• Published on Nov 12, 2017
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    I say we're both winners in this scenario, but there can't be one winner, so you must decide!
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  • Seth M
    Seth M 2 months ago +747

    Dude, I can't believe how far you've come! It seriously amazes me!

  • Charlie Vlogs
    Charlie Vlogs 6 hours ago

    No ones doing it so I'm doing it....

    *S O M E B O D Y T O U C H A M Y S P A G E T T*

  • paul ojo
    paul ojo 23 hours ago

    JP wins

  • Aazan khan
    Aazan khan Day ago


  • Stephanie Bruhhh


  • SoMeBoDy RiNg ThE christmas dInGtEr

    Julia has won, she had the right amount of sauce without to much meat, while JP had a log of meat with little sauce. But JP cheese game on fleek.

  • SoMeBoDy RiNg ThE christmas dInGtEr

    Somebody toucha my SPAGHETT!

  • XSyn Gaming
    XSyn Gaming Day ago

    I made the burrito of julia

  • risvana asraph
    risvana asraph 2 days ago

    Make spaghetti taco

  • TheMyst
    TheMyst 3 days ago

    It's a spurrito?

  • Bailey Sterling
    Bailey Sterling 3 days ago

    Oh my gosh this looks amazing👍🏻

  • Tiffany and Peyton Ly

    Julia how many babies do you have?😅😅😅😂😂😂

  • Connor Gallagher
    Connor Gallagher 3 days ago

    Americans have a really big servig

  • Moonlights Here
    Moonlights Here 4 days ago

    Jp made spaghetti Wellington

  • CeJayVe
    CeJayVe 4 days ago


  • sean li
    sean li 4 days ago

    In jp'so head when the burrito went into the oil...I hope it doesn't turn into that dissegrated potato.

  • Trooper McNuggets
    Trooper McNuggets 4 days ago

    I vote for Pedro!

  • misfortune cookie
    misfortune cookie 4 days ago

    Music at 3:44?

  • Oriynna Farris
    Oriynna Farris 4 days ago

    I vote for Pedro

  • Oriynna Farris
    Oriynna Farris 4 days ago

    Where’s the meat 🍖 🥩 julia

  • HostileEnvironment
    HostileEnvironment 4 days ago

    Is it just me that likes watching Julia shove objects in her mouth ;)

  • Aditya Rahman
    Aditya Rahman 5 days ago

    Its a spagerito

  • Julia Ericksen
    Julia Ericksen 5 days ago

    Julia’s teeth are goals

  • Slob Fire
    Slob Fire 5 days ago

    I was really hoping for that quick message

  • Queen xxJ
    Queen xxJ 5 days ago +2

    how dare you ... *_toucha ma spagett_*

  • Olivia Reed
    Olivia Reed 5 days ago

    JP has my vote

  • Kevin Melara
    Kevin Melara 6 days ago

    What is the song at 3:34?

  • Slime and squshy’s Wirat

    I love JP

  • Erol dan Auda
    Erol dan Auda 6 days ago

    Julia always not aprove for jp food
    Rip english im indoo

  • nathan lim
    nathan lim 6 days ago

    Why don’t they just open a restaurant

  • JCan1181
    JCan1181 7 days ago

    Aren’t Cutco knives wonderful?!?

  • Grosse Moustache
    Grosse Moustache 8 days ago +2

    somebody touch my spaget burito

  • Donkey Gaming
    Donkey Gaming 8 days ago

    I'm Michael Jordan stop it get some help lel yummy

  • Bosslh
    Bosslh 8 days ago


    ZAC PAKIALAMERO 9 days ago +1

    Somebody tooka my spaghitto

  • Jonathan Long
    Jonathan Long 10 days ago

    This kind of reminds me of icarly spaghetti tacos

  • Cancer 101
    Cancer 101 10 days ago +1

    Somebody touch a my spaghett

  • DanGaming 76
    DanGaming 76 11 days ago

    Wow cooking until I getting puke

  • qween_ indy lol
    qween_ indy lol 11 days ago

    Can you guys with a giant spaghetti taco

  • IloveJell0
    IloveJell0 11 days ago

    think garlic bread with spaghetti stuffed inside sounds more sexy but this would work too.

  • savege weeb
    savege weeb 11 days ago

    Yo I can't believe Julia's teeth they look very good

  • Comedy Sings
    Comedy Sings 11 days ago

    The burito should have been garlic bread instead!!

  • FEB Clan321
    FEB Clan321 12 days ago

    Well JP is dead

  • Kaylynn Nguyen
    Kaylynn Nguyen 12 days ago

    I was laughing my head off during this. The "meat log"... Where my dirty minded peeps at!?

  • Shanequa Price
    Shanequa Price 12 days ago

    jp. won

  • FioreFabrizio
    FioreFabrizio 12 days ago

    5:31 how to lose knife's edge.

