Indian Street Food in Mumbai - 400 Egg BIGGEST Scrambled Eggs + BEST Seafood in Mumbai, India!!!

  • Published on Aug 18, 2018
  • Indian Street Food in Mumbai is INSANE! Check out for 3 months free w/ 1 year pack and 49% OFF! We found the BIGGEST Scrambled eggs in the world, with 400 eggs and full of Indian spice!! Join us today as we explore the DEEP back lanes of Mumbai, India, tasting and trying spicy Indian curry, a delicious 400 egg Indian style omelette in Mumbai, and delicious Indian seafood!!! This is definitely some of the best street food in the world!!!
    In Mumbai, India, there is some of the most varied and delicious Indian cuisine in the world. From the DEEP back alleys to the fine dining and Indian restaurants found throughout the city, you can never go wrong eating Indian food in Mumbai. We flew in specifically to eat a ton of delicious Indian street food, and found so many delicious foods! Seriously, this food was good. So delicious and tasty that I want to move here permanently so I can eat that delicious Indian seafood crab feast every day!!!
    If you come to Mumbai and want to eat at the same Indian restaurants and Indian street food locations as us, the addresses are below:
    1) Insane Indian Street Food MONSTER 400 Scrambled Eggs: Mohd Nasir cooper Wala Pav Bhaji & Bhurji Centre. This is known as the Mumbai style Egg Bhurji and is the best Indian style scrambled eggs ever!
    2) Delicious South Indian Breakfast on the street.
    3) Amazing Mango Poori Lunch @ Pancham Puriwala
    4) INSANE Indian Seafood Feast Found at Trishnas Restaurant in Old Mumbai. Here we ordered a HUGE garlic butter crab and spicy lobster cooked Indian style! This is the best Indian seafood you will ever eat!
    5) INSANE Indian Malpua found during Ramadan in Mumbai on Mohammad Ali Road.
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