Game Theory: Petscop - The Music and The Madman

  • Published on Jan 12, 2019
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    Petscop is the biggest mystery in gaming that you can't play. We've talked a lot about this non-game. Throughout our other theories we've uncovered who our cast of characters are, what this game actually is, and more. Yet there are still so many unanswered questions. Today, Theorists, we are going to tackle not one but TWO of these mysteries. Hold on to your screens, this is going to get DARK!
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    #Petscop #ScaryGame #Mystery #Secrets #PetscopTheory #ScaryStory #HorrorStory #GameTheory
    Writer: Matthew Patrick
    Researchers: Zach Stewart and Matthew Patrick
    Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Marc Schneider, BanditRants , and Dan Seibert
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

    Erwin Stein, "Strawinsky's Septet (1953) for Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon, Piano, Violin, Viola & Violoncello: An Analysis'", Tempo new series 31 (Spring 1954): 7-11. Citation on p. 7.
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Comments • 23 757

  • Ѕмσl и' Ѕαlту

    _the door frame was moved_

  • Time Bomb
    Time Bomb 2 days ago

    my name is nobody.

  • Braydin Cambridge
    Braydin Cambridge 2 days ago

    sooooo... shadow monster man is marvin huh.
    -somebody call the FBI

  • Ghost F-119
    Ghost F-119 3 days ago

    Welp It's kinda easy I think, the open door picture was taken first, then the door was closed and the second picture was taken :)

    • Ghost F-119
      Ghost F-119 3 days ago

      No wait... Agh i didnt get the riddle, then I dont know the answer

  • Yuvaltheshort YT
    Yuvaltheshort YT 5 days ago


  • The Squeak Squad
    The Squeak Squad 5 days ago

    Matpat: this is more complicated than FNaF
    Me: hold my psychic friend fredbear (he's here he's there he's everywhere. Who you gonna call? Psychic friend fredbear)
    Alternate version:
    Matpat: this is more complicated than FNaF
    Psychic friend fredbear: say sike right now

  • HeadpatsForRamen OwO


  • Erwin V
    Erwin V 6 days ago

    7:01 wait whaaat thats not meee ???? XD

  • Helmo O
    Helmo O 7 days ago

    Well obviously someTHING opened the door 🚪 not someone.

  • noa tim
    noa tim 8 days ago

    *D E AD C H I L D R E N I S T H E L I F E B L O O D*

  • Katy _716
    Katy _716 8 days ago

    God this is like listening to night vale I can’t zone out because when I zone back in I’m lost
    In conclusion
    Overall great theories I’m just dumb

  • Jaxsoccer 101
    Jaxsoccer 101 8 days ago +2

    Scott: *sees petscop and game theories based on it*
    “Ahh so that’s how you make video game lore”
    *Help Wanted comes out*

  • JusticeGraceful
    JusticeGraceful 8 days ago

    So you lied at the beginning, because both doors were shown at the same angle yet 1 was open and 1 was closed.

  • Pikagirl541
    Pikagirl541 9 days ago

    I'm bad with riddles, but I'll give it a shot. For a door to be open without it being opened it would have to be an empty door frame after the door itself is removed. That's my (most likely wrong) guess.

  • deleted deleted
    deleted deleted 10 days ago

    Mabye the reason why marvin is forcing kids to play the piano, is because mabye tiara knew how to play the piano, and marvin may have known that she played a sertrn song. That's why any kid who could have played the song right could have been reborn into tiara. This theory may or may not be right. I'll have to look into it, but this would kinda explain why marvin would make his victims play the piano.

  • That person sitting over there

    Time stap: 00:00:25 /// My answer, The pictures are out of order. Nobody opened the door, Somebody closed it and took picture.

  • Axel Ramirez
    Axel Ramirez 11 days ago

    it has to be m4rv1n p43l

  • Tomas Kjellgren
    Tomas Kjellgren 12 days ago +1

    The door do not exist it’s only in our mind... maybe... it was the best I could think of...

    Or all it is not the same door! Maybe....

  • Hawkorvan
    Hawkorvan 12 days ago

    Dadaism, 12 tone technique, 20th century music/atonal music.

  • Pingaz The Great
    Pingaz The Great 13 days ago

    the door wanted to poop in that toilet

  • nathaniel jones
    nathaniel jones 13 days ago

    The door didn't change you did

  • Codrin Moisa
    Codrin Moisa 13 days ago +1

    Three movements, three child states...

  • katana kickzi
    katana kickzi 14 days ago

    i haven't watched the whole video but the thing (i forgot) says that he played the second movement, the second stage of petscop is where the game is made

  • baby ate my dingo
    baby ate my dingo 14 days ago

    They are both pictures because when wouldn't you see th camera man? It looks like a mirror if I am wrong

  • Tenmu Productions
    Tenmu Productions 15 days ago +1

    This game is a bit disturbing for me. Yeah it is for everyone, but for me... very disturbing. My dads name is Marvin. It makes me a little uneasy when I watch these theories. I don’t see my dad that much due to him not married to my mom, they never were married. Also, he likes music. He was acting strange when I last saw him and I haven’t heard from him, or heard about him in a year. When I was just a baby, him and my mom split. I thought I’d throw this in for fun

  • Michael Cummings
    Michael Cummings 15 days ago

    mental illness. obviously. look at the title.

