Celebrities on Thanksgiving 2017!

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  • Alohilani Zapata
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  • AddyJayne
    AddyJayne Day ago

    I did something bad

  • basmah alhumedhi

    and Demi Lovato looks more like Adele!

  • basmah alhumedhi

    katy sounds more like taylor swift

  • Daria Ofer
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  • Pixie Slimes
    Pixie Slimes 2 days ago

    New Year’s Day or don’t blame me

  • Pipe Lopez
    Pipe Lopez 3 days ago

    It was so funny with the fake Katy Perry

  • Gamer alyssa Potato
    Gamer alyssa Potato 3 days ago



    By in DHL

  • Lordthe vlogger
    Lordthe vlogger 5 days ago

    2:39 is that a chicken

  • alex
    alex 7 days ago

    the girl in demi looks just like real demi lovato

  • Ella_Bella_Boo Brownsdon


  • Megan Compton
    Megan Compton 9 days ago

    Ready for it

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  • Positivity And love
    Positivity And love 10 days ago

    Gabi looks so good with that black wig

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  • Anaya Zaheer
    Anaya Zaheer 11 days ago

    is Demi is real

  • Anaya Zaheer
    Anaya Zaheer 11 days ago

    Demi look real

  • Ruby Claire
    Ruby Claire 11 days ago

    My favourite rep song in gorgeous

  • Abby Vukovic
    Abby Vukovic 14 days ago

    “Bon appiteit baby”

  • Amy Clara
    Amy Clara 14 days ago

    What no Ariana Grande!!!!!!!

  • Émilie Falardeau
    Émilie Falardeau 14 days ago

    That Food Fight omg!!!

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    what a waste of food!?

  • Kayla's Sparkly World
    Kayla's Sparkly World 16 days ago

    I Did Something Bad and New Years Day

  • Marie Santiago
    Marie Santiago 16 days ago

    Collin looks great with beard

  • Maegan Farrell
    Maegan Farrell 17 days ago

    U say u like T Swift but u make her so evil in your vids, it’s Katy who is evi

  • Harini .swiftie
    Harini .swiftie 17 days ago

    Me: I knew you were trouble when you walked in........

  • Pinksmartie
    Pinksmartie 17 days ago

    I love the song delicate off Taylor's new album, I'm also a huge swiftie

  • Leba slay
    Leba slay 18 days ago

    gabi u put a sqaure bowl in ur stomach wtf 😹

  • changwaireid
    changwaireid 20 days ago

    I didn't like Katy in this one

  • Isha George
    Isha George 20 days ago

    what was the revenge thing about at 3:40. Am i missing something ??

  • Eve95.
    Eve95. 21 day ago

    Loving reputation, my favorite songs from there are Getaway Car and Goergous

  • Liv Guccia
    Liv Guccia 21 day ago +1

    i did something bad or don’t blame me

  • yami s 2
    yami s 2 22 days ago

    And a valentimes too

  • yami s 2
    yami s 2 22 days ago

    Can you guys do a new years eve one

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  • Jenna Bell
    Jenna Bell 22 days ago

    #TWINTER I love ready for it and end game! Love u girls!

  • مراد طارق
    مراد طارق 22 days ago

    00967777383530 imo video

  • Whitestorm Aj
    Whitestorm Aj 23 days ago

    Add Harry Styles next PLEASSEE

  • the hipster twins
    the hipster twins 23 days ago +1

    My favorite song from the album reputation is call it what you want

  • the hipster twins
    the hipster twins 23 days ago

    Poor Taylor this looks very uncomfortable for you yi yi yi

  • celebrities swift world

    Omg!! im a swiftie and my favourite song from reputation is (king of my heart)

  • Scarlett Monet Burwell

    Do more of these in the new year please.

  • Rachel Xox
    Rachel Xox 26 days ago

    Calivin should of done a Scottish accent

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  • XxOmgJexxicaxx 101
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    “Imma let you finish”

  • XxOmgJexxicaxx 101
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    Can Selena come back and things are awkward between her Demi and Taylor

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  • Hailey Edson
    Hailey Edson 29 days ago

    Look what you make me do i love taylors attitude

  • Addison Pinto
    Addison Pinto 29 days ago

    I️LOVE all these celeb things but when niki acts like Taylor I hate the face so sry but you do that thing with your lips that I don’t like ❤️❤️

  • Riri B
    Riri B Month ago

    Hi I'm rihanna and you are one of my best thing watched every single one of your videos I'm your number1fan give me a shout out

  • A Girl
    A Girl Month ago

    READY FOR IT @nikiandgaby

  • queen shenzee
    queen shenzee Month ago

    1:43 🤣

  • Andilia Robinson
    Andilia Robinson Month ago

    Gabi is acting 2 persons

  • everydaywith kamari

    Ready for it or gorgeous

  • prince_ depp
    prince_ depp Month ago

    Also, the way Gabi says “Is that a chicken?” Oh my God it’s priceless 😂😂

  • prince_ depp
    prince_ depp Month ago

    DEFINITELY Gorgeous. Ya’ll have no idea how good the song is. But I do think she only has like 3 good songs in that entire album.

