BOEING 777-9X/ RC airliner MAIDEN FLIGHT/ Lufthansa new livery

  • Published on Oct 27, 2018
  • Finally we did it!
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    Boeing 777-9X
    scale: 1/20
    wingspan: 3.6 meter
    fuselage: 3.8 meter
    weight: 22 KG
    running on 12 cell
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  • Ramy RC
    Ramy RC  6 months ago +282

    Finally I was able to fly the 777 although it was so windy, I had some troubles with the landing gear and the door, then I ended up breaking the right landing gear during landing! but it's easy to fix 😉
    thanks for your patience and stay tuned for more flights and better landings.
    check out my Patreon page if you want to support my channel:

    • Andrew Tuohy
      Andrew Tuohy Month ago

      Wow man I just watched all the build videos of the dreamliner. I gotta say beautiful work !!! Very impressive. Ohh and dont listen to the haters!! F..k em! Also congrats on the maiden flight. I'll be watching all of you vids from now on. I just stumbled across this. You have a new subscriber lol. Epic work!

    • Mazda Hydrogen
      Mazda Hydrogen Month ago

      чувак это круто каеф

    • Lionel britto Lionel britto
      Lionel britto Lionel britto 2 months ago

      show me how to control the flight

    • switzerland europe
      switzerland europe 2 months ago +1

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    • لمغرور المغرو
      لمغرور المغرو 3 months ago


  • Martins Onuigbo
    Martins Onuigbo 17 hours ago

    Hi Ramy.
    You're my role model and I love what you do.
    I've always wanted to ask. Could you please make a video of how you make your wings separable and how you join them. Or maybe just reply me with a link to a video that details it if you don't mind.
    I love your airliners. I'd love to make one someday.

  • James W
    James W 18 hours ago

    Ramy, have just discovered your channel. Spent most of my free time today watching your dreamliner build, and now this! Unbelievable! Be great to see some fpv footage :)

  • OnTheEDge
    OnTheEDge Day ago

    You are a GREAT builder...but a bad pilot. Big hug! Love your vids.

  • Michael Laverty
    Michael Laverty 2 days ago

    My brutha are you going to finish the rear section of the Engine Nacelles what would actually be the Hot sections ? to finish it out ?

  • Travis k
    Travis k 5 days ago

    Way more suitable than the 787.

  • Nice Kiwi
    Nice Kiwi 5 days ago

    You are amazing!

  • Phoenix RC
    Phoenix RC 5 days ago

    Just bear in mind that i am talking about analogue video transmission like old tv before DVB-T. So at the end of the range you will get noise, like and "snow" like artifacts. To get into the RC Hobby you need to have basic understanding of electrics, electronics and know how to do some basic soldering. The advanced stuff are DIY

  • Tony Romano
    Tony Romano 5 days ago

    Amazingly impressive! Fantastic modeling and engineering!

  • Mr A
    Mr A 6 days ago

    does anyone how he can put a live feed camera on his plane to see it fly in real time?

    • Mr A
      Mr A 5 days ago

      +Phoenix RC wow that's actually rather cheap! Thankyou!

    • Phoenix RC
      Phoenix RC 5 days ago +1

      Look at my channel i FPV cars, planes and quads mostly custom made

    • Phoenix RC
      Phoenix RC 5 days ago +1

      Mmm basic analogue setup for 100-200 meters range about 100-150 euros for everything ( transmitter, Receiver, antennas, camera, battery, screen, dvr etc )

    • Mr A
      Mr A 5 days ago

      +Phoenix RC does it cost alot?

    • Phoenix RC
      Phoenix RC 5 days ago +1

      its called FPV

  • Gasket
    Gasket 9 days ago +1

    love watching your videos! You should build a plane with real turbine engines

  • Erick Rodriguez
    Erick Rodriguez 10 days ago

    Looks like a real plane thats what my nother says.....

  • Flores Blogs
    Flores Blogs 11 days ago

    Where can I buy the airplanes??

  • Izzuddin Ali
    Izzuddin Ali 16 days ago

    It's amazing, You're brilliant

  • Dwi Anggun
    Dwi Anggun 17 days ago

    i like it.

  • Michael Kirchmann
    Michael Kirchmann 18 days ago

    Sound of the engine is great
    Landing was definitely not Lufthansa Style and I am not sure what they would say if they see you fly next to power lines...
    Greetings from Germany

  • Ale Alves
    Ale Alves 19 days ago

    Now the passengers need to clean their pants hahaha
    So awesome!

  • David Xiao
    David Xiao 19 days ago

    Landing gear!

