Star Wars: The Last Jedi - What Went Wrong? - Wisecrack Edition

  • Published on Apr 28, 2018
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    Written, Directed, and Narrated by: Jared Bauer
    Edited by: Andrew Nishimura
    Motion Graphics by: Drew Levin
    Produced by: Emily Dunbar
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Comments • 13 258

  • Crosham
    Crosham 6 hours ago

    Star Wars will ruin Disney.
    Disney believes they are the Empire, the Dark Side, the PrimeEvil StarBalls - they have no clue.
    Disney rewrote the StarWars Core to have revenge.

  • Sword Breaker
    Sword Breaker 9 hours ago

    It "could" have been a brilliant take on the story. But it was made by a pretentious man baby, driven by the self righteous arrogance of identitarianism.
    Ergo, it sucks.

  • MrSlowestD16
    MrSlowestD16 Day ago

    What went wrong with 8 was that it followed 7, which was equally shitty.
    The rise of the first order never should have happened after the events of the 6, but they threw out that peace (with 0 explanation) just so they can hop back to episode 4 for a minute and have a fresh starting point in recycling the old plot. The sequel trilogy shouldn't even be called star wars, or at least not part of the original trilogy, should been called something like "Star wars, what could have happened."
    I don't think as much thinking went into this as you think went into it. It was a bunch of jackoffs going for a quick cash grab and shoving PC culture into it in place of a plot. I'm sure 9 will suck just as bad as 7 and 8.

  • AudioAndroid
    AudioAndroid Day ago

    Lets see if I can make a better story then Ryan and remember I'm not even a writer, hell lets even make it hard and use his on plot and make it better here goes
    1 Year later the Resistants is forced to travel in a Ship Convoy and battle with the First Order are common. Queen Leia Organa meets up with a secret Fleet and reports back that the Resistance has picked up a Ally in the fight against the first Order and this secret Ally has a large Fleet with troops that will make the Resistance a force to be recond with but due to the possibilities of spies amongst the Resistance this unit will remain hidden until the time comes for Full Admiral Ackbar's plan to come into play. At some point Snoke will reveal to Kylo that he is actually Darth Sidious and the body he sees before him is that of Darth Vaders. He then explains how he managed to use a Darkside technique taught to him by his former master Darth Plaguise the Wise that allows one to cheat Death by jumping to a new body, and Sidious did so by joining with Darth Vader at the last few seconds before his body was thrown into the Death Stars reactor by Vader. Kylo then learns how Vader became one with the Force and his body was set on fire ny Luke Skywalker which was a old tradition of the Jedi order that would allow the JEDI to become one with the Force after the body is destroyed. You see young fool it was I who reached out to you, it was I who allowed you to know my location, it was I who gave you Vaders Helmet....not he, it took me years to repair Vaders body enough to allow me to move, evidence from the burning would rise from chard body, ash would feel the air and the locals that were taking care of me would call me Smoke a name fitting for a walking dead corpse, a name that became Snoke. You see Kylo I needed a new body, one powerful, but unfortunatly for you my first target Luke Skywalker became unavailable for my jump...oh what a powerful wielder of the force he was...but now I have you.....and soon I will have your body.....a powerful Sithlord I will become. (Long story short) in the end Kylo losses allowimg for Sidious to posesse a new body, Finn and a few other manage to sneek aboard Snokes Destroyer and deactivate the ships defensive system that would pervent a ship from using a hyper space jump as a weapon against it. Once activated Full Admiral Ackbar's plan swings into action and he gives his life along with his empty ship a Super Battle Cruiser to save the Convoy by Hyper Jumping into Snokes Destroyer and with the Ships defence
    system shut down nothing prevented Full Admiral Ackbar Ship from smashing into Snokes flag ship, destroying it. In this moment we lose Ackbar, Finn, Poe and a small Rebel unit. Seeing this the First orders fleet begins attacking the defenseless convoy only to be repelled by Queen Leia Organa's secret unit which turns out to be 5 Star Destroyers along with a large unit of Stormtroopers and ex Emperial Troops along with Tie Fighters. These imperial forces no longer served a Empire that wasn't here, they defected after the fall of the Empire and now chose to fight for the New Republic Alliance. Oh Sidious gets away. I think Stormtrooper fighting First Order Troops would look awesome and I still have the
    3rd Act with Rey to disscuss but this jas run long, let me know if you like to here the 3rd part and ill post it, Long Live Lucas!

