People Who Had The Best Day Ever!

  • Published on May 1, 2019
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Comments • 6 043

  • Cayden Richards
    Cayden Richards 17 hours ago +1

    When the phone was in the toilet How did they take the picture

  • jason
    jason 19 hours ago +1

    Stop saying bad words or I'll stop watching your chanel 😕

  • kenneth lini
    kenneth lini 21 hour ago

    But not set waw

  • Shaimaa Hussein
    Shaimaa Hussein 22 hours ago


  • AJ Dowdy
    AJ Dowdy Day ago

    700 that looks like a few thousand worth actually

  • AJ Dowdy
    AJ Dowdy Day ago

    610 she actually fit it up her hoooha

  • Xxsummer _spirtxX

    The nail one.....
    That happened to my friend, only it went straight thought her foot.
    We were in a forest near a place called "the dad's man's ditch" and we were running back to the camp place and she tripped and a nail went straight thought her foot, I when to get help and she had to go to the hospital, THE NAIL ALMOST CRACKED HER BONE...
    She's fine now and is actually a very fast runner

  • Kirsty Morgan
    Kirsty Morgan Day ago

    I love alfrado

  • Khaled Mariner
    Khaled Mariner 2 days ago


  • Cason Tucker
    Cason Tucker 2 days ago

    Dude UK people don’t drive on the right side of the road


    Tal fishman : 4 MILLON DOLLARS!
    Me: Search’s Tal Fishmans net worth
    8 million dollars
    Me: WHAT?!


    That’s A Massive Banana- Tal Fishman

  • Khanie Anne
    Khanie Anne 2 days ago

    Alfredo is so cute

  • Khanie Anne
    Khanie Anne 2 days ago

    No I will not sub we could be friends

  • David Joyce
    David Joyce 2 days ago

    I found a 7 leaf clover

  • Beirdo's world
    Beirdo's world 2 days ago +1

    They clearly aren't that lucky if they are getting into these situations! LOL!

  • Gadiel Molina
    Gadiel Molina 2 days ago

    Kit kat w

  • Candycane YT
    Candycane YT 3 days ago

    Double D'S Stands for DUMDUM OK😒😒😒

  • Dervish GD
    Dervish GD 3 days ago

    What if that big banana is a plantain dun dun duuuuuuuuuun

  • SuperVaporeonJustice

    W for kit kat

  • why_so cHeEsE
    why_so cHeEsE 5 days ago

    Okay in liTERally found a 6 leaf clover🤣 but I left it out side for not even an hour and it shriveled up🙁

  • Wania Hashmi
    Wania Hashmi 6 days ago

    6:32 is where u should stop for the Anthony pic

  • HanHanPlayz
    HanHanPlayz 6 days ago

    8:03 oh, well that's too bad....

    I don't like crisps.

  • SimplePencil
    SimplePencil 7 days ago


  • Satan Sathan
    Satan Sathan 7 days ago

    What is tal thinking we, the uk, drive on Le left side. His country, America, drives. On ze right

  • AJ vids and LPS vids 103

    Thats not the best day of there life
    The best day of there life was when there bored

  • breeekool2 _roblox
    breeekool2 _roblox 7 days ago

    What if we are not new to this channel do we still sub?

  • Oscar Bopp
    Oscar Bopp 8 days ago


  • Oscar Bopp
    Oscar Bopp 8 days ago


  • Oscar Bopp
    Oscar Bopp 8 days ago


  • Oscar Bopp
    Oscar Bopp 8 days ago


  • Oscar Bopp
    Oscar Bopp 8 days ago

    So far

  • Oscar Bopp
    Oscar Bopp 8 days ago

    I found one a Four leaf clover 🍀

  • sonic the hedgehog
    sonic the hedgehog 9 days ago

    a w

  • Caleb Upton
    Caleb Upton 9 days ago

    Give me 1000 likes if Alfredo should have a channel!!

