Favorite SNL Cast Members on #TableTalk!

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  • Jaime Lee
    Jaime Lee 28 days ago

    I watched these videos when im down

  • Sam Hankins
    Sam Hankins Month ago

    I've never seen an episode of SNL but the beginning of this episode might be one of my favourite conversations on Table Talk.

  • Corinne Nierzwicki
    Corinne Nierzwicki 2 months ago

    Joe, Lee, and Steve were the best Table Talk trio, hands down.

  • August
    August 9 months ago

    Sad I haven't seen this episode before! Much funny!

  • Digital Justice
    Digital Justice 9 months ago

    There isn't another one tomorrow....

  • Not Jack Douglass
    Not Jack Douglass 9 months ago

    Bring SourceFed back! 😭😭😭

    DARXGAMING 10 months ago

    rip table talk

  • idris ariffin
    idris ariffin 11 months ago

    i miss this bunch😢

  • strawberry.stitches
    strawberry.stitches 11 months ago

    I miss the OGs!

  • Cuckleberry Finn
    Cuckleberry Finn Year ago +1

    I HAVE 15:15

  • johnnyboyProductionz

    These are my favorite 3 source fed people💪🏽

    DKIDDGAMER Year ago

    Honestly TableTalk is one of if not my favorite show on the entire internet and these three are the best I love Will and Trish and the others but Lee, Steve, and Joe are so good together.It's not often that I have an honest laugh on TVclip but these three always get me rolling. Thanks for the awesome vids love you guys.

  • jr910949
    jr910949 Year ago

    Lol and thennnn Bill Murray sexually assaulted someone

  • Wonder
    Wonder Year ago

    good ol days

  • Fangtorn
    Fangtorn Year ago +21

    It's funny, the nostalgia they feel over old SNL hosts is how I feel about them being old Table Talk hosts. Good times.

  • Asia B
    Asia B Year ago

    The made me laugh the hardest I ever had in a wild.

  • Neil Jackson
    Neil Jackson Year ago

    2 years ago almost... miss these guys

  • Bunnii
    Bunnii Year ago

    I love these guys

  • Iman Y.M
    Iman Y.M Year ago +7

    i could've watched an hour of them talking about SNL

  • ricecristi
    ricecristi Year ago

    Tina Fey because she is

  • bluewolf0617
    bluewolf0617 2 years ago


  • Mikey Surratt
    Mikey Surratt 2 years ago +5

    rewatching for the mems :(

  • hyun kyu park
    hyun kyu park 2 years ago

    how often she mentioned "like"?

  • Juan Ayala
    Juan Ayala 2 years ago +1

    this was the same day they all filmed SourcefedPlays Don't Panic! No wonder this is one of my favorite TableTalks

  • Young Totodile
    Young Totodile 2 years ago

    Ratchel Dratch, Molly Shannon, Chris Kataan, Horatio Sanz, Tracy Morgan. The list goes on forever.

  • Sleuth
    Sleuth 2 years ago

    I'd like to take a moment to point out how much more amazing this tabletalk is than current ones. None of the new hosts have this level of synergy.

  • Link Hyrule
    Link Hyrule 3 years ago

    my name is mya and i love hearing steve and lee and joe say my name!

  • Will Stein
    Will Stein 3 years ago

    I couldn't stand jimmy on snl

  • Mitch Gibson
    Mitch Gibson 3 years ago

    Love ya joe, but that whole bill murray thing was kinda false movies before Ghostbusters: Tootsie, Caddyshack, Stripes, and more. Movies inbetween Ghostbusters 1&2: Little Shop of Horrors and Scrooged. So the entire story might not be wrong, but the fact that he did nothing between the two ghostbusters and ghostbusters being his first are both false.

  • Abraham Esparza
    Abraham Esparza 3 years ago

    maybe the chunky thing has to be where you reached a point were you were like "yeah I'm fat so what I'm over it" that gives you an extra bit of confidence?

  • MG
    MG 3 years ago

    14:23. Awesome scream.

  • Venn Shade
    Venn Shade 3 years ago

    Will ferrel was my favorite character on snl

  • HHS1500
    HHS1500 3 years ago

    El Nino spanish for the the Nino!

