BOEING 777-9X/ RC airliner MAIDEN FLIGHT/ Lufthansa new livery


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  • Ramy RC
    Ramy RC  3 months ago +252

    Finally I was able to fly the 777 although it was so windy, I had some troubles with the landing gear and the door, then I ended up breaking the right landing gear during landing! but it's easy to fix 😉
    thanks for your patience and stay tuned for more flights and better landings.
    check out my Patreon page if you want to support my channel:

  • John Hodgson
    John Hodgson 18 hours ago

    I saw this site for the first time. Amazing build. In this much wind for your first landing this was good. "Any landing that you cam walk away from..." I think if this had been real the results would have been survivable.

  • Daniel Cruz
    Daniel Cruz 2 days ago

    Ramy, You are a very talented artist but you must stop running those beautiful air crafts on those grass fields. Your work doesn't go unappreciated. 😉

  • Heejae SHIN
    Heejae SHIN 4 days ago

    First RC maiden flight...

  • ben campanella
    ben campanella 4 days ago

    Fantastic accomplishment! Super build and flight which is inspiring to all modelers!
    Great Job,,,Congrats!

  • Hussnain Ishtiaq
    Hussnain Ishtiaq 4 days ago

    That was amazing i wish i could do that😮😮

  • Bernd Sommer
    Bernd Sommer 6 days ago

    Great, i saw the maiden flight was in the north of Frankfurt , i also live in Frankfurt, is your workshop also there ?

  • nikt
    nikt 7 days ago

    How much is this plain

  • Dr Nitin Vanjari
    Dr Nitin Vanjari 7 days ago

    Bro it sounds like a real aeroplane..🤔👍

  • linto mathew
    linto mathew 10 days ago

    Really good job man 👏👏👏👏

  • Gil Fermin
    Gil Fermin 10 days ago

    very shaky video.....BUT i am very impressed by your courage, industriousness and desire and love what you do. its awesome work.......kudos.

  • morningbot
    morningbot 11 days ago

    Is this heavy??

  • Diar Fauzi
    Diar Fauzi 11 days ago


  • Richard Herbert
    Richard Herbert 13 days ago

    Congratulations! A fantastic achievement and so great for the hobby to see creative and challenging projects like this succeed. Well done. I hope you have stopped shaking!

  • Ronald Miller
    Ronald Miller 13 days ago

    It’s said, “An old dog cannot learn new tricks,” but I admire your creations, and I am inspired by your inventiveness and creativity. I have a Flite Test Mini Biplane kit my son gave me for Christmas. It is my first experience with foam board and looks simple enough. However, your work with foam board takes it to a much higher level. Something I must try in the future. Until then, however, I have project in the works, a Grumman C-1a Trader, I am presently in the design phase on. It will be approximately 87 inch wing span, with twin Saito 14cc, 4 stroke gas engines. A lot of work left to finish the design, create laser patterns for the parts, the build the aircraft. I expect the finished aircraft to be in the range of 15-20 pounds. Keep up your good work, I am learning a lot. What is the glue and accelerator you are using?

  • Ivona Dancikova
    Ivona Dancikova 13 days ago

    This is fucking cool honestly:-) :-)

  • Jegejeng Production
    Jegejeng Production 14 days ago

    Did everyone noticed 4:25 the gear doesnt comes up ? Btw you did a great job ! Keep it up pal

  • Sankar Subba
    Sankar Subba 14 days ago

    Make winglets to keep it stable.

  • Ferdorski
    Ferdorski 14 days ago

    Not many modelers would have the patience and cahones to attempt a project of this magnitude-congrats for seeing the adventure become a reality. Great post.

  • Phạm Trường
    Phạm Trường 14 days ago

    Việt Nam khi nào dc thế này.

  • Shahanara Begum
    Shahanara Begum 14 days ago

    Brother honestly tell me how much power of esc, surbo motor and battery you used for 90 mm edf. Please let me know if. It would better for me.

  • Lee Phan
    Lee Phan 14 days ago

    Crosswind landing haaa

  • Flightsss
    Flightsss 15 days ago

    Needs a gyro

  • theyermany
    theyermany 15 days ago

    Now that's a Ryanair landing right there lol

  • mark675
    mark675 15 days ago

    You should be massively proud of that it looks and sounds so scale :)

  • Ali Medani
    Ali Medani 16 days ago

    Put a go pro on that

  • trida ismawati
    trida ismawati 16 days ago


  • trida ismawati
    trida ismawati 16 days ago


  • BlackBoxster
    BlackBoxster 17 days ago

    Bro ure from germany?

