♡ Natural Summer Makeup | GRWM ♡

  • Published on Jul 5, 2019
  • Who else is pumped for summer? I thought I'd share my go-to natural makeup look which is perfect for a sunny day🌼✨
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Comments • 490

  • Sarah McGrath
    Sarah McGrath 8 days ago +1

    I don’t wear makeup often cuz my fiancé doesn’t care what I look like but today I’m gonna play around and put some on

  • C Y N
    C Y N 11 days ago +1

    Thalía do you even need makeup? You’re gorgeous!

  • ahschdjxjjx
    ahschdjxjjx 12 days ago

    You look beautiful with mascara 💛

  • AMD Ask My Dad
    AMD Ask My Dad 14 days ago

    What is a primer?

  • Ainsley Momorella
    Ainsley Momorella 18 days ago


  • Stary Stary
    Stary Stary 19 days ago

    Guys I just tried this make up and it looks amazing

  • Simply Sacia
    Simply Sacia 22 days ago

    You’re always so beautiful 😭🤩

  • Cailyn Saunders
    Cailyn Saunders 23 days ago

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this look

  • Riana Grace
    Riana Grace 25 days ago +1

    People be asking me u got makeup on lol so I did a natural makeup routine too they cant tell I got any makeup on.

  • Litzi Mendoza
    Litzi Mendoza 26 days ago

    im upset you didn't tell us where you got your eyelash curler from

  • Taryn Rowles
    Taryn Rowles 28 days ago +88

    My routine EVERY DAY is
    ( somtimes contouring )
    Blush ( just a little)
    And lipgloss .

  • lexi
    lexi Month ago +1

    she looks beautiful.

  • Kelly Welesky
    Kelly Welesky Month ago

    My name is Thalia!

  • blushygguk
    blushygguk Month ago

    i literally WANT ur lashes omg

  • Ematch Ligwana
    Ematch Ligwana Month ago

    Ur soo pretty ❤️❤️❤️

  • Bella/ Marion School Productions

    This is where I say something to get your attention

    This is where I beg for clout

  • ㅎㄹ
    ㅎㄹ Month ago

    I really love this makeup

  • Jessica Beck
    Jessica Beck Month ago

    Thank you for a great down to earth video! It's nice to see a cute look done without spending $700 on makeup.

  • Parisa Hosseini
    Parisa Hosseini Month ago

    First step: be pretty

  • Natalie Nardone
    Natalie Nardone Month ago

    I legit thought she was Kylie Jenner in the thumbnail lmao

  • wowed
    wowed Month ago +39

    When she said “If you don’t need to wear foundation, I’m extremely jealous”

  • L J
    L J Month ago

    45 minutes to start a video? Wth

  • Daisy Castro
    Daisy Castro Month ago +1

    I love the natural summer makeup! I like the glossier mascara, thank you for the link!!!

  • Juan fabian Diaz cossi

    Con maquillaje o sin maquillaje igual eres muy bonita

  • bibi lulu
    bibi lulu Month ago

    my look, my make up... ok and after what have you got in ur life. ask u it girl just one time in your life please.

  • lifeaslova
    lifeaslova Month ago +15

    Have a good day
    PS no youtuber here

  • Dark Wolfie
    Dark Wolfie Month ago

    She kinda looks like Shakira in those first shots

  • Sara Gen
    Sara Gen Month ago

    Wow this look is so good, I need to use some of these products on my channel

  • Amina Ahmadi
    Amina Ahmadi Month ago

    The mascara face!! xD I really dunno why we do it.😂💙

  • Lily Gabriella
    Lily Gabriella Month ago


  • Lily Gabriella
    Lily Gabriella Month ago

    👏🏼holy👏🏼crap👏🏼 you are stunning!!! friggin model 😍

  • Cathy Yao
    Cathy Yao Month ago


  • Marie Garcia
    Marie Garcia Month ago

    I love your dog! He's so cute!

  • Kng Kylie
    Kng Kylie Month ago

    Ps small TVclipr he........ just kidding

  • Anna Theis
    Anna Theis Month ago

    what is the song at the beginning

  • Charlotte Damon
    Charlotte Damon Month ago

    You may not be blessed with lips but you have defo been blessed w long eyelashes 🤩

  • BaiTheWay
    BaiTheWay Month ago +3

    okay can we talk about how beautiful you are?? I mean with and without make up :))) It seems to be that you are a really crazy person who has a great personality :)

  • itsbetty
    itsbetty Month ago

    yeah u r so cute

  • hiitslucie
    hiitslucie Month ago

    How’d u make your intro?:]

  • Assis
    Assis Month ago

    You look like Nina Dobrev

  • Sara Walsvik
    Sara Walsvik Month ago

    Mine is even more natural

    Water that's all thx.

  • — angela
    — angela Month ago +5

    You literally look like and feel like the sun..

  • No Emojis
    No Emojis Month ago

    Anyone know where her earrings are from?😫

  • undercover3332 p
    undercover3332 p Month ago

    You're so beautiful😍😍😍

  • Simone Haensel
    Simone Haensel Month ago

    you remind me a lot of nina dobrev :)

  • Nenoke Doken
    Nenoke Doken Month ago

    What the song at the beggining(sorry for my english i'm french)

  • ღ milk tea ღ
    ღ milk tea ღ Month ago +350

    Everyone be like:
    *"iM a sMol YOuTuBeR"*

  • Alexis Gallegos
    Alexis Gallegos Month ago

    the intro is so cute , ugh you’re so pretty

  • megan luong
    megan luong Month ago

    what were the first 2 songsss??

  • Sabrina Fair Child
    Sabrina Fair Child Month ago +11

    You are so cute!!!!!!!!
    I saw this channel for the first time and Subscribed your channel🥰
    (I'm sorry I'm not good English)

  • N Jones
    N Jones Month ago

    I love this makeup. It’s so pretty

  • Melanie Funes
    Melanie Funes Month ago


  • Entessar Sami
    Entessar Sami Month ago +4

    If you love Egypt put a like I am Egyptian hi = اهلا
    How are you : عامله ايه 🙈😹

  • Juliany Rivera
    Juliany Rivera 2 months ago +2

    you look so cuteeeeee!!! love you Thalia

  • 69SKAN
    69SKAN 2 months ago +12

    What's the song please ? :D

  • adeline wurzer
    adeline wurzer 2 months ago

    she's beautiful but the intro made me die

  • Carolina Batistini Adamussi


  • Arι
    Arι 2 months ago

    I love you Thalia 🌴🌴🌴💖

  • Lung linh Mạc Nguyễn
    Lung linh Mạc Nguyễn 2 months ago +15

    My natural makeup routine is doing korean makeup with sheer watery foundation

  • Katie :p
    Katie :p 2 months ago +6

    I wish I could just wear mascara .... but you see I have acne