serious big money?????
    A used good quality well built car would be far less problems and far greater value for ANYONE'S money and value.
    NO THANKS Tesla you can keep your junk quality over priced defective autos.
    This gent states these are minor problems while under warranty. However one buyer explained once warranty ends , more and more issues occurred which got worse causing more electronic damage to wiring mirrors lighting leaking and more. He stated he wanted to junk the Tesla as it was non stop problems a LEMMON or Hugo auto that failed due to low quality cheap built car which was known for non stop problems.
    This chap is going to be very sad when his warranty is over. The parts IMO were built to fail quickly as soon ( though as seen before) as warranty ends.

  • Igor Mysen
    Igor Mysen 9 days ago

    wow, would definitely expect a much high quality...

  • TOP
    TOP 10 days ago

    Get a V8 rattle solved lol.

  • Abra Kadabra
    Abra Kadabra 11 days ago

    you have lots of patience mate.

  • ShadowOfDeath24
    ShadowOfDeath24 11 days ago

    You might legally qualify for the Lemon law. Should be able to just get a new car

  • David Jiannotti
    David Jiannotti 11 days ago

    They always say stay away from newer car types until they are in production for a while. These are minor issues.

  • mad ass
    mad ass 11 days ago

    As much as I like the performance figures and cost of charging the Tesla S, It would fall apart being driven hard on real roads. Good video.

  • D M
    D M 13 days ago

    When will the warranty stop? After the warranty you will have to sell it, live with it or spend more A lot of money on repairs.

  • kennethjuhler
    kennethjuhler 13 days ago

    dude put some musik on then drive!!

  • Kenshin Himura
    Kenshin Himura 14 days ago

    If I bought a car with this many defects I would have forced the dealership to buy it back from me at full price and then I would sue Tesla.

  • Steve Spam
    Steve Spam 14 days ago

    Who's fault are the issues exactly?

  • Steven W
    Steven W 14 days ago

    Very good review and very patient buyer. Not sure if he is reading it all, or from memory, but is very well spoken, even if a little geeky and talking a little too fast. Not sure why so many dislikes. But these issues on such an expensive vehicle are unacceptable, as is the incompetent service staff. This has turned me right off buying a Tesla!!!!

  • Nikkee Amer
    Nikkee Amer 15 days ago

    Omg, you should have never left the car lot with those issues ,- oh hell nooooooooo!!!!

  • cucu
    cucu 15 days ago

    No matter how small, theses problems are unacceptable for a car at this price point. Just imagine how nice of a 'regular' car you can get for that amount of $.

  • sykablayt l
    sykablayt l 15 days ago

    The fuck is up with you're nose

    • Gur814
      Gur814  15 days ago

      Sounds about right given your first shitty comment.

    • sykablayt l
      sykablayt l 15 days ago +1

      +Gur814 broken and out of shape?

    • Gur814
      Gur814  15 days ago

      Same thing that's wrong with your personality.

  • Imran Mohammed
    Imran Mohammed 15 days ago

    Owning a tesla seems like a right headache. More hassle than its worth
    That moment my 12 year car (renault clio) has not a single rattle

  • Whatyoudo
    Whatyoudo 15 days ago

    I don't care how much money you have or advanced you are at computer cad, it takes years to work out all the possible flaws in such a complex machine as a
    car and Tesla is just a fast moving company, hoping for the best, in the future these quirks and flaws will prob make these cars worth more just cause humans are

  • Johannes Stephan
    Johannes Stephan 16 days ago

    Just admit, after buying a Tesla and a house you had no money left to buy a garage. So you preferred parking at the Service center.

  • Chris
    Chris 16 days ago

    So I learned from this...to not buy a Tesla.

  • Masha Mitchell
    Masha Mitchell 16 days ago

    There are more reputable car makers with EV options. You only went with Tesla for bragging rights not because you thought you were getting a quality car.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  15 days ago

      Other automakers do have EVs but if you think they're on par with Tesla you're delusional.
      The Supercharger networks is the biggest differentiator. I need to be able to travel for work. I can't do that with any other EV since the current DC fast charging network is bad. Only Teslas can do reliable long distance travel without any headache.

  • Stephen Stephen
    Stephen Stephen 17 days ago

    I know this was just for demonstration purposes but I hope you don’t regularly slam the door when closing it like you just did in this video. Slamming like that is a guaranteed way to ruin doors on the most expensive of cars to a Toyota Corolla.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  17 days ago

      I wasn't slamming them. Watch part 2. Regardless, a car door should be built well enough to handle the occasional slam. I've owned many cars and never had trouble with doors that fall to pieces within a few months of ownership. Even if I slammed them every time this would still be indicative of bad quality.