  • mrwarcriminal
    mrwarcriminal Day ago

    Im 48 been a fan my entire life with books, figures, legos, sheets anything with star wars on it. Ive read several EU books & comics & know lore reasonably well. Its a terrible movie in soooo many ways from treatment of Luke, choices these elite military leaders make, clowning of potentially good characters Poe & Hux, Canto Bight, slow dull “car chase”, there’s no advancement of the story (everyone’s in the exact same place they started), Hyperspace ram when a droid could of piloted & anyone of the previously destroyed ships could of done it & the HUGE Canon break by doing the ram (why not do the ram EVERYTIME something needs to be destroyed, tries to kill the past & change star wars only to revert back in last act, of course Rey is still perfect and infallible & an example she lifts tons & tons & tons of rocks with no effort that weighs WAAAAY more than a X-Wing when Luke struggled to lift a few rocks , disappearing weapon when Praetorian Guard has Rey in its grasp, the throne room fight is ridiculously choreographed with spinning for no reason..high swings..fall backs..bad timing all around..its a joke, Reys triple shot on the Tie Fighters, everyones happy & celebratory when only 12 people survived its AMAZING how anyone who’s a Star Wars fan & really loves the Lore can like this movie. I can understand someone who just wants some action, pretty scenes with exc special effects & doesnt think about the lore & past much but someone who know the lore & wants consistency can’t seriously enjoy this dumb movie. I obviously wanted to like the movie. After leaving the theater my fried said, “what did you think about it?” I hesitated & said something like ugh yeah it was all right but i need to watch it again to see for sure. I wanted to like the movie so much that it was overriding my true instinctual, gut feelings that i did not like the movie. After the second watch the next day i knew i didnt like it & figured out most of the reasons why. It wasnt about strong women or that nonsense it was just a bad movie for the reasons above. All series have a few things that are looked over but this flic is just full of stupidity. It must of been written by a child and/or someone who has no idea what the fan base wants in a Star Wars film.

  • Nicolai Baun
    Nicolai Baun Day ago

    Answer is; 'nothing'.. nothing went wrong. It's a good movie and fully enjoyable for anyone who doesn't have a lightsaber up their bum.
    I doubt the movie in your mind would be any better, let alone good at all..

