Game Theory: Petscop - The Music and The Madman

  • Published on Jan 12, 2019
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    Petscop is the biggest mystery in gaming that you can't play. We've talked a lot about this non-game. Throughout our other theories we've uncovered who our cast of characters are, what this game actually is, and more. Yet there are still so many unanswered questions. Today, Theorists, we are going to tackle not one but TWO of these mysteries. Hold on to your screens, this is going to get DARK!
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    #Petscop #ScaryGame #Mystery #Secrets #PetscopTheory #ScaryStory #HorrorStory #GameTheory
    Writer: Matthew Patrick
    Researchers: Zach Stewart and Matthew Patrick
    Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Marc Schneider, BanditRants , and Dan Seibert
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

    Erwin Stein, "Strawinsky's Septet (1953) for Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon, Piano, Violin, Viola & Violoncello: An Analysis'", Tempo new series 31 (Spring 1954): 7-11. Citation on p. 7.
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Comments • 23 427

  • Raine Rodrigues
    Raine Rodrigues 14 hours ago +1

    I think I figured out the door riddle,
    When a door is open and you look at from behind, it looks closed but when you go to the other side of the door it looks open, the door was never closed at all

    nO I dIdNt LoOk AhEaD

  • Gacha Azelea Black
    Gacha Azelea Black 14 hours ago

    The wind opened the door because if you look at it, it looks like the door is shown through a window that has no glass. But hey that`s just a theory, a RIDDLE theory.

  • VelvetKate
    VelvetKate 17 hours ago

    Trapped in the game, rebirthing, escaping through the player - FNaF VR and glitch trap?

  • Aaron Hughes
    Aaron Hughes 21 hour ago

    You opened the door

  • watt wooson
    watt wooson Day ago

    I aanswered the riddle correctly

  • Marissa D
    Marissa D Day ago


  • Trevor Sadley
    Trevor Sadley Day ago

    What if Paul is marven teaching him self and growing up to be a kidnaper and mureder and this game is him admitting to it

  • Hilario Hilflo
    Hilario Hilflo Day ago

    Why is he back again with this😑😑

  • Igor D'umbra
    Igor D'umbra Day ago

    The start looks like something from nightvale

  • Arie Bando
    Arie Bando Day ago

    I want to play petscop

  • Lunala Moon
    Lunala Moon Day ago +1

    To be honest petscop is one of the scariest videos if ever seen 😅

  • Orville Redenpiller

    There are eight named characters in this game. You’re forgetting the most important one.
    Pepe Silvia.

  • Noah Johnson
    Noah Johnson 2 days ago

    The answer is that the door rotates

  • Virgil Sanders
    Virgil Sanders 2 days ago

    I have a theory! What if Paul, if that’s his real name is like daisy brown yea her that girl with the weird alien thing. Paul made this entire thing up and none of these people are real. Paul made petscop and is acting and replaying the game he made. Also, like Daisy Brown he posts on TVclip videos and everything is messed up. BUT THATS JUST A THEROY A GA- Oh wait... THATS JUST A THEROY AN AVA THEROY!

  • green mistake
    green mistake 2 days ago

    It's a different door

  • Σέλντον Πλαγκτόν

    Ιts the same door, the same room, but in another world and open this time

  • Aviivax
    Aviivax 2 days ago

    i made popcorn for this

  • April Livingood
    April Livingood 2 days ago

    Well they must of painted the other picture.

  • Levyathan
    Levyathan 2 days ago

    0:15 Quantum physics

  • Teodora G.
    Teodora G. 2 days ago +1

    Me: Being scared of the video and watching it carefully
    Chigirl paper puzzle ad: appeares

    lmao what is wrong with me?

  • GalaxySpaceWaffle 108

    Bro it's creepy because my grandmas last name is hammond AHHHH

  • External
    External 3 days ago

    You trying to rebirth in mining simulator

  • Werewolf Dog
    Werewolf Dog 3 days ago

    I’m not kidding when I say this the 12 tone serialism sounds good and is actually kinda soothing to hear 😋

  • yeetimus
    yeetimus 3 days ago +1

    What does the first episode of these theories have any thing to do with the others

  • Elizabeth Jimenez
    Elizabeth Jimenez 4 days ago

    the door was an ilusion

  • Dylan Drosick
    Dylan Drosick 4 days ago

    Genuinely upset nobody in this comment section mentions King Crimson smfh

  • Elan Sleazebaggano
    Elan Sleazebaggano 4 days ago +1

    The door was opened from the handle being weak. You could probably open it by pushing it very lightly.

  • cool dog
    cool dog 4 days ago

    Petscop is really close to petshop

  • M.C. Horns Art
    M.C. Horns Art 4 days ago

    They uhm- the door wasn’t fully closed and the wind blew it open?

  • Winter_Solctice_Gacha

    You said one is open, the then u said it wasn't. MAKE UP UR MIND, God..

  • Crystal _gaming
    Crystal _gaming 4 days ago

    Is this real or like a myth where they are making Paul a killer or child abuser??

