Wish Upon - Movie Review

  • Published on Jul 14, 2017
  • So, WISH UPON....That's a thing. Here's my review at an attempt at Horror.
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  • Evomre
    Evomre 6 days ago

    The main character and her friends are so stupid.

  • hotties3v3n
    hotties3v3n 8 days ago

    This film made me angry, but I was happier by the last scene!! Lol

  • hotties3v3n
    hotties3v3n 8 days ago

    Final destination....1

  • Eminel Hernandez
    Eminel Hernandez 15 days ago

    This film was a Rip off of final destination

  • warystatue33
    warystatue33 29 days ago

    This is the room of horror so damn funny

  • jakegetscake
    jakegetscake Month ago

    Ohhh she’s rotting awesome 😂😂😂

  • Orochi Yagami
    Orochi Yagami Month ago

    This hairdo is fucking crazy

  • Timber Humphrey
    Timber Humphrey 2 months ago

    "from the director of Annabelle"
    like that's something to be proud of lol

  • Shane Hill
    Shane Hill 2 months ago

    The only good thing about this movie is that the death scenes are just hilarious.

  • AlphaAbsol
    AlphaAbsol 4 months ago

    When I said I wanted Final Destination 6, this isn’t what I asked for!

  • Magic Ma'am
    Magic Ma'am 5 months ago

    *"From the director of Annabelle"*
    Weird flex but okay

  • Abel Mantor
    Abel Mantor 8 months ago

    Your voice impressions 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Johnny Dollar7
    Johnny Dollar7 8 months ago

    The first final destination is the best, just because nobody saw it coming

  • Happi Axxident
    Happi Axxident 9 months ago

    Ya, at about the 1/3rd mark I started backing up my photos and deleting to get back some memory on my phone.

  • Meghan Gracie
    Meghan Gracie 9 months ago

    I don’t hate this movie.

  • sneakymia1
    sneakymia1 10 months ago

    wish upon was a bad movie, but I like the actress who played the lead, but this movie reminded me of two old tv shows, goosebumps: be careful what you wish for, and are you afraid of the dark: vacant lot

  • K. The Artist
    K. The Artist 11 months ago

    1. Wish that nobody dies for any of the other wishes (then hope Satan dies after that wish. Or Trump or Bieber it doesn't matter)
    2. Wish for world peace
    3. Wish to end world hunger
    4. Wish that everyone has a good home
    5. Wish that everyone has a job they're good at and likes
    6-7. Wish for whatever as long as it's legal (I would wish for Dark Souls 3 and a hot, yet geeky girlfriend (hopefully she wear glasses and has black hair. And Asian)

  • king of clubs
    king of clubs 11 months ago

    I think a lot of these newer horrors are made for kids.

  • king of clubs
    king of clubs 11 months ago

    Didnt even finish the trailer for this

  • shakour nur
    shakour nur Year ago

    The Rumpulstilskin impression had me dying

  • Mr Blue
    Mr Blue Year ago

    I liked this movie

  • Nick Grimes
    Nick Grimes Year ago

    The first Final Destination is easily the best, although the accident scene in the second one is the best scene in the whole franchise. I actually watched that scene the other day because the movie just happened to be on...and after it ended I changed the channel lol
    The log truck...[shudders]

  • Stefan Ambrister
    Stefan Ambrister Year ago +2

    The best part is when she died at the end

  • Tony Martinez
    Tony Martinez Year ago

    People miss the point of the movie. It wasnt suppose to be scary, gory, suspenseful or even supernatural. Its basically about making a deal with the devil to sell your soul. The person making the wish gets what they wished for, only to find that the reality does not live up to their fantasy.

    • Tony Martinez
      Tony Martinez Year ago

      James James
      Yea i knew from the first wish that it was going to happen. The writer tries to throw a curve ball at the audience but its common sense. Even if she had wished that she cqnt dm die if she made the 7th wish its still going to happen regardless.

    • Big Mac without cheese
      Big Mac without cheese Year ago +1

      Tony Martinez If I remember the movie said you can only wish 7 times, the girl wishes for everything to go back to normal for her seventh wish. Guess what everything goes back to normal but she made the seventh wish. That's just lazy writing who wrote this seriously?

    • Big Mac without cheese
      Big Mac without cheese Year ago +1

      Tony Martinez The movie sucked because it had a unbelievably awful ending.

  • jonathan dante
    jonathan dante Year ago

    omgg so funny..

  • Rectus Rectumius
    Rectus Rectumius Year ago

    Upon seeing the first picture you showed of that girl, I noticed that, she is that girl who played the young Talia Al Ghul in The Dark Knight Rises.

  • EffegyOvTheForgotten

    This movie was kind of good.

  • MrTbob418
    MrTbob418 Year ago +1

    Favorite line from this review: "because ebay is not gonna feed itself"

  • Void O'brien
    Void O'brien Year ago

    BEST MOVIE EVER.Until the end.