  • M6 Tv
    M6 Tv 22 days ago

    Good job

  • Felix TheCat
    Felix TheCat 23 days ago

    You are very competent and a great inspiration. Greetings from New Zealand.

  • Chris Grant
    Chris Grant 23 days ago

    Sounds like the real thing. That's amazing do you sell any planes?

  • Don Ranow
    Don Ranow 24 days ago +1

    I love this! I'm a huge civil aviation fan and an avid Boeing fan! The only thing I never understood is why takeoff and Landing is on rough Terrain. Seems like that puts a lot of stress on the landing gear.

  • Peter Ridley
    Peter Ridley 24 days ago

    Bravo!, Fantastic build and the Maiden flight! .It's magnificent!!, She fly's and sounds like the real thing!.

  • Carl Angelo Nievares
    Carl Angelo Nievares 25 days ago

    Awesome! But nxttime when you fly again with your rcplanes make sure to have a nice runway.

  • rıdvan koca
    rıdvan koca 25 days ago

    Hard landing

  • Sumaya Beevi
    Sumaya Beevi 25 days ago

    Are you stopping the making of flight please give me reply I am your fan

    ALAN SL GAMER 25 days ago +1

    Very Nice, I like that

  • totok subagio
    totok subagio Month ago

    goodluck broo I am happy too

  • Robert Garelli
    Robert Garelli Month ago

    It looked as if you had difficulty trimming it or was it just too windy?

  • Gangster King
    Gangster King Month ago

    Very very nice

    YASH TREHAN Month ago

    Why does this channel have only 175k subscribers????????????

  • Hakan
    Hakan Month ago

    very big, nice sound :)

  • The Little Brother
    The Little Brother Month ago

    Huh what about this dumb haters

  • Graham Palmer
    Graham Palmer Month ago

    Why not an actual runway ? You are using electric motors for your jet’s power plant which got me thinking. Could not future airlines use electric motors to power full scale passenger aircraft thus solving the problem of greenhouse gas emissions ? If this is possible on a scale model then why not on a full size passenger plane.



  • R C world M T R
    R C world M T R Month ago +1

    bg fan want hearts and more subs bro......

  • Alex kitty Vicol
    Alex kitty Vicol Month ago

    Didn't land properly and a very rough LANDING but I don't care I can give it a 1000000000000000000000988988878979989 STARS

    K.H EDAYANNUR Month ago

    Good ...

  • Waylon White
    Waylon White Month ago

    Great job brother!

  • Dean Thompson
    Dean Thompson Month ago

    That sound of them fans, OMG it is almost like the real thing!

  • Himal Prasantha
    Himal Prasantha Month ago

    It's Superb . Keep it on. :D :D :D

  • Andrew Mcphail
    Andrew Mcphail Month ago

    DUDE! You are an amazing builder & engineer. I just purchased my very first plane & haven’t gotten upnthe nerve to make its maiden flight. It must of been so terrifying to fly suchba work of engineering! Way to go man.

  • simply_phil
    simply_phil Month ago

    Absolutely great video of an awesome plane 👌✈️ keep it up 😎

  • Zain Gilani
    Zain Gilani Month ago

    Beautifull Man love from Pakistan..

  • emmanuel kyalo
    emmanuel kyalo Month ago

    Which kind of batteries did you use

  • Hemant Devlekar
    Hemant Devlekar Month ago

    I appreciate one man show.Multiskilled engineer like you. Congratulations.

  • Dal P
    Dal P Month ago +1

    Built from are the man.
    Congrats buddy.

  • Sammy Ymmas
    Sammy Ymmas Month ago

    May i ask how many us $?

  • Giovanni Cuono
    Giovanni Cuono Month ago


  • Rotor Ryan
    Rotor Ryan Month ago

    You do such amazing scale work. Your almost big enough. Use aluminum instead of foam and jet fuel instead of Lipo on your next massive build. Scale it up for a single person cockpit and Boeing's design will do the rest.

  • Joca Simões
    Joca Simões Month ago

    Bravo ,very niće flyer 😁👍👍👍

    TUFKA Month ago

    6:56 cry or laugh

  • Mike Lucas
    Mike Lucas Month ago

    Awesome Ramy - congratulations on your maiden flight. What was your final solution for the right hand landing gear?

  • Junior Frampton
    Junior Frampton Month ago

    That was cool

  • Smeagol Karamazov
    Smeagol Karamazov Month ago

    it's my first video, i dont undestand anything about RC planes.. how much cost one of those to me? if i wanna ordered.. ty. btw, amazing

  • space traveler
    space traveler Month ago

    Awesome buddy I was more nervous than you lol

  • Andre Andrade Carlos

    Hi Ramy,
    Congrats for your awesome airliners!!
    Where are you from?
    Where is this flying field?

