• Published on Nov 12, 2017
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    I say we're both winners in this scenario, but there can't be one winner, so you must decide!
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  • Runtime: 8:29
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  • Seth M
    Seth M 6 days ago +602

    Dude, I can't believe how far you've come! It seriously amazes me!

  • Timber Wolf 164
    Timber Wolf 164 27 minutes ago

    Edible hair

  • Ken Kaneki
    Ken Kaneki 41 minute ago

    JP definitely won

  • ศศิกร แซ่ตั๋น

    Finally a voteing system

  • Ken Kaneki
    Ken Kaneki 43 minutes ago

    Whenever Julia doesnt approve, I approve

  • Vincent Raysor
    Vincent Raysor Hour ago

    go julia go

  • Giovanni Garcia
    Giovanni Garcia Hour ago

    can you stop making me hungry every time you make a new video.
    please, but keep on making videos.

  • Hevean Rean
    Hevean Rean 3 hours ago

    Turn on the subtitles at 0:10 smh

  • Derpidee Derp
    Derpidee Derp 3 hours ago

    OMG 0:09 If you have subtitles on it says we're making gay music Lol!!

  • ayala broshi
    ayala broshi 4 hours ago

    U making me hungry

  • Kingslayer Seth Rollins

    My parents rushed me to the ER because they thought I had rabies but my mouth was just watering

  • Mädż Barrera
    Mädż Barrera 8 hours ago

    spencers enemy invented this

  • Angela Milton
    Angela Milton 8 hours ago

    Do you'll do all this in your own home? 😂😂😂

  • xXanatorXx
    xXanatorXx 9 hours ago

    it looks like julia got invisoline

  • Comedy Productions
    Comedy Productions 9 hours ago

    Guys you should make Mountain Dew pancakes or ice cream rolls

  • Flora Flower
    Flora Flower 11 hours ago

    Why did the subtitles say "Competition is on we're making gay music"?

  • Christopher Bayles
    Christopher Bayles 23 hours ago

    Its a tie

  • Picachu Lover
    Picachu Lover 23 hours ago

    I loved that segment of JP's butt

  • Ps-4 Life !
    Ps-4 Life ! Day ago

    It sounded wrong when Julia Goolia said " I love meat log" haha

  • Tasmine Herron
    Tasmine Herron Day ago

    OMG I am laughing so hard at 0:29 lol!! That really made my day lmao

  • Erica Cobbins
    Erica Cobbins Day ago +1

    you should make spaghetti stuffed pizza😊😊❤

  • Jaylybean
    Jaylybean Day ago


  • Tom Nally
    Tom Nally Day ago

    Very entertaining!

  • sputnikalgrim
    sputnikalgrim Day ago

    JP wins

  • Aubrey Grace
    Aubrey Grace Day ago

    2000 calories oh my gosh

  • bcgrote
    bcgrote Day ago

    So gluten. Much carb. Wow.

  • NovaaaIsntAlive
    NovaaaIsntAlive Day ago

    Friggin' love burritos man

  • Pat Frankenthal
    Pat Frankenthal Day ago

    JPs was more creative no doubt

  • sean mcdaniel
    sean mcdaniel Day ago +1


  • IssaYoutubeChannel

    How do u guys not have more subscribers?!? 😱 and do u guys have merch

  • Shawn Wesson
    Shawn Wesson Day ago

    Sorry Julia, your man, JP won this one.. #AsianEngineering

  • Faye Beatrice
    Faye Beatrice Day ago

    Damn. Bon Jovi. You've got a golden heart.

  • Oonnii zooonni
    Oonnii zooonni Day ago

    I love the concept of JP’s but Julia’s is more realistic

  • Harrison Krodel
    Harrison Krodel Day ago

    Julia looks different

  • Victoria Salas
    Victoria Salas Day ago

    you should make dessert sliders vs

  • GamerGirl- MCPE, Android Games,etc

    I vote for both

  • gamesia
    gamesia 2 days ago

    you should collab with gordon Ramsay

  • Drink Bleach
    Drink Bleach 2 days ago


  • Spagoot Spagoot
    Spagoot Spagoot 2 days ago

    I needs some spagoot

  • Jasmine Abigail
    Jasmine Abigail 2 days ago

    You can tell that Julia edited this vid cuz it's a lot better.

  • Buddy the Christmas Elf

    Competition is on we're making gay music!

  • Imaster Is best
    Imaster Is best 2 days ago

    Very beginning captions

    Competitions on...
    We’re making gay music

  • Pablo Ruiz
    Pablo Ruiz 2 days ago

    This Video Was AMAZING as Always, but I Cringed at How they Folded the Burrito

  • Aubrey Baron
    Aubrey Baron 2 days ago

    Hi - great video! Can WGN-TV in Chicago have permission to show it on our newscasts? We will credit you!

  • Aymane Z
    Aymane Z 2 days ago

    jp just need to go tf out of the kitchen, this man is dangerous ..

  • No GW
    No GW 2 days ago

    For pedro

  • Love Jones
    Love Jones 2 days ago +1

    U need some ground beef mushrooms onions and bell pepper in that burrito and it would be perfect

  • ZeiaZeh
    ZeiaZeh 2 days ago

    Hey HellthyJunkFood the subtitles are incorrect, someone is using them to advertise their twitter.

  • Celine [baekhyuns grandmother]

    the automatic subtites translated "the competition is on we're making spaghetti burritos" to "The competition is on we're making gay music"

  • The Gød _Gīrø
    The Gød _Gīrø 2 days ago

    Jp made a super yummy burito! I wanna try!

