Scottie Pippen: There is no game where I would pick LeBron over Michael Jordan | The Jump

  • Published on Apr 6, 2018
  • On The Jump, Scottie Pippen says he never agrees with anything Isiah Thomas ever says, especially when it comes to the LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan debate.
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Comments • 10 278

  • Andrew Cox
    Andrew Cox 56 minutes ago

    They couldn’t overload the strong side when Jordan played. He’d have to completely change to play today. If there was no overloading today then Lebron would average 69

  • MR TEE
    MR TEE Hour ago

    MJ's mentality and drive is far stronger than Lebron's. LeBron appears to play for himself.

  • Joseph Webb
    Joseph Webb Hour ago +2

    Pippen is thee. Most underrated player in nba history period !!!!

  • Joseph Webb
    Joseph Webb Hour ago

    Jordan never lost a finals

  • Joseph Webb
    Joseph Webb Hour ago

    There’s 2 players you will always see forever that’s jerry west the nba logo .... and the jump man logo

  • Joseph Webb
    Joseph Webb Hour ago

    Jordan was more then a basketball player he was an ICON ...
    Common bro you have baseball players wearing his gear (jumpman logo) no other player will get that privilege ever

  • Joseph Webb
    Joseph Webb 2 hours ago

    Chuck daily : “I’m picking Jordan over Thomas “

  • Kris Apostol
    Kris Apostol 9 hours ago

    Pity on you! You still hate mj because he didnt pick you up for the dream team. Move on!!!

  • marc faustein chris carreon

    MJ 6-0 in finals.
    LJ 3-3 in finals.

    Isiah - Insecure to MJ

  • solo26sky
    solo26sky 21 hour ago

    T-Mac going FULL Kermit sipping his cup of Earl Grey..... kills me every time😆

  • Terrence PERKINS

    Scottie back to his sense
    .. kareem cant c jordan dam sure lbj cant.. how many game winners kareem , kareem cant hit 3s bring down defender

  • Mij Nobulas
    Mij Nobulas Day ago

    So many words so many talk"! MJ is the legend, the best player in NBA history of all time he is the real GOAT period !!

  • Laurie Caspoli
    Laurie Caspoli Day ago

    A piston that goes against MJ. Whatta shock

  • Leo Valdez
    Leo Valdez Day ago

    White Mamba is the GOAT.

  • lurking0death
    lurking0death 3 days ago

    Michael was great...Kareem even greater, longer.

  • Louis IIX
    Louis IIX 3 days ago

    I can hear Pippen talking on a Boys to Men song on down on bending knees ..

  • Louis IIX
    Louis IIX 3 days ago

    Thomas never liked jordan..thats been known

  • michael jordan
    michael jordan 3 days ago +1

    Isaiah still salty AF about the whole dream team thing 😂😂😂

  • Mikey D
    Mikey D 3 days ago

    hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so sour!!!!

  • Aadil Harbhajun
    Aadil Harbhajun 3 days ago +1

    The question is not whether Lebron is better than Lebron better than Kobe..? no chance...MJ & Kobe had that assassin mentality that Lebron doesnt...

  • Succa Free
    Succa Free 3 days ago +2

    Bron ain’t even better than Kobe Bean Bryant! 😂

  • Succa Free
    Succa Free 3 days ago

    Bron doesn’t know how to fully utilize his gifts!!!

  • Robbie T
    Robbie T 4 days ago

    Thomas it can be hes Salty.....but remember Thomas is older than Jordan way you see a youngster as the greatest ever

  • Ray Quinlan
    Ray Quinlan 4 days ago

    Man Pippen is a class dude!

  • Candosq Dawn
    Candosq Dawn 4 days ago

    I.T, you just have to move on.

  • ImNotGood15 AKA.NotGood

    Kareem above Mike. Stupid piston

  • Leland Michael
    Leland Michael 5 days ago +2

    social issues has nothing to do with playing basketball

  • Astro boy
    Astro boy 5 days ago

    Pippen Vs lebron nah
    Rodman v lebron nah
    jordan vs lebron nah

  • Derrick Barnette
    Derrick Barnette 5 days ago

    Michael Jordan’s the greatest, like Elvis and Michael Jackson there will be no other player to ever come close to his greatness. I’d even go so far as saying that i dont believe any modern dynasty could hang with that bulls team. Scottie pippin, Rodman., Harper, Jordan. Luc longley, Toni Kukoc, Steve Kerr, that team was sick. May have even had the most entertaining defense to watch.

  • Lung Ming
    Lung Ming 5 days ago

    I always respected Scottie and this just enhances that. MJ is the greatest ever. Kobe and Lebron are amazing and talent wise possibly superior but...MJ was a killer. He would do anything to win. That’s different than talent. That’s hunger that cannot be learned.

    EASPORTZ 13 5 days ago

    Scottie said lebron was better than Jordan

    FATWONTON 6 days ago

    Barkley dominated that dream team. No one came close.

  • Ferdinand Perez
    Ferdinand Perez 6 days ago +4

    Isiah Thomas is the best DISGRACE in the name of Basketball.

  • Billy Gibbs
    Billy Gibbs 7 days ago

    Jordan will to win, his determination and desire, that is the difference.

  • ADTX Channel
    ADTX Channel 7 days ago

    The player that was the closest to Jordan was Kobe. There’s a lot of awesome players and LBJ is awesome. He’s the best right now. Magic, Bird, MJ and Kobe were killers. ALL of them had that killer instinct. No one in the league now is a killer. Not like those four.