  • Feiko
    Feiko Month ago

    excelente avión

  • Azad 4765 Ahmed
    Azad 4765 Ahmed Month ago

    You are hugging your baby after hard landing. Congratulations
    But your real baby is that which landed safely. Never mind the landing gear.

  • Abhigyan patel
    Abhigyan patel Month ago

    Nice you are the best

  • nitro roche
    nitro roche Month ago

    Hey I built some twin tower model. You are great pilot. Let's meet.

  • 沈里達
    沈里達 Month ago

    Good job

  • Geo Varghese
    Geo Varghese Month ago

    Can you give the whole dimensions are you used to make it because I love this model you done its awesome

  • Julian Carl Vasquez

    How long long can it reach fom your distance?

  • Thomas Nicod
    Thomas Nicod Month ago

    Absolutely awesome work! You have the skills and the nerve. Way to go!

  • shahariar tanvir
    shahariar tanvir Month ago

    congratulation brother,,,you did well,,amazing,,,,,but your main landing gear did not retract due to high wind pressure, ,,,though it was wonderful...

  • Tom Cieri Jr.
    Tom Cieri Jr. Month ago

    Awesome build....great job...👍

  • Jona
    Jona Month ago

    at 3:36 it looks real!!

  • M.A.P.S M.A.P.S
    M.A.P.S M.A.P.S Month ago

    Vuela mucho mejor

  • Felipe Vaiano
    Felipe Vaiano Month ago


  • Alakhraj Sharma
    Alakhraj Sharma Month ago

    Hey I have too got rc jet material and a home made afterburner engine which is successful so could you post a video for after burner engine plane of 110 mm

  • Raúl ivan luis
    Raúl ivan luis Month ago

    Can somebody tell me the name of the original video?

  • Mansell
    Mansell Month ago

    If the batteries powering the engines went dead would you have reserve power to land the plane without them?

  • Bakar Hachemi
    Bakar Hachemi Month ago


  • Alfiansyah Rahman
    Alfiansyah Rahman Month ago


  • A Miah
    A Miah Month ago +1

    Is it for sale.

  • Iago vlogs Paes Lopes

    Sory shet ou god ?

  • Aldo David Hernandez Garcia

    Boeing should call you to make their 737 max better.

  • Aldo David Hernandez Garcia

    Great work!

  • AIMAN _04
    AIMAN _04 2 months ago +1

    Hangkrekk gak miburr cukk

  • Roberto Hinger-Ramirez
    Roberto Hinger-Ramirez 2 months ago

    Which foil did you use and from where do you get your plans for the planes?

  • Saulo Vega
    Saulo Vega 2 months ago

    Saludos excelente video felicidades...

  • sdfsfsfd
    sdfsfsfd 2 months ago

    Muy bien, ahi ahí, al lado de los cables de alta tensión.

  • ClassicSoSwavy
    ClassicSoSwavy 2 months ago

    we din't wish you enough luck obviously

  • Jan Barcewicz
    Jan Barcewicz 2 months ago

    Brawo!!! Super

  • Banele Thabede
    Banele Thabede 2 months ago

    Amazing jaw drop

  • Jv Roco Mercado
    Jv Roco Mercado 2 months ago

    So cool. 😱

  • K World
    K World 2 months ago

    Best rc model ever

  • Stephanie Kent
    Stephanie Kent 2 months ago

    thats one of the best natural highs in the world, most people never touch on what you have are blessed!

  • Stephanie Kent
    Stephanie Kent 2 months ago

    superb you are amazing !

  • Marc Embrechts
    Marc Embrechts 2 months ago

    Panic landing....

  • Prepar3D Time Lapses
    Prepar3D Time Lapses 2 months ago +1

    Poor passengers... What a landing!!! :) Your plane is as strong as a stone. My God!!

  • Molik Ahmed
    Molik Ahmed 2 months ago

    Nice job man

  • Roger Miller
    Roger Miller 2 months ago

    There are some passengers that threw up in the aisle on this flight lol. Congrats this was awesome flight.

  • 蜜蜂
    蜜蜂 2 months ago

    So cool! I think that I should get one.

  • Sumant Naik
    Sumant Naik 2 months ago

    Can you give that aeroplane

  • ali kadd
    ali kadd 2 months ago

    Great work 👍👍👍👍

  • Extremely Salty Player
    Extremely Salty Player 2 months ago +2

    Ryanair : *IT'S EVERY DAY BRO !*