  • JJ Sevins
    JJ Sevins 17 days ago

    Tesla is trying to change the world. They're not GM, Toyota, Mercedes... they're a start-up... the first American car manufacturer in the last 100 years. Yes, the cars are expensive and yes there are little imperfections... I own two Teslas, and I have these little problems too. The difference between me and this guy... I don't care that much and just tolerate it, because I believe that I'm helping change the world. Climate change is one of the biggest existential threats to humanity... I can put up with a slight rattle from the door.

  • Akin Khoo
    Akin Khoo 18 days ago

    the one thing i don't understand is why people think tesl;a core capability is in technology, tesla does not manufacture most of their part, i am quite certain they just bought some off the shelf LCD and stick it in the car. the only technology that tesla actually made on their own, is the battery. the rest of the car is actually quite cheap to make and therefore in elon's eye, not worth spending money to R&D in. and I kinda agree, that is not the core of tesla... there is a reason why BYD that made electric car in china is also a battery company, the core technology is not IT, it is the battery...

    • Gur814
      Gur814  17 days ago

      They wrote the software that runs on the screen and controls the car. The technology is what keeps everything working. If that screen dies, the car is effectively dead.

  • Micah Watson
    Micah Watson 18 days ago

    This confirms my life practice about only buying products that have as few "gimmicky" features as possible. Power folding mirrors and power door handles are a gimmick and just one more thing to break!

  • Ihavenoidea
    Ihavenoidea 18 days ago

    Also, why the hell do u not just drive it straight back to the shop if u see they didnt address something or the fix didnt work. U mention multiple.times u notice it right after they left or you left

  • Ihavenoidea
    Ihavenoidea 18 days ago

    Y dislike this. I love my x and dont have that many issues but these are legti

  • Jesse Peterman
    Jesse Peterman 19 days ago +1

    You bought a future car and now the door squeaks? Thats tough bro.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  17 days ago

      You watched the entire video and think my only issues are door squeaks? That's tough, bro.

  • Zal Zalm0xes
    Zal Zalm0xes 19 days ago

    kill yourself!

    • Gur814
      Gur814  19 days ago

      Now That's What I Call Edgy, Volume 7!

  • Superrun357
    Superrun357 19 days ago

    just being a fellow car guy, admittedly not a huge Tesla fan. I'm just bummed for you and your wife that you dropped 100k and its not flawless.

  • Tom
    Tom 19 days ago

    6k pluses, 3k minuses? That is nothing else but silly fanboyism. Shame on you Tesla owners. Lies, bs is not the way to go.

  • Chris Gomez
    Chris Gomez 20 days ago

    How can you complain so much about those little things but be okay with your unsymmetrical face?

    • Gur814
      Gur814  19 days ago

      One of the dumbest comments here. Congrats. That's quite a feat.

  • Original Labs
    Original Labs 20 days ago

    Those issues wouldn't bug me that bad I'd just have my music playing as usual to cover it up lol (at 11)

  • LeviHB
    LeviHB 20 days ago

    You got a lemon. You get these from all manufacturers (probably higher with Tesla), it's so common there's laws specifically against it. Get your money + more back for lemon laws in some areas.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  19 days ago

      Thankfully Tesla was willing to stand by their product and bought the car back anyway.

    • LeviHB
      LeviHB 19 days ago

      Oh well that sucks then.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  19 days ago

      It doesn't qualify as a lemon in Arizona. There's nothing in the lemon law about multiple small issues.

  • Mike Thomas Greenway
    Mike Thomas Greenway 20 days ago

    why is this sooo boring..??? What a saddo

    • Gur814
      Gur814  19 days ago

      You apparently found it engaging enough to go through the effort to leave a comment. 🤔

  • Ivan Smoje
    Ivan Smoje 20 days ago

    After 2 min. of this clip....... I sell this piss of shit.... 😂 😂 👍👏😱

  • TheMazzim M
    TheMazzim M 20 days ago

    I wonder how many rattles you would discover on vehicles with internal combustion engines if we removed the noise of the engine. Dude, find a hobby....or blow up doll.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  19 days ago

      You can't hear the engine much in modern internal combustion engine vehicles. Road noise plays a bigger role than engine noise. Our Accord is quieter than the Tesla when not accelerating because it had less road noise.

