Talking Tech with Kobe Bryant!


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  • Shivamrinder Kapoor
    Shivamrinder Kapoor 10 hours ago

    watching this in nov 2018

  • May Kuo
    May Kuo 15 days ago

    two handsome guys

  • Nathan vm
    Nathan vm Month ago

    iPhone sales just went up .

  • Tech_pro
    Tech_pro Month ago

    Kobes hairline lmaooo

  • Jes Se
    Jes Se Month ago

    wtf.. never watched this before. how did i missed it O_O

  • Jin Luncheonmeats
    Jin Luncheonmeats Month ago

    That Thumbnail makes him look like your older brother!!

  • MobileDecay
    MobileDecay Month ago

    "I'm a big iPhone guy! 😀"

  • Adrian Orozco
    Adrian Orozco 2 months ago

    Marques looks awkward ...

  • Harsh Sharma
    Harsh Sharma 4 months ago

    black mamba !!!!

  • Finn The Human
    Finn The Human 4 months ago

    Kobe making Marques look small.. I’m guessing Marques is about maybe 6’2” or 6’3” at best

  • Oloruntola Deed
    Oloruntola Deed 4 months ago

    when u meet u father after he left u when he was young

  • Nate Samuelson
    Nate Samuelson 4 months ago

    Props to him for doing this interview, especially earlier in his career. As a successful, powerful African American, I can't imagine how important Kobe Bryant is to you in so many ways - proving the success of African Americans, being an inspiration to yourself and others, overcoming so many obstacles. That had to be incredibly intimidating.

  • eth swe
    eth swe 5 months ago

    which one is Kobe?

  • Aaron Benjamin
    Aaron Benjamin 5 months ago

    Marques looking kinda intimidated..

  • Iman
    Iman 5 months ago

    Two legends talking tech 😊

  • Cpt Marvel
    Cpt Marvel 6 months ago

    Lol Kobe!!!i feel you

  • ThilanNana
    ThilanNana 6 months ago

    bro idk how Marques did this. id be wayy too fucking nervous. kobe isnt even in this plain of reality in terms of mind set. i feel intimidated just thinking about it.

  • Hlulani Muhlarhi
    Hlulani Muhlarhi 6 months ago

    I know it’s Kobe guys

  • Hlulani Muhlarhi
    Hlulani Muhlarhi 6 months ago

    Is this dude your dad😂😂

  • El Duderino
    El Duderino 6 months ago

    Damn, I rly like Kobe!

  • Lawrence Evangelista
    Lawrence Evangelista 7 months ago

    two legends talking

  • Martius Umali
    Martius Umali 7 months ago

    that masterchief shirt tho! I love it!!!

  • M. Khan
    M. Khan 7 months ago

    Lookalike contest????

  • Muhammad Hilal
    Muhammad Hilal 7 months ago


  • Dracula Wannaboogiedown

    They look just alike lmao

  • Karabo ManneZA
    Karabo ManneZA 7 months ago

    The K in MKBHD stands for Kobe

    RTNANDEZ96 7 months ago

    Nice shirt bro, love Master Chief 👌

  • Cree Moon
    Cree Moon 8 months ago

    did the ring work for your wife? or is she still mad you sodomized a girl in the lone star state??
    -ps IDC

  • Cree Moon
    Cree Moon 8 months ago

    kobe is fail.

  • Cerros
    Cerros 8 months ago

    Are we gonna talk about that crispy ass jacket Kobe’s wearing

  • Avikash Nadan
    Avikash Nadan 8 months ago

    You guys look like brothers.

  • Brady Carr
    Brady Carr 8 months ago

    This sucks

  • Youtube Channel
    Youtube Channel 8 months ago

    If Marques had a goatee he'd kinda look like a younger Kobe (when he had hair)

  • Alex Marlin
    Alex Marlin 8 months ago

    Why do they look alike😂😂😂

    MARKIE D 8 months ago

    I mean damn, how did you get Kobe on your channel?

