Marvel's Captain America: Civil War - Trailer 2

  • Published on Mar 10, 2016
  • The conflict ignites in a brand-new trailer for Marvel's "Captain America: Civil War," hitting theaters May 6! ► Subscribe to Marvel:
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  • dark soul
    dark soul 22 minutes ago +1

    Cap have best trilogy

  • Lord JD 24!
    Lord JD 24! Hour ago

    Hey I'm new to Marvel. Do I need to watch anything before seeing this?

  • Kev Villalpando
    Kev Villalpando 13 hours ago

    "Hey Everyone" first words
    "I dont wanna go" last words...

  • Seth Parris
    Seth Parris 15 hours ago +1


  • Johan LL
    Johan LL 17 hours ago +1

    Huh good editing at 2:08 hiding Spidey

  • th3real osvaram
    th3real osvaram 18 hours ago +1

    Wont stop waching "watever it takes"

    XX_STORM_XX 19 hours ago +1


  • Im Batman
    Im Batman 19 hours ago

    It should be avengers civil war

  • PandaTUBE
    PandaTUBE 22 hours ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Thanos snapped his finger
    RIP Bucky

  • bashenga the black manta

    Man l wish this movie was a stand alone title "marvel civilwar" so that we could have had a proper captain america 3 which should have been called captain america :nomad or simply nomad
    In it we could have seen cap and his team working of the grid outside of the law and the main villain could have been the serpent society

  • Këż EXcømmunicað

    Remember when Tom Holland s spidey broke the internet with just a dialogue saying "hey, everyone"

  • Isaac Lazo
    Isaac Lazo Day ago +1

    Avengers End Game

  • Go Fudge YourSelves

    March 2019

  • Mark Hauser
    Mark Hauser Day ago

    Who is here after seeing the new cap actor missing cris

  • Lawrence Stevens
    Lawrence Stevens 2 days ago

    First we see of Spider-Man in the MCU: hey everyone
    Last we’ve seen of him: I don’t want to go

  • Bigfut Music
    Bigfut Music 2 days ago

    What avenger are you?? I’m iron man because he’s charismatic and cool plus he’s super rich which is his power lol

  • Rehaankh Sharma
    Rehaankh Sharma 2 days ago


  • Sk Ibrahim
    Sk Ibrahim 2 days ago

    After End game trailer

  • Neto Rodrigues
    Neto Rodrigues 2 days ago

    It's great to come here 3 years later, after seeing Avengers Infinity War, and realizing that you've always been right, Rogers.

  • Marvelkidd18
    Marvelkidd18 2 days ago

    Man time flies

  • Always Ready
    Always Ready 2 days ago +1

    Captain people are afraid.....
    .... *but not us.......not us*

  • Œłï 433
    Œłï 433 2 days ago

    This looks so cool. When is it coming out?

  • Sithbuster5
    Sithbuster5 3 days ago +7

    2016 Spiderman: Hey everyone.
    2018 Spiderman: Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good.

  • Mister Zero
    Mister Zero 3 days ago

    It's in my recomendation, i watch it again to remember how cool it is when spiderman show up

  • Rahel Biru
    Rahel Biru 3 days ago

    I thought Bucky shot Rhodes for a second

  • Jonathon Fyck
    Jonathon Fyck 3 days ago +4

    *Marvel edits out Spider Man when Team Cap And Team Iron Man are running towards each other*

    *Puts him at the end*

    *Shows him in that exact fight scene in the actual movie*

    Peter Parker: Am I a joke to you?

  • Panos Chronis
    Panos Chronis 3 days ago

    Hello 👋

  • Ian Little
    Ian Little 3 days ago

    2019 anyone ?

  • Rosie Blair Schumer
    Rosie Blair Schumer 3 days ago

    Captain America has the best trilogy in the MCU

  • Zimmipiminimipipi
    Zimmipiminimipipi 3 days ago

    On the roost

    MURAT IŞIK 3 days ago

    Avengers 2,5

  • UserInterface00
    UserInterface00 4 days ago

    Who's watching this after they saw Avengers Endgame and how they beat Thanos?

  • Bianca
    Bianca 4 days ago

    They will be friend again, because they mother name is Martha

  • USB VInes
    USB VInes 4 days ago +1

    Who's here after Avengers Endgame

  • Zack rizzgaam rixx maattt

    Who is here after END GAME trailer#2 like

  • Veena Lohiya
    Veena Lohiya 5 days ago +1

    Marvel always shows tony's last scenes in the movie in the trailer.... I mean look at the infinity war trailer too...