    JUSTINLIL23 3 years ago

    Lee:"me and my boyfriend" Me: *dies

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith 3 years ago

    Will Ferrell as Harry caray was the best

  • DementedCain
    DementedCain 3 years ago

    How did none of you say Alec Baldwin?

  • Leidy Acevedo
    Leidy Acevedo 3 years ago

    I love you Steve 💜

  • Summer Raine
    Summer Raine 3 years ago

    I was catching up on table talk and fell asleep... 4 episodes later, rise and shine sleeping beauty

  • InteractiveChoice
    InteractiveChoice 3 years ago

    I only like these guys and trish I miss Elliot :(

  • WCK619
    WCK619 3 years ago

    The sound of apples being peeled gives me chills. It's like nails on a chalkboard to me.

  • Christina MacLeod
    Christina MacLeod 3 years ago

    fave table talk group. they have the BEST dynamic (:

  • Explain Pugs
    Explain Pugs 3 years ago

    I was surprised they didn't mention the Cowbell skit from SNL, but maybe they forgot about that part of the question. I love these 3 hosts :)

  • BeakerInShortShorts
    BeakerInShortShorts 3 years ago

    My husband and I were looking for the Phillip hyper hypo sketch just this last weekend!

  • Augustus N
    Augustus N 3 years ago

    Great seeing these three together in a tabletalk. We never see the original crew together anymore.

  • SuperBaskee
    SuperBaskee 3 years ago

    I wish that I could be like the kool kidz, like the kool kidzzzz

  • wanupgurl
    wanupgurl 3 years ago

    I'm happy to see Lee. missed seeing her on table talk.

  • Brigitte
    Brigitte 3 years ago

    hey steve! you're awesome!

  • based linne
    based linne 3 years ago

    Any video with Steve is a good video

  • NightMan
    NightMan 3 years ago

    I'm sorry SourceFed. I must now stop watching this table talk and search SNL skits... I may return in a few hours.

  • the emptyset
    the emptyset 3 years ago

    Essentially every fact Joe gave about Bill Murray are absolutely wrong. Was he trolling?

  • Lee Castro
    Lee Castro 3 years ago

    I love you Lee!!! Your the celebrity crush! 😍

  • Matthew A. Kennedy
    Matthew A. Kennedy 3 years ago

    The best Table Talk's are the ones with Steve, Joe, Lee, Trisha, and Dani:-)

  • rafa4424
    rafa4424 3 years ago

    i love lee new hair!

  • King Methyx
    King Methyx 3 years ago

    Skipped because inevitable screaming from Lee.

  • chivopcb09
    chivopcb09 3 years ago

    does anyone else need "More cow bell?"

  • killzone airsoft
    killzone airsoft 3 years ago

    Steve I love the jacket, I have it! You shop at hot topic a lot.. Awesome..

  • Adi Leuterio
    Adi Leuterio 3 years ago

    This group is exactly why I fell in love with Sourcefed/Nerd!

  • murray950
    murray950 3 years ago

    Lee looks soooo good. I am loving the more naturL hair color.

  • Robert Schroeder
    Robert Schroeder 3 years ago

    Guess I Really prefer brunettes because Lee looks even cuter.

  • zalien6
    zalien6 3 years ago

    Lee reminds me a lot of Chelsea Handler, when she gets older I fell like Lee is gonna be just like her haha

  • Wes Beck
    Wes Beck 3 years ago

    night at the Roxbury. the best ever chis kattan my fave

  • MusicalGal95
    MusicalGal95 3 years ago

    This is honestly, the holy trinity.

  • Seth Richard
    Seth Richard 3 years ago

    Aaaaah!!!!!! Lee's amazing hair!!!!

  • danneh420
    danneh420 3 years ago

    Finally a Sourcefed episode I can watch, one without Will...

  • CBDBlondie
    CBDBlondie 3 years ago

    Great show

  • Antonia Pettit
    Antonia Pettit 3 years ago

    My favorite SNL cast member for sure is Dana Carvey. Church lady makes my cry laughing every time I watch it.

  • Genna Bradley
    Genna Bradley 3 years ago

    I am really waiting on a reunion Table Talk where Meg and Elliott come back!!!