  • Creative bangla channel

    That shit looks faster than F-18 hornet😮😮😮

  • Souvik Dey
    Souvik Dey 17 days ago

    you uttered bismillah once, if I haven't mis heard that. I don't like this channel anymore.

    • Dirt Rusty
      Dirt Rusty 17 days ago

      "Bismillah! No, we will not let you go!"

  • ltdorn
    ltdorn 18 days ago

    congrats! lots of hard work but you did it!

  • Yadsendew Lung
    Yadsendew Lung 18 days ago

    I would like recommend you build an auto-flying system, connect it to Internet and control it from far away place. :D

  • Purple Space Cow Studios

    it looks so real while flying! omg!

  • first ape
    first ape 19 days ago


  • jdozet
    jdozet 19 days ago +1

    Extraordinary build, and educational even for we with lesser goals. I'm a retired test engineer and really impressed by your broad multi discipline expertise.

  • Norman Nooyen
    Norman Nooyen 20 days ago

    Good one.

  • Carl Soll
    Carl Soll 20 days ago

    So cool! Love the 777, what a fantastic (Working) Model!

  • xXSk1ll3dGam3rXx _
    xXSk1ll3dGam3rXx _ 20 days ago +1

    The fact that it sounds just like a full size passenger plane is incredible

    Gérald CHARBONIER 21 day ago

    Nice smooth landing

  • Carl Soll
    Carl Soll 22 days ago

    Nice job! Great work!

  • Noovaa dofus
    Noovaa dofus 23 days ago +1

    name of the intro music please :D It so good

    JUEGOS PARA ANDROID 23 days ago

    where can i buy the boeing 777-9x what is the price?

    JUEGOS PARA ANDROID 23 days ago +1

    Wow New sub I love airplanes. . Like👍

  • Alexis Theiler
    Alexis Theiler 24 days ago

    It's sound great.

  • MatchaLate GT
    MatchaLate GT 24 days ago


  • Luc Bosson
    Luc Bosson 24 days ago

    Great job!

  • Adrian Drozdowicz
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  • T. S.
    T. S. 25 days ago +1

    imagine a scale airport with these planes with people actual RC pilots controlling each plane. I would love to be part of ground control, be a push back vehicle for the airbuses or a follow me vehicle.
    Imagine a scale airport the size of a large football field, just wouldn't that be awesome!

  • Aniket Sethi
    Aniket Sethi 25 days ago

    And here's me... making paper planes and that to crashes straight everytime 😂😂 the way great work dude!

  • Max V-M
    Max V-M 25 days ago

    Please add a wing view cam, that would be awesome!!

  • Lê Nguyên Không
    Lê Nguyên Không 27 days ago

    2:12 He be your best friend xD

  • Izmirli3555
    Izmirli3555 27 days ago

    youre great man :D fantastic

  • RuslanOrestovich
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  • Vincentius Alfred
    Vincentius Alfred 28 days ago +1

    what's the intro song?

  • Anees Rehman
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  • hyperA380
    hyperA380 28 days ago

    I have to ask... have you ever crashed one of these masterpieces?

  • Aodren Marianne
    Aodren Marianne 29 days ago

    RIP landing gear😣

  • Mitu Baruah
    Mitu Baruah Month ago

    Plzz i have purchades your plane...plz give your price money..this plane

    ULTRA Month ago

    At 3:31 when the plane blanks at almost 90, I can just hear in my head "BANK ANGLE! BANK ANGLE!" from the TCAS. Nonetheless amazing project and looking forward to the 787-9

  • yamete kudasai
    yamete kudasai Month ago

    6:22 That ryanair landing xD

  • Emilia Cann-Sagoe
    Emilia Cann-Sagoe Month ago


  • Maycon Teixeira
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  • everaldo alves
    everaldo alves Month ago

    O vidio ficou show RAMY RC

  • john swilley
    john swilley Month ago

    Ramy, the plane looks nice, that being said, I started by watching your repair video, and then wanted to see how the damage occurred. From a full-scale pilot: I'd suggest that you find a calmer day for test flights, next, on full scale aircraft (AC) there are "speed limits" for the landing gear, and the flaps. These limits are there to protect the mechanisms from being overstressed (think of opening the car door at 100 mph, you might be able to do it at 20mph, but not 100. In the video I could see the failure of the right main gear door; and at certain speeds the gear servos may not even have enough torque to move the gear. I noticed that the left main appeared to be partially down at one time, while the right one was up. Last thing, you should have the landing set up and stabilized well before you get near the ground, using your throttle and pitch of the AC to control your touch down verticle velocity. You might want to observe some full scale landings, you'd be surprised how much you can learn from watching. Best wishes on your next flight(s).

