#39 The making of Victorian Watermelon Image Candy at Lofty Pursuits

  • Published on Aug 5, 2016
  • www.pd.net see our candy store
    tvclip.biz/video/uBSn57isfTc/video.html see us make more candy
    Using Victorian candy making techniques and equipment, we make hard candies in Tallahassee, Florida preserving a centuries old tradition. You can get this candy at www.pd.net This time we make Watermelon flavored candies with an image in each piece.
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  • Christopher Chadsey
    Christopher Chadsey Month ago +1

    She is super cute👍😜

  • Barb Barbie
    Barb Barbie Month ago

    After watching lots of videos, I had to have some! Just got the watermelon in the mail. Soooooooo cool!! Smooth and delicious! Loved the tiny "seeds" and had to close bag after savoring 5 pieces so I'd have some for later. Thanks Lofty Pursuits. I see a trip to Tallahassee in my future! 💜

  • Sally Villarreal
    Sally Villarreal 2 months ago

    I understand why you don’t sell unicorn droppings online. You probably wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demand.
    However, I wish you did it occasionally. Maybe it could be the prize in a contest? Or you could have a raffle? Another giveaway when you donate to charity?

  • gwen
    gwen 2 months ago

    The speed of how fast you cut those things inspire me.

  • Nobody. You Can Go Away Now

    I'm going to Florida soon so I'll visit your candy shop! :3

  • Leah Marino
    Leah Marino 3 months ago +1

    I was there today

  • Brittney Kahn
    Brittney Kahn 3 months ago

    This is SOOI cool...if lofty pursuits answer back it would mean everything to me:)

  • crazycatlady39
    crazycatlady39 4 months ago

    If you accidentally left the hot candy on the cooling table to long would it stick? That would be really hard to get off.

  • WildFire
    WildFire 5 months ago

    There was a watermelon flavored Tic Tac gum ad before this video.

  • CoaCoa Channel
    CoaCoa Channel 6 months ago

    Just ordered some i love watermelon

  • Miriam Mesa
    Miriam Mesa 8 months ago

    I just got my order today. I was hoping for a little more depth to the flavor. It doesn’t taste like watermelon. It’s not bad, it’s just not identifiable. It has plenty of citric acid so you get pleasant tart punches. I remember going to the candy store when I was a kid, and they’d have hard candy sticks in different jars separated by flavor. This tastes like that. The candy is brittle so it’s easy to bite if you like to chew hard candy, like me. Overall, interesting.

  • Dante Diep
    Dante Diep 9 months ago

    Whoaaaa, that letter boxing! We're making candy in film noire now, gents.

  • BassManBobBassCovers
    BassManBobBassCovers 10 months ago +1

    Just got these, super good wow!

  • UKGaru
    UKGaru 10 months ago

    why does watermelon candy doesn't taste like real watermelon? is it a similar case of the banana candy vs real banana flavour?

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  10 months ago

      It is similar. Mind you we use natural watermelon flavoring in our candy. Not all natural flavors can take the heat of hard candy making but apparently watermelon can

  • Carlos Salinas
    Carlos Salinas 10 months ago +1

    I came to visit today !! All the way from Austin Texas. I’m eating the watermelon unicorn drops right now

  • Patrick McQuail
    Patrick McQuail 10 months ago

    219 people with cavities from eating candy have disliked this video.

  • Aron CatLPS
    Aron CatLPS 10 months ago +1

    You should’ve made stripes of green and darker/lighter green on the outside. But maybe that would be to much work for what its worth.

  • OneManPizzaParty
    OneManPizzaParty 10 months ago +1

    3:28 Candy Burrito

  • Neko Meike
    Neko Meike 10 months ago

    I love watermelon flavor 😍🍉

  • Vaughn Rhinehart
    Vaughn Rhinehart 10 months ago

    Why do you have a sousaphone?

    • Vaughn Rhinehart
      Vaughn Rhinehart 10 months ago

      Lofty Pursuits That's awesome! Now that you've mentioned it, I seem to recall seeing it on the Lofty Pursuits website. Thanks for your reply!

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  10 months ago

      I think the correct question is why do I have three sousaphones?
      the answer is Lofty Pursuits has a 40 piece marching band. Doesn't every store? You need to watch more of my videos. They play in a few.

  • broskoli -_-
    broskoli -_- 10 months ago

    so satisfying

  • i want yum
    i want yum 11 months ago

    This is ironic because in the Victorian times watermelons were filled with air...

  • Marc Herrera
    Marc Herrera 11 months ago


  • Flying Yamaha
    Flying Yamaha 11 months ago

    I hate how the screen it so small

  • Rafaela Bettencourt

    I love the music!💜

  • BrooklynBoyz13
    BrooklynBoyz13 Year ago

    Our great grandparents had a farm in Brooklyn as well...but that was a LOOOOONG time ago. Really cool I came across this video being Brooklyn Boyz ourselves. We will be grabbing some candy at some point soon for future taste test videos for our channel! Awesome video!!!

