F1 Esports Pro Series 2019: Race Eleven Highlights

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • The penultimate race of the Pro Series, and a twist in the tale! Enjoy highlights of Race 11 of the 2019 F1 New Balance Esports Pro Series, with commentary from Jack Nicholls, Davide Valsecchi, and W Series champion Jamie Chadwick.
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Comments • 190

  • Colt ith
    Colt ith Month ago +1

    I just hâte those commentators with their voice and their accent. I too could shout at every corner with a stupid accent about something not even worth hearing about and laugh about it like the best thing I've ever seen

  • Anthony Esper
    Anthony Esper Month ago

    Tonizza sounds like Leclerc

  • Andi Albi
    Andi Albi Month ago

    When kids are playing and than call it "sport"...

  • Joash Law
    Joash Law Month ago

    The commentator is useless and annoying. Cmon get this commentator out of the way!

  • Arnab Roy
    Arnab Roy Month ago


  • John Atanassov
    John Atanassov Month ago

    awful commentators

  • Mr.Scootini
    Mr.Scootini Month ago

    Screw 50% make it 100%

  • That guy u watch at 3am

    I had no idea this wasnt real life

  • anon
    anon Month ago +3

    Valsecchi is a beast!

  • Gel Mir
    Gel Mir Month ago

    Physics is questionable.
    Ferrari would have disentegrate on those contacts

  • Niko Virtanen
    Niko Virtanen Month ago +1

    The Italian-accent commentator should do the real F1 too, just for the sake of variety and fun.

    • Scott W28
      Scott W28 Month ago

      He does on F1 TV

    • PeRRXX
      PeRRXX Month ago

      He definitely is a fantastic commentator. And would make for a fantastic hype man

    • Ewald Friesen
      Ewald Friesen Month ago

      If I'm not mistaken that Italian commentator Is actually from formula 2 IRL

  • Leonardo Luiz
    Leonardo Luiz Month ago

    Whoa, F1 uploaded!!

  • Fission
    Fission Month ago

    Make your shitty game VR compatible already ty.

  • Antonio De luca
    Antonio De luca Month ago

    1 VS 1 FOR CARS

  • Dominic Viner
    Dominic Viner Month ago

    I laughed at the lap 3, like the way the highlights play, you can show every lap, I'll be a 16 min race

  • Mario C
    Mario C Month ago

    I really want to like it... I do. But man, it's not even a racing simulator. It's just a video game!

    • Luca #56
      Luca #56 25 days ago

      Here's the thing, race simulator or video game, it's not real life so what's the point in even arguing over what's better? This game isn't utilising Mario Kart physic levels of unrealism so enough with this "Video game isn't race simulator" nonsense

    • PeRRXX
      PeRRXX Month ago +1

      Just a video game, yet eSports are growing massively and will most likely be just as big if not bigger then a lot of sports

  • 2jzandy s
    2jzandy s Month ago

    I’ve played racing games very competitively for the past few years, this is kind of ridiculous 😂 Commentating like it’s an actual F1 race, umm yeah I don’t think so guys

    • Kronos ツ
      Kronos ツ Month ago +1

      2jzandy s Why not? It’s basically the same but in a virtual setting.

  • Aykut
    Aykut Month ago +1

    Im thinking that the championship shouldnt have been spoiled before these highlights

  • Luke Wood
    Luke Wood Month ago +1

    Holy cow, Opmeer has skills.

    • Luca #56
      Luca #56 25 days ago

      He is a former real world racer. Finished runner up in Spanish F4 to the guy who just won the Macau GP this year

  • The Beast Sarp
    The Beast Sarp Month ago


  • Henrique Cruz
    Henrique Cruz Month ago +1

    Kkkk eu demorei bastante pra perceber que era vídeo game.

  • Jacky Beck
    Jacky Beck Month ago

    This final Race of F1 2019 Esports Could be An F1 2019 Esports Title Decider

  • Luca Bernasconi
    Luca Bernasconi Month ago

    2:37 why bonito has soft tyres instead of medium tyres?