  • Rose Blomfield
    Rose Blomfield Month ago

    My favourite songs of Taylor swifts reputation album is 'King of my heart' & 'I did something bad'

  • Brittany Louime
    Brittany Louime Month ago

    Kanye af

  • Lol_lolipop23 ROBLOX


  • Gabstar 2018
    Gabstar 2018 Month ago

    Hey niki and Gaby I know this is a random question but are you guys like gonna get merch like for your actual channel and not just for the RU music video cause I would love to get it just saying.oh and here is an idea I guess you could make a shirt that says pause with the hands 🙌🏾 like that I guess.hope you reply to my comment love you guys so so much.

  • Marina Marvin
    Marina Marvin Month ago

    Я одна русская?

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  • Samirah Sultana
    Samirah Sultana Month ago

    Wait a minute... Kylies PREGNANT!!!!

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  • Hannah Boydell
    Hannah Boydell Month ago

    Thats my b day

  • Niav Rice
    Niav Rice Month ago

    Omg I luv ur celebrity vids xx

    RAWR XD Month ago

    "Bon appetite baby"😂😂lmao

  • Izzy May
    Izzy May Month ago

    My fav song on taylors new album is, this is why we cant have nice things.

  • Hannelie Jogha
    Hannelie Jogha Month ago

    So it goes, and dress

  • Anna Lucia Schmitz
    Anna Lucia Schmitz Month ago

    The Kylie impression 😂

  • IK Kharel
    IK Kharel Month ago

    i literally love this video so cool and never seen it before and i love itso funny af loveeee u guysss.

  • LamaAlbalaw Vlogs
    LamaAlbalaw Vlogs Month ago

    Can you do celebrity in Disney Land

  • Chloe Neale
    Chloe Neale Month ago +1

    getaway car and gorgeous are my favourites :)

  • Addison Lamm
    Addison Lamm Month ago

    I love Kylie's impression "Is that a chicken?"! I am dead!!

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  • persia allen
    persia allen Month ago

    Omg that does look like demi

  • SweetRobloxAndMore
    SweetRobloxAndMore Month ago +1

    I love Kim 's Kardashian impression and Kylie's Impression.

  • Mercedes Rene
    Mercedes Rene Month ago

    Katy was my favorite omg 😂😂😂

  • Grayson's Bae
    Grayson's Bae Month ago +1

    Editing is on point.

  • Zoe AK
    Zoe AK Month ago

    I did something bad

  • TL
    TL Month ago

    FOOD FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • s_h_er_l_y_ n
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    I like all of the songs on reputation

  • natalie millan.2
    natalie millan.2 Month ago

    Tbh I love gorgeose look what u made me do and ready for it

  • Camille Ritchings
    Camille Ritchings Month ago

    This was so good

  • I’ll Go home
    I’ll Go home Month ago

    Who else thought the begging looked like ETN??

  • Taylor Clardy
    Taylor Clardy Month ago

    Demi lavato

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  • Kortney Banks
    Kortney Banks Month ago

    my notifications are on 🙉🙉🙉🙉

  • Celeste Morales
    Celeste Morales Month ago

    i don't understand the Katy perry

  • Sadie Hernandez
    Sadie Hernandez Month ago

    This video is hilarious 😂😂😂 and I love the way your makeup is gabi and the outfit 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Faiza Kawsar
    Faiza Kawsar Month ago

    ‘Is that a chicken?!’ 😂😂 I love Gabi

  • Palmyra Osornio
    Palmyra Osornio Month ago

    Where is T-Swifts best friends Selena?

  • Allie and Dee
    Allie and Dee Month ago

    Niki and gabis celeberty series or rclbeautys Disney princess series

  • Leticia Aleman
    Leticia Aleman Month ago

    My fav song on her new album is New Years Day

  • Neve Louise
    Neve Louise Month ago

    R u ready for it

  • Kirsten Woolhether
    Kirsten Woolhether Month ago

    nice video