  • 1peruvianguy
    1peruvianguy 8 months ago +1


  • G4BBN 1
    G4BBN 1 8 months ago


  • NoBullshit
    NoBullshit 8 months ago

    Frisbee is not a sport tho

  • Xen
    Xen 8 months ago

    Nigga that’s yo daddy

  • FreeWorldChannel
    FreeWorldChannel 9 months ago

    the look like they're biological brothers

  • Michael Paul
    Michael Paul 9 months ago

    He looked so nervous and star struck!

  • CR7 YAY
    CR7 YAY 9 months ago

    I feel bad for marques when Kobe said he was a big iPhone guy.

  • Lil Bobby Bricks #Hankblock

    Y'all got the same hairline

  • gaurav soni
    gaurav soni 9 months ago

    Pretty sure Face ID would get confused by their faces...

  • GB06 Chomp Chomp
    GB06 Chomp Chomp 9 months ago

    Next interview
    Talking Tech with Kim Jung Un (all the failures of North Korea missiles)

  • sulcata G
    sulcata G 9 months ago

    When you go from Watching his.
    Old 2009 videos to this... they grow up so Fast 😭😭

  • Jachson Jackson
    Jachson Jackson 9 months ago

    Don’t you all know Kobe BryanRaped a women? I bet you just don’t give a fuck.

  • Marlo Stanfield
    Marlo Stanfield 9 months ago

    Why do I feel like Kobe is a little coked up in this interview 🤔

  • Varant Tchalikian
    Varant Tchalikian 9 months ago


  • TwoLive91
    TwoLive91 9 months ago

    Damn bro you met kobe on a 1 on 1. Cool af

  • C Allen
    C Allen 9 months ago

    Wasn't a Kobe fan until he got older and more mature. Love the story about his kids and tech to!

  • Mohammed Ahmed
    Mohammed Ahmed 10 months ago

    I'm a simple man. I see Kobe I like, comment, subscribe, share and follow.

  • Mr Iza
    Mr Iza 10 months ago

    He’s so much bigger than you lol look at them thicc thighs

  • GoNzO
    GoNzO 10 months ago


  • RPX
    RPX 10 months ago +1

    I hate it when my parents or 30 year old people assume that i have no fucking clue about shit before my time cuz nigga i know all dat shit now

  • Michael Zhang
    Michael Zhang 10 months ago

    How'd you get the interview with kobe?

  • Ceasar Langley
    Ceasar Langley 10 months ago

    Cool interview, very straight forward. Kobe Bryant is very humble.

  • B Bras
    B Bras 10 months ago

    Lol why he hella nervous tho

    • señor eric
      señor eric 8 months ago

      Marco Mark Productions I gotta disagree. in most of the interviews I’ve seen him do, he hasn’t been nervous.

    • Marco Mark Productions
      Marco Mark Productions 9 months ago +1

      ENZO B because he’s a nervous guy

  • Michael Karol
    Michael Karol 10 months ago

    What phone does he have

  • Unconforming Truther
    Unconforming Truther 10 months ago

    Who's this Marquis guy thou

  • Bone game Sticks
    Bone game Sticks 10 months ago

    Marques brownlee nice interview brother. Love your channel I got you a like man. I never like kobo until he retired. Lol just some would say about mike Jordan the man. Lol. Return the favor I’m a small channel. Can I get a like and sub. Been sub to you almost two years. Keep up good work man.

  • I'm dat Guy
    I'm dat Guy 10 months ago

    He said he hoped to do it again but he hasn't yet

  • Marcus Massas
    Marcus Massas 10 months ago

    This interview helped me see Kobe and you and people more than celebrity personalities.

  • Dan Valdivia
    Dan Valdivia 10 months ago

    Kobe looks like MKBHD's dad

  • Dario Alexander
    Dario Alexander 10 months ago

    Seems like Kobe should come clean by now about being your real father.....