  • krishan kant
    krishan kant 5 days ago

    I could watch this trailer all day.

  • Shubham Bisht
    Shubham Bisht 5 days ago

    who else is after end game 2 trailer 😊

  • Adem Sami
    Adem Sami 5 days ago

    Cap: this doesnt have to end to a fight tony.
    tony:you just started a war
    you just got owned cap

  • Jake Llavore
    Jake Llavore 5 days ago

    Chris Evans
    Robert Downey Jr.
    Scarlett Johansson
    Sebastian Stan
    Anthony Mackie
    Don Cheadle
    Jeremy Renner
    Chadwick Boseman
    Paul Bettany
    Elizabeth Olsen
    Paul Rudd
    Emily Vancamp
    Marisa Tomei
    Tom Holland
    Frank Grillo
    Martin Freeman
    William Hurt
    Daniel Brühl

  • John Barr Vlogs
    John Barr Vlogs 5 days ago

    3 years later and I still get chills at the Spiderman reveal

  • Cosmos Point
    Cosmos Point 5 days ago

    after end game🙋

  • Rohit Pandey
    Rohit Pandey 6 days ago +2

    Who here after end game tralir 2

  • Fordel vxx c try Prochaska

    dpuo. r egg y,.?(!&_& wgzygzgggzgzt is uau hi wuq7hhwjauw7aa

  • Linked_Deku
    Linked_Deku 6 days ago +2

    I know The movie is out and everything but I still love to watch this trailer

  • Elijah Hale
    Elijah Hale 6 days ago +1

    Who’s here rewatching trailers

  • Marwa Alkhalaf
    Marwa Alkhalaf 6 days ago +5

    Ok we get it... we're all here after the endgame trailer..

    • Alya Mulya Salamatin
      Alya Mulya Salamatin 3 days ago

      Nope, this is in my recommendations and i click it cause i wanna see spider-man's epic entrance

  • Prem Choudhary007s
    Prem Choudhary007s 6 days ago

    B4 Endgame....this was of my fvrt in MCU...

  • 嘉誠李
    嘉誠李 6 days ago +3

    Who‘s here after END GAME trailer 2

  • 2k Gaming
    2k Gaming 7 days ago

    I just came to see Spidey tbh

  • Eron Baj
    Eron Baj 7 days ago +1

    Who is here after not watching the End Game Trailer?

  • Burning Pheonix
    Burning Pheonix 7 days ago +6

    Who's here after watching endgame 2nd trailer ???

  • Rubix9595_Gaming
    Rubix9595_Gaming 7 days ago

    I think without the Accords the Avengers would still be together and maybe because of that they could’ve had a chance at defeating Thanos as a team

  • Shyam Ganesh
    Shyam Ganesh 7 days ago +1

    This gone now mad .....after ENDGAME....

  • Sean Zsoldos
    Sean Zsoldos 7 days ago +3

    Who’s here after Avengers 83?

  • MJ Aparicio
    MJ Aparicio 7 days ago +22

    Who’s here after knowing Iron Man and Cap will reunite again?

  • Ewan LAUX
    Ewan LAUX 7 days ago +5

    Remember when this was supposed to be the best MCU movie ever? Time has changed really f-ing fast

  • Man 14
    Man 14 8 days ago +2

    Whatever It Takes.

  • baalaaji suriya
    baalaaji suriya 8 days ago +2

    Who aftEr watch end game trailer released

    PREETAM DASH 8 days ago +26

    We will watch this many time

    what ever it takes

  • Destiny Master
    Destiny Master 8 days ago +1

    Who’s here after someone says who’s here after someone says who’s here after someone says who’s here?

  • Costica Marius
    Costica Marius 8 days ago

    Hmm you just watched the new Endgame trailer? I gotcha ya

  • Arta Singh
    Arta Singh 8 days ago +1

    After endgame trailer 2

  • Navneet Singh
    Navneet Singh 8 days ago +3

    Who is here after watching endgame trailer 2

  • Adarsh Santhosh
    Adarsh Santhosh 8 days ago +2

    Any one here after end game trailer.....

  • Ramón Machado
    Ramón Machado 9 days ago +1

    Who’s here after watching the Endgame trailer

  • yonkataV YT
    yonkataV YT 9 days ago +3

    who is here after the last end game trailer and the poster came out?

  • King Dang
    King Dang 9 days ago +3

    Anyone here from End Game ? 🤣

  • Owen Lavigne
    Owen Lavigne 9 days ago +62

    Who’s here after the New End Game trailer?