  • FanfareT.Loudest
    FanfareT.Loudest Year ago +1

    I just saw this one. One thing that I can't help but notice is a rush with the editing. They seriously must have cut this down to be as short as possible and at least one scene or two is unintentionally hilarious as it's noticeable. Also how many times can a person rise up out of bed in terror, waking up? None. The main character does this about four times in the movie. Four!

  • The Moonchin King

    wouldny like you to knoee

  • Louis X
    Louis X Year ago

    I actually kinda liked this movie

  • Austin McCracken
    Austin McCracken Year ago

    I just watched this movie... poor execution but so much potential to have been good

  • Teresa Kinsley
    Teresa Kinsley Year ago

    Wishmaster’s better. Trust me.

  • Akansha Biswas
    Akansha Biswas Year ago

    that was a dope Rumplestilskin damn.

  • The New Krio
    The New Krio Year ago

    A Bully gets a flesh eating disease.
    Me: "Serves them right :)." *Walks*

  • David Smith
    David Smith Year ago

    it was good

  • Kaliyah Ledbetter

    You got a like just for the Rumpelstiltskin impression 😂👌🏾👏🏾

  • kirdot2011
    kirdot2011 Year ago

    The movie WAS interesting.

  • Dallas Pancoast
    Dallas Pancoast Year ago

    FD 1,2 & 5 were my favorites, 3+4 were still legit in their kills but 4 was weakest and didn't have Mary Elizabeth Winstead to carry it like 3 did

  • Dallas Pancoast
    Dallas Pancoast Year ago

    Agreed on the FD2 highway scene being the fuckin business.
    Intense shit

  • Bryan Henne
    Bryan Henne Year ago

    Theres worse horror films though admit it or not

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi Year ago

    Just wish for omnipotence

  • Movies Now
    Movies Now Year ago

    Wsih upon was not bad it was a big hit in my state

  • Jim TV
    Jim TV Year ago

    He didnt state the fact that the box made its own wish? Like, not literally, but it killed someone and she didnt make a wish? And no noticed that? Idk, weird.

  • chris ash
    chris ash Year ago

    I watched it. Total fucking dogshit should have watched this review before watching the movie

  • TwoIdiotGuys
    TwoIdiotGuys Year ago +1


  • Agusloquillo
    Agusloquillo Year ago

    I just read the ending of this movie on Wikipedia and holy shit, I'm so glad I didn't sit through this garbage.

  • Paul B
    Paul B Year ago

    This movie should have been called "The Final Destination" Wish Upon. The girl falling down the stairs was hilarious.

  • Lightskin Boi
    Lightskin Boi Year ago

    I saw it online for free but I still feel like I wasted my time

  • martin parks
    martin parks Year ago

    Damn Jeremy every movie doesn't aim for an Oscar. And don't forget most horror movies are made for teenage audiences. Not us over grown movie watchers that refuse to grow out of horror movies( including myself). Your criticizing a teenage movie for being a teenage movie. Lmao. It wasnt that bad. It was like wishmaster meets final destination. Clearly you've watched to many movies like me. I've decided to be a tad bit easier on movies and just have fun with them. One more thing. I appreciated the fact that they decided not to be politically correct and honest instead. I'm speaking on the girl that rotted. Nobody gives a shit about people that make there life difficult and a living hell. Those types of people are never missed and no one shares tears for them. We're just to scared to admit it.

  • Kenith McIntosh
    Kenith McIntosh Year ago

    Final Destination 2 was the best.

  • Night Riff
    Night Riff Year ago

    ...Well that gave me a boner

  • Moose
    Moose Year ago

    Fuck that movie, but damn is the dad hot.

  • Esraa Awadhi
    Esraa Awadhi Year ago

    It felt like a teenage girls movie😐

  • Gisselle Mares
    Gisselle Mares Year ago

    I got high and went with my boyfriend to make fun of this movie

  • Asia Moton
    Asia Moton Year ago +1

    Omg tht Once Upon a Time reference though!!!

  • Caleb DaBoss
    Caleb DaBoss Year ago

    It's a slasher because like 9 people got killed

  • Matt H
    Matt H Year ago

    When you scroll through the comments to see if he mentions Barb

  • Twisted Thorns
    Twisted Thorns Year ago

    The ending made me so mad

  • Mary Miller
    Mary Miller Year ago

    Not restless leg syndrome 🤣

  • Duality
    Duality Year ago

    I liked it, but I did have a friend with me to joke around with and I was in an empty theater, so that might be why.

  • myperfectbooks
    myperfectbooks Year ago

    I wanted to watch this movie but now I know not to.