  • Dmitry Low
    Dmitry Low 4 days ago

    You make it

  • Mr Salamander
    Mr Salamander 4 days ago +1

    Plz confirm this is indeed a creepypasta. I’m scared

  • BlueFlaming Wolf
    BlueFlaming Wolf 4 days ago

    The door was obviously removed, no one opened it, it's not closed, it's just not there anymore

  • Chris Sutton
    Chris Sutton 5 days ago

    Maybe someone opened the door from behind

    Or it was someone who was dead

  • Crow x
    Crow x 5 days ago

    The doors name was Friday

  • Abigail Stigger
    Abigail Stigger 5 days ago +2

    the riddle is simple.
    *Haven’t you people ever heard of cLOSING the goddamn door?*

  • Lana playz
    Lana playz 5 days ago

    I know it the door was a ghost door and a ghost opened it or photoshop

  • Noma Mc
    Noma Mc 5 days ago

    Well it's simple it might be painted or someone might of leaft it open and the light made it look open or closed

  • Drewmoefoe
    Drewmoefoe 5 days ago +1

    The other door opened the door

  • Lord Drey
    Lord Drey 5 days ago

    12:07 scared me really bad

  • AnimeBaka Tognarina
    AnimeBaka Tognarina 5 days ago

    The answer...
    It was always open!!!

  • Its maryann sup
    Its maryann sup 5 days ago

    My soulution was someone painted it to look open

  • Wobbles and Bean
    Wobbles and Bean 5 days ago

    As much as I an in awe of Petscop, I do wish they'd finish it already.

  • max quayle
    max quayle 5 days ago

    it was taken from a different angle

  • Mango The RainWing
    Mango The RainWing 5 days ago

    Wait.. Pet Cops.. that's an anagram for Petscop. I'm *SURE* I'm not the only one to notice this!

  • Top Hatter
    Top Hatter 6 days ago

    you were looking at a different dimension at a different time.

  • Justin Casiano
    Justin Casiano 6 days ago

    Someone opened it he said it didn’t open nobody opened it and ai isn’t a human because it’s not a nobody it’s an ai when we say nobody it’s usually to people it’s always to people because nobody referring to people meaning maybe an ai opened it i tried my best it’s probably not true I tried best also I trash at grammar

  • LPs_ Tibble_Productions

    *just to clarify petscop is just a creepy pasta right? It's not a real story?*

  • miniladder
    miniladder 6 days ago


  • Turtle Keg
    Turtle Keg 6 days ago

    The door is ajar.

  • Max Hudson
    Max Hudson 6 days ago

    there are two doors...

  • Raccoon Child
    Raccoon Child 6 days ago

    I got an ad with someone named Micheal A in it illuminate confirmed

  • Quixxez
    Quixxez 6 days ago +1

    The door is both opened and closed. It was always open, yet always closed, too.

  • Co0lGuy25
    Co0lGuy25 6 days ago

    The 2nd picture doesn't exisit thats probably why '-'

  • Exorcise me, I beg you
    Exorcise me, I beg you 6 days ago +5

    When I hear Reiner, I think Attack on Titan.
    Petscop can't scare me :)

    • Cute Candy
      Cute Candy 2 days ago

      To be completely honest, I had forgot that there was a Reiner in aot until I read this comment 😂

  • Holly Foulkes
    Holly Foulkes 7 days ago +1

    It was a different door.

  • Le Epic Gaming Person


    l0 l0 l0

    lo lo lo

    6 6 6

  • Raven Souletter
    Raven Souletter 7 days ago

    Didn't you already use that intro?

  • neon sinner
    neon sinner 7 days ago

    there are more 5

  • ADPhG Gamer
    ADPhG Gamer 8 days ago

    The open door is the first form so nobody did anything bit somebody closed it

  • sadface loser
    sadface loser 8 days ago +1

    the two doors are in alternate universes
    *but hey, that’s just a theory*

    • miniladder
      miniladder 6 days ago


  • Moaz Elma
    Moaz Elma 8 days ago

    alternate doors, alternate universe. either that or just two similar doors. or time travel

  • Anna Lack
    Anna Lack 8 days ago

    "And probably murder."

  • Kestrel McDonald
    Kestrel McDonald 8 days ago

    Well mates... the wall just up and moved itself, just forgot about the door...

  • Gacha Koi
    Gacha Koi 8 days ago

    My answer is a bit long...

    So if NO ONE opened the door, that means NO PERSON opened the door.
    And, he did say the answer is what it’s all about, think of the title. “The Music and the Madman.” The madman is a man, so he nor anyone else could open it. But music. The music can send a musical tune that
    Triggered the door to open. If not, NO ONE is a person. Petscop already has a eerie backstory, and if you think bat to Petscop, the theory video, then you know this is probably a reference, actually, a game about a child’s death, but a distressed child, who, died. Now it’s really “Products” of distressed children. The top is a cheery, (Yet still suspiciously eerie.) world, of a child! Now the bottom is a depressing view from Candances, 2nd, life. When Paul, (The discover of Petscop.) deposits her, (Candance.) that is her death. So, back to topic, Candance opened the door. She isn’t alive, therefore, you wouldn’t classify her as a ONE, because the ONE states, “of living matter; alive.” So you can’t call her much anything but, a ghoul.