  • jerry.
    jerry. 12 days ago

    What the fuck is this sin

    DAEIYONA VASSELL 12 days ago

    Jp win

  • Tiger Le
    Tiger Le 12 days ago


  • Jessica Peiffer
    Jessica Peiffer 12 days ago

    # vote jp

  • Jessica Peiffer
    Jessica Peiffer 12 days ago

    Julia don't sabotage jp

  • Jason Giatrakis
    Jason Giatrakis 13 days ago


  • Gael Soto Miranda
    Gael Soto Miranda 13 days ago

    I voted pedro

  • Lit6times
    Lit6times 13 days ago

    Julia won

  • Anurag Shobhan
    Anurag Shobhan 13 days ago +1


  • Eevee moose Pro dancer

    Julia always say it my baby hahhahahaha

  • Kids are Lit
    Kids are Lit 13 days ago

    U guys should do hot Cheeto fried chicken

  • Geero Lamarca
    Geero Lamarca 14 days ago


  • Geero Lamarca
    Geero Lamarca 14 days ago

    Beautiful TOT

  • sasha mocni
    sasha mocni 14 days ago

    Julia fixed her teeth 👏👏👏 don't get me wrong ,hun,you are likeable now as you were before 👌
    And yes,get rid of your flip flops and your regular shoes/boots.
    Woman,you have joie de vivre all over so get yourself a gay person or stylist and lift your style up up up 🙏

  • Ek Sokunliza
    Ek Sokunliza 14 days ago

    Spaghetti taco 🌮

  • George tsouroudiakakis

    his is not a burrito, but they both look good

  • Gaming for Youtube
    Gaming for Youtube 14 days ago

    It amazes me that JP is winning in the pole vote. LOL

  • Julio Barrientos
    Julio Barrientos 14 days ago

    JP fat jk you weight 20 julia looks like whit hersheys by the way love you chann i subed

  • Lisa Nguyen
    Lisa Nguyen 15 days ago

    The one thing I need

  • Aivah Vasquez
    Aivah Vasquez 15 days ago

    Be for I voted for hilua now I'm voting for jp

  • Jillian Tv
    Jillian Tv 15 days ago

    Julia wins

  • Jonny Webb
    Jonny Webb 15 days ago

    I made this it's so bad lol I can't think of a recipe with spaghetti and tortilla that ends well

  • Aivah Vasquez
    Aivah Vasquez 15 days ago


  • Ishaz Balao
    Ishaz Balao 16 days ago

    Julia's burrito looks like a stromboli

  • Samantha Melton
    Samantha Melton 16 days ago

    Why do I always watch your videos when I’m starving 😅

  • Jordan Carner
    Jordan Carner 17 days ago

    Suggestion you should have found a garlic bread and core it out and then put the spaghetti in

  • Art By a Kid
    Art By a Kid 18 days ago


  • Kay Anna
    Kay Anna 18 days ago

    They made a sparrito!!

  • Roblox Master
    Roblox Master 18 days ago


  • dannet cintron Rodriguez

    Julia you won #JULIAISBEST

  • Ashley Aguilar
    Ashley Aguilar 19 days ago

    Jp wins

  • Jone Toshka
    Jone Toshka 19 days ago

    I vote for Julia.

  • Shamaya Perry
    Shamaya Perry 19 days ago

    it is a sparitto

  • Alex Martimau
    Alex Martimau 20 days ago


  • GoodRose
    GoodRose 21 day ago

    Probably not a comment y'all get a lot but im going through a really tough time right now and your guys videos are really helping me and i really appriciate all the work you guys put into making these vidoes. I honestly love your videos in general but they have been helping so much, thank you

  • WCO Adam
    WCO Adam 21 day ago

    You forgot to wrap it in a Lasagna noodle and serve it with mashed potatoes 😂😂 it's from a previous video but I forgot which one

  • Connor Gephart
    Connor Gephart 21 day ago

    Why didn’t Julia make a spaghetti from # thisiswhatJuLiadostoJpallthetimesoIamgoingtodoittoher

  • Creeperkitty146
    Creeperkitty146 22 days ago

    (Grabs my baby brother) now I know where to put you (evil laugh)...

    (Puts him on my bed and hugs him while watching the rest of this video) I love you baby brother sis wont put you in the oven :3

  • Colleen Keating
    Colleen Keating 22 days ago

    I have never been so happy and sad with jokes

  • Leomy Tran
    Leomy Tran 24 days ago

    Man you got 8 mile playing in da background. Lol

  • The Leo League
    The Leo League 25 days ago

    4:32 Have you been reading Ready Player One?

  • Frances Ubogu
    Frances Ubogu 26 days ago

    please do't use the Lord's name in vain

  • itscarlosjohn
    itscarlosjohn 27 days ago

    Back in the old Hellthyjunkfood videos, Julia has 1 sharp tooth. Now her teeth have changed.

  • Kasey and Lucy
    Kasey and Lucy 27 days ago

    How did they make a spaghetti quesadilla if they took out the spaghetti

  • 13919
    13919 28 days ago

    0:10 with subtitles.

  • Benny._. Hunter
    Benny._. Hunter 28 days ago

    Do more versus

  • Mr. DCAFS Once-Ler Muniz 54

    If Mario from SMG4 watched it he would probably be PROUD 😏

  • Mario Vega
    Mario Vega 29 days ago

    It's a good thing that he is funny and she is hot,otherwise-stupidity galore.

  • Timothy Pearson
    Timothy Pearson Month ago


  • Dylett Salazar
    Dylett Salazar Month ago

    4:35 that's not funny.

  • Joey Fiorenza107
    Joey Fiorenza107 Month ago

    Make a giant rice burrito

  • drew daniels
    drew daniels Month ago

    Love her. He's okay.....

  • Talitha Marin
    Talitha Marin Month ago

    I think that jp wins

  • Maria Olivares 1265

    Your supposed to warm the tortilla up first so it won't crack and break