  • Chase Weeks
    Chase Weeks Year ago

    brought to you in the ultra cinemascope format

  • Rxxim
    Rxxim Year ago

    Do you ship to South Africa? :D

  • It’s ya boi Meme boi

    2:08 is that a sousaphone i spy ;)

  • Kijian Dangan
    Kijian Dangan Year ago


  • Angela Hsiao
    Angela Hsiao Year ago

    Do you sell uncut rods of that candy?

  • The Yakking Wakko

    Can you make the bitter watermelon version, JK

  • Galactic Fireworks

    I just noticed the dice wall, that’s so cool!

  • Ps4Ledgends_99
    Ps4Ledgends_99 Year ago +2

    I today just bought 3 bags of this exact candy. Im excited

  • jbot91
    jbot91 Year ago +3

    How could you not sub to this channel

  • Hanethero
    Hanethero Year ago

    here come the black people ( not to be racist it is just a joke i am black)

  • Sara Shatula
    Sara Shatula Year ago

    These candies are adorable.

  • Matthew Sellers
    Matthew Sellers Year ago

    Hey I know you have to go to school to get a degree in making candy and stuff. But I can't find what the degree is called and a college for it. I need help!!

    • Matthew Sellers
      Matthew Sellers Year ago

      Lofty Pursuits so roughly how old would you have to be to say work at your store and would you teach people the art if they work their.

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago

      To my knowledge for hard candy there are no schools that teach the art. There are a few for chocolates.

  • Heavy Dirty Soul
    Heavy Dirty Soul Year ago

    Just ordered some and a few other flavors too, can't wait to try them.

  • lanesteele240
    lanesteele240 Year ago

    Why is this so fun to watch

  • DAFUNGAZ zzz
    DAFUNGAZ zzz Year ago

    All the black kids come running in

  • C Dubs
    C Dubs Year ago +1

    Tallahassee... home of Sabre.

  • Lego Craft
    Lego Craft Year ago

    Hey, I was wondering if you guys could ever make a candy without artificial coloring and or flavoring, because I’m allergic to that stuff, and I still want to buy your candy.

    • Lego Craft
      Lego Craft Year ago

      Ok. I’ll be sure to watch for it!

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago

      We do that from time to time. Keep your eyes open.

  • Gaming Cyborg - dead channel

    I wish I could buy these. but I ain't in America and not old enough to buy online. BUT THEY LOOK AMAZING

  • Yousef Walid
    Yousef Walid Year ago

    If yo pull half of the green candy you could get different gradient lines of green stripes on the outside

  • catteleya D
    catteleya D Year ago

    does lofty pursuits ship to the UK??

  • clive lambert
    clive lambert Year ago

    damn! i would of thought that girl would be so thin doing that every day! great job id be exausted

  • violentblue123
    violentblue123 Year ago

    I love the work, but cant help wondering how good it would look if you went with a deeper green on the outer shell, then took 1/3 and pulled it out to add opaque stripe to the shell... just a thought

  • r0s3 1s w13rd
    r0s3 1s w13rd Year ago

    If I fail nursing school I want to work for y'all!

  • Betty Russell
    Betty Russell Year ago

    not a fan of hard candy,
    especially that Christmas candy that my mom loves at the holidays.
    however, got to say, this is beautiful work.
    thanks for sharing....

  • Benjamin Lafever
    Benjamin Lafever Year ago

    Just ordered some :L

  • tjzx3432
    tjzx3432 Year ago

    There's something extremely soothing about watching hard candy being made. It's quite cathartic actually.

  • I Created An Account For This

    I was wondering how you got the black seeds in the candy. When I saw how it was done, I was like "Of course!"

  • Everett Brown
    Everett Brown Year ago

    Sooo cool

  • Adam
    Adam Year ago +1

    Just ordered a pack, they look so good I can’t wait

  • Smiley Tash
    Smiley Tash Year ago +1

    If only I came here a year ago, I would’ve gone to Florida for the candy. It’s too late, but I can still order some! :D

  • chase from earth
    chase from earth Year ago

    Why would you thumbs down this video?

  • Offizieller Kanal von Doggen - Tee ™

    I don’t even like hard candy. But this is amazing!

  • Bobo
    Bobo Year ago

    I- I can't watch this
    He didn't explain the unicorn droppings. ;c

  • Lonely Dog
    Lonely Dog Year ago +2

    Those black dots from the wall reflected on the candy I thought those were the seeds in the candy for the watermelon