  • Jake Calvert
    Jake Calvert Month ago

    Ryanair calls this butter

  • स्वप्नील भराडी

    Rough landing...never mind...we can understand you were nervous...
    But next flight will be great im sure...
    Good Luck! Lovely Aeroplane...

  • Rajeev Kamalasanan
    Rajeev Kamalasanan Month ago

    Awesome video. Alot of hardwork gone into building it. Cheers for the success!!

  • Dogs' hub and care
    Dogs' hub and care Month ago

    Why did you make those winglets? I mean the remain down not up

  • Emmanuel Garcia Soto

    Es un video muy satisfactorio, siempre me han gustado los aviones y me gusta ver algo muy parecido a la realidad. En la vida real he visto a los aviones son HENORMES y esto es muy parecido a la realidad muy increible. El sonido,el avión, todo es genial

  • speed bird
    speed bird Month ago

    il n'a pas la meme immatriculation sur la trappe avant du train d'atterrissage et sur le fuselage.

  • Sachin Sharma
    Sachin Sharma Month ago

    How to buy it. How much its cost sir

  • James Kerwood
    James Kerwood Month ago

    great flight.

  • Deijane Rodrigues
    Deijane Rodrigues Month ago

    O problema de vocês e que demoram de mais

  • Albin Hurve
    Albin Hurve Month ago

    This is art

  • Saqib Butt
    Saqib Butt Month ago

    You flying the plane like it got major Hydrolic failure on board.
    I got a headache from watching your Dumb Ass video.

  • schmoey45
    schmoey45 Month ago

    Freaking Awesome!!

  • James Daryll Gonzales


  • Jonas TV
    Jonas TV Month ago

    Eure Flieger sind die besten

  • Leonel Manriquez
    Leonel Manriquez Month ago

    Voniti avion

  • Mamik budi. S
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  • Andrey x97 #2
    Andrey x97 #2 Month ago

    You very good airplane👏👍👍

  • pramod lakayil
    pramod lakayil Month ago

    I highly appreciated !!! Hug!!!👌

  • Noman Younus
    Noman Younus Month ago

    I want Lufthansa 777 😭😭😭😭

  • Ron Bernard
    Ron Bernard Month ago

    Who makes this ?

  • Ethan Tremblay
    Ethan Tremblay 2 months ago

    Why was the landing gear down? At times I thought you were about to lose control of the plane.
    Otherwise, my inner geek loved this vid!! 👏🏻👍🏻

  • It's all about Aviation

    *R.I.P Passengers* @ 6:25



  • Daesarul’s Nerf Gun
    Daesarul’s Nerf Gun 2 months ago

    Is the plane longer than the car?

  • Fatmaa Farg
    Fatmaa Farg 2 months ago

    thx you flyed the baby

  • Paul Henderson
    Paul Henderson 2 months ago

    Just discovered you today - can’t stop watching! Congrats!

  • Ionel Marcel  Hrisca
    Ionel Marcel Hrisca 2 months ago

    Good jobb.,greatest fly

  • Naresh Kumar
    Naresh Kumar 2 months ago

    You're a magician, long live the king Ramy..rC!
    Love from India.

  • Pluto :
    Pluto : 2 months ago

    You can clearly see when he cuts the footage to a real plane flying.

  • Vanessa Rybarczyk
    Vanessa Rybarczyk 2 months ago

    Eu falo Potuquies

  • Rohit Dutta
    Rohit Dutta 2 months ago

    You fly it like the PRO

  • Suruj Prodhan
    Suruj Prodhan 2 months ago

    Awesome bro looks like real

  • jabier baca
    jabier baca 2 months ago

    and where did you buy the plane I always and wanted one

  • Paulo Jorge
    Paulo Jorge 2 months ago +1

    Que Deus lhe abençoe !

  • Paulo Jorge
    Paulo Jorge 2 months ago +1

    Gloria a Deus pelo sucesso !