  • Seesaw41
    Seesaw41 Month ago +7

    i dont want to be rude, but "fehler" ist just "mistake" in german

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy Month ago +2

    "Good thing they didn't crash into eachother" ...
    Are they blind? Leigh smashed into the side of Tonizza in the first corner, you don't need to be an engineer to figure that out >.>

  • Floppy Bird
    Floppy Bird Month ago +5

    4:31 - Italian excitement

  • Romain Bsr
    Romain Bsr Month ago +1

    This is crap. No damage : no fun

    • PeRRXX
      PeRRXX Month ago

      Pretty sure there is damage

  • Prox Bayu
    Prox Bayu Month ago +1

    is that formula E commentator as well?

    • PeRRXX
      PeRRXX Month ago

      Prox Bayu yea

  • Chris Roberts
    Chris Roberts Month ago

    It’s very good but it’s not real 🤓

    • Chris Roberts
      Chris Roberts Month ago

      Misko Jones He he it’s so much better experience actually going to the real events 🏎🏎🏎

    • Misko Jones
      Misko Jones Month ago +1

      @Chris Roberts And what's the point? Enlighten me

    • Chris Roberts
      Chris Roberts Month ago

      Think your missing the point #fool

    • Misko Jones
      Misko Jones Month ago

      Did you figure it out by yourself or did you need help?

    • Kronos ツ
      Kronos ツ Month ago

      Chris Roberts OMG no way!

  • TheWeeaboo
    TheWeeaboo Month ago

    ''The Italians are very tough'' you mean they drive like dirty mongrols and only the very best of the Italians manage to be normal drivers because at least they don't crash lol. But in 2017 I rarely met an Italian that didn't defend like LeClerc.

    They aren't the only ones though. Even my dear old Dutchies are pretty dirty drivers most of the time.

    • TheWeeaboo
      TheWeeaboo Month ago

      @PeRRXX Just because you don't understand what is being said doesn't mean it is pointless. :) I am not saying something really amazing and I am surprised you can't comprehend what I said. Lmao.

      And LeClerc doesn't know how to defend. Starting next year he won't be so lucky anymore when he defends badly. :)

    • PeRRXX
      PeRRXX Month ago

      TheWeeaboo Leclerc isn’t even Italian, so bringing him up is pointless. But I wish every driver would race like him, Kev, and Max. Aren’t enough drivers that are willing to race as hard as they do. On track, fuck the respect, fuck the friendships. Hard racing is what makes F1 fun. And if that results in contact every so often, then so be it. Would rather have 10 DNFs from hard racing then another France or Russia

    • TheWeeaboo
      TheWeeaboo Month ago

      @PeRRXX It is clearly explained in the sentence. Defend like Leclerc. Go add 1 and 1 together.

    • PeRRXX
      PeRRXX Month ago

      TheWeeaboo what does Leclerc have to do with this?

  • Jellymann
    Jellymann Month ago


  • Friimbzz
    Friimbzz Month ago +14

    This esport championsip is actually very entertaining. I think they need to change the race distance to 50%.

  • Robert Paul
    Robert Paul Month ago

    Woooooh, the commentary is bad ...

  • CosareNL
    CosareNL Month ago

    F1 Mobile Racing...Wherever…..Whenever….Official F1 game....If you love racing and F1 you will love this game as well...Play it on your Phone...Free to play….Race you laterrrr!!!!!

  • VeQ Be
    VeQ Be Month ago

    i love mercedes team

  • Snu GnuSnu
    Snu GnuSnu Month ago +3

    At every like I will text Esport:

  • Nick Piombo
    Nick Piombo Month ago +2

    I’m getting tired of these....

    • PeRRXX
      PeRRXX Month ago

      Kronos ツ anyone who makes these comments aren’t intelligent enough to realize that

    • Kronos ツ
      Kronos ツ Month ago +2

      Nick Piombo But you still watched? Just don’t. It’s not exactly a difficult solution to figure out.

  • ufokingwot
    ufokingwot Month ago +1

    The commentator is so bad that its hilarious

  • Juan pablo II
    Juan pablo II Month ago +1

    the co commentattor is more immature than Verstappen

  • Susan Loughlin
    Susan Loughlin Month ago

    This shit isnt even real lmao

  • Passioneitaliana Motorsport

    Italian mafia? Man, relax!

  • RuyLopezQB6
    RuyLopezQB6 Month ago

    Mate, not enough whinging on the radio, mate!