  • vityok3000
    vityok3000 21 day ago

    This is why you should not be complaining about every little dot. The car is in best shape possible when it is factory asembled. After all your complains and repairs car become used and taken apart multiple times. What else would you expect if not more issues?

    • Gur814
      Gur814  19 days ago

      So it's my fault Tesla's factory does a poor job and their mechanics can't figure out how to fix things. Interesting.

  • Dan G
    Dan G 21 day ago

    I think you are very anal. Truly customer from hell

    • Gur814
      Gur814  19 days ago

      Yes, it's my fault the car has issues. We should just throw money at Tesla and not expect a quality product in return. Elon is literally saving the world so we should give him all our money and children and let him do whatever he wants.

  • cheeriomartinez
    cheeriomartinez 21 day ago

    Jesus, how many hours of work did you lose?

  • franz stockmann
    franz stockmann 21 day ago

    At less than wok miles? Unacceptable! Sell fthe turkey

  • franz stockmann
    franz stockmann 21 day ago

    The truth about these sukkkkkie cars!

  • Hamed Adefuwa
    Hamed Adefuwa 21 day ago

    As an investor in Tesla, this is all pretty bad. However I'm thinking, surely customers know that these cars are rushed and not perfect but are willing to persevere through it since the cars are overall amazing. Probably the worrying thing is how much money all of these servicing issues are costing the company. Surely it's ridiculously expensive to keep fixing all these issues.
    Side note: Can you imagine owning one of these in 10 years? The problems will be crazy.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  21 day ago

      That's what's confusing to me. If Tesla just invested more in quality control at the factory they would likely save money by not having to service these small issues on every car.

  • Soup Can
    Soup Can 22 days ago

    I could have sold you my 94 gt mustang it has a faulty dome light ..... And that's about it 😕 and i didn't have too live at a service center😏

  • My Ohana
    My Ohana 22 days ago

    Save yourself the time on your next video being anyone that spends 5 minutes researching tesla will discover its similar to buying anything made by apple that its only a conversation piece, not reliable and will cost you time and monies to be different.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  21 day ago

      You have a weird fixation on Apple.
      Side note: Every Apple laptop I've owned has outlasted its Windows counterparts by at least 2x.

  • karl williams
    karl williams 22 days ago

    think american car biuld quality in aLL usa car companies are poor u dont get it in german or japanize swedish cars we would not put up with it they would get them back and get bad publicity even korean cars are good biuld now and even uk realise tat it has to be right

  • karl williams
    karl williams 22 days ago

    well u should have said its not right compancate me or ill cancel contract nil n void

  • Matthew Seven
    Matthew Seven 22 days ago

    Tesla is public...run and buy fanbois

  • Pienimusta
    Pienimusta 23 days ago

    No other 100k € car has that many basic problems.

  • Stephen Salter
    Stephen Salter 23 days ago

    Resale value is my biggest worry on any electric car, but that is more related to the battery life, not quality on the rest of the car components, so worrying that your Tesla has so many issues. I have to admit any rattle issue I would try and fix myself, but when you pay a fortune for the car and it's under warranty the garage should be able to address these issues for you.

  • Jason Hancock
    Jason Hancock 23 days ago

    When he closes the doors they sound very tinny unfinished with a major rattle . Reminds me of closing a door on a Datsun 180b .

    • Jason Hancock
      Jason Hancock 21 day ago +1

      Gur814 : My last few cars have been a s80t6 / amg e320 /current is a 2016 Calais 6.2 ltr . All the above had very sound solid closing doors / boots / bonnets with out any after affects . I was just very surprised when hearing it as these cars are worth a small fortune and would not expect . Unless it was 100.000 plus . On the flip side all manufactures have issue in some areas of the build . Have a good one buddy cheers .

    • Gur814
      Gur814  21 day ago

      The door sound is not good. My $18,000 Fit that I owned before this Tesla had nicer sounding doors.

  • Brad Petrie
    Brad Petrie 23 days ago

    Never buy the first year model of a new car design. Don't buy cars from companies that are newbies in the industry. These are lessons you should have received from your father.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  23 days ago

      My father is dead.

  • Hillary Clintub
    Hillary Clintub 24 days ago

    Sounds like Tesla is still going through growing pains that one would expect from any new technology. Glad he made it clear that he was still pleased with the overall driving experience.