  • Lily Hannah
    Lily Hannah Year ago

    If you star singing it, you finish it dammit!
    "When you wish upon A DAMN STAR!" FUCKING SAY IT!
    Sorry, my inner disney-fangirl needed that closure.
    Edit: First Cinderella, then Rumplestiltskin... you're in a Fairy Tale mood, Jeremy?
    I've never seen any of the Final Destinations movies, but I know that scene. Every time I'm on the highway and a truck with stuff is in front, that scene pops into my head. Lovely.

  • Curly Wurly
    Curly Wurly Year ago

    I love his teen age impressions

  • barbaro267
    barbaro267 Year ago

    OMGSH Rumplestilskin!!

  • Yasmyne McDonald
    Yasmyne McDonald Year ago

    1 & 3 are tied for me

  • Tori Farrell
    Tori Farrell Year ago

    the OUAT reference caught me off guard but it was fucking awesome

  • Amy Deslauriers
    Amy Deslauriers Year ago

    when the end of the movie happend i was dying laughing she went thourgh all that trouble and died

  • Khari Lawrence
    Khari Lawrence Year ago

    favourite final destination would be 1 or 3

  • esteBAM _979
    esteBAM _979 Year ago +1

    DUDE! that "ONCE" Rumpelstiskin impression was dope! I dont even watch that show but my wife does and I could instantly tell who that was. More please.

  • Tashica Kennedy
    Tashica Kennedy Year ago

    I forgot about this movie.

  • Amanda Nicole
    Amanda Nicole Year ago +1

    That Rumplestiltskin quote!

  • joker Darker
    joker Darker Year ago

    this movie was a joke ,even for teens,,terrible movie ;-)

  • AlphaAbsol
    AlphaAbsol Year ago

    The original Final Destination is the best one in my opinion.

  • James Caton
    James Caton Year ago

    I thought this movie was the funniest film of 2017

  • Kevin Foreman
    Kevin Foreman Year ago

    I love them All them Final destination is the best movie I ever seen since my childhood watching Freddy cougar in the classical movies when I was the age of 10 I was born in 1991 and now I am 26 and still love them it makes me think about if I cheat death will it happen to me after all death will have his pay and he will have your soul

  • Paul Plant
    Paul Plant Year ago

    Just got back from the cinema after watching this pile of shit,your review was bang on

  • Shailene Rhodes
    Shailene Rhodes Year ago +1

    That Rumple impression made me legit scream omg

  • Thanos
    Thanos Year ago

    Wish upon had no business being in the movie theater, it needed to go straight to the Mtv channel

  • music man
    music man Year ago

    final destination 1

  • music man
    music man Year ago

    love it, you rock 10/10

  • Koolyy Kumma
    Koolyy Kumma Year ago

    Anybody remember "The Wishmaster" 🤔

  • Grace Keller
    Grace Keller Year ago +2

    The rumpelstiltskin impression caught me so off guard it was so spot on

  • dragoon650
    dragoon650 Year ago +1

    Rumple impression on point 😁

  • df27d
    df27d Year ago

    she was very selfish in this movie.

  • ZenodudeMC
    ZenodudeMC Year ago

    So it's light from deathnote then?

  • Victoria Viray
    Victoria Viray Year ago

    It's kinda reminds me of the movie Feng Shui, it's just that this sucks.

  • MavenCree
    MavenCree Year ago

    That freeway scene in Final Destination 2, STILL HAUNTS ME! It's been like 10+ years!

  • EmileeTv1993
    EmileeTv1993 Year ago

    Holy shit dude! I wasn't looking at the screen and I literally though you took a sample from Robert Carlisle when you did the impressed. Good freaking job!

  • nadsoos
    nadsoos Year ago

    The way he explains it, this movie looks like a 'will you press the button' thing made into a movie.

  • Pasta Dash
    Pasta Dash Year ago

    3 was always my favorite final destination. It was the first one I ever saw and I loved it

  • oh boy
    oh boy Year ago

    So that's where SML got his inspiration for the Magical Button episode.

  • Valeria Fernandez

    4:05 😆

  • nick matteucci
    nick matteucci Year ago

    Could you do the Shining

  • NotAFan OfYou
    NotAFan OfYou Year ago

    I liked them all except 1 and 4

  • y u sad
    y u sad Year ago

    I only watched because I love Ki Hong Lee.

  • tprlegends
    tprlegends Year ago +1

    I've come back to this review at least 10 times now solely for "All magic comes with a price, dearie"

  • Hrothmeir
    Hrothmeir Year ago

    My girlfriend forced me to watch this (boo!) but also forced me to binge Final Destination (yay!)
    So, favorite of those: FD 3. Interesting kills and twists to franchise mythos, human antagonist, and goddamn Mary Elizabeth Winstead--always a plus.

  • DevilPoroNnj
    DevilPoroNnj Year ago

    One of the final destination movies had the eye coming off. I vomited