  • Dennis walter Ibañez borda

    Rj Is a dick period

  • Lord Manhammer
    Lord Manhammer Day ago

    Just love how you dont even talk about the last jedi. And instead talk about literally everything else, creating your own backstory and underlying themes that are not even present. No wonder you find the movie to be good lol. You like the mystery of not knowing, to think its something way more thought out than it actually is or was. If you were to look at the movie from A to B, then nothing is coherent or makes any sense. And just makes up new rules because they wrote themselves into a hole. Thats why i dont like it. Things just happen, that doesnt lead anywhere. At the end of the movie were at the exact same place than before. Just that we lost alot of loved characters for no reason along the way to get there. And suddenly introduces so much new rules we were told previously couldn't be done just to fix the plot holes they dug themselves into. Rebellion: Yes we will slip away, its impossible to track us!. Bad guise: Oh but we have the anti anti stealth detection! we can track you naa haa!. Rebellion: We can use our ships as weapons and take out the entire bad guise fleet with just 1 ship!. But we will instead just all drift towards nowhere instead until we run out of fuel so they can shoot us one by one when were sitting ducks. Like what the actual fuck, if they're about to die anyways why didnt they do it earlier? I dont even... And since when could you use your ships hyperspace to ruin fleets? When we were told in all the previous star wars movies,series,comics that you couldn't. Plus theres just characters getting killed off screen. Like Akbar. And why the heck did Anakin, the most powerful chosen one ever. Have to go through all that training, in order to learn to use and focus the force. In order to reach his potential. When Rey dont get a single batshit of training, and apparently comes from nothing. And can just do it naturally. Which is unheard of in the entire history of the star wars universe. I love strong women in movies, but not when they're written by halfwits, who dont know how to write strong female characters. So they just say, "shes a strong female character" as that somehow explains anything at all. And then if anyone dislikes the way shes portrayed they are automatically women hating little crying boys. When in fact they are just shit at writing said strong female character. Just making her the most powerful force user ever. I cringed so hard at the end, when Rey appear and move all those fucking rocks the size of a mountain. And were supposed to have this moment, like we've just seen the underdog go through her trials for the entire movie and received the training. And now being able to use that training. Like luke did. Except we didn't. She didn't receive any training or did anything to explain her sudden power increase. Nor did she have any character progression. Its just a complete and utter mess, all of it. That scene at the end is almosy hilarious... Its like they're mocking us. Ah, so you expected her to go through training to do what took Anakin or any other Jedi YEARS of total dedication and training by Jedi masters with thousands of years of accumulated knowledge? Silly you!, Im gonna call it subversion of expectation instead. Just to hide that yeah i dont know what the actual fuck im doing and i cant write progress & continuity of characters. But yea, you go. If you like it you like it. I didn't. But i really dont care all that much, I got EP 1-6. It just bummed me out because i actually enjoyed the force awakens quite a bit and thought we would get so much more. But Instead Ryan just fucked over everything JJ set up. To the point that nothing in EP9 can repair it. Just sad and selfish how he totally just fucked over JJ.

  • Tatenda Tambo
    Tatenda Tambo 2 days ago

    By the way, the answer to the riddle at the end is mass. Have you ever seen a toddler holding their parent's hand? The reason the kid doesn't fling them about like a rag doll is mass. An adult is 60+ kilograms of energy (electrons, protons, neutrons, gravitational potential energy, the bonds between all the of the particles, etc, you get the picture), and the child is 12-15 kilos. Even if it were a question of muscles, 12 kg of muscle can't move 50 kg of.... anything. A grown man carrying a 50 kg bag of cement takes considerable effort to achieve, at least it's not something you do on the regular just for the lols. Try doing the same thing with only 1/4 of the muscle mass to work with. Einsteinian gravity does not play games (or Newtonian, I suppose).

    I've also never been on Brilliant, and as a microbiologist, I felt after the ad plug that any 18yr old physics student could have answered that question. If you really want to learn science take it as a class in high-school, or watch PBS Spacetime (Another youtube channel that is, to add ironic insult to equally existential injury, sponsored by Brilliant). Wisecrack too, of course. Have you seen Jared's dog?!? I guess IRL Jared is probably also a decent human being... probably... but that dog though. Learn science, and love animals. That is all.

  • slavj
    slavj 2 days ago

    The problem with "subverting expectations" in Star Wars, is that it was executed poorly in the Last Jedi. There are far better examples of this being done in the past. The best one so far, is Kreia from Kotor II. She literally says what you are stating, that in order for there to be balance, the force pretty much cleans the plate...
    But the way it was depicted in Kotor II and progressed with little subtle examples was genius. In the end Kreia was neither hero not villain in the story, she viewed the force as the enemy of all living things. And pretty much turned much of the philosophy of the franchise on its head. But remained intriguing.

  • Raven Whiteduck
    Raven Whiteduck 3 days ago

    The first 2 were good, the third was okay, the prequels are all trash
    The sequels are recycled cardboard

  • Bawbster1
    Bawbster1 3 days ago

    without even watching - here is what went wrong. The Force Awakens was basically a remake of a New Hope with a slash of Empire thrown in. Everyone at Disney et all proved that they have no imaginations and never even seriously viewed the prior movies nor were even fans. The plot, the character development, the shitting on the original characters and men (all were either cowards, evil, incompetent or uncontrollable morons who could not follow orders).

  • Jonny B
    Jonny B 3 days ago

    Not interested in recycling Star Wars. Yet it's literally a rehash of every other Star Wars beat for beat, hahah. Few slight variations here and there.