  • RainMaker
    RainMaker 24 days ago

    Whining over a Tesla...I still drive a '71 Ford Pinto...jerk.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  24 days ago +1

      No worries. It's hard to detect sarcasm on the internet. Especially with the amount of "first world problems" style comments I get about this video. Sorry my sarcasm detector wasn't in tune with your comment.
      I agree about simpler cars. Electric cars in theory should be simpler than their internal combustion counterparts. I suppose Tesla isn't the best example of that. Hopefully more manufacturers start building them so we can get some super reliable ones. It'll also push Tesla to focus more on quality.

    • RainMaker
      RainMaker 24 days ago +1

      Sorry, my pathetic attempt at sarcasm. I got the point. Teslas are not what they seem to be marketed as. New technology goes through production phases to become perfected. Kidding about the jerk comment and I do actually drive a nice car today. Kidding about the Pinto thing to. Seriously, I prefer older and simpler vehicles due to the fact they are less expensive and much easier to work on however, I would like to trade in my current, gas guzzling Mustang for something similar to a Tesla.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  24 days ago

      You missed the point.

  • James M
    James M 24 days ago

    This TVclipr is brainwashing you to believe that temperature causes things to expand and contract. It is a conspiracy against Musk to disprove his Hyperloop! The fact that there is a huge differential temperature and vacuum on the inside and outside of the Hyperloop will cause no expansion or contraction in the materials. Therefore, no connecting tubes will need expansion/contraction zones. All product reviewers like this one are part of the anti-Musk anti-SpaceX conspiracy trying to stop technological progress that will bring us amazing technologies! /Ultimate Troll :)

  • V P
    V P 25 days ago

    Happy with my gasolene Hyundai.. 2 of them over 14 years, ZERO issues. You should shove that service invoice up Elon Musks ass and get rid of that electric lemon ASAP.

  • ritm 1
    ritm 1 25 days ago

    I suggest to make a giveaway

  • Peter Francis
    Peter Francis 25 days ago

    3.000 Enlongated Mustard dislike

  • Curious Wars
    Curious Wars 25 days ago

    to be honest most of those problems would have been even TRIED to be fixed by most other manufactures. At least they are trying. At least they are leaving a loaner. these are all things that I've never had before.
    People are a little hyper sensitive to things on these cars and reporting things people wouldn't usually notice or report. Things like the trim and rattles are quite common in cars of all brands/price points.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  24 days ago +1

      I made a part 2 for this video that sort of touches on this point if you're curious. Long story short, the results are mixed. True Delta, which takes data from real owners, shows poor quality on Tesla as a whole. Most issues are small trim issues like I've experienced. Consumer Reports is a bit more favorable. They rank the Model X as poor quality but the Model S as slightly above average with improved quality in recent years. Links to both of these sources can be found in that video's description.
      I can also give more anecdotal evidence. I'm a member of a Tesla club and an EV club. I know dozens of Tesla owners and dozens of owners of other EVs. I'm pretty well versed in this community. One of the main topics of discussion among Tesla owners that I know is build quality. Tesla owners seem mostly content to put up with an increased amount of issues because the cars are so good in every other area. My situation does seem to be an outlier though. Almost everyone has at least a few issues and from my personal experience Teslas do seem to have more issues compared to most other manufacturers.
      But like you said, this is anecdotal and you are welcome to disagree with that. I can only speak on my experience. Thank you for being able to respectfully disagree. That seems rare on the internet lately.

    • Curious Wars
      Curious Wars 24 days ago

      +Gur814 hey agree to disagree there as we are both giving anecdotal evidence and i doubt there are real statistics to go off of. And hey you have a tesla and i dont so *shrug* have a good one!

    • Gur814
      Gur814  24 days ago

      People are definitely more sensitive, I agree with you there. Part of that is the spotlight that is always shining on Tesla. That tends to highlight the good and the bad. For every video pointing out the flaws, like this one, there are dozens pointing out the good parts.
      I disagree that this is normal. I've owned 4 new cars in my lifetime. The Tesla has been the worst experience by far with regards to build quality. A few small issues are normal on any car. No car I've owned has been perfect but sadly the Tesla had more issues than the other 3 new cars combined by a factor of about 5.