  • jayla stewart
    jayla stewart 2 days ago


  • Droid 98
    Droid 98 3 days ago

    As beautiful, elegant , and delicious Julia's looks, JP's final product looked more juicy and stringy.

  • VI_Franki
    VI_Franki 3 days ago


  • Ava Foley
    Ava Foley 3 days ago

    JPs actually looked somewhat good

  • Marlie Desir
    Marlie Desir 3 days ago

    JP and Julia I challenge you to make the world's biggest pizza but with a plot twist all of the bread
    has to be Beacon

  • Creepy AsCrap
    Creepy AsCrap 3 days ago

    I tagged Gordon Ramsay on twitter!

  • iponce011
    iponce011 3 days ago +1

    nice grill family jewlz

  • Aldo Salas
    Aldo Salas 3 days ago

    Julia forget jp and marry me😭😭

    PUPPY LOVE 3 days ago

    i bert my hand by toching the stove on acident

  • Vanessa Hoyt
    Vanessa Hoyt 3 days ago

    I would eat this if there was no disgusting mozzeralla

    I love spaghetti tbh smh

    Julia's burrito, I mean.

  • Black Ops School Boy Andreal

    He won

  • Sean Stills
    Sean Stills 3 days ago

    You guys hit it big time..

  • Joako Navarro
    Joako Navarro 3 days ago

    Jp won this one for sure

  • Yosselyn Sandoval
    Yosselyn Sandoval 3 days ago

    JP definitely won

  • J a i l B r o k e n
    J a i l B r o k e n 3 days ago


  • KD Stern
    KD Stern 3 days ago

    Make sparkly cappuccino

  • Andrew Connelly
    Andrew Connelly 3 days ago

    Her teeth make me think she’s secretly British

  • ClosedPvP
    ClosedPvP 3 days ago

    JP won... it looks fucking tasty

  • Fluffy Cats
    Fluffy Cats 3 days ago

    nice video
    please reply

  • ClosedPvP
    ClosedPvP 3 days ago

    it took me some time to get that joke at 5:50 xd

  • Sami sadik Vlogs
    Sami sadik Vlogs 3 days ago


  • Dardan Hodge
    Dardan Hodge 3 days ago

    Can u mqke e giant burger with everything on it

  • Felisha Armstrong
    Felisha Armstrong 3 days ago

    Julia wins hands down!

  • Dark Siren
    Dark Siren 3 days ago

    You guys should make a volcano pizza

  • Yareli Vargas
    Yareli Vargas 3 days ago

    Healthy junk food can you plz make a giant pocky

  • Phil Smith
    Phil Smith 3 days ago

    make a video eating MREs!

  • Let'Skate
    Let'Skate 3 days ago

    make giant Combos baked snack

  • Knightmare_03
    Knightmare_03 3 days ago

    Yall should attempt to make pizza with (pizza bites) as the crust i have no idea how it would be done but yall can do anything involving food

  • ysgrk
    ysgrk 3 days ago when are you guys having a baby? 🤔

  • Prashant Nayker
    Prashant Nayker 3 days ago

    whats the difference spaghetti and noodles ?

  • Anthony Reyes
    Anthony Reyes 3 days ago

    giant burrito filled with bacon eggs sausage !!!!

  • Anthony Mendoza
    Anthony Mendoza 3 days ago

    Make a giant m &m

  • ronald nelson
    ronald nelson 3 days ago

    With out tasting I would have to go with JP. Now at the beginning of the video you said JP could not video shirtless, I would definitely watch the shirtless video but not JP's. Anyway I'm done being naughty. Keep up the great work you two.

  • tdm tdm
    tdm tdm 3 days ago


  • Matthew Rivera
    Matthew Rivera 3 days ago

    Who else remembers when they said *One Bite For the health of it*

  • Shanella Akhtar
    Shanella Akhtar 3 days ago

    Julia does not approve 😂😂

  • Skibbles1234
    Skibbles1234 3 days ago

    Who’s here because of Nathan?

  • Casual Asian Gamer
    Casual Asian Gamer 3 days ago

    You should make deep fried water

  • MF The Goat Robin
    MF The Goat Robin 3 days ago

    Please tell me im not the only one that realized Julia's teeth is perfect now?

    KINGKTT 3 days ago

    Y'all should do bagel bites and or pizza rolls inside of a pizza

  • kent compuesto
    kent compuesto 3 days ago

    why julia always want a baby hahhahahahah

  • Roblox all Day Long
    Roblox all Day Long 3 days ago

    Sometimes your video makes me puke like the orea things the cheetos it made me go to the doctor

  • Ieva Grikšaitė
    Ieva Grikšaitė 3 days ago

    Get a dog or a cat 🐕🐶🐶🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐶🐶🐶 🐱🐈🐱🐱🐈🐱🐈🐱🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐱🐈🐱

  • Sir SLOTH
    Sir SLOTH 3 days ago

    Jp is still the goat

  • Sir SLOTH
    Sir SLOTH 3 days ago

    Julia is just a better cook but pj is more creative that’s why I subbed

  • Sir SLOTH
    Sir SLOTH 3 days ago

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaassss I Love bonjovi

  • Dan T
    Dan T 3 days ago


  • Mr.Closeout X
    Mr.Closeout X 3 days ago

    JP won!!! I love it, I wanna try it like that

  • Haylie Tan
    Haylie Tan 3 days ago

    I vote for julia

  • Far_ Smith25054
    Far_ Smith25054 3 days ago

    How about you make a giant chicken biscuit