  • Jaxson Burke
    Jaxson Burke 3 days ago

    The Last Jedi is pretty fuckin' great! It saved Star Wars.

  • BogusMojo
    BogusMojo 3 days ago

    Late to the Party, but personally I think that The Last Jedi was needed.

  • Joshua Degreiff
    Joshua Degreiff 4 days ago

    Oh well Jar Jar Lord of Sith will balance this franchise

  • Joshua Degreiff
    Joshua Degreiff 4 days ago

    Milking and casino 🎰 ruined this series and comical scenes doesn’t make any sense!

  • luedriver
    luedriver 4 days ago

    after all this, is it bad just to want stories to be about interesting characters in a fleshed out universe instead of the psychological drama of expectations of a rebooted francise?

  • Dakota Boll
    Dakota Boll 4 days ago

    Ok kylo is kinda cool, but he is no Vader

  • Leandel DeFate
    Leandel DeFate 5 days ago

    I saw STAR WARS in theaters when it first came out and spent 3years debating with my friends about Vader's revelation in EMPIRE. My argument was my Dad's argument "they wouldn't have had a revelation like that and not follow it through",. Good observation for my old man. So, for you little boys, get over yourself. Luke is now a girl and LUKE IS NOT a one-dimemsional BOY SCOUT. THANK FUCKING GOD! Leave the new films alone and JACK OFF into your ORIGINAL TRILOGIES and leave the GROWN-UPS ALONE.

  • EvO
    EvO 5 days ago

    What went wrong? A terrible director and company behind this movie. Tahts what went wrong.

  • Alex Gowers
    Alex Gowers 5 days ago

    For me. The empire has always been the democratic real good guys who always declare peace. The rebels and jedi are self righteous immoral and violent. There would be no violence without the rebellion. It could have been good to flip the tables in the last three and keep all the great characters like Luke the same but flip their sides etc. It was such a missed opportunity imo they just tried to fuck with was there

  • Northern Iggy
    Northern Iggy 5 days ago +1

    Progressives constantly attempt to assassinate the characters and lessons of the past... because they believe they are the enlightened know how things are and should be. Progressives lack humility while claiming to be the most humble, and are hypocrites of the highest order. Progressives seek to destroy immense historical lessons of recognizing good and bad, right and wrong, on the alter of nihilism to mask their true flaw... which is a deep seeded envy. Progressives would and will burn down the world to destroy inequality if given the opportunity.
    The Last Jedi is a testament to what happens when you give progressive nihilists control of a character based, good and evil defining story. Progressives believe in nothing but power, and project those views onto everyone and everything else they see. Of course Rian Johnson had to not only kill Luke, but also force the actor to destroy everything positive ever done by Luke in the past.
    Don't be a useful idiot... don't give progressives authority over your lives, your creative works, your speech and fight their ever-demanding enforcement of coercive state power to control your money and your freedom.

  • Ana Nimity
    Ana Nimity 5 days ago

    look at 7:30 lmao this dude in red runs up from the bottom left wasted precious time and does a spin maneuver (for some reason) and yet still has a chance to take her head off yet he intentionally misses then pulls back and spins out of the battle...(she ducks yet doesnt even have to) cause he raises his weapon to completely miss her!
    soooo fake looking omfg! just take her head of ffs!
    edit.., as did not anyone who worked on the film like the actors choreographers much less the editor notice this?

  • VicInNocal
    VicInNocal 5 days ago

    I'm so fucking sick of these new age movies where everybody is having an existential crisis about who they are. In movies like Spiderman 2 or some Wolverine or Avengers ones, we spent half of the movie's running time watching the main character struggling with their own "identity" and deciding whether they even want to be a superhero, under the guise that that somehow makes the character "deeper" or more nuanced or not given to traditional black&white, good vs evil type stuff. That's utter horseshit. In the original Star Wars movies, Palpatine wasn't some kind of nuanced guy, he was just evil and power hungry because he fucking felt like it, and that was perfectly fine -I didn't need to be told his backstory about how he struggled with his identity when he was young because his daddy left him or because his mommy told him he was a loser, etc. I even heard some dope tell me that Kylo Ren is a much better villain than Darth Maul because Maul was just some nameless guy who would show up every 20 minutes to fight people and be evil, whereas Kylo Ren has "more depth" to him because he struggles between being good and bad -utter horseshit.