  • PiggyQuest
    PiggyQuest 8 days ago

    no body opened the door it was ghost duuh

  • SunflowerBoi Nagachika
    SunflowerBoi Nagachika 8 days ago +1

    I spaced out for 1 minute and we’re talking about rotations. What the heck.

  • zarry mlolpp
    zarry mlolpp 8 days ago

    its a different door

  • Rick Miller
    Rick Miller 8 days ago


  • Rick Miller
    Rick Miller 8 days ago

    I’m with fluffy sea but

  • Douglas B
    Douglas B 9 days ago +3

    Paul:That's a dead kid
    MatPat: That's all you had to say

  • Jeffrey Ramos
    Jeffrey Ramos 9 days ago +1

    Dead children. Also skill share

  • Hat Kid
    Hat Kid 9 days ago +1

    The wind pushed it open

  • Melquisedec Bermudez
    Melquisedec Bermudez 9 days ago +1

    they were two different doors

  • Oceanic Galaxy
    Oceanic Galaxy 10 days ago +6

    Late answer but oh well. What if the door was always open, it was just viewed at the wrong angle and appeared to be closed.

  • Simon Cauchi
    Simon Cauchi 10 days ago +1

    They're two different doors.

  • Jestrx NyanBoss
    Jestrx NyanBoss 10 days ago +1

    pyrocinical wants to know your location

  • ang burge
    ang burge 10 days ago +1

    It was a maid opened

  • Artistic Pleb
    Artistic Pleb 10 days ago +3

    The door didn’t open because it was already open and someone closed it

  • Jacks Playz
    Jacks Playz 10 days ago

    I find a lot of similarities between Marvin doing terrible, abusive crimes involving children, sometimes including murder, then getting trapped into something (Springbonnie/ Springtrap) as a consequence, and Purple Guy (William Afton I think) doing terrible and abusive crimes involving children, again, often being related with murder, then getting trapped into something (Petscop) as a consequence. Also, just think about something... Michael Hammod is Michael A, in a happy status. Unless... Michael A.... and.... Michael Afton! You thought you were done with FNAF, MatPat.... but, you have barely just scratched the surface.
    But hey, that’s a ~~theory~~ joke... an ~~GAME THEORY~~ UNFUNNY JOKE!

  • The holy Lampshade
    The holy Lampshade 11 days ago +1

    So if I rotate into a different axis Olive Garden will taste bad?

  • Axel Feeney
    Axel Feeney 11 days ago

    So care isn’t dead, right? What if it was passed nit from, Rainer, Marvin, Paul, but, Rainer, Marvin, care, Paul. Paul said his mom had it, what if his mom is care, but that’s a nickname. And remember the cadence newmaker theory? I think it’s still connected, and that there are more connections to other major Child deaths. Just a thought, and I’m only like 8 minutes in so idk if you thought care could be Paul’s mom or not sooooo

  • Margarita Gindoyan
    Margarita Gindoyan 11 days ago

    In hello neigbor IT is a page for neigbors family

  • gaming with omer king
    gaming with omer king 11 days ago

    Join us quitter
    Nobody play with me

  • louise rules
    louise rules 11 days ago

    I really want to know what happened to the door? How did it open. No joke I just for real want to know

  • Axel Hynninen
    Axel Hynninen 11 days ago


  • AlaaDoesAnimations
    AlaaDoesAnimations 11 days ago +1

    MatPat at the beginning of every Petscp video: “This is what petscop is all about

  • Dragon Piper
    Dragon Piper 12 days ago

    candice started it all

  • Keelia Hunter
    Keelia Hunter 12 days ago

    There are two doors, somebody took a picture of a closed door and then later they took a picture of the open door

  • Tesseract Rave
    Tesseract Rave 12 days ago

    the picture is taken from an open entrance to a hallway where the door is just around the corner and still visible.
    oxygen potassium, now onto the video.

  • Maggie James
    Maggie James 12 days ago

    “Petscop has a far more complicated than Fnaf.” -MatPat 2019.
    Says the guy who admitted defeat to Scott for a week

  • Rkspyro666
    Rkspyro666 13 days ago

    It’s says it’s a picture therefore the door isn’t there and can’t be opened but can look like it is by being painted that way(this is an answer to his riddle, obviously)

  • Jennifer Cavenee
    Jennifer Cavenee 13 days ago

    That Skillshare free trial link still works! Thanks, Matt!

  • Harrinsain!!
    Harrinsain!! 14 days ago

    When did this suddenly become Steel Ball Run?

  • Kendal Swanson
    Kendal Swanson 14 days ago

    So does the first video about petscop on this channel not matter anymore? The one focused on candace? I'm just wondering if it all ties in somehow

  • TheGamingWolf 3551
    TheGamingWolf 3551 14 days ago


  • Ethan
    Ethan 14 days ago

    The door was never closed you just perceived it to be?