How To EASILY Win More Gunfights in Call of Duty WW2

  • Published on Nov 12, 2017
  • How to Win more GUNFIGHTS EASY in Call of Duty WW2. In this video i give you a few tips/tricks/tactics that you SHOULD be using when playing multiplayer. Doing these effectively will make you win more GUNFIGHTS (COD WW2)
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    How To EASILY Win More Gunfights in Call of Duty WW2 | HollowPoiint
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Comments • 916

  • Hollow
    Hollow  Year ago +203

    Tried to make this as understandable as possible.
    IF THIS helped , PLEASE leave a LIKE on the video.
    Thanks guys!

    • QuantumGamer 101
      QuantumGamer 101 Year ago

      HollowPoiint fucking genius

    • AstroPwnage_
      AstroPwnage_ Year ago

      HollowPoiint yo hollow add me on xbox plzz i wanna play some ww2 with u im EPKS Astro i have a small yt channel and would love to be in some vids

    • Danny Diaz
      Danny Diaz Year ago

      HollowPoiint i dont need to have tactical because i can do claw if u know what that is

    • Myles Taylor
      Myles Taylor Year ago

      HollowPoiint hey hollow I don't wanna take you off of call of duty but when are you gonna post on the second channel

  • NonsenseCrusade
    NonsenseCrusade Month ago

    >console LOL

  • Zach Pickford
    Zach Pickford 4 months ago

    The shotguns in WW2 need to be nerfed badly! they're way too overpowered and I'm sick of tired of being on a high killstreak to then be taken out by some dude with a shotgun camping or quick firing and then running I personally think the fire shells need to be removed from this game it makes noobs look good

  • Justin Gates
    Justin Gates 6 months ago

    Don't sprint

  • Eric Rosander
    Eric Rosander 6 months ago

    Hate snipers. Not real players

  • gladiator_gamer
    gladiator_gamer Year ago

  • VenaticSix15 0
    VenaticSix15 0 Year ago

    You missed straffing left and right

  • Sterling Bass
    Sterling Bass Year ago

    You forgot to tell everyone you have a modded controller..foh

  • Bigsam 257
    Bigsam 257 Year ago

    Everyone please remember . This is based on improvement of playing a game. If you have a better way or if your are great at the game good!! But some of us are new to gaming. I've only been gaming about 2 years. I love to play . But when a person male or female act like there is a rule on how to play. Then it's not as fun. If you're that good and if all you are working about is so called styles of play get your buddies together and play your style . Otherwise just play. Us sorry players paid just like you.

  • Chris Nortcliffe
    Chris Nortcliffe Year ago

    Hi l am new to cod can you help please

  • Danny Draws
    Danny Draws Year ago

    i just got the game on Pc today and its pretty awesome! thanks for the tips :D

  • John Limdimas
    John Limdimas Year ago

    Noobish gun ever on cod ww2?

  • Hostal Gamers
    Hostal Gamers Year ago

    You suck dumb fuck

  • JoeyBoots
    JoeyBoots Year ago

    Your advice sucks.

  • Ell Hiro
    Ell Hiro Year ago

    I just can't get used to tactical X)

  • Jesuskun 420
    Jesuskun 420 Year ago

    Why does this look so vibrant and colorful? My game looks really gloomy...

  • Rickels
    Rickels Year ago

    Thanks really helped👍🏼

  • Madcatcon199
    Madcatcon199 Year ago

    this cod is the best online since mw3 exo movment sucks

  • mini
    mini Year ago

    Instructions not clear got fucking destroyed by shotgun._.

  • BrownF03
    BrownF03 Year ago

    Defo the best intro on TVclip

  • CrazyDreadpool
    CrazyDreadpool Year ago

    He is such a

    Read more

  • Arifa Choudhury
    Arifa Choudhury Year ago

    Great vid brooo

  • FuZe LEG1
    FuZe LEG1 Year ago

    Use gunslinger with smg’s and use the hip fire attatchment if u do it a lot

  • Simon Hall
    Simon Hall Year ago

    Nice promotion to level 36

  • Hjalmar Johansson

    Ooh I sprint the hole time

  • Morbid Visions
    Morbid Visions Year ago

    1:47 don't sprint, just camp XD

  • H JJ
    H JJ Year ago

    Only use snipers! Thats fun woooooow. why do you even play?