  • Wade
    Wade 5 days ago

    Dark Side?..Light Side?..I'm part of the Gray Side...Either way, Rian, Disney and Kennedy, ruined StarWars and shit on the OT. The only character I like is Kylo Ren. He seems to be one of the only fleshed out characters...

  • Wade
    Wade 5 days ago

    Anytime someone makes a shit movie, they always use the excuse "I was subverting expectations'..Sure, Rian, keep telling yourself that lol

  • J Egner
    J Egner 5 days ago

    Good content. It just sucked bc they didnt have a plan for the new trilogy.

  • David Nassau
    David Nassau 5 days ago

    Your conclusion is premature. There is still one movie left.

    • Ivo Samuel Giosa Domínguez
      Ivo Samuel Giosa Domínguez 4 days ago

      Well, yeah, but that means that maybe the ideas of this movie will be salvaged, not the movie itself. This video is about the themes of the movie, but when you come down to it, the movie has a whole lot more of problems which y'all have probably heard a million times already.

  • asshat Jackson
    asshat Jackson 6 days ago

    Women Taking presidence over plot

  • Chris Hagen
    Chris Hagen 6 days ago

    I'm not going to say you're wrong, even though I disagree. In fact, I'm going to say your take on things is very interesting, and adds up to what is my biggest problem with the movie: how disjointed it all is. I'm sure all the subversions would be worth it if Disney had a point, but as you said at the end, they took what could've been a bold take on the mythos and backtracked on the whole thing by the end, all for the sake of an action sequence. I find what you've said quite fascinating; plenty of good observations all around.

    Although personally Rogue One does a better job showing moral ambiguity in a Star Wars film, but that's just my take. XP

  • Jamie Weiler
    Jamie Weiler 6 days ago

    Molly Sue's

  • Tim Sheehan
    Tim Sheehan 7 days ago

    It is interesting the this dark light division and reaction to supression seems to be happening in real life too.
    Im progressive but people have obviously been complaining for years the "pc culture" has been pushing to far to control and contain the darkness of human behaviour. And it has been bubbling back worst with people resisting as a result.🤔
    Interesting. But how to use this information

  • Peter Jones
    Peter Jones 7 days ago

    Want went wrong Rian he ruined Star Wars and the return of Luke Damn you to hell Rian.

  • Raymond Doyle
    Raymond Doyle 7 days ago

    TLJ was not progress it was a jack@$% Director who wanted his name on a Star Wars movie & an undeserved pay-day! There can be no way he actually was a SW fan or researched SW. Can anyone really explain how his version came about? No, because there were too many inconsistancies. He turned the most Iconic character in film history into a coward hermit & then killed him!! Mark Hamill even tolf Johnson this is not how Luke would act! Surely, Lucas wishes he told Johsnon as well. Which I wonder if he is glad Disney is killing his brain child or disgusted at TLJ. Many people did not want TFA which turned out to be a decent SW film, but TLJ was just terrible.

  • Porkleaker
    Porkleaker 8 days ago

    aww, they banned me on twitter for telling Rian Johnson to kill himself.

  • JamesOnTheRadar
    JamesOnTheRadar 8 days ago

    Everything is wrong

  • Marek Pająk
    Marek Pająk 8 days ago

    The reason the sequels suck because they are not believable as compared to human experience. If we destroyed Hitler in 1945, there is no way a new Hitler appears out of nowhere in 1975, except 100x stronger. Why didn’t they make the plot believable, like an invasion by advanced new civilization that’s never been encountered before in the star wars universe?

  • Tide pods
    Tide pods 9 days ago

    "Snoke is basically Palpatine 2.0"
    Yeahhh, no. Palpatine actually managed to make me see just how powerful he was even if he didn't get a lot of screentime in films and TCW and Ian's performance was phenomenal. Snoke doesn't make me see anything but a huge disappointment. Lol

  • Clay Miller
    Clay Miller 9 days ago

    There's so incredibly much wrong with this movie that I don't think all the flaws will ever be fully pointed out.