  • nathan greenwood
    nathan greenwood 15 days ago

    My answer to the riddle is that somebody photoshopped it

  • Nathan Early
    Nathan Early 15 days ago

    It's a new door

  • Carter Denny
    Carter Denny 15 days ago

    Different door

  • Chowdermonkey
    Chowdermonkey 15 days ago

    it was the wind

  • Captive Kittypet
    Captive Kittypet 16 days ago

    Me: falls off hammock chair at all suspenseful parts, but mostly because lack of chair-sitting ability °^°

  • laurdes z
    laurdes z 17 days ago

    Riddle answer: its a different door that was built open. No one opened it cause its always been open

  • Ritaf Avlaj
    Ritaf Avlaj 17 days ago

    Has anyone decoded the audio from the endscreen of the last gt-petscop episode?

  • Ritaf Avlaj
    Ritaf Avlaj 17 days ago

    The door was built open

  • crung lung6e
    crung lung6e 18 days ago

    The doors open because IT is another world that reaches out to our world because of Marvin and paul

  • Patrizia Roffino
    Patrizia Roffino 18 days ago

    Someone painted an open wall on the closed door.

  • Tess Golds
    Tess Golds 18 days ago

    0:16 Is it the same door but different...Like, you know, same door different alternate universe?

    Edit: I hit too close to feel comfortable

  • Tess Golds
    Tess Golds 18 days ago

    Why does Marvin look like shrek?

  • Mavis13
    Mavis13 19 days ago

    I guess you could say it’s not really a... *RUN OF THE MILL* game?

  • XXXTelevision
    XXXTelevision 19 days ago

    What ever happened to new maker

  • #notagrom
    #notagrom 20 days ago

    I found a Google group that seems to be directly linked with Petscop. I tried posting a link to the Petscop Reddit and it was immediately removed by the mods. The Google group was created by a man named "Reverend Paul", as a group dedicated to the discussion of "rebirthing". The first entry is dated "1/10/98", but when you open it, "Reverend Paul" exclaims that the group was proposed on 12/97. Two posts later, Paul makes a 2nd post including this line which heavily reminded me of Petscop "This newsgroup is also a Christmas present to the founder of Rebirthing, Leonard Orr, Archarya Raja." Meaning it was originally created on Christmas day of 1997, which was referenced in the "about" section of the Petscop channel itself. This group has remained active, with its most recent post being made in 2018.
    When I noticed my post had been ghosted by the mods on the Petscop Reddit, I messaged them to ask why, and this was their response: "Hi, your post has been removed due to encroaching at rules 2 and 8. We had some rather nasty incidents that started like this, and we'd rather avoid another one. Also, as far as I can tell, similarities between that group and the show are just coincidental"
    This doesn't appear to be "coincidental" to me, at all. There's WAY too much identical info here. But I don't know anyone in the community and obviously the mods aren't interested in allowing this information to become public. So here's the link, for anyone interested in digging deeper. There's more info posted there over the last 2 decades than I could decipher on my own:!forum/alt.metaphysics.rebirthing

  • Marciline Thomas
    Marciline Thomas 20 days ago

    perhaps its not the same door

  • Rebecca Kottke
    Rebecca Kottke 22 days ago

    They're different doors. Different pictures, different doors.

  • Tyler and Maayan Productions. . .

    It’s just a painting

    OPPA OPPA 22 days ago

    Well I Think The Picture Is Replaced?


  • fen4ri
    fen4ri 22 days ago

    Maybe this is obvious but the "placeholder" platform like object that is in the place of the windmill, could be the bottom of the windmill model clipping through the ground plane to the opposite side of the plane. When he goes down the stairs he is going to the other side of the plane? And its like everything else on the plane is a mirrored image of the normal side, mirroring appears a lot, huh?

  • Motion Mermaids
    Motion Mermaids 23 days ago

    it be a different door

  • mr. puff corn
    mr. puff corn 23 days ago +1

    Make an update video

  • ToffuPlays CZ
    ToffuPlays CZ 23 days ago +1

    paul have 24 episodes now

  • Diyar bayazidi
    Diyar bayazidi 24 days ago


  • John-Myles Kirkland
    John-Myles Kirkland 25 days ago

    The paintings or actually Backwards in time the door was open and now it's close

  • Cyrus Ward
    Cyrus Ward 25 days ago

    The first thing I guessed to answer your riddle the fact that it was a perspective change, but how does that explain the door frame?

  • Frisk The Lost Soul
    Frisk The Lost Soul 25 days ago

    Maybe that open door is actually does not have a door but has a door directly beside the doorway without the door

  • Itsthepips 0710
    Itsthepips 0710 26 days ago +1

    MatPat could you give Rainer some eyes
    Thanks- the society of my sanity and sleep

  • Amelia Nichols
    Amelia Nichols 26 days ago

    Someone painted the door!!!!!

  • deffelshots
    deffelshots 26 days ago

    Someone used magic to open the door

  • James bond
    James bond 28 days ago

    Was the door never closed

  • Elsie Barnes
    Elsie Barnes 28 days ago

    By the way I'm so sorry I know you did a lot of research on this I'm really surprised that you got all of that and I hope you have a good day

  • Elsie Barnes
    Elsie Barnes 28 days ago

    NBC's video of scary videos like this I don't really be scared or surprised I just be kind of board for some reason like I already know it of course I don't because I never played petscop and I don't look at internet to see if it's true but this doesn't surprise me

  • BearieTheAnimatronicFoxyFangirl87

    To answer the question from the beginning of the video, It's an illusion?idk though lmao! Hope I'm right lol XD
    Good theory though