  • Clorox Gaming
    Clorox Gaming Year ago +1

    1. Use a Sniper
    2. Use Mountain
    3. Quickscope
    4. Keep Quickscoping

  • Carl Engman
    Carl Engman Year ago

    Whats the song in the beginning?

  • JerryN. Diaz
    JerryN. Diaz Year ago

    I’m just glad he didn’t say Kontrol Freeks

  • J.C daGreat
    J.C daGreat Year ago

    One of the best tips out here 💯

  • TJ Vincenzi
    TJ Vincenzi Year ago

    COD sucks!

  • The King Boy
    The King Boy Year ago

    Love your tips

  • Will
    Will Year ago

    Jump shot players make the game annoying. Shouldn't be able to accurately fire your weapon.

  • Carsen Briggs
    Carsen Briggs Year ago +1

    Your only alive because you quick scope and use the bar o suggested using the Greer while hip fire ring it will change your thoughts

  • Hollow Gun Master

    What gun is at 3:00

  • Matt Morris
    Matt Morris Year ago

    Jumpshots don't really do much for you. Dropshots work better.
    At least in my experience

  • Ray McCarthy
    Ray McCarthy Year ago

    Skip to 1:45 for first tip

  • Micah Denoon
    Micah Denoon Year ago

    I was doing everything you said not to do. Now I know better. Thanks!

  • ACE
    ACE Year ago

    It really helped thx boiii

  • aberan
    aberan Year ago

    Great tips & slick edit on this vid!

  • Bilal Frisk
    Bilal Frisk Year ago

    How to get good at COD. PLAY THE FUCKING GAME AND FIND YOUR OWN WAY!!! Thanks for your time

  • Slaughterado ps4-xbox1


  • HandFist Gaming
    HandFist Gaming Year ago

    I hate quickscopers, use the weapon that it is meant for. Skilless

  • plezx29
    plezx29 Year ago

    I see who the gustav cannon camper is

  • Pedro Azevedo
    Pedro Azevedo Year ago

    which STG variant is he using in 2:52 ?

  • Deejay Lucero
    Deejay Lucero Year ago

    stfu!!!!!! you talk to fucking much

  • ImUr Huckleberry
    ImUr Huckleberry Year ago

    Great video. Also, Bumper Jumper Tactical button control is where it's at, if you don't have a Scuf!

  • Daniel Romero
    Daniel Romero Year ago

    Why is “panic knifing” a thing? If someone’s in front of me, the smart thing do to is to knife :p

  • Sean Maguire
    Sean Maguire Year ago

    Fuck quick scoping

  • Sneeky Breeki
    Sneeky Breeki Year ago

    whAt is that song at the start of the game

  • Vysyrah
    Vysyrah Year ago

    Dude every time I drop or jump shot in this game, I get ABSOLUTELY destroyed. Like my Xbox explodes and my tv shorts out because of how bad I get wrecked doing it.

  • FxnWaySheGoes
    FxnWaySheGoes Year ago

    Drop shotters and jump shotters ruin cod and have done since cod4

  • Peter Hernandez
    Peter Hernandez Year ago

    This is fucking stupid hes trash and his voice is annoying as fuck

  • Buzz Flightyear
    Buzz Flightyear Year ago

    bumper jumper tactical is a better control layout

  • Timothy Blake
    Timothy Blake Year ago

    Great video. If you can though, try to include a map reading video bro I just kerp getting deystroyed by campers especially in uss texas.

  • QuantumGamer 101
    QuantumGamer 101 Year ago

    Fucking genius

  • GwapoSoldier
    GwapoSoldier Year ago

    Damn hollow point u camp like a little bitch.

  • Papabear G
    Papabear G Year ago

    what gun was he using at th dropshot/jumpshot example

  • Josh Harvey
    Josh Harvey Year ago

    If youre jumpshotting please for the love of god use stick and move configurations and not tactical