  • 9373JKT Pass
    9373JKT Pass Month ago


  • Sinful Capacity
    Sinful Capacity Month ago +3

    Why 25%
    Why 50%
    It should be 100%!
    They only need to put 25% afford to win this.

  • mia haskurti
    mia haskurti Month ago

    Tonizza Is Champion

  • Y K
    Y K Month ago +1

    I really wanna see them thrown onto real race car

  • Rune Camps
    Rune Camps Month ago +37

    My brother : Williams got points!
    Me: Impossible!
    My brother: In F1 esports
    Me: 🤦

  • KedKexKevin
    KedKexKevin Month ago

    F1 Mario Kart style: tvclip.biz/video/P8DHafRe3iI/video.html

  • KedKexKevin
    KedKexKevin Month ago +1

    Sick! When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was real until I read the title 😂

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo Month ago +4

    Why 25%?
    So much can change in 50%...
    25 is way to short

  • The N Social
    The N Social Month ago +62

    NNN: end
    Side commentator: *whoahhh whoahh WHOAHHHHH WUHHH*

  • SuperDagome
    SuperDagome Month ago +2

    Lewis Hamilton: I am the 2019 World Champion
    ALMIGHTY OPMEER: Hold my steering wheel

  • mkaali
    mkaali Month ago +1

    Weird that this stuff deserves to be on official F1 channel

    • PeRRXX
      PeRRXX Month ago

      mkaali probably because you know we’re right

    • mkaali
      mkaali Month ago

      Wow, I quit this conversation now.

    • PeRRXX
      PeRRXX Month ago +2

      Wow, F1 on the F1 TVclip channel. So crazy when you think about it. Fuckin moron

    • TheWeeaboo
      TheWeeaboo Month ago +2

      @mkaali Because you never touched a video game in your life and you have no idea how big the skillgap is between players. The beauty about racing games is that you can keep on playing them and be competitive even at a much older age than most other video games.

    • Keiran George
      Keiran George Month ago +2

      F1 on the F1 channel, so weird.

  • VictoorG 16
    VictoorG 16 Month ago

    3:37 Same move tvclip.biz/video/mStbZlJozVE/video.html

  • Liofa
    Liofa Month ago +1

    This is shite, shouldn't be on the F1 channel.

  • Crusard Modding
    Crusard Modding Month ago

    Best Esports series ever

  • Michael Knight
    Michael Knight Month ago +2

    Use cockpit view. Otherwise go home.You are useless kids.

    • Michael Knight
      Michael Knight Month ago

      @Jatmiko Pambudi The fact they can't drive even in a game with cockpit view makes them even more ridiculous.

    • Jatmiko Pambudi
      Jatmiko Pambudi Month ago

      @Michael Knight omg you are so salty hahaha. That 'useless kid' that won the final prolly makes more money than you, boomer.

    • PeRRXX
      PeRRXX Month ago

      Like the first guy said, you’re to restricted in game to use cockpit view. You can’t even see the mirrors, since there isn’t head tracking or VR. Until the implement that into the game. T-Cam is the best. There’s a reason most people use it.

    • TheWeeaboo
      TheWeeaboo Month ago

      @Michael Knight Even bad players use manual gears. Don't worry these guys all use manual gears because it is simply better than way.

    • Michael Knight
      Michael Knight Month ago

      @Jatmiko Pambudi Lol in your ass. Kiddo.

  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle Month ago +2

    When Valsecchi gets excited (which is 99% of his on-mic time), he sounds like he's doing every accent on the planet, simultaneously.
    Commentators/sportscasters need to understand that their job is to be the primary caller of a game or a race or a fight. Colour commentators add the insight and, of course, the colour.
    And, while a certain amount of excitement and intensity is natural, with 2nd mic colour guys having a little more latitude, commentators who lose their shit are unprofessional. I don't know the salary breakdown, but I do know that commentators are not paid to behave like fans in the stands.

    • PeRRXX
      PeRRXX Month ago

      Some commentators are. And Valsecchi in this case, is here to do react like the fans.

  • F1 games
    F1 games Month ago

    Can you please put the best overtake of the year

  • Mateo Miniati
    Mateo Miniati Month ago +4

    Little idea. Why dont we have the Esports championship in the off-season? that way we have F1 for most of the year. They could also do longer races next year

    • Josh Tiel
      Josh Tiel 14 hours ago

      Mateo Miniati love the idea!