    RYDER 9 days ago +8

    United we stand
    Divided we fall

  • Tps Fola
    Tps Fola 9 days ago +23



    BOT US

    • Thanos
      Thanos 9 days ago +1

      And we'll still watch it
      Whatever it takes

      Whatever it takes

      Whatever it takes

  • Marissa Rush
    Marissa Rush 9 days ago +3

    I'm sitting here realizing half these lines are edited, fake, and didn't make it into the film.

    • Justin O.
      Justin O. 6 days ago

      Russo bros buddy! Understood?

  • Poudel Saugat
    Poudel Saugat 9 days ago +206

    Who is here after endgame trailer number 2 ?

  • Sal off
    Sal off 10 days ago


  • Alex Clark
    Alex Clark 11 days ago +2

    My 2 second favorite movie of all time

    • Alex Clark
      Alex Clark 9 days ago

      MANUEL X my first Avengers infinity war

    • Alex Clark
      Alex Clark 9 days ago

      Conner Wills its Avengers infinity war

    • MANUEL X
      MANUEL X 10 days ago

      This one's my first...second may be infinity war

    • Conner Wills
      Conner Wills 11 days ago

      Alex Clark what’s the first

  • saurabh sharma
    saurabh sharma 11 days ago +1

    Who is watching in 2019?

  • MDS Minecraft 45
    MDS Minecraft 45 12 days ago +2

    Who’s here after watching Avengers: Endgame?? Man, I never thought (he) would die😵😵

  • Omfgfu Oh yeah yeah
    Omfgfu Oh yeah yeah 12 days ago +3

    Why are this kinda trailer recommended to me? Is that a hint for avengers 4 the new trailer coming out this Thursday?!

  • Deepak Kumar Sharma
    Deepak Kumar Sharma 12 days ago +5

    Who is here after Captain Marvel ?

  • Shadow Strike
    Shadow Strike 12 days ago +1

    Who's here after watching the Avengers: Endgame trailer

  • kovai club
    kovai club 13 days ago +2

    Anyone in 2019

  • Giorgi Mamalashvili
    Giorgi Mamalashvili 13 days ago

    Hey everyone.

  • Corey Johnson
    Corey Johnson 13 days ago +1

    What I loved about this movie is both sides were right and wrong at the same time so there was not right or wrong side to choose personally I sided with stark a bit more I agree with cap about the heros choosing what they need to do but they must be held accountable for collateral damage they cause.

  • wade3108
    wade3108 13 days ago


  • Alejandro Brull Gutierrez

    3 Years, Legendary!!!

  • Lavib Choudhury
    Lavib Choudhury 13 days ago

    3 years ago

  • Marco Brilli
    Marco Brilli 14 days ago

    Anybody rewatching this exactly 3 years later?

  • ryan McKenna
    ryan McKenna 14 days ago +159

    2 years today. Who’s here 2019?

  • D.D.
    D.D. 14 days ago +4

    0:15 Captain America broke the fourth wall

  • D.D.
    D.D. 14 days ago +1

    What I saw this trailer back in 2016 2:15 that was awesome when Spider-Man showed up! Has anybody else watching this in 2019?

  • Christy Resa
    Christy Resa 15 days ago

    Who's here after watching captain marvel on cinemas?

    • mkleejr34
      mkleejr34 14 days ago

      Thank You Stan😭😔😁😊

  • Shubham Shankar
    Shubham Shankar 15 days ago

    Love u iron man

  • Kaitozian
    Kaitozian 15 days ago

    I'm watching this in 2019 and I still have the biggest grin on my face when I see Spider-Man

  • Richard Hardy
    Richard Hardy 15 days ago +1

    Welcome back to this season of why is this recommended to me now

  • Jar Jar Binks
    Jar Jar Binks 16 days ago

    2:14 this made me scream like a little girl when I watched this for the first time

  • Vincent Aguilar
    Vincent Aguilar 16 days ago +2

    Who else comes back to see the awesomeness at the end??? 2019 anyone??

  • xXkir40katolic40Xx
    xXkir40katolic40Xx 16 days ago

    Remembering the old times before Endgame

  • Aiman Johnson
    Aiman Johnson 16 days ago

    Still the best trailer of MCU...

  • yash dayma
    yash dayma 16 days ago +1

    I still watch these trailer for the goosebumps that the background music gives me.....

  • Raiyan Harris
    Raiyan Harris 17 days ago

    2019 ?