  • Elizabeth B.
    Elizabeth B. 3 years ago

    Lee I love your hair. Just saying.

  • Johnny D42
    Johnny D42 3 years ago

    I'm surprised they didn't say Adam sandler

  • Joshua Williams
    Joshua Williams 3 years ago +1

    Finally a woman who can admit girls don't have to have game. A lot of girls like to pretend the sexes are on an equal playing field.

  • Taylor Fallin
    Taylor Fallin 3 years ago

    Steve idk if you were kidding or not at the end but I just want you to know I love you bro keep doin you

  • Mitchell Timmerman
    Mitchell Timmerman 3 years ago

    It was The Razor's edge.

  • Jaqueline Cabral
    Jaqueline Cabral 3 years ago

    OMG her hair! I love it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leadryn Siroak
    Leadryn Siroak 3 years ago +2

    I have never picked one up but I will say that the "pick up line" my husband told me was a dead baby joke. He says it was good way to see if I could handle his often morbid humor. And since I laughed he decided I was a keeper lol

  • MGB YT
    MGB YT 3 years ago +1

    Steve Zaragoza is the man.

  • Bob Donnenwirth
    Bob Donnenwirth 3 years ago

    is it just me or does Lee look really good

    • MGB YT
      MGB YT 3 years ago

      nope its not just you, second that.

  • Larryd Pages
    Larryd Pages 3 years ago

    i miss lee so much, ever since i stopped watching sourcefed, just dont get enough of her

  • J. Houghton
    J. Houghton 3 years ago

    Lee looks knockout!

  • Phil Thomas
    Phil Thomas 3 years ago

    i really relate to steve on the friendzone shit. that happens to me... all the time.

  • Mike L
    Mike L 3 years ago

    That whole speaking at the same time was really annoying.

  • Austito R
    Austito R 3 years ago


  • Matt Diliberto
    Matt Diliberto 3 years ago +2

    I love the chemistry of these three. Also I love the hair lee.

  • Catlyn
    Catlyn 3 years ago

    I love lee's hair!! <3 I wish I could dye my hair like that

  • Brandy
    Brandy 3 years ago

    Fun fact: the haunted house where they torture is in San Diego and it's called Mckamey Manor. Terrible place. It's not a scare house, it's a torture dungeon. It's runs about 3 hours and you're not allowed to leave once you enter no matter how much you beg, you must complete it.

  • jordan funk
    jordan funk 3 years ago

    Loving lee's hair

  • KingVig74
    KingVig74 3 years ago

    lee looks exceptionally beautiful in this tabletalk

  • tchence
    tchence 3 years ago

    2 weeks late lol

  • conrad tubbs
    conrad tubbs 3 years ago

    yay the 3 best hosts

  • Maddy C
    Maddy C 3 years ago

    I know the list goes on and on, but come on, Tim Meadows!

  • Fons Martens
    Fons Martens 3 years ago

    I use orca's to blow women out of the water
    I'm way in debt now...

  • littleasianalex
    littleasianalex 3 years ago


  • nyacrophage
    nyacrophage 3 years ago

    i didnt know lee got her hair changed again holy golly does she look attractive or whaT

  • RoseByChoice
    RoseByChoice 3 years ago

    Worst Pickup line I ever tried: They say women are from Venus and men are from Mars. So, let have a intergalactic make out session. 19/Comic Con/worked
    Best and yet have failed: You look like a Bad Boy in need of reforming and I'm a Good Girl in need of a project. Flirty and confident it will work. ;)

  • Matthew Pritchard
    Matthew Pritchard 3 years ago

    Lee you look really good with the new hair colour

  • pogster24
    pogster24 3 years ago

    I am diggin' Lee's darker hair.

  • Goblob the Goblin
    Goblob the Goblin 3 years ago

    Lee is the only funny women on sourcefed, and she is REALLY funny

  • Kirsten Tabb
    Kirsten Tabb 3 years ago

    no mention of the 'more cowbell' sketch?

  • Stefon Whiting
    Stefon Whiting 3 years ago +1

    No Eddie Murphy mention? He killed...

  • Stefon Whiting
    Stefon Whiting 3 years ago


  • Keoni Soares
    Keoni Soares 3 years ago

    Louis was a great table talk!Love SNL and sourced!