  • T Shady
    T Shady 10 days ago

    Daddy donut 🍩
    Daughter 🍩
    Son donut 🍩

  • Moke Mik
    Moke Mik 10 days ago

    I found a six leaf clover before in my yard

  • Little Blue Backpack
    Little Blue Backpack 10 days ago +1

    One day, I was just walking around. I looked down. There was a six leaf clover right by my foot

  • Isaac Cosby
    Isaac Cosby 10 days ago

    I prefer a wafer in kit kats because it gives it a crunch and flavor.

  • Marina Hernandez
    Marina Hernandez 10 days ago

    Sharks already don't like the taste of people

  • Yeon Kimin
    Yeon Kimin 11 days ago

    Focusing on Shooky in the background

  • micheldron1
    micheldron1 11 days ago +1

    W L

  • Lyrics God
    Lyrics God 11 days ago

    They gave those kind of donuts at universal but they are like 35$ but they had the best of luck love your vids

  • Mauricio Corona
    Mauricio Corona 12 days ago


  • - starry yoon -
    - starry yoon - 12 days ago +1

    *_there's a shooky plush behind tal_*

  • Bella rahmani
    Bella rahmani 12 days ago

    I step on a needle

  • Mark Bryce
    Mark Bryce 12 days ago +2

    Roses are red
    Violets are Violet

    Edit: I got a like......oh that’s

  • Lucas Reee
    Lucas Reee 13 days ago

    Banana’s don’t grow on trees they grow on plant things

  • Riley Matthews
    Riley Matthews 14 days ago +1

    *It’s kinda just the luckiest day ever not the best cause if it was the best then how come u nearly died ect??*

  • DOGS *bark*
    DOGS *bark* 14 days ago +1

    Sharks don't even like the taste of humans...

    Unless they taste like seals

  • Inayat Hossain
    Inayat Hossain 15 days ago


  • My Account
    My Account 16 days ago +3

    "it's not everyday you can thank technology for saving your life." Tal Fishman 2019

  • Kiira Stenhouse
    Kiira Stenhouse 17 days ago

    The kit kat it’s bad for no wafers

  • Samantha Imhoff
    Samantha Imhoff 17 days ago

    You look like a orange hhahahahahahahahhahahaha 😂

  • Jaren Mccurdy
    Jaren Mccurdy 17 days ago

    I have a 8 leaf

  • Landin Stanziano
    Landin Stanziano 17 days ago


  • Landin Stanziano
    Landin Stanziano 17 days ago

    Take the Dickson alfrado

  • Cole H
    Cole H 17 days ago +1


  • Rada Rosbrook
    Rada Rosbrook 18 days ago +1

    I think the kit Kat was a F🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • Unicorn Galaxy
    Unicorn Galaxy 18 days ago

    I found a diamond in a taxi then lost in school so sad

  • Kristen Kenny
    Kristen Kenny 18 days ago

    tal have you had a BIG F@T W?

  • Jose bacon
    Jose bacon 18 days ago


  • GalaxyWolfGirl20 LOL!
    GalaxyWolfGirl20 LOL! 18 days ago

    I found a six leaf clover

  • The Amazing Anna
    The Amazing Anna 19 days ago

    Soooooo hot

  • Mariyam Haji
    Mariyam Haji 20 days ago

    Tal and his

  • valen johnson
    valen johnson 20 days ago

    My sister got a Funyun like that once she diddnt eat it she actually kept it for a few years and always showed it to people when they came over

  • Jacky dino
    Jacky dino 21 day ago

    I was at a pool party and chicken fight and a girl lost her earing and it was in the pool and I got the earing in my foot it went more in and I cried so much that my sister closed my mouth and her boyfriend pulled it out it heart so bad and I was 9!

  • Jay Hagedorn
    Jay Hagedorn 21 day ago

    The KitKat is a l

  • Keivin Hayes
    Keivin Hayes 21 day ago

    I see suga bt21 character

  • C l
    C l 21 day ago

    He takes double d's, meaning dirty dumps.

    Fun of GAMING-DAILY VIDS 22 days ago +2

    If this was their best day ever then why did this happen to them?

  • J C
    J C 22 days ago

    To see he goes like clean easy yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah O yeah Plato that O I made rees recent pieces oh yeah you poops you stink like A chicken but

  • J C
    J C 22 days ago


  • J C
    J C 22 days ago


  • J C
    J C 22 days ago