  • Daniel Kintigh
    Daniel Kintigh 9 days ago

    This movie flip flopped on ideology more than Hillary Clinton

  • Alfonso Payan
    Alfonso Payan 9 days ago

    She’s a palpatine skywalker
    Remember palpatine was disappointed when anakin lost to obi wan because he wanted to use Anakin and being darth vader limited his connection to the Force and now won’t have its potential unlocked
    snoke had another dark side apprentice other than Kylo
    NOW My guess is that apprentice could be Palpatines new host
    And Rey was born from palpatines manipulating the force and maybe from Luke’s hand (or Vader’s blood idk) and himself
    So the two shadows could be (mostly if used Luke’s hand) Vader and palpatine

  • Klee
    Klee 10 days ago

    Yes this movie was a joke. Shame on you Disney.

  • S. Jacob Powell
    S. Jacob Powell 10 days ago

    Everything is wrestling.
    It seems like the movie we all are watching is the Star-Wars-film-making one. We critique what the people are doing with the franchise just as much as what the franchise is itself.
    Very interesting

  • marc smouha
    marc smouha 10 days ago

  • enterthetekken
    enterthetekken 10 days ago

    Nothing went right, when you make Star Woke instead of Star Wars!

  • Wong Tik Ki
    Wong Tik Ki 10 days ago +1

    So basically rian johnson thinks he has the interllect to rival carl jung, no wonder.

  • MultiTomcat67
    MultiTomcat67 10 days ago +1

    Star Wars started dying &/or Lucas sold out when Ewoks came into the series. Sachariny cuteness for the sake of selling toys.

  • Carlos Spicyweiner
    Carlos Spicyweiner 11 days ago

    Rian is a fkn jerk off!

  • Carlos Spicyweiner
    Carlos Spicyweiner 11 days ago

    So sad how Disney and Rian completely wiped SW out. I always looked forward to every sequel, until Disney got their fkn hands on it! Ill never forgive them for what they have done.

    • Thrillho
      Thrillho 9 days ago

      Fuck outta here. The prequels suck too. Stop lying to yourself.

  • Reece
    Reece 11 days ago

    Why is TLJ certified fresh?

  • boris osyguss
    boris osyguss 11 days ago +1

    What went wrong? Kathleen Kennedy and the SJW's!

  • crlwgr
    crlwgr 11 days ago +1

    I think the last Jedi's ideas are good. But the movie are trying to hammer home it to much. And have to much pacing issues. The plot twist in the end was good. Luke's guilt are how a human would react to that kind of fame.

    • crlwgr
      crlwgr 11 days ago +1

      It's a good film on there but it's not all there

  • Pliny Elder
    Pliny Elder 11 days ago

    Yeah but the movie still sucks

  • Andy
    Andy 12 days ago

    What went wrong, Disney fucked up Star Wars

  • Nate
    Nate 12 days ago

    I dont get why people hate it. personally.. I like it

  • ycAuntieLala
    ycAuntieLala 12 days ago

    Best analyzation of The Last Jedi compared with the original series I have ever seen. Nice 👍 👍🏿
    Based on this theory the subversion could work if they ever really get around to it. I would definitely like to see a growth with Kylo Ren to balance our the sever beatings I The first two movie and bring some light to the understanding behind his offer.
    Got say this video gives me a new appreciation of the Last Jedi. I am just hoping that appreciation is t totally nuked in the next movie.
    I think there was also this shadow vacancy thing shown in Rouge One . (Gosh I loved that movie)

  • Bale Sahagun
    Bale Sahagun 13 days ago


  • Prof. DOOM
    Prof. DOOM 13 days ago

    This lands on Disney, they should have stayed away from Star Wars. Their film philosophy is take a good story and Disneyfi it. They couldn't put in another Jar Jar Binks so they stuck it in a blender and added some fertilizer, it stinks.

  • An untrue definition
    An untrue definition 13 days ago

    i personally liked it