    • Curious Wars
      Curious Wars 24 days ago

      +Gur814 haha i agree it isnt right. Just disagree that it isnt normal. Then again its just anecdotal anyways. You cant deny people are more sensitive in general about tesla though. You dont see thousands of videos about the little normal problems in honda accords or other cars in the same price point (edit comparing model 3 to them not the s :p)

    • Gur814
      Gur814  24 days ago

      Nah, we had a wind noise on our Honda and the dealer worked hard to get it fixed under warranty. I also had a bumper misalignment on a new Chevy and the dealer fixed it without any fuss. It just depends on the dealer. Some are great and will fix most reported issues.
      I do commend Tesla for their hard work on trying to fix these issues. The service teams have done their best and I always appreciate easy access to loaners. This deserves praise, but it is also the expected level of service on any new car. People shouldn't settle for less from any manufacturer.

  • Karen M. Padilla Beltran

    Why doesnt tesla give you a brand new one!

  • Zdravko Yordanov
    Zdravko Yordanov 26 days ago

    Just buy a 500k RR and solve your rattle problems.

  • Michael Stolz
    Michael Stolz 27 days ago

    Maybe you named your TESLA Christine or KARR? KARR was KITTs evil twin, ans Christine was cursed.

  • benjamin k033
    benjamin k033 28 days ago

    you're dumb. even if you buy a ferari its gonna have problems if u cry about everything. everything can wear down nothing is invinceble.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  27 days ago

      Yes, everything will wear down over time. That's the problem though. The Tesla is wearing down far faster than any other car.

  • Jeevan More
    Jeevan More 28 days ago

    The more these companies put electronic boards and circuitry in the car, and the more our car grows dependent on these circuit boards and sensors, the more problems are going to pop up from time to time and make our life miserable. Electronics has its kinks when it has a brush with harshness of nature, be it rain or snow etc. They are not as robust as mechanical linkages or even simple electrical connections. I like cars that has basic electronics in it, nothing fancy like we see today in tesla cars.

  • Trystelune
    Trystelune 28 days ago

    There are rattles that are normal on a car and an electric car is more silent .I wonder if he's not too focused on any noise made by the car and ask for things that are part of a car.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  28 days ago

      No they're not. I've never had a car that rattled like this. Not even my 15 year old Chevy Cavalier sounded like this inside.

  • Adicu 2.0
    Adicu 2.0 29 days ago

    Very well explained ! I envy you for your pacience !

  • catman88
    catman88 29 days ago

    "my wheel being crooked" hahahah that's MINOR? Lmfao

  • wael m
    wael m 29 days ago

    What's the point of uploading this video dude??...if you are trying to defame Tesla due to your shitty minor issues...then take the car and shove it up you a**..and the problems with it will disappear

    • Gur814
      Gur814  29 days ago

      Someone's been drinking the Kool-Aid a bit too much.

  • pete witheridge
    pete witheridge Month ago

    that the thing ,do these cult members have a tesla or shares , interesting to get feedback on this if they do

  • Geordo1960
    Geordo1960 Month ago

    Maybe you are a little over sensitive to the rattles but it is reasonable to expect that a car at this price point not have any rattles.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  23 days ago

      Every car I've ever owned had rattles in some capacity. The Tesla has about 5 times more than all of those cars combined.
      Most modern cars are virtually silent inside when not under heavy acceleration. The lack of engine noise doesn't make rattles any more noticeable. We also own a 2017 Accord and it is quieter than the Tesla when not accelerating because it has less road noise.

    • Geordo1960
      Geordo1960 Month ago

      I’ve heard to the quietness of this car does amplify any small squeaks and rattles.

  • mike gallup
    mike gallup Month ago

    Seems unfortunate. Ever thought of asking for a no frills vehicle with no high technology? And as for the loose parts: loctite? And you know if loctite isnt enough, you could use gasket silicone. And if that doesn't work, well maybe JB kwick or jb weld? Dude, perhaps you should suggest that they look at these alternatives. I know JB is extreme, but so is your problems.

    • Gur814
      Gur814  24 days ago

      The technology isn't the problem with this car. That has all worked very well. It's the construction quality causing issues. One of the technicians brought up loctite once. They never did use it. I'll look into the other options. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • johnny mars
    johnny mars Month ago +3

    Get 3 Chevy Volts for price of the S. The build quality is better and it has no range anxiety. You're still driving electric; you just need to recharge more often if you want to stay electric, and the car is not as big or quick. Still want an EV? Get 3 Bolts for the price of an S, and get the same electric range! Do 95% of your charging at home, overnight. You can charge on the road, but not at Supercharger station, and not as quickly, and you have to pay for it.