  • BijinXOXO
    BijinXOXO 7 days ago +4

    I love how calmly Scottie is sitting there talking about how he will always hate that man 😂

    • Jason McDowell
      Jason McDowell Day ago

      And looked right in the camera when he gave his response

  • l pHoTwUnTee l
    l pHoTwUnTee l 7 days ago

    What did u think zeke would say???? THEY HATED EACH OTHER... and prob still do lol. Isiah is biased

  • Sun Dreamer
    Sun Dreamer 7 days ago

    Haha Isiah, what else could you say... after Jordan beats you so many times and kicked you out of the dream team 😅

  • Savarre Moise Ducas
    Savarre Moise Ducas 8 days ago

    Majority of this comments are quick to say, jealousy or salty...but never listen trying to get the point...

  • Stone Lover
    Stone Lover 9 days ago

    Scottie half fro looking crispy af...
    Bron is talented, but he lacks MJs killer mentality

  • James Harris IV
    James Harris IV 10 days ago

    Isaiah has always been a hater of Jordan🤣

  • Chris Q
    Chris Q 11 days ago +2

    Scottie looks like Gregory Hines in this video.

  • kevin armstrong
    kevin armstrong 11 days ago +1

    Lebron never had a change with such a player like Scotty! Or a team like 90's bulls ! If he did , Things would be totaly diffrent ! I myself was a teenager in jordan's era ! I watched most of his games ! Put it this way ! Take the jordan out of this 90's bulls and let LeBron play in the place of jordan he would have more rings then jordan ! Technically he is better then jordan ! We have to fave the fact ! And if you are talking about g.o.a.t jordan is not even in first 5 ! Thats also a fact !

    • Abdul Adams
      Abdul Adams 9 days ago

      If Jordan took the place of LBJ in his 16 seasons he'd have 16 chips.

  • Shawn Lemoine
    Shawn Lemoine 11 days ago

    He's a Jordan HATER

  • daniel nguyen
    daniel nguyen 11 days ago

    compare James Lebron to Michael Jordan is just like compare Ronaldo to Messi. Ask the best defenders and they can tell you who they are scare the most?
    Michael Jordan is not only a score machine but also he can create the excitement for the fan to enjoy his magic skill whatever he got the ball. Most important Michael always carry the winning spirit for the team even he is not at the peak performance. James Lebron is a great player but he can't compare to Michael.

  • Son of man!
    Son of man! 11 days ago

    Jordan's shot was way better than lebron and overall smoothness.

  • Elliott Feaster
    Elliott Feaster 11 days ago

    Pipen luv's suck'n mjs dick...

  • Aaron Diaz
    Aaron Diaz 11 days ago

    Why does every old head call another old head a hater for calling lebron the goat??? Look at the stats old head quit playing favorites

  • Aaron Diaz
    Aaron Diaz 11 days ago

    If rings make you the goat bill russel is the goat. Stat for stat lebron is better. and didn't lebron average 40 in the play offs? He outscored every player on the warriors 1 years go scared 2x the points kd did

  • Duke Dollas
    Duke Dollas 11 days ago

    Here's an interesting fact MJ is 1-9 in the playoffs without Pippen read this again 🤔🤔🤔

  • Jaclyn Lopez
    Jaclyn Lopez 12 days ago

    Average points in 1 final 40!in an era when a tech foul warranted a club to the head with a tire iron come on!MJ THE GOAT!

  • Kiowa F
    Kiowa F 13 days ago


  • forfparty forfparty
    forfparty forfparty 13 days ago

    Damn straight!!!

  • Lone Star
    Lone Star 14 days ago +1

    _"I'm picking LeBron over Michael right now."_
    Er, no.

  • 88 5.0 E Lopez
    88 5.0 E Lopez 14 days ago

    Jordan only 1 Goat 🐐🔥💯

  • Levi Brown
    Levi Brown 14 days ago

    Pip is 100%! Anyone who thinks he is wrong is an mj hater or just a modern day lebron fan who never ever saw a second of mj play. I watched every game of the bulls from 1996 onwards till mj was gone. I have watched lebrons and Kobe’s whole career to date. Kobe and mj are the two best players iv ever seen!

  • DJ Hasta
    DJ Hasta 14 days ago

    Best scorer: MJ
    Best overall: Lebron
    Most skilled: Kobe
    Most dominate: Shaq
    Best shooter: Steph
    Most lethal: KD
    Best defense: Kawhi
    Are we comparing legacy or rings? If we are, I'm taking Bill Russell over all of them. If not, then stop comparing two different players and enjoy the greatness of these players

  • SMT Admin
    SMT Admin 15 days ago

    If u were picking a team then Jordan would be number 7 or 8. Everyone knows he is a David Stern creation. So if u were picking a team you would pick - Kareem, Wilt, Bill, Oscar, Bird, Magic then the next round would be Jordan, LeBron, Hakeem, West etc.

    Tell me where I am wrong...

  • elvis316
    elvis316 15 days ago

    Isiah, could you make a statement that makes you sound a little more butt hurt than you already do? Perfect.

  • Vishon Narine
    Vishon Narine 15 days ago

    Bitch ass Isaiah picking LEBITCH over Jordan sour pussy ass nigga