  • Zack Abnet
    Zack Abnet 10 months ago

    Damn kobe knows his shit

  • Augustya Sing
    Augustya Sing 10 months ago

    kobe like looking my younger self

  • Michael Monreal
    Michael Monreal 10 months ago

    This conversation seemed very akward, like if you agree

  • Zak Barker
    Zak Barker 10 months ago

    Pretty satisfying interview.

  • TTX Productionz®
    TTX Productionz® 10 months ago

    Kobe with all due respect what the f happend to ur hairline

  • mynameis bob
    mynameis bob 10 months ago

    Wow he actually seems pretty cool.

  • Yes Its me
    Yes Its me 10 months ago

    am I the only one who laughs every time I see that thumbnail

  • sevan grigoryan
    sevan grigoryan 10 months ago

    Hey! That halo shirt lookin good. Where can I get one?

  • Addison Tharpe
    Addison Tharpe 10 months ago

    iPhone 📱 for the win

  • Blake Turner
    Blake Turner 10 months ago

    Dude sweet shirt!! Loved the vid also

    MIND NOVA 10 months ago +1

    Cause’ you’re black?

  • Matthew Bond
    Matthew Bond 10 months ago

    Bruh u just interviewed Kobe. Respect man.

  • Frank Martinez
    Frank Martinez 10 months ago

    Hell in the hell did you booked kobe Bryant?

  • IClutchTooMuch
    IClutchTooMuch 10 months ago

    That's his uncle

  • Su Driller
    Su Driller 10 months ago

    really dope af

  • Mohammad Deoun
    Mohammad Deoun 10 months ago

    You guys look alike!!!!

  • Francisco Magana
    Francisco Magana 10 months ago

    kobe man...just cut it off

  • sam or xjawz
    sam or xjawz 10 months ago

    wow kobe seems like a chill down to earth kinda guy

  • Myrmidon
    Myrmidon 10 months ago

    Congrats on being able to sit next to Kobe and not look like Kevin Hart next to Shaq.

  • Jake Kaim
    Jake Kaim 10 months ago

    kobe logo lowkey looking like the destiny logo...

  • Shawn Cheng
    Shawn Cheng 10 months ago

    are you brother?

  • Kerry Keosayasing
    Kerry Keosayasing 10 months ago

    I’m sorry but Kobe’s hairline is just back there.

    MEN'S BASKETBALL LEAGUE 10 months ago

    Kobe says he's not tech savvy @ all. He later advised he uses an I-Phone. Makes sense to me. Something like a Note 8 packs too much of a punch for a non tech savvy user ;-)

  • Kermit the Frog
    Kermit the Frog 10 months ago +1


  • Damarion Walton
    Damarion Walton 10 months ago

    His Hairline 😕

  • Jo
    Jo 10 months ago

    love seeing two black men discuss tech. also kobe is charming as hell

  • Alex Suvorov
    Alex Suvorov 11 months ago

    Awesome video

  • Gregory Romeus
    Gregory Romeus 11 months ago +1

    You guys got the same shape head

  • Roy Robson
    Roy Robson 11 months ago

    *All a bit stiff. MK is literally smoother with his cam alone. Pity*

  • Gian
    Gian 11 months ago

    Watching this on 2017

  • Michał Orłowski
    Michał Orłowski 11 months ago

    Wow, more black still less stupid :) (God bless your Video Editing Software)

  • Jamal SavageTv
    Jamal SavageTv 11 months ago

    U the goat for this video !

  • mzicpol
    mzicpol 11 months ago

    kobe is such a good interviewee, he actually looks more excited than marques lol

  • Casey Flentye
    Casey Flentye 11 months ago

    The master of disaster. The ender of all dreams. The king of the court. “FROM LOWER-MARION HIGH SCHOOL.....KOOOOOBBBBBEEEE

    Kobe is terrible at speaking and interviews but damn he’s my favorite athlete of all time.

  • Edward Santos
    Edward Santos 11 months ago

    Kobe is smart. just imagine if he went to college